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Gamer TA Super Normal
_AHairyMFBeaver _AHairyMFBeaverModern Warfare 3 complete (again). Trials and Black Ops too. 129,952 Yes
_DLloyd091 _DLloyd091 0 Yes
_X DLloyd091 X _X DLloyd091 X 147,913 Yes
A Chill Upon A Chill UponMind overload, emotions high 299,220 Yes
A Cute Zombie97 A Cute Zombie97 29,935 Yes
A KING 84 A KING 84Games, Games, Games...... more Games 318,292 Yes
A Krayt Dragon A Krayt Dragon 55,750 Yes
a Ma N ii aC x a Ma N ii aC xIm shocked that no one has finished BoI: Rebirth yet. If only i was in an xbox mood this past month :/ 114,621 Yes
A Pasty Smasher A Pasty Smasheri said ping pong balls not king kongs balls... 117,143 Yes
A1337Haxor A1337Haxor 274,606 Yes Yes
A7X Unleashed A7X UnleashedRE2 remake confirmed. think i feel a bit of a chubby coming on 717,153 Yes
Aardvark Vulgar Aardvark VulgarAccidently restarted Two Betrayals LASO when I was minutes from the end.... 166,029 Yes
aaronjames38 aaronjames38result the police found my xbox im happy now i might get it back today then ill be happy 115,357 Yes Yes
AberrantViso AberrantVisoA couple of Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 10) achievements popped just by starting the game.... lol... 72,330 Yes
AbmaOnline AbmaOnline 105,333 Yes
AbStRaCtTrIaNgL AbStRaCtTrIaNgLcan anyone help me with cod zombie easter eggs 171,188 Yes
Abyssal Frejas Abyssal Frejasmore than 100,000 G 195,322 Yes
AC1DGro0ve 3o3 AC1DGro0ve 3o3Destiny: The Taken Money 349,800 Yes Yes
AC1DMAN AC1DMANI have a lot of games in my backlog. like 40 retail and 50 arcade. 218,014 Yes
Ace Chewie Ace Chewieslowly getting back into gaming and enjoying it, dont think i'll ever get back to where i was though [smile] 405,442 Yes
ACEs 8s 24 ACEs 8s 24Fieroasco baby 121,371 Yes Yes
Achievement MKF Achievement MKF 670 Yes
Acid XL Acid XLOld School 110,930 Yes
AcrOnPOL AcrOnPOL 77,838 Yes
ActuatedSathman ActuatedSathman 130,942 Yes Yes
AdamP117 AdamP117Just crossed the threshold. 100,000 feels so good. 151,182 Yes
adiash73 adiash73Anyone reading this want to run through the MP achievements in The Crew (Xbox 360)? Drop me a mesasage over TA 496,003 Yes Yes
AFatalTouch AFatalTouch [dance] 376,061 Yes
agelessimmortal agelessimmortal 0 Yes
AgentSmith03 AgentSmith03 130,796 Yes Yes
AgentYugz AgentYugz 372 Yes
Agleska Agleska 119 Yes
aGundamDownHere aGundamDownHereI've officially retired from achievement hunting. Thank you, everyone, for all the good times, and good hunting. 246,791 Yes
Agusmn Agusmn 170,876 Yes
AHC l Legit l AHC l Legit lKeep it 100% 7,813 Yes
ahibahib4 ahibahib4 3,588 Yes
Aidan747 Aidan747- Guess who has fable 3 ;) 29,960 Yes
AidenHillierVII AidenHillierVII 101 Yes
AIZZY AIZZYgreetings 95,942 Yes
AJmon13 AJmon13August - The month of Metal Gear Solid and Forza. 412,798 Yes
AKA Swede AKA Swede 470,110 Yes
akute akuteAdd me to the $130 fraud charges for FIFA 12 (I don't even play X360 anymore.) Anyone have any ideas? Please... 84,624 Yes
AkUzEd AkUzEdEnjoying the Tenerife sunshine on my 40th :) 135,388 Yes
AKXOne AKXOne 112,347 Yes
alanmcd08 alanmcd08 257,762 Yes
alanp9 alanp9lol - 607,495 Yes
Alcibiades PM Alcibiades PMBeen playing WoW for months instead of console games. Comp shutdown on me. Until I build a new one, back to console gaming! 254,029 Yes