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3,701 Fadi kun Fadi kunI have until July 29th to finish Solitaire on Win8 because that's the last day for free upgrade to Win10! 248,721
3,702 jShaKes24 jShaKes24Too many games not enough time 248,691
3,703 ITz l Skillz l ITz l Skillz lCurrently downloading Minecraft Story Mode for Win10 to have it stacked. Not sure if i want to do the whole series unless i can find someone with maps 248,660
3,704 The Only DBry The Only DBryback in the helping mood msg me if you want help on anything call of duty zombies related from WaW-BO3 AW included 248,574
3,705 CrashTh3club CrashTh3club 248,571
3,706 Rebelegacy Rebelegacy 248,534
3,707 CougarSlayer530 CougarSlayer530Pretty sure Seriously 3.0 is going to kill me 248,495
3,708 Krueger x360a Krueger x360aForgot how much i like Halo 248,495
3,709 BlackVen0m13 BlackVen0m13 248,480
3,710 ChillBadboy ChillBadboyGaming 248,461
3,711 More Credible More CredibleTA score is dive bombin' 248,424
3,712 Ghostwheel77 Ghostwheel77chilling on my new g1 phone 248,417
3,713 X DarkSoul87 X X DarkSoul87 XGaming 248,376
3,714 Drow Oblivion Drow OblivionJust finished Life is Strange and it was amazing. Square-Enix still knows how to make those games that just tug at the heart strings. 248,339
3,715 Dritnul DritnulBeta season apparently, still unsure if I really want to get gears 4... 248,209
3,716 Coach158 Coach158 248,208
3,717 TGD ThaiWarrior TGD ThaiWarriorNoob and i know it 248,159
3,718 ya AMERICA ya AMERICA 248,144
3,719 Trivium I Trivium I 248,118
3,720 Xx Sparkman xX Xx Sparkman xX 248,117
3,721 NDavis55 NDavis55 248,100
3,722 IKevIKev IKevIKevIt's nice to enjoy games again. 248,072
3,723 SSmasterONE SSmasterONECAG! 248,059
3,724 xPhoenixRisesx xPhoenixRisesxTomb Raider Legends 19/33 & Rise Of The Tomb Raider 8/85 248,056
3,725 Marx MarxNothing like a power outage to put the kibosh on one's birthday plans. Which was to shoot LMB in the face. 247,998
3,726 MURPHx2100 MURPHx2100 247,997
3,727 Rhilis Rhilis100% is what makes sense. 247,966
3,728 SSJ3 Rattrap SSJ3 RattrapBe Strong. Be Fast. Be Invisible. Be The Weapon. 247,947
3,729 FINFAN08 FINFAN08 247,947
3,730 StylishKillah StylishKillahTwo jobs and heading back to school soon *sigh* Looks like I will be playing backlog well into the new xbox launch 247,910
3,731 PadingtonJBear PadingtonJBearDoes anyone have the you don't know jack jack packs? I need them so I can start working towards completing the game. Thanks! 247,861
3,732 slipintonite slipintonite 247,812
3,733 Lightningboy Lightningboy 247,810
3,734 Garbage113 Garbage113 247,803
3,735 Vandy316 Vandy316Can't wait to play Galaga & Pac-Man on the One, but after I finish playing Hardline for the 360. 247,717
3,736 VegaDark541 VegaDark541E-mail from xbox claims my overall gamerscore rank is 31,732. TA says 20,847. Which is more likely, 11k people with that high of GS aren't on TA, or 247,702
3,737 MrZombieChicken MrZombieChicken...... 247,667
3,738 Blue Dragon 17C Blue Dragon 17C 247,658
3,739 Findecanoringer Findecanoringer 247,647
3,740 WifelikeDrip WifelikeDrip 247,635
3,741 FrivolousRhyme FrivolousRhymesend me an invite if you want to boost 247,591
3,742 HegemonicHater HegemonicHaterBatman remaster?! Can't decide whether to be excited or exhausted at the fact of doing all of the challenges yet again 247,591
3,743 Diabolus Letum Diabolus LetumToo many physics 247,556
3,744 Klase87 Klase87 247,545
3,745 GnarlyNovaCane GnarlyNovaCaneAll about the U 247,531
3,746 All Hail SoaD All Hail SoaDThe dark theme for this site is really weird, but I like it. 247,472
3,747 Seraph Metatron Seraph Metatron 247,309
3,748 Niklaus0601 Niklaus0601Lost my 666 day streak yesterday do to work and Star Wars. 247,291
3,749 Goldchubby Goldchubby7-20 Games all ready on list completed 87.7 % Completion 247,282
3,750 blurzieblurz blurzieblurzBeep Beep, Master Chief! 247,193