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4,801 LadyWolf629 LadyWolf629LadyWolf629 won 66 Achievements in 7 games, for a total of 1,571 TrueAchievement points (1,075 GamerScore) in January 77
4,802 PiMDx PiMDxRed Dead Wake 77
4,803 NavyBlueZombie NavyBlueZombieRetired 77
4,805 PeekabooSmurf PeekabooSmurf 77
4,806 DJ2e DJ2eAnyone really familar with Dance Central Spotlight. Game never tracks my shoulders correctly wondering what I am doing wrong. 76
4,807 Chris Scarce Chris Scarce 76
4,808 JPG30 JPG30i have just ordered Evolve on xbox one. 76
4,809 Polished Turd69 Polished Turd69I think i have figured it out now, it appears when i unlock 2 achievements on windows ohone at the same time one achievement wont unlock :( fix this 76
4,810 AJBowie AJBowieAJBowie won 533 Achievements in 7 games, for a total of 20,316 TrueAchievement points (7,985 GamerScore). 76
4,811 Lord Gothic Lord Gothic 76
4,813 Stuffyjimi18 Stuffyjimi18 76
4,814 x I LAZ I x x I LAZ I xLet's see if 343i can fuck up a remake of Halo 2 and 3 as well as their original remake of Halo:CE... Aaaaaaaand they did! 76
4,815 EoSxJinBambino EoSxJinBambinoDestiny 76
4,816 DreadlordRya DreadlordRya 76
4,817 Brownhill87 Brownhill87I love dick 76
4,818 mattcrossUNC mattcrossUNCJeez, Skyrim is taking FOREVER. Kinda ready to finish it, honestly. 76
4,819 XJ220 Shroom XJ220 Shroom16,650 and still no Seriously... 76
4,820 snuffdaddy01 snuffdaddy01 76
4,821 Coen NL Coen NL 76
4,822 dorkzilla123 dorkzilla123NEW GT: capicawl - everyone on here will get a FR from me shortly. 76
4,823 All Hail SoaD All Hail SoaDThe dark theme for this site is really weird, but I like it. 76
4,824 Hazey Fiasco Hazey FiascoGunker and Grinder 76
4,825 super METAL hea super METAL hea 76
4,826 patriots34 patriots34We are World Champions!!! 76
4,827 Zedarboy 76
4,828 Darren Greasley Darren GreasleyTrying not to smash my controller attempting to get "extra effort" 76
4,829 xX C Town Xx xX C Town XxSlowly but surely 76
4,830 ginger1971 ginger1971 76
4,831 Xboxwrath Xboxwrath7/12/14 Maat down. 76
4,832 TheOneTrueGlenn TheOneTrueGlennCreated my Champion in Kinect Sports Rivals and I looked like Ricky Fuckin' Gervais. Thanks Rare! 76
4,833 The Mottinator The MottinatorMust Improve at Trials.... Must accomplish more Trials........ 76
4,834 Reficuul ReficuulBuddy is selling his acct. Has $300 MSP, let me know if interested. 85K Gamerscore (300 rockband downloads) 76
4,835 RICAN4207 RICAN4207any takers on helping with battleblocks theatre???? 76
4,836 GLBlizzard GLBlizzardAnybody setting up a GCI session for Nemesaurus during the week, hit me up.. 76
4,837 Moe Syslack 80 Moe Syslack 80 76
4,838 oinkbat oinkbatWould you guys want to have your backlog dived on your card? I kind of do for my own reasons. Wouldn't it be more accurate? Then again... 76
4,839 Carlillo92 Carlillo92Just waiting for internet... 76
4,840 T BarMonkey T BarMonkeySlowly, slowly..... Catchy Monkey! 76
4,841 BCRichoux5495 BCRichoux5495 76
4,842 PsykoRainDancer PsykoRainDancerAnyone on here interested in running through UBA on Aliens: CM DLC with me? 76
4,843 SirScumdog89 SirScumdog89GO CANUCKS GO!! 76
4,844 PTC FRKNBNS PTC FRKNBNSThe chief export of Chuck Norris is PAIN. 76
4,845 StressyGit Xx StressyGit XxHaven't been active on here for ages. 76
4,846 narc mouse narc mouseFucking Wargaming and their map specific achievements... 76
4,847 Shepster81 Shepster81Far cry no where near done 76
4,848 El Don Juan X1 El Don Juan X1How long has the completed games list been on the right hand side? 76
4,849 Ninja Finch Ninja FinchPlowing through those embarrassing easy achievements i hadnt been bothered to get till now 76
