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801 BODZ61 BODZ61Anyone know a good deal on xbox live gold?rock 448
802 Trombonafide TrombonafideSo I'm caught somewhere between "Is Dark Souls 2 easier" and "I really did GIT GUD at this game franchise"... No death two bosses in a row? KAY. 447
803 mossfan563 mossfan56376/168 Championships in Forza Horizon 2.....FML 447
804 a box of fish a box of fishMerry Christmas Everybody! 447
805 blomphil2 blomphil2Thought about this site for the first time in awhile. Seeing how low my nephew has taken my completion percentage. How is everyone? 447
806 ChaosAlert ChaosAlertWoT is getting new achievements in next title update. Most likely second to last before 100 achievements cap. 446
807 drownedLTspeirs drownedLTspeirsI really need to game more 446
808 Onsidic OnsidicLol i see the rush of Project Spark people.. hehe you got till August :) better get a move on 445
809 rocky1bomb rocky1bombDo app achievements count towards your % 445
810 Skoobasaurus SkoobasaurusSo after all that kafuffle over rising star (thank you to those helped me) I now have to find a kinect for sake of 1 cheev 445
811 TheCroydonBFG TheCroydonBFGFeel guilty for not having unpacked the Xbox 360 after the house move yet! 445
812 VenomSlash8771 VenomSlash8771got that good old GEARS feelin' again! 445
813 F1R3 PH03N1X6 F1R3 PH03N1X6I WILL complete Killer Instinct! 444
814 Harbringernight HarbringernightRainbow 6 Vegas 2 session at 5 PST needing more people if anyone is interested. 443
815 Tony Starc Tony StarcJust finished Steins Gate. What a fantastic game. 443
816 Dr Sandypants Dr SandypantsAlmost totally converted to Sony after being bought a PS2 and PS3. and that's just on the strength of Tales and Persona! 443
817 WickedDeath 442
818 Zombi3 Grim Zombi3 GrimChecking out the site 442
819 Vince989 Vince989If you also use Steam, add me ! TrueSteamAchievements 442
820 Th3 Tater Th3 TaterBlarrgh 440
821 Mortis Invictus Mortis InvictusFinally joining the next console generation: my new Xbox One will arrive tomorrow! 439
822 TopherXPwns TopherXPwnsGrowing increasingly let down with 343's dedication to only the "e-sport" audience. 438
823 Evil Fefe Evil FefeThe Vita is Amazing. 438
824 MFMegazerox MFMegazeroxPlaying Catherine 437
825 Empoleon Swag Empoleon SwagNeed more co-op friends. Especially for Monaco. 437
826 REB3L REB3LAchieving... 436
827 Vandel Buster Vandel BusterRest my nephew Leonardo. 4/29/2012-12/29/2013 436
828 Free Riegn Free RiegnSelling my PS 1, PS2, Xbox and Gamecube games for cheap!! Tell your friends! 436
829 UIS Aquaguyy UIS AquaguyyWatch out Florida, here I come! 436
830 Akirakorn AkirakornMP help: Trials Evo, maybe Disney Infinity 2 & 3 in early June... 436
831 Amendocrem Amendocrem 436
832 Wicelow Wicelow 435
833 xDLxSilentOnex xDLxSilentOnex 435
834 iTz CRUSHER iTz CRUSHERTrying to mop up Halo 5: Guardians. 434
835 JungleWookiee JungleWookiee 434
836 Evil Kenivl Evil KenivlForza APEX - I need a new PC... ;-) 433
837 vBURSToACTIVZv vBURSToACTIVZvNeed to Complete 20 games already on my gamer card 9/20 completed 433
838 count023 count023I don't suppose there's any good samaritans out there who will let me AFK boost GOW against them and a dummy, is there? 433
839 DragonessHera DragonessHera 433
840 CRAZE KILER CRAZE KILERThree achievements glitched and one done unlocking on Castlestorm :( 432
841 Tandar1 Tandar1Whatever happened to LIVE service the last two days I couldn't play :/ 432
842 Little 3vil Little 3vilFUCK YEAH!! Battlefield 1 looks sold! 432
843 AmazingSpider97 AmazingSpider97Civil War was awesome! 432
844 vBlite vBlite 432
845 N0RRl5 N0RRl5 432
846 Worm83183 Worm83183Dc online 3 character done 3 more th go !! woo hoo!! Let's go 431
847 beavis beavisA picture of me and Master Chiefing playing Halo: 431
848 BqCaduceusMD BqCaduceusMDJoin my Overwatch session if you are interested in forming coordinated teams and attempting achs. naturally before boosting. 431
849 Smokin JoeyB Smokin JoeyB. 431
850 mmz41 mmz41Microsoft is dead for me. 430
