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2,701 Bigg Walker Bigg WalkerThere's moments of Infinite I enjoy but it doesn't hold me the way the original Bioshock did 138
2,702 ultimatedra ultimatedra36,000 G - Opt-in (25) - Completed 30 Optional Objectives in Peggle 2 138
2,703 Bankai Elite Bankai EliteAt Work and this is when I find time to go on TA lol. 137
2,704 King Drago II King Drago IICan't wait to get back into hardcore boosting 137
2,705 Seamus McLimey Seamus McLimey 137
2,706 sonnyliston1 sonnyliston1 137
2,707 opposer1 opposer1 137
2,708 SpecopKinG USMC SpecopKinG USMCAssassin Creed 3 looks siiiiick 137
2,709 WithTheDawn WithTheDawn 137
2,710 JCDRANZER JCDRANZERwon 245 Achievements in 14 games, for a total of 8,156 TrueAchievement points (5,885 GamerScore). 137
2,711 Destante Destante 137
2,712 Old Willy Pete Old Willy PeteForza 5 has officially joined my list of the Worst Games Ever Made... awesome. Still hopeful for Horizon 2. 137
2,713 bean is not pro bean is not promade a session for tonight (1/16) for the annual achievement in halo MCC if anyone wants to join 137
2,714 RobertoMP RobertoMP 137
2,715 FairPower FairPowerAlmost at 100K :D 137
2,716 IveABrownThumb IveABrownThumb 137
2,717 TigerDarkangel TigerDarkangelyeah, erster thüringer der Saints Row 1 BRD completed hat 137
2,718 Lord Midas Lord Midas"Would you kindly?" 137
2,720 Dr Bloodwrath Dr BloodwrathSo I fell behind on my year end goal. 90,000 might be difficult... 137
2,721 kabobles kaboblesXbox One-I'm happy to make your acquaintance! 137
2,722 xZxSephirothxZx xZxSephirothxZxAnyone wanting my new profile PM me :) 137
2,723 Flook666 Flook66670s baby, 80s Kid, 90s teen, 2000s Old Fart! 137
2,724 Akatsuki 19XX Akatsuki 19XXEST. 19XX 137
2,725 bloodening666 bloodening666need sess's in: juiced 2. :P gunna try and get 3000g in one day soon, will not be playing/buying new games though 137
2,726 Young and Dope Young and DopeTrying to get more Achievements! 137
2,727 SingleMomOfTwo SingleMomOfTwoAhh, Christmas. The day my savior Santa was born. 137
2,728 inspectorpj inspectorpjI'll go to bed when everybody is dead! 137
2,729 irratebass irratebassMeh 137
2,730 jonnyyy jonnyyy 136
2,731 RULEi RULEiLOL FML Fantasia glitched on me and reset one of my goals when I completed my last one... 136
2,732 CuppaChoc CuppaChoc42/65 136
2,733 apromisenotkept apromisenotkeptThe computer cheats. alot. 136
2,734 danpsfx danpsfxOct: 82 Achievements and 1 Challenge in 6 games, for a total of 3,529 TrueAchievement points (1,145 GamerScore) 136
2,735 Vestri Sator Vestri Sator 136
2,736 BudgetBallin360 BudgetBallin360Thinking about getting the CoD: AW Havoc DLC, but Halo: MCC is calling my name again and I haven't been able to put Destiny down. 136
2,737 MagnumZero MagnumZeroFucking-A MicroSuck. GET YOUR GOD DAMN SHIT TOGETHER! 136
2,738 BONECOLLECTOR88 BONECOLLECTOR88Thinking of getting mirrors edge is it really hard or is it completable 136
2,739 Eric Filtro Eric FiltroWhat "privacy issues"? What's going on? 136
2,740 Uggadunk UggadunkLooking for people who wanna play Diablo 3 RoS 136
2,741 CreativeOne0829 CreativeOne0829 136
2,742 I Yova I I Yova IMr Puntualidad es completar una misión en 29:59 cuando el limite es 30:00 136
2,743 xDevilsMagiic xDevilsMagiicJust found out you can't unlock new game plus if you played on easy, so I have to start a whole new game in batman arkham origins. 136
2,744 bl4ck blooc bl4ck bloocLooking to do the black ops 2 Easter eggs with some helpful people 136
2,745 Psychobilly1987 Psychobilly1987psychobilly is not a fashion ... its our life its our passion 136
2,746 mamilo1 mamilo1Mopping up some WP games. 136
2,747 Anthony Ajax Anthony AjaxI feel so "blahhhh..." lately. No drive to really play or explore anything, even with several wrapped titles around... 136
2,748 fakethief fakethief 136
2,749 BigMoneyCroc 23 BigMoneyCroc 23Seriously 3.0 completion status....COMPLETED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 136
