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My Beef with the TA Pro Price Increase
As you may have heard, TrueAchievements has recently raised the price of a TA Pro subscription. For those unfamiliar with TA Pro, it provides a host of benefits. The most useful benefit is the ability to force unlimited scans of your profile so that achievements are added quickly. You can check the full list of benefits here: TrueAchievements Pro Account. While it's not unreasonable for a company to increase the price of a service, the way that this change went about doesn't sit well with me. Let me tell you a few reasons why.

My first beef is with the amount of the increase. In the US, the price went from $15 per year to $25 per year, or a 67% increase. Personally, I bought TA Pro for myself and a friend each year. With the new price increase, I can get a single subscription for slightly less than I paid for two. That's a pretty steep hike. You can now get 2 years for $45, but that's the same price of 4 years with the buy three, get one free promotion. While I understand that costs increase with inflation, the cost of the subscription should gradually rise over time and not nearly double all at once. Granted, $25 is a negligible amount of money, but it's the principle of the matter.

My second beef is with how this change went down. Instead of being forthright with TA members and giving them a heads up, TA quietly changed the prices. About a week after the fact, there was a message sent out with an explanation and a one time use coupon (that was expired in a week) that allowed current Pro subscribers to get one more year at the $15 price. That didn't have to be done and was a kind, if feeble, gesture. Personally, I don't know if I'm going to take advantage of that offer. I still have a few days to decide, but the way this all went down doesn't sit well with me. That actually brings me to my next and biggest beef.

The biggest beef of all for me is fact that the burden of carrying the site is placed squarely on the shoulders of those who are already supporting it. One of the reasons cited for the price hike was the fact that 33% of the people browsing the site use AdBlock, which cuts into revenue. That makes total sense. What doesn't make sense to me is why the first solution to that problem is to bleed more money from people who are already paying. The TA community is a very reasonable and involved community, for the most part. Why not reach out to those who are causing the issue to try to resolve it? Some people using AdBlock may not know that you can set exceptions for certain sites. Why wasn't there a step taken to write a site news article explaining how using AdBlock was directly impacting the site and providing directions to make TA an exception? Why isn't there a donate button on the front page so that people who don't want to pony up for a subscription still have a way to contribute to the site? Furthermore, why isn't the TA Pro subscription not prominently featured on the front page? You can't say that revenue is an issue and not take steps to proudly display the ways people can support the site on the front page. Instead, the choice was made to basically penalize those who are already supporting the site.

While some people are avid supporters of this site and would probably pay almost any amount to be able to scan to their heart's content, I think there are a large number of people who aren't too keen about this new pricing and the way it was brought about. I know that for me, TA has probably gone from me buying 2 subscriptions per year to me buying zero. How many others out there feel the same way? As I said before $25 isn't much money. I could easily drop $50 on the two subscriptions and go along my merry way. For me, it's the principle of the matter. I don't like the fact that this price hike was just ushered in with no warning and was most likely addressed after the fact so that people couldn't load up on subscription time before the price changed. Realistically, that may have been a better financial move, as there would have been a huge influx of money from people buying multiple years in order to beat the price hike. Then that capital could have been invested into something to turn a profit, be it a new feature for TA or a new business venture in general.

All in all, this whole thing doesn't sit well with me. Had this been handled differently, I would continue to support the site. I can't say for sure that I will never have pro again or that I won't at least take one more year at $15, but I definitely can't say with any certainty that I'll do either. What do you think about the price increase? What course of action are you going to take as a result? I'd love to know, so please drop a comment and let me know how you feel.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Until next time, stay frosty and game on! wave
Posted by paintballgirl on 19 July 16 at 21:21 | There are 12 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Bond OO7Gears of War 4
Bond OO7 won 2 Achievements in Gears of War 4 for 82 points
xLil SheWolfxxLil SheWolfx has reached a new milestone: 480,000 TrueAchievement Score

