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801 Defrosted Jay Defrosted JayGoW 3 -2000G?! get in!!!! 379
802 TheDude722 TheDude722TA, bring back Music MAYhem in 2015 379
803 GsA UnReaLiZe GsA UnReaLiZehalo tmcc, what a big failure! 378
804 ZM3 ZM3 378
805 Wicelow Wicelow 377
806 JAGERMEISTER TX JAGERMEISTER TXAnyone interested in doing Resident Evil Revelations 1 or MGS Peace Walker with me..? Lemme know ASAP. 377
807 cancermatt2 cancermatt2Visiting The Ju1ce. #HoustonWeHaveCheevos 377
809 CTDMUDRUNNER CTDMUDRUNNERSo the xbox live PC stuff still working or no? 377
810 ExtremePhobia ExtremePhobiaI've not left TA behind, but I've started writing for TT so be sure to come over and see me! Also, Twitch channel ftw! 377
811 DeadGreg84 DeadGreg84 377
812 Legohaulic LegohaulicMass Effect, Why are your achievements so long?! 377
813 techie76 techie76might be able to turn the xbox this week... forgot what a controller feels like... 376
814 ReAl ImPuLsE ReAl ImPuLsE 375
815 M0NTE FUEG0 M0NTE FUEG0Cabin fever is settling in .. thinking about starting Duke Nukem Forever. Can anyone care to talk me outta of it? 375
816 xEaglExAssassin xEaglExAssassinOh boy ..that notorious german has the Graw Solo board lol ... 375
817 prokop prokoplooking to complete crackdown and crackdown 2. anyone interested? send me a message. 375
818 Crandy CrandyDid anybody buy the Bad Company 2 DLC way back when it was on the sales and specials app? 374
819 Loguns RAW Loguns RAW 374
820 Syntr Syntrso, like no one plays gears of war judgement online.. 374
821 o Heres Jonny o o Heres Jonny oFar Cry 4, best game ever! 373
822 SN0WYP0LARBEAR2 SN0WYP0LARBEAR2 sunset overdrive - a freebie for the day 373
823 iTz CRUSHER iTz CRUSHERmidnight release of halo master chief collection. 373
824 BadBoyBungle BadBoyBungle... 373
825 True Marvellous True Marvellousthose playing sunset overdrive where do you go to change your character apprentce and also how do you equip a different melee weapon. 372
826 Worm83183 Worm83183These eyes will deceive you, they will destroy you. They will take from you, your innocence, your pride, and eventually your soul 372
827 CasperTC CasperTCIf I ever forget the date I started my job, I can just check on TA the date I stopped getting achievements =s 372
828 Dexter Skelter Dexter SkelterThe Man Behind The Curtain 372
829 AceMcCloud AceMcCloudFinally... took 3 attempts to finish Prototype 2 on PS3, did it first time on XB360! 372
830 RandomlyEvasive RandomlyEvasiveReally, the worst thing about Batman: Arkham Origins so far is the woeful attempt at 'cockney' by all involved. 'Numpty prats'? Christ. 371
831 drownedLTspeirs drownedLTspeirsso many games so little time 371
832 SmokingBmbr465 SmokingBmbr465Lawbringer lvl 20: Moxie's Vibrating Laser...everything dies. 371
833 SandHawkTime SandHawkTimeAfter I finish Dead Rising 2 and Dark Souls, it'll be Bully and Rise of Nightmares. 371
834 DS I FuRY I DS I FuRY I 371
835 Ellusion no Ellusion noAC4 Black Flag is a mess. 370
836 ronnie42 ronnie42Live long, never stop fighting evil. 370
837 Templar Punk Templar PunkOMG... JUSTIN WONG! 370
838 Nonfaith NonfaithEvery time I fire up Dragon's Dogma I have to listen to the whole theme song. Awesome! 369
839 ZZBroncos ZZBroncosMy 2nd son Cristop was born 27 Sept 14! (I'll be gaming less for a bit) 369
840 Zinn Gravey Zinn GraveyMerry Christmas! 367
841 R3NEG4D3 R3NEG4D3 365
842 Vansah Vansah 364
843 Arachnicide Arachnicide2...More....pizzas....damn 363
844 Darth Sean85 Darth Sean85Anyone who wishes to add me as a friend my new gamertag is That Darth Sean 363
845 ECOTz McChicken ECOTz McChickenNew Transformers film is so bad XD 362
846 zr122 zr122 362
847 Blood Inside Blood InsideXbox One achievement system flakey as arseholes lately. Seems very choosey when it's going to work properly :( 361
848 ZombieMaze ZombieMazeSo, Raid #9 done across two characters. Still only one piece of Raid-Armor. 361
849 Erickson187 Erickson187 360
850 k0ngzor k0ngzor 360
851 Akirakorn AkirakornYay went from 15%/75gs to 82%/845gs in GH Areosmith, best $2 ever; doing: Halo 4, Gotham C.I. and maybe Saints 2 360
