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Gamer TA Super Normal
Weapon X Death Weapon X DeathWhere the FUCK is my Last Crystal on Hunted : Demon Forge iv been through the bloody game four times its driving me mad! 151,666 Yes
WEBHEAD 7 WEBHEAD 7 204,914 Yes
weirdphil weirdphil 0 Yes
WeLsH NeXuS WeLsH NeXuS95% completion percentage! 36,685 Yes
WeltallAY WeltallAYwon 1,878 Achievements in 218 games, for a total of 45,484 TrueAchievement points (30,104 GamerScore) in 2014. 160,537 Yes
Wendelman WendelmanBee Hop smasher 115,951 Yes
WestsideSxE WestsideSxEpuppy party at Wiggum's house 312,314 Yes
Wezal914 Wezal914My next goal is to break 125,000 True Achievements points. 128,187 Yes
Wezol TSA Wezol TSA 145,224 Yes
WhiskeyCharlie WhiskeyCharlie 153,054 Yes
why2cj why2cjMax Payne 3 Multiplayer save damaged, rank lost, I hate this game. 283,159 Yes
Wicelow Wicelow 547,402 Yes
Willkat98 Willkat98 133,437 Yes
wiLLYb0ifR3Sh wiLLYb0ifR3ShModern Warfare 2 Special Ops anyone? 112,779 Yes
Winter Ignatius Winter IgnatiusBeat me out of me... 80,769 Yes
Wintr17 Wintr17 262,558 Yes
WithheldStorm WithheldStorm'Watch_Dogs' is awesome! 35,618 Yes
WolfheartSpell WolfheartSpellHappy newyear to all of you people! Enjoy it fully with friends and family :D 349,929 Yes
Wolfie9985 Wolfie9985Double XP on BF3 this weekend for anyone wanting to rank up. 131,659 Yes
WolfVelocity WolfVelocityHow to buy a car and avoid car buying scams: 311,129 Yes
Worhammer WorhammerDestiny clan 192,421 Yes
Wortsenawl WortsenawlWinner, winner, chicker dinner. 140,459 Yes
wr2010 wr2010 96,383 Yes
WraithTDK WraithTDK100% Halo Wars! Now back to Mass Effect! 104,741 Yes
wunball wunballdeliverance 92,760 Yes
wyattarouet wyattarouetGetting near 100% as possible over PC Xbox360 Phone 1,632 Yes
wyatthobbarouet wyatthobbarouet 933 Yes
Wyl2203 Wyl2203Trying.. 255,183 Yes
x athiktos x x athiktos xFinally got an Xbox One. What can I say, I love Halo. Though getting 1 achievement in TMCC dropped my completion from 97% to 87%. [angry]It's go time! 149,212 Yes
x Carmacks x x Carmacks xDestiny 375,618 Yes
x Hephaestus x x Hephaestus x 174,685 Yes
x LuckyLuke NL x LuckyLuke NL 102,549 Yes
x PAYLOAD x x PAYLOAD xI get half way in on my no save game on Resident Evil, then my street gets a power cut... and not i cant reconnect to xbox live thanks to shitty Live! 538,328 Yes
X Slapdown X X Slapdown XComplete ALL the games! 71,636 Yes
x Yusuke23 x x Yusuke23 x866610 - 1.7851 92,439 Yes
X30 andreas2807 X30 andreas2807won viel zu wenig Achievements in ein paar games, for zu wenig TrueAchievement points :-) 233,668 Yes
x4Hx P3STILENCE x4Hx P3STILENCE 83,130 Yes
Xander Crichton Xander CrichtonNew GamerTag: XanderTheHunter 30,843 Yes
xara360 xara360 46,628 Yes
xBABYxGRIZZx 126,848 Yes
xblOrder xblOrderJust picked up a Win 8 phone, any recommendations for games 232,737 Yes
XboxFreak36 XboxFreak36"There are 394 items in your to do list. In total, they are worth 24,315 TrueAchievement points (4,475 GamerScore)" - Halo: TMCC 298,159 Yes
xboxrjd xboxrjd. 53,144 Yes
xCANExINSANEx93 xCANExINSANEx93Guess it's time to get an Xbox One, I NEED more Halo. 175,292 Yes
xCHRONIC KAOSx xCHRONIC KAOSxNeed to get my Game on,dont really want to finish old games/ veteran BO2/Easter Eggs!"even though i should be" Have SR3 thats always Fun 120,964 Yes
xCosmo BOLTz xCosmo BOLTzWorld of Tanks 1.7 DONE! The luck was on my side on this one (looking at you "Maximum Overdrive"). 5th on TA to complete it again, the 5th time. 269,354 Yes
xDamn3Dx xDamn3Dx =) 299,891 Yes
Xebu XebuOne week away and there are just too many new things to do. Insane. 398,186 Yes
XEN610 XEN610In February, I will be back for some afternoon (US)/evening (UK) availability. Need to help a few finish L4D-anything other requests? 129,638 Yes