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901 Mickyz666 Mickyz666Time to clean up some old games :) 365
902 Spakon Spakon 364
903 Vansah Vansah 364
904 Arachnicide Arachnicide2...More....pizzas....damn 363
905 Darth Sean85 Darth Sean85Anyone who wishes to add me as a friend my new gamertag is That Darth Sean 363
906 DeceptiveTen DeceptiveTenHere we go! Bioshock 2 even though i own Bio2 i can't redownload it 362
907 ECOTz McChicken ECOTz McChickenNew Transformers film is so bad XD 362
908 Minchy Munchkin Minchy MunchkinIf anyones still got the 1st black ops with the DLC and wants to try and get some of the easter eggs, let me know. 362
909 ZombieMaze ZombieMazeGwG 05/2015 // X1 - Castle Storm / Pool Nation // 360 - Mafia II / F1 2013 362
910 mfeforever mfeforever 361
911 KeLvInD KeLvInDIf you know all the answers, you simply misunderstood the questions 361
912 Blood Inside Blood InsideMortal Kombat X and it's enjoyably dumb cinematic story mode single player is a lot of fun. 361
913 BqCaduceusMD BqCaduceusMDSo The Witcher patch slows the pre-rendered cutscenes to a crawl. Now I must reinstall the game without it. Thanks CDPR. 361
914 Rakkman Forever Rakkman Forever 361
915 DivineWind72 DivineWind72 360
916 Chilli Thunder Chilli Thunder 360
917 ChaosAlert ChaosAlertYeah, think I'm just going to avoid the stress and ignore the "difficult" F1 achievements. AI can go burn in a fire. 360
918 MrZombieChicken MrZombieChickenheadspin 360
919 WoodyLovesKushx WoodyLovesKushxI wonder how many people on this site wont buy threes just because of the bought it doe and man is it fun 360
920 PeeMcPee PeeMcPeeHow do I claim achievements that I've already won? They're unlocked on the phone but not on 359
921 rocking23nf rocking23nfrocking23nf won 1,248 Achievements and 2 Challenges in 92 games, for a total of 34,985 TrueAchievement points (21,140 GamerScore). 359
922 TwiK999 TwiK999 359
923 lReigns lReigns16 More Gears achievements and I will 100% the series. I hate the Social Lubricant cheevo for Watch_Dogs. New post in June. 359
924 Cause CauseI'm stuck at 98.33% in GTA IV angry 358
925 DARKTICK DARKTICKTo all the xbox friends on here I'll be back on soon. Microsoft is giving me a free xboxone so I'll be playing that soon 357
926 Fuzzy Churro Fuzzy Churro 356
927 Undervirp UndervirpA Flash Flood of Colour 356
928 Thanatos03 Thanatos03If i was never married i could destroy these games! 356
929 BegFourMercy BegFourMercy 355
930 VAN WILEY VAN WILEYGrind fest done, Diablo III: RoS 100% what to do...? 355
931 RONSTER316 RONSTER316 354
932 Skoobasaurus SkoobasaurusHow I keep surviving each week on GTASC ill never know. 354
933 XxSpazemxX XxSpazemxX 354
934 MalibuStacey85 MalibuStacey85Today I will mainly be: grinding Magical Clay in Star Ocean 353
935 The Disc The DiscForget Telltales stuff....Life Is Strange is just the best! 352
936 NeoStrayCat NeoStrayCat 352
937 Fooga FoogaIf anyone needs the Syndicate co op stuff I'll most likely be doing it nightly. 351
938 The Only DBry The Only DBryRayman has finally been put to rest, it has been a huge part of my gaming life the past few months... Now I don't know what to play!?!?!? 351
939 ScreenSingerX ScreenSingerXI'd be ten times as excited for the Guardians movie if Amy Pond had hair. 351
940 PRELUDEcris PRELUDEcris 351
941 HendoTheViking HendoTheVikingThinks i need to stop starting loads of games and try and finish some of the ones i have started...... 351
942 Latham l 7 l Latham l 7 l 351
943 iMakke iMakke 350
944 WickedDeath 350
945 De Crixman De Crixman 350
946 BiLLzuMaNaTi BiLLzuMaNaTi 349
947 Vandel Buster Vandel BusterRest my nephew Leonardo. 4/29/2012-12/29/2013 349
948 EmDeeGee EmDeeGeeOff on holiday, see you guys in just over a week! 349
949 hofosim hofosimDo you know you can use your Iphone to control your Xbox? 349
950 adiash73 adiash73Boomerang Rentals Security Breach: Subscribers reporting money taken from their accounts. Credit to beets101 for the heads up. 348
951 AVARAT AVARATCommitted 'til the End 348
952 Shabobble ShabobbleJust got Pull Harder legitimately. Feels so good. 348
953 fam25 fam25no motto, no matter (what's the big deal?) 348
