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Gamer TA Super Normal
x PAYLOAD x x PAYLOAD xRetired! Cheers for all the fun over the years, its been a blast. 582,405 Yes
X Slapdown X X Slapdown XComplete ALL the games! 72,693 Yes
x Yusuke23 x x Yusuke23 x866610 - 1.7851 94,074 Yes
x4Hx P3STILENCE x4Hx P3STILENCE 103,383 Yes
Xander Crichton Xander CrichtonNew GamerTag: XanderTheHunter 31,103 Yes
Xandler XandlerWorking on: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Xbox One). Backlog: to big to count 73,193 Yes
xBABYxGRIZZx 130,687 Yes
xboxrjd xboxrjd. 54,022 Yes
xCANExINSANEx93 xCANExINSANEx93Halo Wars 2!!! 200,296 Yes
xCHRONIC KAOSx xCHRONIC KAOSxNeed to get my Game on,dont really want to finish old games/ veteran BO2/Easter Eggs!"even though i should be" Have SR3 thats always Fun 123,651 Yes
xCosmo BOLTz xCosmo BOLTzSeriously 3.0 day in, day out... now on Xbox One. 331,631 Yes
xCyber Dx xCyber DxWell I stalled out on my Bean Dive once I got DarkSouls2. And with Fallout4's showing at E3 I'm finally playing through Fallout3 now :D 60,918 Yes
xDamn3Dx xDamn3Dx =) 306,280 Yes
Xebu XebuThanks MS. A weekend of broken XBL so I can catch up on my PS4 backlog. 446,803 Yes
XEN610 XEN6102015 World Series Champions-Kansas City Royals. 154,187 Yes
xEndriux xEndriuxRoma 395,288 Yes
Xengy Xengy 69,594 Yes
Xenocide Zero Xenocide Zerobleh 163,235 Yes
Xer0Vip3r Xer0Vip3rSafe!!!! but this is getting harder and harder each day. 163,243 Yes
XFILE99 XFILE99 42,804 Yes
xGPx Trifle xGPx Trifle 120,137 Yes
xGunna 94x xGunna 94xHey fags hows it going? ;P 324,090 Yes
xI MiK392 Ix xI MiK392 IxHalo MCC.......i have a long way to go........ 396,370 Yes
xI TJMJ Ix xI TJMJ IxGTA IV is finally done! :) Thanks to my good friends for grinding it out with me! 239,646 Yes
xI Tr4g1c Ix xI Tr4g1c IxdGaFF 173,152 Yes
XIII RAVEN XIII XIII RAVEN XIIIFind me here... 90,930 Yes
Ximuhan Ximuhan 0 Yes
xinfestedovarie xinfestedovarie 153,045 Yes
xinixb xinixb 213,314 Yes
xl Ostrich lx xl Ostrich lx 14,129 Yes
xLil SheWolfx xLil SheWolfxI am extremely glad I didn't buy Star Wars Battlefront with the low ratings it has recieved :) 337,361 Yes
xLiskeyx xLiskeyxOn my way to 90% completion... hopefully 97,305 Yes
XMarmot XMarmot 46,844 Yes
xmisslolox xmissloloxi'm back on live :D i need silent hill down pour! and idk why my av pik wont update. . .merp! xx 28,363 Yes
xMostWantedx11 xMostWantedx11life or die XD 129,099 Yes
xMW 76 xMW 76 69,473 Yes
xNeo21x xNeo21xGot my wings 9/18/11! 269,173 Yes
XPhOeniXNIghtX XPhOeniXNIghtX 0 Yes
xRosierrox xRosierroxSeriously 3.0 --> 83,261 Yes
xSCARx LANCER xSCARx LANCERneed help with red dead, gears 2 and 3. 108,637 Yes
xSoGx Jester xSoGx Jester 153,606 Yes
xstevez xstevez 181,125 Yes
xSupermanx81x xSupermanx81xCalm down doctor, now is'nt the time for fear, that comes later 363,794 Yes
xWonderLustx xWonderLustx 35,830 Yes
xX F0RD MAN Xx xX F0RD MAN XxWorking way to much to game!!! 179,281 Yes
xX H B0MB Xx xX H B0MB Xx 505,884 Yes
Xx NicH xX Xx NicH xXC O M P L E T I O N I S T that's what I do! ;D 183,342 Yes
xX SkyIine Xx xX SkyIine Xx 94,124 Yes
xX TrueStars Xx xX TrueStars Xx 5,331 Yes