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I actually managed to do Perfect Dark Zero's co-op by myself in split screen! :D

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Just presenting myself...
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Hello there, visitor. You may be on my page because of my somewhat long history with Aegis Wing. I would like to inform you that I no longer take personal requests for the game. I only make sessions. For more details, refer to my Aegis Wing - need help? thread. On a side note- if you've heard about "allo salut", disregard that, as I'm not using that account anymore.

Anyways, here's some basic information about me, in case you actually cared about any of that stuff: Born in 1993, I currently live near Montreal, in the province of Québec, Canada. French Canadian, I was taught English at school for the most case. I currently work in an apartment building in the maintenance staff. I honestly have to admit that, between dog turds on the lawn and picking up garbage bags in the corridors, I am happy in life, though I'm still thinking about what I really want to do for a living.

I created my gamertag back in 2007, to be able to keep playing on Xbox LIVE after my free gold month expired on "allo salut". I then kept salut allo as my main account and used allo salut to go on MSN back when that was the cool thing to use.
To those wondering, salut allo simply means "Hello Hi" in French. I could explain the story behind it, but... Nah. Ask me it if you wanna know!

The first day I got my Xbox 360, which was on Christmas of 2006 I believe, I rushed to the living room, and tried to connect to Xbox LIVE. Being my first time plugging a console into the internet (or anything, for that matter), I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Turned out, after 30 minutes, I somehow figured it out and managed to create my first account. GRAW was the only retail game I had, so I fired it up. I still remember my very first online match; I had joined a one hour match that had started a few minutes before I joined; meaning I had to wait for the match to end before actually playing. I was so excited to even be online, and so proud of myself for even reaching an online match, that I didn't even care to wait. During this hour, I plugged in my mic, and acted like the generic squeaker discovering Xbox LIVE.

Music, like many other people struggling with their identity and the overall concept of life, is something important to me. As a child, I would ignore music completely, but as I grew older and got in the middle of my teen years and had experienced more things, I started to relate to lyrics, and bam. Got an iPod and became the antisocial person I am. Mostly into the Metal genre, I'm currently falling back into classic rock and classic hits from the 70's/80's, such as Supertramp, Eric Clapton, Elton John, etc.
I also mess around on Guitar Pro and make some random music on my free time, here's a link to my most recent upload:

I also have a "song of the moment", trend that started back in the MSN times. For the sake of sharing some (good) music, I'll write down the date, band - song, and then a youtube link to said song, with some lyrics from the song that I find important.

Previous songs of the moment:
Nightwish - Turn Loose The Mermaids (28/02/2014)
Bee Gees - Irresistible Force (23/01/2015)
Bee Gees - Emotion (21/02/2015)
Nightwish - Élan (10/04/2015)
Nightwish - Wonderlands (14/04/2015)
Nightwish - Élan (21/07/2015):

Nightwish Cover by Composer1992 - Élan (03-04-2016)

"No lyrics"

As for my personality, in person, I'm a lonely person. Spent most of my High School by myself, so I developed a solo lifestyle, even tho, as a kid, I used to be more outgoing. That lonely lifestyle also reflected on my online personality; my absolute denial of ever using a mic online came from that solo lifestyle. I still enjoy playing with other people, but my inability to use a microphone makes me a rather useless/boring teammate. I try to balance this with my skill in competitive/co-op games, and my use of my lovely keyboard. I do have a mic, but don't count on me to ever use it. You'd be lucky to even hear my voice once.

I'd say I have no life, at least I used to be before I signed up for College. I spent a year (from June 2011 to October 2012) playing Battlefield 3 and helping people on aegis wing (not working, not going to school). Then, after a full year passed by, I got up, and decided to explore my opportunities, and joined college to see if anything would interest me (unlike in the US, it's roughly 300 dollars for a year in College here). I ended up leaving college because i didn't feel like I liked what I was doing, so I decided to find some work for a bit while I think about it.

My favorite genre is definitely FPS, but I also enjoy rhythm and strategy games. Not as much obsessed about achievements as some people on TA; I still like to go for them in games I love, or in moments of massive boredom. Note that I will never buy a game for free gamerscore or completion %. I see achievements as a way to get me out of boredom or as aditional challenge in games I like, not like a job (except when it comes to Aegis Wing).

I love Battlefield, Guitar Hero, Command & Conquer. I don't buy many games as I tend to get lazy and never really feel like getting up and going to the store. I also like to keep my money for the big events, like Halo 4, where I bought the limited edition console, a limited edition controller, the limited edition of the game, a charging station for my controllers and some batteries. Cost me over $600...

Top 10 favorite games:
1: *Halo:CEA/CE (Xbox/xbox360)
2: Metroid Prime (GameCube)
3: Dark Souls (Xbox 360)
4: Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion (Nintendo 64)
5: *Metal Gear Solid 5 : Phantom Pain
6: *Pokemon Crystal (Gameboy Color)
7: Stronghold: Crusader (PC)
8: Commandos 2: Men of Courage (PC)
9: Dead Rising (Xbox 360)
10: Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360)
*Limited to one Title per franchise.

I used to love Halo with my life, but since Halo 4, I started losing interest. I have yet to play Halo 5 and I doubt I'll ever buy another halo game full price, but here's my top for Halo games nonetheless.