954 TsubakiCalamity TsubakiCalamityUsed to be an 360 gamer, but dealing with M$ is not worth it anymore. 348
955 ukinspro ukinsproukinspro won 2,493 Achievements in 131 games, for a total of 110,269 TrueAchievement points (54,926 GamerScore). 347
956 BiGPaPaRu BiGPaPaRuWow so many perfect and near perfect reviews for witcher 3 347
957 MemoriesOfFinal MemoriesOfFinalStage 18 Speedrun time on Hard for Spy Chameleon may be legitimately impossible. The things you can do on normal can't be done on hard. 346
958 Evil Kenivl Evil KenivlProject Cars 346
959 Bk LuCKY ChaRMS Bk LuCKY ChaRMSnooooooooooooooo missed a chinpokomon another playthrough here I come 346
960 janiwesterling janiwesterlingLara Croft: Relic Run (WP) out now - FREE 346
961 Bowmanx4587 Bowmanx4587Anyone TA friends play runescape? Please join our group! 346
962 luke turbo2010 luke turbo2010can some one or friend help me run through halo 2 manopolized.:) plz 346
963 FNL 4EVA FNL 4EVABought PS4 so achievements mean zip now.... 346
964 silverstorm55 silverstorm55 346
965 Heaven In Vain Heaven In VainGot to play almost 5 hours of witcher 3 and i love it. there is something i cant put my finger on that i love 345
966 Sensei Neo Sensei NeoNoob 1 removed me? Guess I asked for it... It was fun while it lasted cry 345
967 x jjaldana 2 x x jjaldana 2 xIs there a list of android games i can play that gives me progress towards the wp version for achievements 345
968 Frankie Godskin Frankie GodskinTamriel Unlimited has a 100 point achievement for being the top-ranked PVP player in the world. Not buying the game. 345
969 MakeMeACoffee MakeMeACoffee 345
970 iseedeadgamers iseedeadgamersDamn you Witcher 3! You are such a good game you made my completion percentage go down! 345
971 Dontasciime Dontasciime 345
972 AdolphMarx AdolphMarx 345
973 Duanedust Duanedust 344
974 zxgrey zxgreyPSN ID: omegazx10 megaman R.I.P God fucking speed 344
975 Xencsi Xencsi 344
976 Ev3rything I Am Ev3rything I Am 344
977 iLIKEchicken007 iLIKEchicken007Making a comeback? 343
978 xONLY INHUMANx xONLY INHUMANxlast two weeks aven't really gamed i'm just over how all the anime games are not even subtitled and they are asking $80/120 gaming just is boring 343
979 Eos Creon Eos CreonWho has Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and wants to play in coop? 343
980 FPSDeath FPSDeathAchievement notifications not popping up on xbox one although i have earned the achievement. anyone know of a fix? 342
981 Vermillion Haze Vermillion HazeNow that the truth is just a rule that you can bend. You crack the whip. Shape-shift and trick the past again. 342
982 Madlmax120 Madlmax120Basically swapped over to my PS3 as my primary console now. 342
983 peacemak3r peacemak3r 342
984 Uzzbuz UzzbuzSaint's Row: The Third AND TES: Skyrim!!! This will keep me busy forever, and add Diablo 3 to that in a few months. 342
985 Shadow XBL Shadow XBL100,000! 341
986 Mansur Rus Mansur RusComeback right after Xbox One release? No, way too long. 341
987 SpazCool SpazCoolStill gaming, but on my PC. :( 341
988 Maesenko MaesenkoMy Hack n' Slash catalogue is growing! Finally acquired Warriors Orochi 2, and reacquired Dynasty Warriors Gundam. 340
989 Kaisar Villhelm Kaisar VillhelmBioshock and Darksiders are begging to be completed :p 340
990 Dacius Decium Dacius DeciumGoW Judgement, 007 Bloodstone next! 339
991 Greggie Smallzz Greggie SmallzzH4 is better than Reach, and i spent a solid year on Reach... 339
992 K4rn4ge K4rn4geI'm now streaming some oldschool Tony Hawks Proving Ground on our Anything Goes Sunday Stream! 338
993 Facial La Fleur Facial La Fleur1. Discontinued/Perma-Glitched 2. Luck based 3. Endless MP grinds 4. Cumulative with no tracking 5. Non-stacking difficulty 338
995 Benchem BenchemFuck Limbo brah, fuck it. 338
996 JStryker416 JStryker416Streaming episode 3 of Life Is Strange. I don't think I'm ready for this. 338
997 SlavenBOSS SlavenBOSS 338
998 AKfoy0face AKfoy0faceJust fell off a cliff with Marcus, had to shut down the one quickly just like the 360 lol. One version is miles better in my opinion. 338
999 Alphamaniac89 Alphamaniac89 338
1,000 Empire of Maury Empire of MauryStarting the GTA Online-heists on 360 this week. Glad i can get that shit done there also. 338