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Pos Gamer TrueAchievement
51 A 2rue LeGacY A 2rue LeGacY 686,706
52 DJ2e DJ2eReally digging the Monk's play style on D3. Too bad the Mage is so OP. 684,046
53 blackboxrory blackboxroryBack to the single life, time to get back to some self-improvement and to start wasting less time. 680,048
54 Mr Rodster Mr RodsterI am frequently impressed with the Xbone. With how bad it is, that is. 679,859
55 Flava1975 Flava1975Guess I`ll have to go Demon Mode to complete Armored Core V now! 679,751
56 GREGO McGEE GREGO McGEESigh. Destiny. Its missions are so damn repetitive. At least Borderlands had you doing some different stuff... 677,173
57 BrownMan BrownManI wish the Xbox One had a "Busy" setting 677,084
58 roloboloco rolobolocoWe who are about to die 671,319
59 Paragon Wing Paragon Wing 671,027
60 SO CAL BREX 91 SO CAL BREX 91if any or you guys play on PS3 add me my Psn id is so_cal_brex_91 670,208
61 ChrisD0811 ChrisD0811So I found Destiny early, at a SWAP MEET no less!! Guy only charged $150. Figured a four day head start was well worth.. 668,288
62 DaRealShady DaRealShadyJust bought 4 new games and can't stop playing Destiny 666,547
63 Morbious17 Morbious17Been developing my own game. I'm about halfway done I think. 666,175
64 ds9ds9ds9 ds9ds9ds9 666,154
65 Chris mad man Chris mad manThe Evil Within is going to be amazing. This is the horror title the world needs. 660,174
66 vegas84 vegas84 659,498
67 PhantomSiren PhantomSirenThe Legend of Korra Xbox One $15 October 21st 654,473
68 MR BLACKMAGIK MR BLACKMAGIKEpisode 9 of the DRM Gamecast is now available! 653,897
70 xtantss xtantss 650,646
71 Zombified ZombifiedNeed a new zombie game..... 650,113
72 NEO CRIMS0N NEO CRIMS0NNot enough hours in a life. 649,987
73 ArkhmInmate0801 ArkhmInmate0801 646,583
74 Ryot Control Ryot ControlThanks for the birthday messages! 645,590
75 Moravec593 Moravec5938586 kills on seriously. i will be hosting sessions every monday, tuesday, and friday. 645,281
76 General Tynstar General Tynstar 645,218
77 Kaens KaensAny Level 6 in Madden Arcade willing to beat me in a quick game? Help a brother out. 645,195
78 Darkslide DarkslideWaiting for the two best games this year Sunset Overdrive and Lego Batman 3 645,017
79 EmperorStryfe EmperorStryfe 644,407
80 dragondavidd dragondavidd 635,055
81 Chief On Kush Chief On KushCan anyone tell me how to get Minecraft on the one for 5 bucks? It shows up as 20. 634,164
82 Tag Im It Tag Im ItKinect > Wii and Playstation Move 632,414
83 VodkaFlockaFlme VodkaFlockaFlme 631,261
84 EXIA 1080 EXIA 1080Disk Drive of Doom, Disk Drive of Doom everywhere... 628,087
85 Scarecrow3682 Scarecrow3682Baby got backlog 624,394
86 MajinFro MajinFroNo H8 623,834
87 MightyMango MightyMangoRemember when you could look at your profile on and see games from over 2 years ago...yeah, those were the days 622,062
88 LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancySo funny watching some people farm the loot cave. Strafing all over the place, missing over 50% of their shots. 619,759
89 xX Gambit69 Xx xX Gambit69 XxEnd of an ERA sad to see the Captain retire! Great memories Re2pect Jeter. 618,460
90 II SkyLander II II SkyLander IIOnly True Achievements. Contempt to cheaters. 615,552
91 Tower Bridge Tower BridgeRetired. Best wishes to all, happy gaming 614,702
92 AceMcCoy73 AceMcCoy73WTF 614,543
93 _xYEMx _xYEMx 613,734
94 maddog walker maddog walker 611,555
95 Fshguy FshguyDreaming of Perfectionist on Pinball FX2, only 21k TA points, of course if I got it the ratio would drop... 610,354
96 Xenodolf XenodolfNow active on PS3 / 610,194
97 HiCultureBandit HiCultureBanditNo Internet til Wednesday. Bye 608,077
99 Liquidmoves LiquidmovesFinally, no. 1 in south carolina 604,159
100 Fatality Sh4rk Fatality Sh4rkAnybody still have brutal legend and would like to help with dlc, ill help any game in return 598,816