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451 Santa Voorhees Santa VoorheesI love the increase that free games with gold has brought to my Monaco ratios this week. 443,910
452 HolyFire1982 HolyFire1982The grind begins again! 443,629
453 Noremac the Gr8 Noremac the Gr8Uno & Friends update unlocked lv100 and correctly synced Win8 to WP, but it went from 42/50 bonus challenges to 4/50 on both Win8 and WP... fuck me 443,428
454 Koding KodingWelecome to 2015. Now let's see how much I can screw up my completion ratio!! Pop 'em if you got 'em!!! 443,207
455 TombOfAnubis 443,201
456 misfit119 misfit119So AC: Brotherhood put an end to my bright idea of finishing all of those games. Stupid online and 100% synch. 442,895
457 xxB3averHunterx xxB3averHunterxCall Kenny Loggins cuz you're in the Danger Zone... 442,812
458 DarkLord Zephyr DarkLord ZephyrIn Sleeping Dogs, you insta die if a cop shoots one of your tires.... DUMBdumbdumbdumb 442,809
459 EpicSure Shot EpicSure Shot. 442,640
460 Aldogg33 Aldogg33PS4 ID Aldawg33 also on true tropies as well! Still have my free XB1 coming as well. 441,633
461 srylain the 2nd srylain the 2nd1st to complete The Legend of Korra. 441,253
462 BildoLuv81 BildoLuv81 440,961
463 xxXI Dave IXxx xxXI Dave IXxx 440,405
464 Spartan O912 Spartan O912Looking for a partner for Halo CE Speedrun - message me if you wanna team up 439,806
465 Arsenic 17 Arsenic 17I would like to announce a new contest for my Windows 8 and Windows Phone achievement friends.....More than $100 in prizes and starting quite soon 439,720
466 QuanticJustice QuanticJustice3 years in the making, Seriously 3.0 12/25/14, Merry Xmas!! 439,163
467 Bozack BozackFshguy check your email. 438,932
468 boxhead51 boxhead51 438,713
469 silent oni silent oniThe gaming season has now started! Too many good games coming out! 438,694
470 PerfectAnt PerfectAnt 438,442
471 MO Guns37 MO Guns37MO Guns37 won 1,735 Achievements and 23 Challenges in64 games, for a total of 67,309 TrueAchievement points (38,820 GamerScore). 438,395
472 BobbyAsh BobbyAsh 437,733
473 Bad Mojo 1974 Bad Mojo 1974TA needs to check my achievement streak, I have not missed a day but my streak ended. IM PISSED. 437,197
474 EarthboundX EarthboundXWell I voted TA, like you wanted, it was kinda hard, since I've only completed 4 games from 2014 apparently, haha. 436,768
475 Orange1155 Orange1155 436,350
476 BegFourMercy BegFourMercy 436,115
477 Dacoto DacotoGoat Roped with about 40 minutes to spare. 436,048
478 VictimOfDesire VictimOfDesire2 more challenges in Peggle and it's done! 435,973
479 XxPandaAttackXx XxPandaAttackXxStarting to feel that itch to pop a ton of points again... 435,837
481 ZJXY ZJXY 435,002
482 LV 1 Blue Slime LV 1 Blue SlimeSo if you are watching a playthrough video, would you rather the battles stay, be sped up, or completly removed? 434,983
483 xSilvos xSilvosDestiny. That is all. 434,579
484 Ninja Sandman Ninja Sandman 434,141
485 Elem3ntal80 Elem3ntal80 434,100
486 SICKENED 88 SICKENED 88:0 433,876
487 DeliriousDrew DeliriousDrew 433,755
488 crazycarnage67 crazycarnage67 433,258
489 T0rtureTactics T0rtureTacticsMight be getting back into gaming. My ps3 is set up. Need to go buy FFX now... 433,225
490 Petey247 Petey247All Clear 432,976
491 Zonrith1 Zonrith1The Alien hunting me in Alien: Isolation keeps spiking my heart rate. Fear is the mind killer. And the Ripley killer. And the Zonrith killer. 432,795
492 DJ Zibbyman DJ Zibbymanworking on Xbox One achievements and 360 backlog. 432,541
493 Darthmushu DarthmushuAnyone happen to have a ME3 code for "From Ashes" I really don't want to pay $10 for that short thing. 432,503
494 BUBBYE BUBBYEI love achievements! 432,460
495 BobWings BobWingsDefiance is one never ending patch... 431,880
496 Ham Man 89 Ham Man 89To those yet to begin Ridge Racer Unbounded. May want to get working on the Challenges... only so many per day 431,814
497 SG Steelhead SG SteelheadHave you checked out Gamertag Nation yet? 431,195
498 oocub oocub 430,856
499 J Dog1521 J Dog1521I have completed 13 of the 16 LEGO games. Lego Batman 3, you are next. Lego Rock Band, I HATE YOU! 429,896
500 knight0fkh0nshu knight0fkh0nshuPossible #Borderlands3 announcement tomorrow at #PAXSouth !!! 429,842