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Gamer TA Super Normal
K0RNMA5T3S K0RNMA5T3SSo close to 250,000G I can almost smell it. Any idea for a 2G achievement to road out the score again? 412,089 Yes
Kaisar Villhelm Kaisar VillhelmBioshock and Darksiders are begging to be completed :p 102,328 Yes
KaiserDHX KaiserDHX 71,226 Yes
Kaleeb MuadDib Kaleeb MuadDibLooking for fireteam members on Destiny (Xbox One). Friend me. 144,318 Yes
Kamelbarn KamelbarnRetired 246,084 Yes
KaNaDiaNPaLaDiN KaNaDiaNPaLaDiN 115,348 Yes
Kapteinkrok88 Kapteinkrok88Trying to reach 100.000 gamerscore in 2015 144,135 Yes Yes
KarlEmpson KarlEmpson 123,307 Yes Yes
Kashinju Kashinjusearch a partner for Killer Instinct. ;) 235,254 Yes Yes
Kato Ryozo Kato RyozoI Love Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy and Lara Croft. Seriously... 7,030/10,000 170,118 Yes Yes
Katosepe321 Katosepe321Started Star Ocean TLH today. Definitely has it's problems but it does a lot of things right too. 86,675 Yes
Kawaii Bod Kawaii Bodwhen someone uses your tag as a guest and starts a new game. :( 135,182 Yes
Kazeganthi KazeganthiHey everyone! Still not gaming on Xbox but I am alive and well. Also, I am on Steam, same GT. 253,558 Yes
Kazenone66 Kazenone66Commence Diving! 70% completion here I come! 92,167 Yes
Kbeau73 Kbeau73In 2015, Kbeau73 won 2,612 Achievements and 4 Challenges in 179 games, for a total of 97,157 TrueAchievement points (65,043 GamerScore). 255,839 Yes
kbgray27 kbgray27 17,064 Yes Yes
KBK MUPPET KBK MUPPETDamn you Bean Dive... Why must you torture me?! 155,709 Yes
KCrosbie KCrosbie60K GS / 100K TAS 105,257 Yes Yes
KDV Criminal KDV CriminalROD to all cheater and hacker !!! 340,709 Yes
keanosmagic keanosmagicSo many games coming little time 203,742 Yes
kegonomics kegonomicsFinally XB1 DVR supports 60fps! 293,190 Yes
KellissAmberlee KellissAmberleeWell, short version: Not. Dead. 98,467 Yes
Kemar le OUF Kemar le OUF 122,017 Yes Yes
Kendrene Kendrene my latest work! 106,333 Yes
Kev0222 Kev0222 58,643 Yes
kevthejedi kevthejediConsidering getting Rocksmith 97,247 Yes
Keyswored KeysworedOooooooooosh! 198,934 Yes Yes
kg6eyr kg6eyrIncessant chronic pain from degenerative disc disease, go away! I've got games to play and achievements to get! 77,459 Yes Yes
Khaine99 Khaine99xbox no longer reading discs, off for repairs 339,071 Yes
ki114h pri3s7 ki114h pri3s7 81,450 Yes
Ki11erLawnGnome Ki11erLawnGnome 272,681 Yes Yes
KIDDatHeart93 KIDDatHeart93Boosting Gears 1, 2 and 3 as well as Call of Duty: MW3 3,233 Yes
KiDLUCiF3R KiDLUCiF3RINSTAGRAM @JOSHCOOPERPT for all your fitness tips and diet tricks! 279,939 Yes
KillaKevin24 KillaKevin24Good Morning Gamers, from the Philipines!! 333,253 Yes
KillsOnWheelz KillsOnWheelz 48,483 Yes
Kimi 452 Kimi 452 1,192,731 Yes
Kimitchii KimitchiiAnd the free games for February are : Hand of Fate, Styx and Sacred Citadel, Gears of War 2. 331,053 Yes
kimo114 kimo114 153,374 Yes
KinectKid333 KinectKid333I wonder what the bonus will be next week for team GTASC... 155,129 Yes
King Griz King GrizCopernicus called and you're not the centre of the universe!!!! 157,286 Yes Yes
King Nothing King Nothing 151,190 Yes
KiNG Y0Y0 KiNG Y0Y0That midnight launch was nuts. 200 people in to hours. 174,299 Yes
KingBeef87 KingBeef87phase 1 of double box boosting is complete! 59,178 Yes
Kingjray Kingjray 103,586 Yes Yes
Kinky Buns Kinky BunsLooking to add more friends on TA that are into RPGs and JRPGs, feel free to hit me up! :D 130,664 Yes
kipjib kipjibkipjib won 30 Achievements and 1 Challenge in 4 games, for a total of 1,124 TrueAchievement points (885 GamerScore). 96,192 Yes
kirchroa rjc kirchroa rjcGood game new tomb raider only that shitty glitch is bad now i need to spend again 20 hours to compleet it 100% because 1 side mission glitch on me 338,137 Yes
Kirkless KirklessCleaning out some old games. 383,724 Yes
Kisivan Kisivan 58,326 Yes