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201 RadiantViper RadiantViperTook me a while but I managed to get number 1: 1,378
202 Golgo28 Golgo28Damn you 343,drawing me back in with Halo 5. 1,378
203 ScuzzyBunny ScuzzyBunnyThe direct path to this Exotic in Destiny is a whole lot of RANDOM!! 25 Eliminate the Targets later...and now hope you get the right Strike! 1,369
204 GtechApocalypse GtechApocalypseHalo Spartan strike/assault on iOS now!!! 1,365
205 Teh Paralyzer Teh ParalyzerThanks for the encouragement guys but this gametag is banned.... goodbye forever.... 1,365
206 o Smeds o o Smeds oo Smeds o won 122 Achievements in 16 games, for a total of 4,143 TrueAchievement points (1,845 GamerScore). 1,351
207 CabbageWithPie CabbageWithPie 1,351
208 DeathBomMB007 DeathBomMB007Be The Best!!! 1,348
209 seema419 seema419"Dogmentations... copyright." 1,343
210 WEBHEAD 7 WEBHEAD 7 1,331
211 HUstlinonradio HUstlinonradioI need to seriously sit down and beat one of my games. I just keep stopping every 20 minutes if it is not BF Hardline 1,328
212 GameTagwastaken GameTagwastakenAnyone have the Forza 4 achievement cars that they can let me borrow for a few minutes? 1,326
213 Hayato Uchiha Hayato UchihaBattlefield Hardline enters the EA access vault next week if anyone was wondering 1,325
214 Yazite YaziteThe Battleblock Theater theme is so damn catchy laugh 1,321
215 a Fi1thy Casual a Fi1thy CasualMGS5 is a work of art... 1,318
216 Skeptical Mario Skeptical MarioChild of Light almost completed. Pre-loaded 6 achievements for 310 gamerscore (594TA) in 17 minutes. 1,317
217 The Chuck Chuck The Chuck ChuckWow I barely come on here anymore... Work and kids and real life sure kill the gaming... 1,315
218 imaidiot19 imaidiot19Thanks project spark for the achievements popping when i'm not playing. 1,300
219 Im LoganXP Im LoganXP 1,295
220 B unit 117 B unit 117Ladies and Gentlemen... presenting the Xbox 180! 1,295
221 Dread Reaver Dread ReaverThe AXAC Facebook Group achievement war is in progress - will Team Meerkat or Team Banger win??? 1,276
222 Papa El Loro Papa El LoroThat pigeon keeps looking at me kinda funny... 1,275
223 RedemtionOWNAGE RedemtionOWNAGEWhere I have been the last month. 500 sub video. 1,275
224 Failure Online Failure OnlineNew apartment, no internet for a few days :'( 1,274
225 alanp9 alanp9Want to help make a great new horror game happen? 1,255
226 Kungfupanda17 Kungfupanda17 1,251
227 Dang3R Gaming Dang3R GamingDang3R Gaming won 247 Achievements in 18 games, for a total of 17,711 TrueAchievement points (9,175 GamerScore). 1,237
228 DarthGoose13 DarthGoose13Talk Talk are fucking wank! 1,220
229 Darklights 1,216
230 CausticZabi CausticZabiirrelevent status 1,213
231 Herr Karamell Herr KaramellAlways Looking For Some Sexy Boosting 1,212
232 omgeezus omgeezus[02:21:08] LMEPHISTO: well if you are playing Sims you get rich by selling fish 1,205
233 Tanelorn82 Tanelorn82Feeling nostalgic, I plugged my SNES and playing FF3 1,205
234 OtisFamily OtisFamilyHey there. 1,203
235 ROGUE 1992 ROGUE 1992CLG TAKE MY FAITH! 1,186
236 Ackter AckterPurchase reminder: 28/8 Whispering Willows 1,185
237 Perpalicious PerpaliciousTo get astropop or to not get it ... Should I subject myself to so much torture? 1,183
238 S P 4 C E Y S P 4 C E YAsked my girlfriend to marry me... She said Yes!! 1,180
239 Dreakon13 Dreakon13You're worth it. 1,179
240 FinderKeeper FinderKeeperOnly one more year to go before I finally enter the current-gen world. Viva la 360! 1,177
241 ScrotoBaggins22 ScrotoBaggins22 1,168
242 Fire Hawk GYJS Fire Hawk GYJSFinal episode of Tales from the Borderlands coming Oct 21! First episode now free. 1,164
243 Quantum Binman Quantum BinmanMet my first TA'er - Thanks for the pizza Primebigtime! 1,164
244 CalculatdRisque CalculatdRisque 1,159
245 AlonsoFive AlonsoFiveLast day of holiday and Gears is waiting for me at home smile 1,156
246 GriZzly GRiP GriZzly GRiPYoutube channel- iamawesomeDS 1,155
247 FishyOutOfWater FishyOutOfWaterAnyone had an issue with Titanfall Campaign achievements not unlocking? 1,146
248 DA CYBER TIGER DA CYBER TIGERJust noticed the taken king has achievements... Take My Money!! 1,144
249 zoidberg1339 zoidberg1339These Heisman achievements in NCAA '13 are brutal. I lose 80% of the games I sim no matter how good my team is. 1,136
250 Foerl Foerl 1,131
251 NickHawkeye NickHawkeye13/10,000 GoW:UE seriously...?? 1,128
252 Anavryn Anavryn 1,127