2,750 Ferrara316 Ferrara316Selling a boat load of XBOX 360 games, going to post them on here soon. Message me if interested in any. 135
2,751 buttoon buttoonDoesn't look like suspension is getting lifted... New Tag is OverheadSatsuma lets see what can be done on that! 135
2,752 XxJesusNinjaxX XxJesusNinjaxXGTV V on Xbox One in 1st Person!? NO FUCKIN WAY 135
2,753 Leon ACE Leon ACEHello Halo, Goodbye completion percentage! 135
2,754 GrmRpr69 GrmRpr69Alright whos getting dying light. Looking for coop people to do 5 quest... let me know 135
2,755 boydo1990 boydo1990Trying to do the collectibles on Wolfenstein at the same time is ruining the experience 135
2,756 xSup3rM4ri0x xSup3rM4ri0x 135
2,757 Zorb Zex Zorb ZexWorking on GFWL. If interested in joining in, see blog post for the list of games I still need. 135
2,758 folds2008 folds200824/26 Triples down 135
2,759 Santar0s Santar0sIf anyone needs guns for Dead Island Riptide let me know. 135
2,760 Ax7 BEAST Ax7 BEASTBecause of these damn sales, I've added Metro Last Light to my backlog. 135
2,761 SGT Sprinkles46 SGT Sprinkles46Don't have time to achievement hunt anymore, no matter how much I want to 135
2,762 ATLDC404 ATLDC404Time to hunt for a NBA 2k15 crew for the 360. 135
2,763 BionicTriforce BionicTriforceTitanfall is done. 100% complete. All legit. 135
2,764 freelance1986 freelance1986 135
2,765 Spartas Revenge Spartas RevengeJust finished the Dead Space 3 demo. I have to wonder if game developers are ruining games on purpose now. 135
2,766 RCPD Zombie RCPD ZombieI think it's about time I resume playing my 360 and PS3. No more crappy, easy 100% games! 135
2,767 ZZRsy ZZRsy 135
2,768 EddieM1974 EddieM1974Can't get my games to load on my 360. Back to reading it is:) 135
2,769 Sunesha Sunesha 135
2,770 Nose 0ver Tail Nose 0ver TailXBOX ON! 135
2,771 JaggyTT JaggyTTWant to run through any/all my xbox one games on my boost list. I am acheivement hunting :) 135
2,772 PvtCaboose32 PvtCaboose32Gears of War 3: What is the fastest method to achieve Big Money...Silverback - Blood Drive - Casual Waves 1 to 35? 135
2,773 Cerebralwheels CerebralwheelsResident Evil achievements looks challenging. Can't wait!! :) 135
2,774 hankford hankford 135
2,776 AdrenalineFiend AdrenalineFiend 134
2,777 Matty to tha G Matty to tha GNext on the online chopping block.... Ridge Racer Unbounded 134
2,778 PLANET13 PLANET13wow, after 5 years I had my first session go bad today, thanks guys 134
2,779 K0RNMA5T3S K0RNMA5T3SWow my internet is slow. I've been downloading a 4Gb update for 3 hours and still not even halfway. 134
2,781 Dazeldorffv2 Dazeldorffv2But Vegeta, tricks are for kids! 134
2,782 DemonATX1337 DemonATX1337Note to self: Be on lookout for Tomb Raider and Forza DLC price cuts. 134
2,783 UplandParasite8 UplandParasite8 134
2,784 lukablack lukablackDestiny!!! 134
2,785 NerdrageX NerdrageX 134
2,786 craigla10 craigla10only 9 days work between now and the 15th march with full salery :D 134
2,787 M V P ACHILLES M V P ACHILLESso no more online passes for future games too...i dont know how to say it..but i guess I LOVE EA!!! 134
2,788 Knightzshield Knightzshieldfinally gave Destiny's multiplayer a chance 134
2,789 wheresmykat wheresmykatblowed like your mind 134
2,790 BSimmons4Prez BSimmons4PrezI am awesome. 134
2,791 D1SCO DAV3 D1SCO DAV3Some men just want to watch their completion percentage burn... 134
2,792 MadMaxx42 MadMaxx424 games with 1 outstanding achievement. 9 with <= 3. 134
2,793 Lone Wolf 8720 Lone Wolf 8720 134
2,794 PoisonTheRivers PoisonTheRivers 134
2,795 uK x Peace uK x Peace 134
2,796 TOM1013 TOM1013 134
2,797 MingledFoot MingledFootTime is many things, but there is never enough of it. 134
2,798 MANIAN 3D MANIAN 3DMANIAN 3D won 560 Achievements and 3 Challenges in 36 games, for a total of 25,982 TrueAchievement points (13,219 GamerScore). 133
2,799 Marketman316 Marketman316May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce 133
2,800 raidenhardcore raidenhardcore 133