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1,401 STLfan2468 STLfan2468 229
1,402 Ranga Dang Dang Ranga Dang DangIs there a place/list that contains games with upcoming server closures? 229
1,403 go tribe 23186 go tribe 23186 229
1,404 BLAZE VII BLAZE VIII Used To Be A Gamerscore-Hunter Like You, Then I Took An Arrow In The...Wait... 228
1,405 Cheese Touch Cheese TouchJust about recovered half of my post-bean-dive drop! 228
1,406 BqCaduceusMD BqCaduceusMDAnyone else experiencing issues with social feed on the XBO? It tells me I have 17 friends on, but won't pull the feed. 228
1,407 o Shadowlaw o o Shadowlaw o 228
1,408 chefdrew07ATOGC chefdrew07ATOGCgot another promotion. starts in October. 228
1,409 White Shadows White ShadowsI used to be hardcore. 228
1,410 Red Coooley Red CoooleyGamertag: Red Cooley 228
1,411 jackanape jackanapeGRID 2 done. Moving onto Deus Ex - pretty good so far. 227
1,412 A 0 UB3RLOZ3R A 0 UB3RLOZ3R 227
1,413 Evilragd0ll Evilragd0llPretty much given up with gaming. I have no time or desire. 227
1,414 ii DEMIGODz ii DEMIGODzXbox. MMA. Judo. Death Metal. 227
1,415 StriderLGNs StriderLGNsF**k i read dishonored is going to be free next month i just bought that like a week ago 227
1,416 LI0NHEART82 LI0NHEART82People walk the bow. I walk the string! 226
1,417 Gob B1uth Gob B1uthMake Mine Marvel 226
1,418 meitante kiba meitante kibagames to finish next : single player game) silent hill downpour. multiplayer game) need for speed most wanted 2012 226
1,419 Pr1nce0fDarknez Pr1nce0fDarknezFinally over the breakup and besides having a beard now, it's time I return to gaming 226
1,420 MustangNights MustangNights 226
1,421 Travis Jarvis Travis JarvisConcert last night confirmed two things. 1. Whitechapel is still the fucking best. 226
1,422 DeesDonuts DeesDonutsThe owls are not what they seem. 226
1,423 Buckswana Buckswana 225
1,424 BloodwCinnamon BloodwCinnamon 225
1,425 David Do0M David Do0MJust a big, hairy, American winning machine.. 225
1,426 Gannon94 Gannon94Would like to meet friendly players, the more Irish the better, drop me a TA or an XBL message 225
1,427 silverstorm55 silverstorm55 225
1,428 xONLY INHUMANx xONLY INHUMANxBlacksite area 51 boosting? sniper ghost warrior boosting?> 225
1,429 Darkness727420 Darkness72742050,000!!!! 225
1,430 LesserHuman LesserHumanEA fucking over more servers. RIP FIFA 13. 225
1,431 A 1998 Mustang A 1998 MustangI'm not getting messages when someone comments on something anymore...what the? 225
1,432 Dalimbak DalimbakPAC-MAN Museum - stamps 56/72, games complete 4/9, pals 11/12, 30th Anni 6/9 224
1,433 brent1221 brent1221Gears of War 3 Time: Monday & Thursday Sessions every week! Extra sessions when able. 224
1,434 AP E JC AP E JCPinball FX2 delayed on xbox one, so you can import xbox 360 tables. 224
1,435 Andrew x360a Andrew x360aBean Dive has been undertaken. 224
1,436 Weezleram WeezleramDestiny Ghost Special Edition preordered 224
1,437 SemanticV0id SemanticV0idGone to PC. 224
1,438 Vanvonhunter1 Vanvonhunter1Seriously 3.0 Status: 39 Onyx, 11 Gold, 6 Silver, 8 Bronze and 1 No Star. 224
1,439 moose0030 moose0030Sports games in 2006 feel so good now! 224
1,440 visheyry visheyry 224
1,441 MartyMcFal MartyMcFalWin the online fifa world cup, achievement unlocked, Just got to do it 2 more times with shitter teams like gabon! 224
1,442 iDavies xP iDavies xP1 week then I'm back gaming! 224
1,443 CHIGGUMS CHIGGUMSWhoever wrote the achievement list for Trials of Dunwall needs to be castrated and launched into the sun. 224
1,444 nV KiD RoBoT nV KiD RoBoT 224
1,447 General Joury General JouryDead Space 3 is suprisingly good... Been a while since I enjoyed playing a zombie game (*cough* RIPTIDE *cough*) 223
1,448 Subliminal Cuts Subliminal CutsBeing so much of a gamer , that you think in real life 'these graphics are shit' 223
1,449 Dr S Needlez Dr S Needlez 222
1,450 VictimOfDesire VictimOfDesireJust got to lvl 17 in Adventure mode on Minesweeper, clicked a tile I new was a trap by accident, and reset to lvl 1. 222
