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2,901 Ferocious Swan Ferocious SwanSelling my UK 360 - 150 Arcade Games - eBay - (Relisted non payer) 148
2,902 cs mester cs mester 148
2,903 SoulStee SoulSteeThe Doctor Rocks! 148
2,904 R3dD3vil88 R3dD3vil88 148
2,905 BreakNeckTurtle BreakNeckTurtleChillin' on GOW2! :) 148
2,906 RCPD Zombie RCPD ZombieMorphine is a helluva drug. 148
2,907 Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear 148
2,908 Sunesha SuneshaI hate Halo 148
2,909 MITCHELL3212 MITCHELL3212Goodbye Friends; MITCHELL3212's blog post - Goodbye Friends 148
2,910 Buff Beefbroth Buff BeefbrothACHIEVEMENTS? More like A GRIEVANCE. 148
2,911 central perk 08 central perk 0823rd July 2016 - UK`s Independance Day 147
2,912 I am Mindslave I am Mindslavehow do the other Telltale games stack up to Walking Dead? 147
2,913 bizarre oreo bizarre oreo 147
2,914 Vestri Sator Vestri Sator 147
2,915 JAKE ARRIETA JAKE ARRIETAI feel like I have 3 full time jobs(work 3rd shift, school and gf) video games i miss you!!!! 147
2,916 The Porternator The PorternatorCAM AN!!! DO IT!!! 147
2,917 WhitePrinceLion WhitePrinceLionJust a quick shout out to my friends. I'm more then likely not going to be able to game with you until my net gets upgraded on the 1st July. My.. 147
2,918 XxJesusNinjaxX 147
2,919 PrinzHintz PrinzHintz 147
2,920 Siwalker69 Siwalker69Elite Dangerous is good, but its missing a story that would make it great... shame 147
2,921 ZachRobins0n ZachRobins0n 147
2,922 Fuuldrin FuuldrinChariot: 24/25 gold medals, still missing secret level... 147
2,923 Lawl Pwned Lawl PwnedI complete Rocket League & several hours later the game adds DLC with 200GS. NICE. 147
2,924 Stans Stans 147
2,925 Demon Liar Demon LiarSo went back to DOA5 today done legend survival and got up to 48 wins, this game really is more of a joke than 4, why are the move sets soo different 147
2,926 Itza BOSS Killa Itza BOSS Killa:) 147
2,927 shadowninja25 shadowninja25 147
2,928 Death Slice X Death Slice X 147
2,929 Alex Kuben Alex Kuben 147
2,930 NY x MeTs FaN NY x MeTs FaN 147
2,931 DropDeadHorizon DropDeadHorizon 147
2,932 FastLifeFathead FastLifeFatheadjust had the conker achievents pop finally and havnt played the game in a few months 147
2,933 IDUKE NUKEM64I IDUKE NUKEM64Itrying to finish off halo wars, red dead, dead rising, halo CEA, STAR WARS TFU 2 147
2,934 OMDizzy OMDizzyStarted from the bottom. 147
2,935 Dragons Bl00D Dragons Bl00Dwhat gos a rond comes a rond so don't conplan when carmer bites you in the @*#~£ ? ass. 147
2,936 Polaris Supreme Polaris SupremeAh, the Mass Effect trilogy, my home away from home. GODDAMN IT BIOWARE GIVE ME MY REMASTERED EDITION ALREADY!!! 147
2,937 TIRtheMaster TIRtheMasterSold the Xbox, hit me up if you got other consoles you'd like to game on. 147
2,938 machinesnipes72 machinesnipes72Skyrim. Skyrim. SKYRIM!!! 147
2,939 BEASTBOY7266 BEASTBOY7266Going for a 30-Day Streak 147
2,940 GTKILLA23 GTKILLA23 147
2,941 douglasr007 douglasr007 147
2,942 Gucci Gromzzz Gucci Gromzzzgot a done...unlocking achievement. Any idea how long these tend to last before they actually pop? 146
2,943 DjDooksy DjDooksyInow have a clan set up for World Of Tanks. if you want to play and play regular. hit me up and i will add you. regular players only please. 146
2,944 SKIN RIP SKIN RIPCan someone please help me with Minecraft? Can you unlock achievements on your windows phone? 146
2,945 Halidoc HalidocYessss, Sniper Elite 4: 146
2,946 Park Diesel Park Diesel 146
2,947 nikon82uk nikon82ukcan't seem to make any headway into my goal i have been 86x for almost 30 days now. 146
2,948 EnterTheFray EnterTheFrayAfter about 2 years of no xbox... I'm back and ready to grind some achievement bitches! 146
2,949 Zacca ZaccaI'm glad I signed up for UHH, getting me playing some games I haven't in a while. 146