852 Dominator Dale Dominator DaleThis bean dive is killing me. 360
853 TiptopChrisy TiptopChrisyAnyone interested in co-oping the Halo MCC campaigns on legendary ? 1 through 4 359
854 MidgetsInactive MidgetsInactive 359
855 Huginho19 Huginho19anyone know how to make twitch work? i start broadcasting but on the website its keeps saying offline??? 359
856 PeeMcPee PeeMcPeeMy my, I have been away for a while... 359
857 WifelikeDrip WifelikeDrip 359
858 DradusContact DradusContact 359
859 AndroidOdnetnin AndroidOdnetninI think I'm still logged in at home in "Ascend: Hand of Kul". However bleak it might be, I'm still hoping for "Master & Commander". 359
860 AmazingSpider97 AmazingSpider97If I just did all assassinations before I took over most of the districts in Sr the third it would be much easier! 359
861 X MR 504 X X MR 504 X 358
862 Skinstakovic SkinstakovicSmashing through some TMCC wins while listening to the TA podcast. Not a bad way to "work" from home lol 358
863 Danowat32 Danowat32 358
864 Cause CauseI'm stuck at 98.33% in GTA IV [angry] 358
865 DARKTICK DARKTICKTo all the xbox friends on here I'll be back on soon. Microsoft is giving me a free xboxone so I'll be playing that soon 357
866 DragonessHera DragonessHera 357
867 CrAzEdCaNuCk18 CrAzEdCaNuCk18Age of Empires done! 357
868 Kbeau73 Kbeau73Does anyone know how many people it would take to have a boosting session for Army of Two: TFD? And how long it would take, just curious. 357
869 mossfan563 mossfan563Destiny is fun :) 356
870 CanadianWhizKid CanadianWhizKid| Goal: 97% | Current: 90.58% | Cheevos: 5,493/6,064 | GS: 112,905/122,010 | 356
871 Undervirp UndervirpA Flash Flood of Colour 356
872 Thanatos03 Thanatos03Welp i beat 1 game. Another 8 months i can play again 356
873 dc0dr dc0drI've completed Titanfall 5 times since July. Anymore DLC coming? 355
874 PliantBoat33 PliantBoat33Seriously 3.0 Bronze-0 Silver-0 Gold-5 Onyx-60 355
875 XxSpazemxX XxSpazemxX 354
876 l DNAngel l l DNAngel lSuper cereal. 353
877 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Itzz Sh0wt1m3Snap attack: 1,171,000/2,500,000 571 games 103 top 10 and 8 wins 353
878 Matt DB87 Matt DB87 352
879 Nod Nolan Nod NolanChariot must be the most unforgiving platformer i've ever played... 352
880 liveAlexios liveAlexiosSoviet citizens did decisive contribution to the victory in World War II 352
881 Eek A Peanut Eek A PeanutLooking for people to play: Borderlands the pre-sequal and the DLC from Borderlands 2!! Msg me on xbox if you want to join! 352
882 kingrich06 kingrich06WOT update, 3 new tank lines, German Heavy, Lights & Russian TD tech tree 351
883 SuperTigerWoods SuperTigerWoods%age about to take a nose[dive]! 351
884 ScreenSingerX ScreenSingerXI'd be ten times as excited for the Guardians movie if Amy Pond had hair. 351
885 HendoTheViking HendoTheVikingThinks i need to stop starting loads of games and try and finish some of the ones i have started...... 351
886 trollsbox trollsbox 350
887 De Crixman De Crixmandoes anyone still play 360? 350
888 Th3 Tater Th3 TaterHaha. People don't like my solutions. 350
889 LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyWhoop Halo 4 speed run done too. Shout out to Texans2k2, BlizzardZero1, and DarkSilence669 for trudging through H3 & H4 speed runs in one sitting. 349
890 NutriWhip NutriWhip 349
891 Hairy Cabbage Hairy CabbageAnyone else just getting a black screen when loading Pier Solar? 349
892 Rakkman Forever Rakkman Forever 349
893 hofosim hofosimDo you know you can use your Iphone to control your Xbox? 349
894 RONSTER316 RONSTER316. 348
895 TuftyAlx312 TuftyAlx312 348
896 beets101 beets101My wife has raised £229.29 from her bake sale for children in need over 2 days. 348
897 D Dingers D DingersSeriously: 8029/ 10000.... slowly slowly catchy monkey! 348
898 fam25 fam25no motto, no matter (what's the big deal?) 348
899 TsubakiCalamity TsubakiCalamityUsed to be an 360 gamer, but dealing with M$ is not worth it anymore. 348
900 mfeforever mfeforever 347