Favorite Halos in order:
1: Halo:CEA/CE
2: Halo 3
3: Halo 2
4: Halo: Reach
5: Halo 3: ODST
6: Halo 4
7: Halo: Spartan Assault
8: Halo Wars

I also am a big fan of Metroid. While I haven't played any Metroid after Metroid Prime, I'm thinking about getting myself a Wii just to get back into that series that I used to love as a kid.

Now let's go back in June 2007. I wasn't into achievement hunting yet. I was trying to get some of them, but the achievement hunting really started in early 2008 for me, when a friend and me started a competition to see who would get the most gamerscore after a set amount of time. Of course I won.

Anyway, June 2007, I was still technically a noob: unaware of what I was doing in multiplayer matches, terrible reflexes, etc.... I also didn't have many games, all I had was Battelfield: Modern Combat 2, Unplugged Arcade volume 1, dead Rising and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter so I didn't practice much other than playing geometry wars. Anyhow, somewhere in that month of June, my mom told me that we were going to go spend a weekend at my cousin's place, and that I could bring my xbox, so of course I went in that magic place called the marketplace, speaking of which, i miss the old layout... I started looking for something to keep me busy while offline. After a while, I found that random free game called, Aegis Wing. Me and my cousin played so much Aegis wing that weekend, that when I got back home, I decided to bring my xbox to my dad's (who doesn't have internet), where I played aegis wing so much that I basically memorized each individual spawn on each individual stage, always trying to beat my increasing high score. When I finally went back to my mom's place and got back on xbox live, I started playing with a friend I had at the time, and he said "Let's try to get the achievements done!" and then realized I had already completed it. I decided to help him out anyway (I guess that's where the helping-fest started). It took us about an hour before we were done... He quickly told his friends about the game and I gladly helped them out as well, and months later, I had helped about 150 people. I started writing down how many people I was helping in 2009, now reaching well over 2000 people, tho i don't know the exact number anymore, since I stopped writing it down, but never stopped helping people out.

"Why?" You may ask?
I still ask myself this question now and then. After so many years of doing it, it's just part of my online experience, tho I don't take random requests anymore, I still make weekly sessions for it.

I have to say Aegis Wing's been a big part of my life in general, I remember writing down preparations and plans for aegis wing sessions back in high school instead of paying attention to the teacher. Guess my priorities were a bit off

I may have spent a lot of time on aegis wing, but seeing how people are so thankful, I'm glad to sit down for a few hours and help the community out in my own way.

Stats, since June 26th 2009
People Helped: 1245
Time spent on Aegis Wing (boosting achievements only): 836h 13m 38s
Total GS all players earned: 97 455
- - Last update: May 6th 2013 - -
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Comment by Lvx at 21:29 on 23 Oct 2016

I check every now and then, first time this has happened. MP might've been discontinued now.

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Amazing game. Anyone know when Season 2 comes out?

Comment by YODA12320 at 19:43 on 23 Oct 2016

on xb1 yes.. on 360 my dear god..

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Grats mate

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Gratz, quite liked the original XBLA version, have you played both? If so how are they different?

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Dang, that sneaked up quickly. We were 5k above cutoff and in 9th place when I went to bed.

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How hard was this bro?

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Absolute cancer.

Comment by Psycosuicidal at 12:05 on 23 Oct 2016

Stop calling everything cancer man. Almost everybody has lost somebody to that disease so do not use at just at random to describe stuff.

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Oh well i guess i feel like having a lot of chores because i have so many games to do too it's not even a chore it's a i'm it's slave thing

Comment by Volzotan Smyke at 09:04 on 23 Oct 2016

That's my gaming life summarized. I feel compelled to do so much and i cant do anything about it.

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Absolute fucking pile of trash. My save corrupted one rival away from the achievement and i had to start from scratch. This is making me want to kill myself more than

Comment by Volzotan Smyke at 07:57 on 23 Oct 2016

The endless list of boosts I need to do.

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Comment by Our Afflictions at 08:50 on 23 Oct 2016

I thought Rumble was fun as fuck, got me back into the game for awhile

Comment by c1w at 14:36 on 23 Oct 2016

Played some with a friend, it's definitely refreshing

Comment by CpNx MaYxDaYx at 17:42 on 23 Oct 2016


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Comment by Jay Insomniak at 07:29 on 23 Oct 2016

My crippling depression, anxiety, bad back, and insomnia do the same.

Comment by Volzotan Smyke at 07:55 on 23 Oct 2016

That also keeps me up at night, except the bad back, don't have that yet. Maybe in 3 years.

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Comment by Bikelund at 07:51 on 23 Oct 2016

Fuck it, don't do it!

Comment by darkmikasonfire at 08:42 on 23 Oct 2016

I've already started the DLC :-/ got GRE boxes, need to finish the shit now. I've nearly finished all other challenges, just need a few more Bozak Posters :-/ bleh.

Comment by darkmikasonfire at 08:43 on 23 Oct 2016

stuck on the hunt 10 volitiles one, after that's done I think there's 3 more or something like that. Need to find a way to max lvl legendary 250 :-/

                  Status change by Fire Hawk D at 05:03 on 23 Oct 2016Fire Hawk D status: Someday soon I need to play a Halo game or either the Assasin's Creed or BioShock remasters in honor of my grandma.
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Comment by PiCkLE SQU1D at 04:30 on 23 Oct 2016

Please no discussion on the leaked scene.

Comment by KURSED SOULS at 04:31 on 23 Oct 2016

Yeah can't wait

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