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3,901 Impdaddyzer0 Impdaddyzer0Thank you, LC! You are the man! Go Coffee, Go Coffee, Go! 108
3,902 slacker322 slacker322Xbox froze right after beating final boss in Darksiders 2. That was annoying. 108
3,903 KenKisner KenKisnerBoost xbox one, win8, wp8, Rockband and GuitarHero, DJHero games, L4D2, ODST, Gears 2/3/Judgmnt w/ me! 108
3,904 Button Masher Button MasherAnyone on the preview program? I wanna try out the backwards compatibility haha 108
3,905 Kheops Fenix Kheops Fenixtu vas me manquer Niko Bellic 108
3,906 xN1Sx Assassin xN1Sx Assassin"NEisBt;HE&isHp" 108
3,907 Avenge El Chapo Avenge El ChapoLooking for good Advanced Warfare Zombies players on the 360, hmu if you wanna get some cheevos 108
3,908 Big Boss Ocelot Big Boss OcelotFinally got my Xbox One!! 108
3,909 InundatedDad InundatedDadTaking a break from achievements. Changing jobs and travel. I'll be back. 108
3,910 Rockin Gamer752 Rockin Gamer752Bleep-bloop! 108
3,911 iiM SO S1N1STER iiM SO S1N1STER 108
3,912 EverStoned77 EverStoned77STOP REGIONLOCKED LANGUAGES! 108
3,914 xSh4rk Hunterx xSh4rk HunterxFinally got 10,000 kills!! Now I got all of the Gears Of War Series completed. I'm now looking forward to completing Gears of War 4 in the future. 108
3,915 DuDeACiD DuDeACiDwell mission status unknown 108
3,916 MC Fish Lips MC Fish LipsGot some sun 108
3,917 BIoodyEagle BIoodyEagleI was gone for a month, and i missed so much. 108
3,918 RedbullAddict83 RedbullAddict83 108
3,919 Artie Artie 108
3,920 SirBaxter77 SirBaxter77 108
3,921 Minioger MiniogerI find it amusing that I was featured on Xbox rewards on April fools 107
3,922 xDisturbedx666 xDisturbedx666 107
3,923 AJmon13 AJmon13I am become pleb, destroyer of taste. 107
3,924 mdp 73 mdp 73Games for sale or trade. Check my bio. Looking for easy gamerscore games. 107
3,925 Shadow Tobuscus Shadow TobuscusThis commercial.. Thank you TA ads for showing this random ad at this very moment 107
3,926 ErnaP ErnaPOnyx Medals: 60/65. Done with the kills 107
3,927 xCosmo BOLTz xCosmo BOLTz 107
3,928 Shh I am Batman Shh I am BatmanEnigmatis makes me want to punch myself in the face. Repeatedly. 107
3,929 Alchemist Don Alchemist DonOh Hi 107
3,930 Daft Incarnate Daft Incarnate 107
3,931 Riskbreaker Kyo Riskbreaker Kyo 107
3,932 theshieguy theshieguySo, I'm considering playing Perfect Dark Zero, after ignoring it for last 6 years. Should I even bother? 107
3,934 MAOraNza MAOraNzaHail to the Pinball Wizard! "That deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!" 107
3,935 Wein Simmons Wein Simmons 107
3,936 dkohr123456 dkohr123456Boats and Ho's 107
3,937 Bonus Eruptus Bonus EruptusI'm not sure I've ever loathed anyone more than this 8yo running around like a jackass in wolfpack singing Moves Like Jagger for the last half hour. 107
3,938 xXIzaHovaXx xXIzaHovaXxLoving the summer... 107
3,939 SSgtRubberDucky SSgtRubberDuckySeriously 1.0 10,651/10,000 kills 107
3,940 FreezeDown FreezeDownWatch me play random games and have a good time, 107
3,941 SilentJay76 SilentJay76Goodbye common sense, hello Windows Phone. 107
3,942 Luuca Brasi Luuca Brasi 107
3,944 Gizea GizeaIm dead af. 107
3,945 UrStupidAndFat UrStupidAndFat 107
3,946 BatttleJuice BatttleJuice 107
3,947 KSI ROK 7 KSI ROK 7Achievement Hunter 107
3,948 Cries Of Sorow Cries Of Sorow 107
3,949 SchizoMoron19 SchizoMoron19Any1 get in the Fall beta for the dashboard? 107
3,950 Jaboose22 Jaboose22Golf Wang - Wolf Gang 107
3,951 Ardescere ArdescereOh geez... Sorry for friend feed spam! I didn't know it was going to do that. 107
3,952 Dr Grimoure Dr GrimourePure Awesomeness 107
3,953 K BLY K BLY 107