253 Curtieson Curtiesonis currently on a 650 day achievement streak! 1,122
254 CDonns CDonnsI'm back everyone 1,119
255 grex9101 grex9101Yaay! Microtransactions! Said no-one, ever. Apart from morons, obviously. 1,112
256 Dwaggienite DwaggieniteThe 'Windows 10' Xbox One dashboard is fucking HORRIBLE. 1,110
257 Se4nzZ WoRLd Se4nzZ WoRLdIs now single and ready to mingle...with my xbox 1,110
258 RazorPriest RazorPriestThe new X1 dashboard does not let you change the system time even when you're offline. Guess I'm not finishing Frozen now roll 1,109
259 Legit Spam Legit SpamGTA V is downloaded, can't wait for it in FP. Come on tuesday! 1,104
260 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehSerious question about Elite: Dangerous...I'm not a huge fan of space combat but does it offer more than that? I don't really know much about it 1,102
261 Sonic Grunge Sonic GrungeNice set of free games for October. A nice easy(ish) 3000 GS as Walking Dead is already done on 360 1,102
262 MarcC29 MarcC29Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of the games I dove for the Bean Dive, but I ended up playing it for three hours last night. Really good game so far 1,100
263 Yanbbrox YanbbroxDishonored High chaos = So much fun 1,099
265 Ultra Seven Ultra Seven007 373 5963 1,094
266 The Machine MRG The Machine MRG1513 in favour and 3 against. Couldn't be any clearer, Argentina. Now stop whinging 1,091
267 Hurball HurballMicrosoft Solitaire - 11/12 Bronze, 10/10 Silver, 8/8 Gold 1,082
268 Jaggexedge Jaggexedge 1,081
269 DaBlackAlbino DaBlackAlbinoCha ching $$$ 1,079
270 Solario32 Solario32Need a dedicated Battleblock partner! 1,077
271 izret102 izret102Retro World Expo was a blast. Some of youse TA guise should add it to your To Do List for next year ;) 1,075
272 wes coasn wes coasnThe Beta for Star Wars is now available to download. 1,063
273 MotoX Champ88 MotoX Champ88 1,062
274 EaseAndInspire EaseAndInspire7 day survivor 1,062
275 Shadow 00 Fox Shadow 00 FoxHere's To You in MGS GZ's... I never get tired of that song. 1,059
276 MegsonGrove MegsonGrove2 and a half weeks off work starting today! Lots of tome for extra gaming and article writing for TA :) 1,046
277 Zonrith1 Zonrith1Pinball Arcade on the Xbox One doesn't like to remember saves. Hopefully they patch it soon. 1,043
278 Scottish Husky Scottish HuskyWith PSN down I'm back to my 360 for the current time being. 1,043
279 TakahashiDemon TakahashiDemon 1,042
280 Delith DelithJust hit my highest achievement completion % to date! 1,039
281 HyruleBalverine HyruleBalverineWe're only as good as our greatest failure in the eyes of the world. 1,033
282 HuGh1212 HuGh1212Hey you guise :) 1,031
283 sm182 sm182EA Vault is free for a week so a good time to get the online FIFA 15 achievements before 16 is out & are discontinued: 1,028
284 xMidget Furyx xMidget FuryxGot my TA hoodie today. 1,028
285 VoltFieber VoltFieber"Xbox, Go Home!" (I spy with my little Kinect-Eye^^) 1,026
286 James48025 James48025Don't get old. I mean, don't die but don't get old somehow. Black magic perchance? 1,024
287 xWEEDMAN 89x xWEEDMAN 89xHaven't popped an achievement since April: ( I'm hoping to be back online in a month or so! For now more seriously 3.0 :( 1,023
288 Loonielee LoonieleeNever ending backlog... 1,020
289 Blue n Gold Eel Blue n Gold EelVideo games may get a bit more expensive soon. 1,015
290 RayvenMorrigana RayvenMorriganaTomorrow will be our last day with Internet until we're connected in our new house. See you all in a week or two! wave 1,012
291 NoLifeDGenerate NoLifeDGenerateGamefly sent me a $1 renewal offer right when I was ready to renew. lol 1,010
292 Devonian AUS Devonian AUSOk - this is Devo's last post on To all my friends, it's been a pleasure gaming with you over the years... 1,010
293 DuhLayy DuhLayyI want to get into writing reviews, how would I go about getting started, what should they include, and any other tips? 1,006
294 KamhiX96 KamhiX96Sleeping Dogs might just be the first retail game I've completed in almost 4 years 1,002
295 SQAUDY DEMON SQAUDY DEMONBoosting Gears 1&3 Seriously 1.0 / 3.0. .. Also Free O dog 998
296 CriticalRespawn CriticalRespawnRIP Achievement Streak - 711 Days. It was fun! 993
297 Chromium Stars Chromium StarsRIP TOASTER OVEN ;-; 992
298 Brock M Rambo Brock M RamboClap for gears of war 4!!!!!!!!!! 985
299 Th34lb1n0k1d Th34lb1n0k1dFinally joined the future - XB1 set aside for me to collect on Saturday! 984
300 o S0LIDUS o o S0LIDUS o 979