2,950 Analyse Master Analyse MasterNew milestone 150k. Proud ?? 146
2,951 xenon ghost xenon ghostR.I.P Patches, you are missed my friend! 146
2,952 WithTheDawn WithTheDawn 146
2,953 REDEYEDTOFFEE 2 REDEYEDTOFFEE 2I'm back at it again with the baby games 146
2,954 M1 462 M1 462Brand new Xbox One and it won't read any discs. Thanks for the quality product Microsoft... 146
2,955 Soul Ripper117 Soul Ripper117is online 146
2,956 FK xCarnage FK xCarnageSeriously 3.0, 49/65 Onyx Medals. Halo:TMCC knocked my completion down 10%! 146
2,957 Hottub Cowboy Hottub Cowboy 146
2,959 danpsfx danpsfxGot dispatch confirmation for my rock band 4 orders, the hype is real. 145
2,960 Captain Redeye Captain Redeye 145
2,961 Felix Pie Felix PieWhy didn't anyone tell me how good xcom was? 145
2,962 steve1636 steve1636Lego Star Trek? Would it kill ya to make this? 145
2,963 StingX2 you should follow if you arent! 145
2,964 Durera DureraAnyone else come away from playing the FFXV demo utterly confused/disappointed ... nothing like I was expecting, and not in a good way. 145
2,965 Pellsworth Pellsworth 145
2,966 KiDLUCiF3R KiDLUCiF3RINSTAGRAM @JOSHCOOPERPT for all your fitness tips and diet tricks! 145
2,967 GamingEconomist 145
2,968 InSoberNation InSoberNationI'm Batman! 145
2,969 DarkGods007 DarkGods007For people that are trying to get a hold of me simply send me a message over xbl. If I signed up for a session send me a message. preferbly xbox text 145
2,970 xSinisterStrike xSinisterStrikeThe struggle is real when you're trying to balance The Division on the PS4, class word and achievement hunting. Kappa 145
2,972 Vannos Vannos 145
2,973 BioFire64 BioFire64 145
2,974 KillerBEA X KillerBEA XWhy isnt my ta profile compensating for the new gt :? 145
2,975 WaggiesaurusRex WaggiesaurusRexNo story DLC for GTA is such a disappointment. Focusing on all Online is such a big mistake. 145
2,976 MR Anorak MR AnorakUSMG You mad bro! 145
2,977 FAREP Bunitin FAREP BunitinCome on Bean Dive 2016!!!! 145
2,978 xN1Sx MAFIA 21 xN1Sx MAFIA 21 145
2,979 GEAR1337 GEAR1337Finally beat GTA V!! Dota 2 and WoW in the meantime! Gonna try and knock out some Pokemon or GTA V side stuff 145
2,980 a Random Mole a Random MoleCan ya dig it? 145
2,981 SamuelC4 SamuelC4SSX is the best sports game I've ever played, definitely recommend it to everybody 145
2,982 Erathia96 Erathia96Anybody at all who can help with the cat and mouse events in PGR4? 144
2,983 Adam Corela Adam CorelaNo hacks. No mods. No bullshit. I earned my Gamerscore the old fashioned way...I PLAY THE GAMES! 144
2,984 Phr4nk0 Phr4nk0Haven't been able to connect to Battle Ages for the last couple days, any one else having problems? 144
2,985 DM4S DM4Sblue dragon and lost oddessy comming to backwards compatible. play them if you haven't great jrpgs :) 144
2,986 RareWhiteTRASH RareWhiteTRASHDone! Unlocking... 144
2,987 creeping monte creeping montewoohooo, alriiight, i think we're gonna be chillin 144
2,988 stretters87 stretters87 144
2,989 SmokeScreen76 SmokeScreen76Maybe now I can get some other stuff done. 144
2,990 Zurbum Zurbum 144
2,991 Fists of Steele Fists of SteeleHello all.. Do I still have friends on this board since I have been gone so long? 144
2,992 Daelus1 Daelus1MY TOP 10..1. RDR 2.Mass Effect 2 3. Far Cry 3 4. DA:I 5.Kingdoms of Amalur 6. XCOM: EU 7. Borderlands 2 8. DA: Origins 9. AC:BF 10. Sunset Overdrive 144
2,993 Zombie Deej Zombie DeejTraveler is mine! 144
2,994 Temp33T Temp33T 144
2,995 T3ARIN IT UP T3ARIN IT UPWhat Game to Boost next?!?!? 144
2,996 jensy0008 jensy0008lalalalalalalala 144
2,997 Zarhin ZarhinFell under the map on Deer God. Guess that shows it's time for a different game. 144
2,998 nyall97 nyall97for sale: 14 months xbox live mw3 avatar prop, £30 - message me for details :) 144
2,999 TexhnolyzedMech TexhnolyzedMechRaison d'être 143
3,000 montrossity montrossityDeadpool 5/7 143