                  Status change by Reaver Lion at 16:40 on 25 Oct 2016Reaver Lion status:
Comment by Reaver Lion at 16:42 on 25 Oct 2016

now its time ..onwards to the 20

RakestyreShadow ComplexComplete Specific GameRakestyre failed their Goal - Complete Shadow Complex before Piston Toyota
Piston ToyotaShadow ComplexPiston Toyota completed the game Shadow Complex and is the 6,958th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Piston Toyota at 12:11 on 25 Oct 2016

And it only took me 2016 days! laugh

Piston ToyotaShadow Complex
Piston Toyota won 2 Achievements in Shadow Complex for 53 points
illicitsocMafia III
illicitsoc won 2 Achievements in Mafia III for 184 points
Reaver LionAlice: Madness Returns
These items contain commentsReaver Lion won 6 Achievements in Alice: Madness Returns for 148 points
Reaver LionAlice: Madness ReturnsCold Arms, Cold Heart achievementReaver Lion won the Cold Arms, Cold Heart achievement in Alice: Madness Returns for 46 points
Comment by Watty8883 at 10:47 on 25 Oct 2016

I missed this one cry

Comment by Reaver Lion at 11:32 on 25 Oct 2016

you missed quite a few m8

Comment by Watty8883 at 11:48 on 25 Oct 2016

Didn't miss the FREE DLC though.

Reaver LionAlice: Madness ReturnsWeapon Schizo achievementReaver Lion won the Weapon Schizo achievement in Alice: Madness Returns for 13 points
Comment by Watty8883 at 10:44 on 25 Oct 2016

Place booked for you at the mad duck's tea party. Green tea only mind, we don't do mellow birds.

Comment by Reaver Lion at 10:50 on 25 Oct 2016


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CatTullyThe Jackbox Party Pack (Xbox 360)
CatTully won 16 Achievements in The Jackbox Party Pack (Xbox 360) for 1059 points
xLil SheWolfxBean Dive
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xLil SheWolfxGinger: Beyond The CrystalxLil SheWolfx started the game Ginger: Beyond The Crystal
Comment by MADeyePadEYE at 10:54 on 25 Oct 2016

This out now?

Comment by xLil SheWolfx at 12:59 on 25 Oct 2016

yes it is I love it. it reminds me of games like Croc and crash bandiccot

Comment by MADeyePadEYE at 13:24 on 25 Oct 2016

Sounds great

CatTully won 9 Achievements in Syndicate for 202 points
Reaver LionTHIEF (Xbox 360)
These items contain commentsReaver Lion won 2 Achievements in THIEF (Xbox 360) for 29 points
Reaver LionTHIEF (Xbox 360)Reaver Lion won the Secret Achievement in THIEF (Xbox 360) for 22 points in UHH 2
Comment by Watty8883 at 06:37 on 25 Oct 2016

Liking all the Thief achievements.You pickpocketing the nudist colony again looking for big balls ?

Rob Dyrdek TDRob Dyrdek TD has reached a new milestone: 480,000 TrueAchievement Score
RumbleFish10Rayman LegendsRumbleFish10 started the game Rayman Legends
Comment by Bernman 117 at 08:28 on 25 Oct 2016

If you want the "I'm Ahead" check do any of the challenges mate. I dropped in some lame scores

Comment by Bernman 117 at 08:29 on 25 Oct 2016

check => chievo

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TakeTheToastTakeTheToast has reached a new milestone: 420,000 TrueAchievement Score
gbischelFallout 4Far Harborgbischel started the Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4

                  Status change by Rob Dyrdek TD at 03:44 on 25 Oct 2016Rob Dyrdek TD status: Does anyone have wheel of fortune mind helping me for 5 mins
Comment by AlwayzLIFTED at 06:10 on 25 Oct 2016

I'll do it

Because Im RyanBattlefield 1
Because Im Ryan won 2 Achievements in Battlefield 1 for 33 points
RumbleFish10Hitman HD Pack
RumbleFish10 won 3 Achievements in Hitman HD Pack for 46 points
Large CoffeeSaturday Morning RPG
These items contain commentsLarge Coffee won 5 Achievements in Saturday Morning RPG for 63 points
Large CoffeeSaturday Morning RPGLoved By Good achievementLarge Coffee won the Loved By Good achievement in Saturday Morning RPG for 15 points
Comment by Sashamorning at 02:58 on 25 Oct 2016

What is this, and why do I want it so badly? (Probably the 85 achievements.)

