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351 Dashapeshifter DashapeshifterSo apparently when a game is removed from the Windows 8 store you can't redownload it. That sucks. 442,318
352 Lord Federal Lord FederalTitan Fall is amazing! Can't wait till its full release! 442,216
354 CyanideSpirit CyanideSpiritI've missed you all! I've been away for months! 441,760
355 SpInAl KiLlHeR SpInAl KiLlHeR 441,561
356 Five1oh Five1ohSlow Down, You Know You Can'T Catch Me I Move To Fast On The Gas Don't Chase Me. Slow Down 441,439
357 XI AlphaMale IX XI AlphaMale IXWhat's your favorite soundtrack in a game? 440,987
358 bigd2292 bigd2292Just lost all Battlefield 4 save data time to play it again. yay 440,804
359 Xylofreak03 Xylofreak03no more nights shifts for me..... at least not for a while 440,728
360 misterman08 misterman08After playing the Destiny Beta for past 3 hrs my mind still is undecided day one or not 440,359
361 B1lly Styles B1lly StylesPlanning on being #1 in Delaware by January 1... think I can do it? 440,281
362 MASTERTANK360 has change again 440,132
363 ThePaleHorseman ThePaleHorseman 439,829
364 RebuiltDog RebuiltDogTace atque abi 439,735
365 Twiztid Animal Twiztid Animalyou got questions? i may have answers. 439,670
366 MightyLordSeth MightyLordSeth.... 438,122
367 Fringe of Fate Fringe of Fate 437,648
368 Omfamna OmfamnaOne week until moving day. So much to do still. 437,596
369 SplinteredGore SplinteredGore 437,578
370 xSRYANx xSRYANxHockey season needs to get here faster. 437,500
371 DARKTICK DARKTICKTo all the xbox friends on here I'll be back on soon. Microsoft is giving me a free xboxone so I'll be playing that soon 437,487
372 GenuineJamie GenuineJamie 437,332
373 IxGAMEx4xPOINTS IxGAMEx4xPOINTStrying to catch up to Stallion83 437,067
374 Th3Professi0nal Th3Professi0nalFar Cry 3. You need to get it!! 436,705
375 NUROK HOWLER NUROK HOWLERLooking for 1-2 player(s) to help with the 4-player achievement in Red Faction: Armageddon 435,648
376 SadShifty SadShiftyFirst person to complete Titanfall on both platforms XB1 and 360. 434,857
377 Taker GT Taker GT 434,845
378 Dead Soulja96 Dead Soulja96hmm... So I hope Microsoft had enough copies on hand in Japan: lmao 434,658
379 Snowsux SnowsuxWow! Toy Story 3 is glitched to hell. Don't know if I have the heart to start over.. 434,606
380 Janewayfan Janewayfan 434,560
381 SgtAirMenace23 SgtAirMenace23 434,072
382 oxy71 oxy71Lots of new games coming but I still want to finish off some old stuff too! 433,775
383 WolfWood37 WolfWood37Okay almost 2 weeks later, Dragon Quest 8 is beaten and now back into the 360/One awesomeness.! 433,418
384 DemonSpawn2714 DemonSpawn2714GTA 5, Xbox One, Nov 18. Bobby your delaying will no longer be accepted. 432,991
385 Aldogg33 Aldogg33PS4 ID Aldawg33 also on true tropies as well! Still have my free XB1 coming as well. 432,698
386 Lord of Orion Lord of OrionSo just played one of the "Iron Crucible" games in the Destiny beta ... yeah, I'm pretty good when it isn't equal. 432,184
387 RETROPANTY RETROPANTYShort term 12 431,911
388 Jedlyn JedlynCouch co-op games that aren't Lego. Go. 431,438
389 Dude Rain Dude RainHit me up over at - I'm coptermann. 431,167
390 BildoLuv81 BildoLuv81 431,047
391 Br0ken Ghost Br0ken GhostLast push to 300k begins now. 430,440
392 ZW ZW 429,972
393 swaggers swaggersLvl 27 Looking to Raid! 429,269
394 TrueDemon41 TrueDemon41The End Of The Road 428,466
395 o EcLiipzE o EcLiipzEo EcLiipzE won 563 Achievements in 61 games, for a total of 20,567 TrueAchievement points (11,215 GamerScore). 428,328
396 theman0893 theman0893TA Olympics overall silver, so 1 of each medal :) 428,075
397 TombOfAnubis 428,046
398 WhiteHelljumper WhiteHelljumperLooking for someone to do the online achievements for Mayhem 3D. 427,995
399 NiteJokester NiteJokesterWith the release on Minecraft I see my goal of 300k by its set date being a fail.. 427,347
400 Psycho0022 Psycho0022So many games, so little time. 427,160