1,451 R0Y4LEwitCHEESE R0Y4LEwitCHEESEMission accomplished! 222
1,452 Tatersoup19 Tatersoup19Going on vacation! See ya in 2 weeks! 222
1,453 Bowmanx4587 Bowmanx4587 222
1,454 DongleKing DongleKingLet the streak begin 222
1,455 rangersfan414 rangersfan414Xbox is coming out with a Pizza App so you can order through the console and kinect LOL 222
1,456 Unit215 Unit215 222
1,457 Nudge2enter Nudge2enter 222
1,458 Goggs25 Goggs25O my God I killed Kenny with the Stick of Truth 221
1,459 Paul Doyle Paul DoyleAnyone interested in doing gauntlet achievements? 221
1,460 Evil Kenivl Evil KenivlFord Focus RS 2.5 ;-) 221
1,461 xWalkingDisease xWalkingDiseaseNot had an ethernet cable for about 2 weeks now, new one due next week. 221
1,462 Epic Debaser Epic DebaserWatch the England game or play Forza 5? Not sure if I can be bothered watching eleven overpaid shitheads play football. 221
1,463 karterfone karterfoneFinally using my Driving Force GT. Beat the GT-R record for Nürburgring by 0:06 in GT5 - 221
1,465 ultimag17 ultimag17Having fun playing MW2! 221
1,466 MrMadeYouLook MrMadeYouLookGrade Microsoft's E3 press conference.... 221
1,467 DefEdge DefEdgeRidge Racer 6 is now complete. Holy. Crap. 220
1,468 Arcdelad Arcdelad 220
1,469 tecian tecian 220
1,470 Griefor Griefor 220
1,471 Murder of Birds Murder of BirdsBack on my achievement grind! 50K, here I come! 220
1,472 AKU Dorkinstine AKU DorkinstineNeed help with MAN BEAR PIG Achieve help!!! 220
1,473 JRPGsForTheWin JRPGsForTheWinA fractured ankle and a blood infection. What deity did I manage to piss off this time? 220
1,474 Ultima22 Ultima22So psyched I managed to get Pull Harder legit. That's pretty much the last obstacle for hitting Gen 10 out of the way. 219
1,475 Dj ayresey Dj ayresey 219
1,476 iaMeRiiCaNo x iaMeRiiCaNo xSo I played the Destiny beta and I asked myself is this going to be a day one purchase? The answer - FUCK YES! 219
1,477 Paul Wesley 91 Paul Wesley 91Well, I've moved to a new state, and I'm no longer in the top 50 :( 219
1,478 VulturousPiano VulturousPianoI just realised I didnt get my 200k TA Score milestone as it was a ratio change that got me over it :-( 219
1,479 COLLOSUS5172 COLLOSUS5172Battlefield Bad Company 2-Isla Inocentes Onslaught hardcore help anyone? 219
1,480 AVARAT AVARATCommitted 'til the End 219
1,481 dresdenWWII dresdenWWIII saw Snowpiercer or BioShock on a train (similar tone, theme & style). Recommended. 219
1,482 V0CALICMAX V0CALICMAXTeam Fortress 2 = Best Online Game Ever 219
1,483 Draco719 Draco719So did GFWL go down when predicted? I've haven't been on in ages. 218
1,484 Rosshk Rosshk 218
1,485 Efford EffordJust beat the first mission in Black Ops 1 and then unlocked the achievement for beating the game on Veteran....... 218
1,486 IM TOM JW IM TOM JWHas anyone got xcom enemy unknown? I need someone to help me out for 5 mins to do the one online achievement. 218
1,488 elzueco elzuecoGot my ps3 up n running. PSN ID: elzueco 218
1,489 PNOIDSCHIZ PNOIDSCHIZAC4 is visually stunning!....makes me want to go swimming...... 218
1,490 REALFOX81 REALFOX81Drinking Game in Watch Dogs is one of the biggest shit i ever played. Very angry about this, makes the whole... 218
1,491 Mannschaft570 Mannschaft570My. I used to like the blue hedgehog, but the last stages in Sonic Unleashed are insanely hard. 218
1,492 BiG PaPa ChIlL BiG PaPa ChIlLfinally a 1.5 ratio, now just a few achieves away from 70% completion 218
1,493 ElmoRedColor ElmoRedColor141 Completed Games | 92 % | 6,726 Achievements 217
1,494 Virtuous Panda Virtuous PandaRemember. 217
1,495 I am JeffRay90 I am JeffRay90 217
1,496 Hyyr HyyrFeeling Gamerscore withdrawls 217
1,497 Sticks Prime Sticks PrimeTime to get some hardcore gaming in before I leave for Japan 217
1,498 Eos Creon Eos CreonI am busy with the band, playing lots of shows. Playing pool, tourneys, state championship in February. 217
1,499 Blame Essence Blame EssenceAnyone who'd be interested in buying Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper (EU)? 217
1,500 Bisonte Blanco Bisonte BlancoYou get to werk! 217