Comment by Mike Marcelais at 04:26 on 25 Oct 2016

Because Saturday Morning Cartools (at least those from 30 years ago) were the bestest!

                  Status change by TenFootBunny at 02:40 on 25 Oct 2016TenFootBunny status: He's getting rather old, but he's a good mouse
Comment by Finnan at 13:11 on 25 Oct 2016

All I can think is that you're making some reference to a UTI...

Comment by M33TSPINNER at 14:47 on 25 Oct 2016

Or maybe an R.O.U.S.?

Comment by NonKosherSalt at 14:51 on 25 Oct 2016

His name is Gerald. And he hasn't got a house.

NonKosherSaltGears of War: JudgmentNonKosherSalt completed the game Gears of War: Judgment and is the 2,414th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Falcon12727 at 01:59 on 25 Oct 2016


Comment by OV ALDUIN757 AW at 03:44 on 25 Oct 2016

good job

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NonKosherSaltGears of War: JudgmentNonKosherSalt completed the base game Gears of War: Judgment and is the 3,060th gamer on the site to complete it
planting42planting42 has just made a new blog post: GTASC 2016 - Period 41 Recap
Large Coffee has started broadcasting Saturday Morning RPG on their twitch feed at 01:28 on 25 Oct 2016TwitchSaturday Morning RPGLarge Coffee has started broadcasting Saturday Morning RPG on their Twitch channel
Comment by dropK1CK ninJA at 01:39 on 25 Oct 2016

How is it

Comment by Large Coffee at 01:54 on 25 Oct 2016


Dom2096Rocket League
Dom2096 won 2 Achievements in Rocket League for 42 points
Epic LouieReCore
Epic Louie won 8 Achievements in ReCore for 287 points
ShinnizleForza Horizon
These items contain commentsShinnizle won 6 Achievements in Forza Horizon for 212 points
ShinnizleForza HorizonRally Rivals achievementShinnizle won the Rally Rivals achievement in Forza Horizon for 55 points
Comment by zoidberg1339 at 01:36 on 25 Oct 2016

Oh sweet, thought this was unobtainable

Comment by Shinnizle at 02:46 on 25 Oct 2016

It works for now :P

ShinnizleForza HorizonVendetta achievementShinnizle won the Vendetta achievement in Forza Horizon for 42 points
Comment by Rakestyre at 00:17 on 25 Oct 2016


Comment by Shinnizle at 02:47 on 25 Oct 2016

Yeah, and the nice thing is the Rivals in Rally mode also count for this.

HesitantDuck32HesitantDuck32 has reached a new milestone: 145 Completed Games
Comment by JeffMomm at 16:17 on 25 Oct 2016


HesitantDuck32SolitaireHesitantDuck32 completed the game Solitaire and is the 40th gamer on the site to complete it
Reaver LionLEGO Batman
Reaver Lion won 3 Achievements in LEGO Batman for 85 points
xLil SheWolfx shared the news item November's Games With Gold Announced at 21:03 on 24 Oct 2016xLil SheWolfx shared the news item November's Games With Gold Announced
Comment by Alchemist xPTKx at 21:32 on 24 Oct 2016

Sad month for me, already have 3 of the 4

Comment by Sangriaz at 22:22 on 24 Oct 2016

all good games... but yeah, I have already completed 3 of the 4.

...there are 3 other comments

Reaver LionBattlefield 1
These items contain commentsReaver Lion won 4 Achievements in Battlefield 1 for 888 points
Reaver LionBattlefield 1Decorated achievementReaver Lion won the Decorated achievement in Battlefield 1 for 162 points
Comment by Reaver Lion at 18:12 on 24 Oct 2016

update fixed the 5 mp cheevs :)

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