851 Knucklehead923 Knucklehead923 430
852 NutriWhip NutriWhip 428
853 Hairy Cabbage Hairy CabbageHow can a game like dig dug control so poorly in 2016? 428
854 AndroidOdnetnin AndroidOdnetninHaving one of those days... where... I just don't know how much more I can take... 428
855 KJT CD ACD KJT CD ACDThe best mix to game to: 428
856 janiwesterling janiwesterling 427
857 thunderkiss92 thunderkiss92Black Ops II has an unobtainable?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! 426
858 Mstrofdashadows MstrofdashadowsHeld gears judgement yesterday, my store almost put it on the shelf i saved them don't worry 426
859 CasperTC CasperTCWaiting for the Division Beta to come online... 425
860 Pedle Zelnip Pedle ZelnipARCADE GAME SERIES: Ms. PAC-MAN -- DONE! 424
861 FightingMegaFoo FightingMegaFooRevisiting old games to increase my completion percentage. 424
862 TheBlackxRanger TheBlackxRangerSetting last two achievements aside for Tomb Raider DE and working on MCC instead, this will be a long haul 424
863 AVARAT AVARATCommitted 'til the End 423
864 techie76 techie76slowly grinding dirt 3 - 77,000 / 250,00 423
865 Fadi kun Fadi kunThe achievement list for #Overwatch looks great! Can't wait to play it! 423
866 SandMan NL1 SandMan NL1DOOM is SO much FUN!!! 422
867 CyberellaD Nile CyberellaD NileLost Scott Weiland, David Bowie and Glen Frey in a little over a month. Great musicians :( 422
868 Kyuubi Alpha Kyuubi AlphaKyuubi Alpha won 256 Achievements in 18 games, for a total of 14,338 TrueAchievement points (8,130 GamerScore). 421
869 Bears Scare Me Bears Scare MeThe 'Done! unlocking' achievement in McDroid finally unlocked 421
870 Pushtrak PushtrakIn Soviet Russia, status reads you. 421
871 togethawiistand togethawiistandFor the most part, I don't do DLCs anymore. 420
872 dc0dr dc0drGoing back and finishing up Alan Wake on Nightmare, forgot how good that game was. 419
873 Capta1n0bvious3 Capta1n0bvious3UHH update. It's 12-12 going into the weekend. Time to turn up the heat. 418
874 k0ngzor k0ngzor 418
875 Silvery Death Silvery Death (My Youtube Channel) 418
876 DaBomb294 DaBomb294I hit more trees than a blind Tarzan 418
877 AfterTheBurials AfterTheBurialsWhile i do enjoy DOOM and it is incredible! it still isnt DOOM 3. the atmosphere and creepy vibe is still one of my favorites to this day. 417
878 WoodyLovesKushx WoodyLovesKushxwhy did i just randomly get a star wars battlefront achievemen from february? 417
879 EnjoyableCoffee EnjoyableCoffee 417
880 Mr J1m Mr J1mPool Nation FX patched again. Endurance achievements nightmare hard again!! 415
881 Cubivore CubivoreCubivore completed the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and is the first gamer on the site to complete it! 415
882 Heartworks Heartworks 414
883 Redd Five Redd Five 413
884 RandomlyEvasive RandomlyEvasiveBengals 67-0 Saints (Me) in the Super Bowl final while simming Madden 06. Drew Brees is the Bengal QB. Someone in that universe hates the Saints! 413
885 PliantBoat33 PliantBoat33Tyrannosaurus Rex - Master Chief 413
886 lord verh lord verhWhy Dark Souls is better than Dark Souls 2 413
887 DA CYBER ZOMBIE DA CYBER ZOMBIEI'm back on Xbox live :) 412
888 keene oh keene ohwatch dogs might be a little gta-esque but its quite fun 412
889 justinman114 412
890 ChickenBoyBryan ChickenBoyBryany 411
891 Mr N Mrs Pacer Mr N Mrs PacerEnjoying having an Xbox 1 again !!! Destiny is pretty baulin too. 411
892 Doctor Shawn Doctor Shawn 411
893 fightclubdoll fightclubdollXbox One and Xbox 360 410
894 b30118218 b30118218Need to pick up motivation again! 409
895 zr122 zr122Turns out Charlie Murder is WAY more entertaining when played with others. 409
896 oakdale7 oakdale7 409
897 k0rruptiD k0rruptiDbioshock infinite got me to 80,000 gamerscore, now for 1999 mode to finish it up. 409
898 BiGPaPaRu BiGPaPaRuIf you did not buy the season pass in time, go to amazon, still $30 409
899 Jblacq JblacqLooking for help getting Rising Star on Project Spark. Please download! 408
900 Syntr SyntrI'm not dead, just in a gaming slump. 408