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Gamer TA Super Normal
WolfheartSpell WolfheartSpell 440,628 Yes
Wolfie9985 Wolfie9985Double XP on BF3 this weekend for anyone wanting to rank up. 139,572 Yes
Worhammer WorhammerDestiny clan 199,874 Yes
Wortsenawl WortsenawlWinner, winner, chicker dinner. 142,608 Yes
wr2010 wr2010 97,603 Yes
WraithTDK WraithTDK100% Halo Wars! Now back to Mass Effect! 107,074 Yes
wunball wunballso.... i bought a ps4.... 94,803 Yes
wyattarouet wyattarouetGetting near 100% as possible over PC Xbox360 Phone 1,644 Yes
wyatthobbarouet wyatthobbarouet 943 Yes
Wyl2203 Wyl2203Trying.. 269,460 Yes
x athiktos x x athiktos xI love Halo. I lovED Gears...until Seriously 3.0 TMCC achievement list is doing to me in Halo, what Seriously 3.0 did to me in Gears [cry] 159,743 Yes
x PAYLOAD x x PAYLOAD xRetired! Cheers for all the fun over the years, its been a blast. 575,309 Yes
X Slapdown X X Slapdown XComplete ALL the games! 72,568 Yes
x Yusuke23 x x Yusuke23 x866610 - 1.7851 93,894 Yes
x4Hx P3STILENCE x4Hx P3STILENCE 99,413 Yes
Xander Crichton Xander CrichtonNew GamerTag: XanderTheHunter 31,076 Yes
Xandler XandlerWorking on: Borderlands. Backlog: to big to count 66,930 Yes
xBABYxGRIZZx 130,483 Yes
xblOrder xblOrder$136 US for all the day one DLC for Evolve???? Anyone remember a time when DLC was for when a game was successful and not launch, or when weapon and 236,792 Yes
xboxrjd xboxrjd. 53,840 Yes
xCANExINSANEx93 xCANExINSANEx93Halo Wars 2!!! 195,215 Yes
xCHRONIC KAOSx xCHRONIC KAOSxNeed to get my Game on,dont really want to finish old games/ veteran BO2/Easter Eggs!"even though i should be" Have SR3 thats always Fun 123,398 Yes
xCosmo BOLTz xCosmo BOLTz 328,025 Yes
xCyber Dx xCyber DxWell I stalled out on my Bean Dive once I got DarkSouls2. And with Fallout4's showing at E3 I'm finally playing through Fallout3 now :D 60,295 Yes
xDamn3Dx xDamn3Dx =) 305,213 Yes
Xebu XebuThanks MS. A weekend of broken XBL so I can catch up on my PS4 backlog. 442,916 Yes
XEN610 XEN610Quake 4 #1 is done! Thanks to all that have helped in some capacity over the last two years! 150,647 Yes
xEndriux xEndriuxRoma 389,026 Yes
Xenocide Zero Xenocide Zerobleh 162,986 Yes
Xer0Vip3r Xer0Vip3rSafe!!!! but this is getting harder and harder each day. 159,688 Yes
XFILE99 XFILE99 42,229 Yes
xGPx Trifle xGPx Trifle 119,955 Yes
xGunna 94x xGunna 94xHey fags hows it going? ;P 323,509 Yes
xI MiK392 Ix xI MiK392 IxHalo MCC.......i have a long way to go........ 389,594 Yes
xI TJMJ Ix xI TJMJ Ixand we're hitched! <3 :) 232,770 Yes
xI Tr4g1c Ix xI Tr4g1c IxdGaFF 170,259 Yes
XIII RAVEN XIII XIII RAVEN XIIIFind me here... 89,778 Yes
Ximuhan Ximuhan 0 Yes
xinfestedovarie xinfestedovarie 150,247 Yes
xinixb xinixb 199,002 Yes
xKRIS DETHx xKRIS DETHxCall of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 100% Completion - 32hrs 2mins. 261,986 Yes
xl Ostrich lx xl Ostrich lx 14,110 Yes
xLil SheWolfx xLil SheWolfxwon 317 Achievements in 34 games, for a total of 17,355 TrueAchievement points (9,453 GamerScore) in September :) 312,886 Yes
xLiskeyx xLiskeyxOn my way to 90% completion... hopefully 97,150 Yes
XMarmot XMarmot 46,661 Yes
xMidget Furyx xMidget FuryxGot my TA hoodie today. 346,367 Yes
xmisslolox xmissloloxi'm back on live :D i need silent hill down pour! and idk why my av pik wont update. . .merp! xx 28,332 Yes
xMostWantedx11 xMostWantedx11life or die XD 128,932 Yes
xMW 76 xMW 76 69,346 Yes
xNeo21x xNeo21xGot my wings 9/18/11! 268,623 Yes