4,850 DayusMakhina DayusMakhinaCould never get into Sunset Overdrive when I first played it... now it's the most fun i've had in ages. 76
4,851 Drewsten DrewstenNationalist and Damn Proud 76
4,852 matt murkins matt murkinsI've converted to PC, sadly. 76
4,853 zStephens zStephensAnyone need to do the weeklies on Destiny before tomorrow's reset? 76
4,854 SanguineVisions SanguineVisions 76
4,855 Grotesque Fiend Grotesque FiendI am buying a ps3 soon, in a couple of days :) 76
4,856 Mr Xen0 Mr Xen0And now my friend made me addicted to SC2 beta. D: 76
4,857 Bjornsang Bjornsang 76
4,858 MilkingLesbians MilkingLesbians 76
4,859 An Evil Cheddar An Evil CheddarBack on the one 76
4,860 Fatality Sh4rk Fatality Sh4rkgot airborne on title update 2 for HMCC. Just guide for information 75
4,861 Rocha12 Rocha12Damn, Bloodbourne is awesome! Think I'm gonna have to buy a PS4... 75
4,862 Clawed Fish Clawed Fishlooking for a weekend destiny player for raids/weekies/nightfalls. 75
4,863 Fringe of Fate Fringe of Fate 75
4,864 Repo Man 360 Repo Man 360Stupid Temple Run achievements not updating >< 75
4,865 CRX300X CRX300XSo the first completion of the raid in Destiny took 11 hours. Guess I'll never complete that game. O_O 75
4,866 Slayers Reign Slayers Reign4 more Skylanders games to go! 75
4,867 Monkster1978 Monkster1978Storm Island DLC tomorrow for Horizon 2.. cheaper for VIP members apparently 75
4,868 DGC BrotherHood DGC BrotherHood 75
4,869 NokkonWud NokkonWudNBA 2K15 is fantastic. You should grab it! 75
4,870 neb86 neb86May 18th! 75
4,871 In at Man In at Man 75
4,872 TheOceanic815 TheOceanic815TheOceanic815 won 202 Achievements and 1 Challenge in 15 games, for a total of 5,703 TrueAchievement points (3,600 GamerScore). 75
4,873 Syio SyioHad my stats returned on Evolve and played a few games tonight. Everyone played Wraith and it was shit. This game annoys the hell out of me! 75
4,874 LanEvoIX LanEvoIXXbox One? No thanks! 75
4,875 TheDevilHand TheDevilHandI'm back MOFO's! 75
4,876 Skaos3010 Skaos3010Anyone up for some co-op Exo mode on COD:AW on Xbox One? 75
4,877 ChunkyKong ChunkyKongAnyone want to show me the ropes in GTA Online? 75
4,878 GnarlyNovaCane GnarlyNovaCaneAll about the U 75
4,879 jedimaster573 jedimaster573 75
4,880 Gcash81001 Gcash81001I need to get some gaming in 75
4,881 WraithDK WraithDKwhile(1) fork(); 75
4,882 Scholesy City Scholesy City 75
4,883 Harry Rasing Harry RasingGAME-PC up and running!! 75
4,884 TBS Nikolai TBS NikolaiFinally over 9,000. 9385/10000. Hopefully I'll be done next weekend!!!! 75
4,885 Kol Kavs Kol KavsWhy is it the X1 is such a POS. Seems they took the best of the 360 and trashed it 75
4,886 Traveller Nick Traveller NickNow the proud owner of a self built beastly gaming PC. 75
4,887 slacka99 slacka99 75
4,888 Silent iz loud Silent iz loudDestiny Grimoire rank 1 all exotic and legendary guns and gear maxed out lvl 31 all 300 damage weapons add me for raid 75
4,889 TheCaffeineKid TheCaffeineKidHardly played in the last year. Must do better. 75
4,890 iAPoCaLYpTiiCzZ iAPoCaLYpTiiCzZGame Design Student. 75
4,891 ChunkzUnlimited ChunkzUnlimitedReady for my percentage to plummet.. Bring on halo!! 75
4,892 Paulissimo Paulissimo 75
4,893 Az1988 Az1988Now that Legendary on Halo:Reach is complete..On to Cars. =D 75
4,894 bmlx5867 bmlx5867Way too many XBLA games to just get rid of my 360.... 75
4,895 Spybreaker SpybreakerSingleplayer gamer by fate 75
4,896 Sixftunder SixftunderPAX East this weekend!!! 75
4,897 light447 light447Damn you impossible trials fusion achievement 75
4,898 AngryXSuperManX AngryXSuperManXNothing to report, just mind the gap! 75
4,899 Norqueatsz NorqueatszGoing to finish off a few easy games I think :) 75
4,900 FlutteryChicken FlutteryChicken 75