3,954 Bear5 Fan 4Ever Bear5 Fan 4EverLooking for a person with a 2nd controller for arena wins in castle crashers remastered. 106
3,955 Fatality Sh4rk Fatality Sh4rkAnybody have a problem with halo 5 legendary achievement not unlocking. Says 93% but waypoint says 15/15 solo legendary. 106
3,956 CroutonCrusader CroutonCrusader 106
3,957 Jerith Geros Jerith GerosSo I started playing both versions of Life is Strange side by side... it totally destroys the illusion of choice, and it's awesome! 106
3,959 gbischel gbischelAnyone wanna play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer? For fun that is ;-) 106
3,960 Brasshande BrasshandeM Khan is still bent 106
3,961 Chad Wilburn Chad WilburnDoom!! Doom!! Doom!! Doom!! 106
3,962 Kinky Mong Kinky Mong 106
3,963 Von Krauser Von Krauser 106
3,964 urgr8stnitemair urgr8stnitemair4 days without power, gotta love Canadian weather 106
3,965 KryptonicFusion KryptonicFusionChallenge master in The Voice 106
3,966 WornOutSmiles WornOutSmilesAnyone still need the Black Ops II Zombie achievements? Looking to get them all done. 106
3,967 x Morgan Kane x x Morgan Kane xScreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaam! 106
3,968 Hizzler Hizzlerhaving a troll can be a bother, until you troll the troll, that's pretty fun. 106
3,969 Warku1t Warku1t 106
3,970 Meszerus MeszerusAll about dat Dead Space. 106
3,971 KurLyJeFFerson7 KurLyJeFFerson7Strangely enough, not really minding doing Compulsive......just praying the walkthrough is spot on for the achievement or else I'm screwed :D 106
3,972 CloakedVengance CloakedVenganceXbox fixed at last, time to make up for some lost time! 106
3,973 JCKellner JCKellner 106
3,974 Flaming Jammers Flaming JammersIncluding all DLC really kills my completion % because I do not want to spend money on said DLC. 106
3,975 xDnl94 xDnl94TITANFALL! <3 106
3,976 Moxavian Moxavian 106
3,977 perceptron3000 perceptron3000Thinking about joining EA Access to try out the new NfS... 106
3,978 OMG Lumi OMG LumiHalo 5: Guardians, DA: Inquisition GOTY edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider Deluxe Edition and Transformers: Devastation. Decembers getting expensive :o 106
3,979 combicoilag combicoilagI now have a blog! 106
3,980 LBW 07 LBW 07Really need to get back into gaming again...hate major life changes 106
3,981 Mirage8531 Mirage8531HERE WE GO STEELERS!!! 106
3,982 G3N3R4L R41D3N G3N3R4L R41D3NSchrodinger's cat is out for blood. 106
3,983 the man panda the man panda 106
3,984 All limited All limitedAnyone that has GTA5 and wants to do the money making method send me an invite 106
3,985 MC Damo MC Damo 106
3,986 Raythebest Raythebest 106
3,987 LadyWolf629 LadyWolf629 106
3,988 T3ARIN IT UP T3ARIN IT UPCant function. Allergies are killing me. 106
3,989 grundogLFC1892 grundogLFC1892anybody on ps 106
3,990 Krokodil Grot Krokodil Grot 106
3,991 Mr FORTY SEVEN Mr FORTY SEVENAaaah... Haven't slept in days for this god damn Poker game 106
3,992 ChrisD0811 ChrisD0811Been making really good progress in Rare Replay. Almost done all games prior to the N64 era, all snapshots and snapshot playlists complete. 105
3,993 II Kazz II II Kazz II 105
3,994 Undead Seph Undead SephXbox Live down again, shocker. 105
3,995 Pookie T Pookie TEverything Is Permitted 105
3,996 TheIrishBeast TheIrishBeastSold Need for Speed. The next day new free DLC announced. Rage. 105
3,997 ShadowManGMR ShadowManGMR 105
3,998 Andre BigBoss 2 Andre BigBoss 2Left 4 dead 2 liberado na retro compatibilidade .... eita porra saudades de joga esse. 105
3,999 ORLANDO42 ORLANDO42Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought 105
4,000 Shadykilla420 Shadykilla420Think I'm gonna be shelling out alot for dlc soon... 105