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651 Matrarch MatrarchWith Viva Pinata: TIP being next month's GWG, I foresee some very highly requested viral sessions for viral month! 376,587
652 apromisenotkept apromisenotkeptThe computer cheats. alot. 376,388
653 PE0014 PE0014I actually pre ordered The Walking Dead but my Gamestop doesn't have it until Friday... What is the purpose of the pre order then?? 376,380
654 Joshnorm JoshnormSo who wants to boost DiveKick? Wanted to do it legit but I don't see that happening because it seems no one is playing. 375,871
655 ReAl ImPuLsE ReAl ImPuLsE 375,756
656 Grimace221 Grimace221Fuck you Lego Hobbit, you freeze while it's saving, and corrupt my file? Gotta start all over! 375,123
657 DudeWithTheFace DudeWithTheFaceSry I've barely gotten to play. About to get busy but hopefully soon after things will slow down again.. 374,399
659 CRX300X CRX300XSo the first completion of the raid in Destiny took 11 hours. Guess I'll never complete that game. O_O 374,167
660 BarriedU BarriedU 373,621
661 The Index Case The Index Case 373,588
662 Punisher Punisher 373,229
663 Ric The Dude Ric The Dude 373,209
664 Danny Dubs 86 Danny Dubs 86This daily challenge bullshit in many Win8 games is terrible. 373,208
665 LORDOFDOOKIE69 LORDOFDOOKIE69So for a halloween sale we get 4 games from like 2007 on discount? wtf 373,102
666 Swanny5150 Swanny5150 372,080
667 Chad and Jessie Chad and JessieIt's official!!! The TA XB1 App is officially here, 371,775
668 brjr1005 brjr1005 371,575
669 wtrswoopes wtrswoopes 371,546
670 MINKISS MINKISSjust pick up diablo and wolfenstein 371,231
671 Doomstuff DoomstuffI wanted to go achievement crazy this weekend. But Final Fantasy 10 happened. lol 371,013
672 Count Aizen Count Aizen 370,717
673 NightHawk673 NightHawk673Can anyone lend a code for the Alpha Testing for Evolve tomorrow? Would like to try it. 370,599
674 Humpyrton HumpyrtonPunch 'Em in the Taint 370,513
675 Sly Toad Sly Toad 370,373
676 theGUNNman theGUNNman 370,266
677 SlowDC2 SlowDC2 369,986
678 Danny Dibo Danny DiboXbox 1: 2K14..My Team Mode. Long grind.... 369,685
679 Theguest79 Theguest79 369,623
680 Hawkins21 Hawkins21The first step is admitting you have too many games ;) 369,566
681 Botafogo007 Botafogo007I like this Max possible completion % stat. That's completion I can get behind 369,311
682 Full Sillouette Full Sillouettei guess getting an achievement on ios doesnt count toward you streak 369,270
683 Addington AddingtonI got some points. 368,739
684 bps21 bps21 368,499
685 A 2rue boofer A 2rue booferGoodbye xbox. 368,248
686 SpaceCadetGrady SpaceCadetGrady 368,206
687 BILLER BILLER 367,724
688 BadTriangle BadTriangle 367,718
689 Phantom Figure Phantom Figure 367,709
690 scntyboy scntyboyneed help to gold DyDekuso's arena this sunday, session up 367,116
691 SPECTREON SPECTREONI have a Forza 5 Digital download code. Anyone wanna trade me a $25 M$ gift card for it? 367,076
692 Freeleeday FreeleedayAnyone have Battlefield 3 Co-Op to do still? I want to finish 3 before I start 4. 367,073
693 AJmon13 AJmon13I wish I noticed that the only Lego Game I own happens to be the hardest, TA Wise. 367,057
694 Jerith Geros Jerith GerosLooks like Gunstringer: DMR is officially uncompletable now. Sweet... 366,993
695 KC 1Stunner KC 1Stunner 366,695
696 JKD1100 JKD1100 366,670
697 Sighris SighrisI was just given a 2nd Alpha code for Evolve, anyone interested in it? 366,595
698 Weasel Pizza Weasel Pizza23 Achievements in The Amazing Spider-Man 366,494
699 Hamfam9598 Hamfam9598GTA V mp done, now to start story mode over thanks to glitches... 366,250
700 MonDab MonDabWhat are your top five must play games? 366,162