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1,501 IM TOM JW IM TOM JWDoes anyone have Sacred 2? I'm looking to start it but I need 3 people for the online achievements. 219
1,502 Dj ayresey Dj ayresey 219
1,503 VulturousPiano VulturousPianoAll GRID 2 singleplayer done. Just the online left to do. 219
1,504 ptracey1421 ptracey1421- I'm an Achievement Hunter. Not an Achievement Whore. 219
1,505 V0CALICMAX V0CALICMAXTeam Fortress 2 = Best Online Game Ever 219
1,506 Efford EffordJust beat the first mission in Black Ops 1 and then unlocked the achievement for beating the game on Veteran....... 218
1,507 ElmoRedColor ElmoRedColor143 Completed Games | 92 % | 6,802 Achievements 218
1,508 Virtuous Panda Virtuous PandaRemember. 218
1,509 elzueco elzuecoGot my ps3 up n running. PSN ID: elzueco 218
1,510 REALFOX81 REALFOX81Drinking Game in Watch Dogs is one of the biggest shit i ever played. Very angry about this, makes the whole... 218
1,511 BiG PaPa ChIlL BiG PaPa ChIlLfinally a 1.5 ratio, now just a few achieves away from 70% completion 218
1,512 PLAGUE 76 PLAGUE 76Your Katamari are tiny and impotent. 217
1,513 Sticks Prime Sticks PrimeTime to get some hardcore gaming in before I leave for Japan 217
1,514 Eos Creon Eos CreonWhat's up peeps? Any new game sugestions? Thinking about Risen 3, Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition.. 217
1,515 Blame Essence Blame EssenceAnyone who'd be interested in buying Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper (EU)? 217
1,516 Bisonte Blanco Bisonte BlancoYou get to werk! 217
1,517 Shad0wdar Shad0wdarTransistor is good. Very good. 217
1,518 IXI FalcoN IXI FalcoN 216
1,519 Fooga FoogaHow are the Risen games? Been wanting to play an RPG and they're both on sale. 216
1,520 ALollz ALollzOn the way to 80% completion. 300 or so achievements to go 216
1,521 Billargh Billargh 216
1,522 GWARRRRR GWARRRRRhave been gone for so long..... need to whore it up!!! 216
1,523 End Fuhz End FuhzI'm letting you guys choose. Either make a new account or just use this one with 77% completion with 87k GS 216
1,524 BigSalad87 BigSalad87Fifa 13 Clean-up.....if you need the same achievements as me let me know. 216
1,525 FalconGR LIVE FalconGR LIVEI never thought I was going to say it out loud but Dark souls is AWESOME!!! 215
1,526 LaMu25600 LaMu25600IStunt 2 y Gravity Guy pasan a ser gratuitos en Windows 8 215
1,527 Th3 Replicant Th3 Replicant 215
1,528 RRIKER RRIKERWall spam over. Thanks! 215
1,529 UncouthTruth UncouthTruthHave to try and make time for some gaming. How's everyone been? 215
1,530 Reina Watt Reina WattGaming with no purpose 215
1,531 geegers x3 geegers x3coincidence is merely fate bitch slapping u in the face. 215
1,532 shelbygt5252 shelbygt5252 214
1,533 cooorpse cooorpseI miss you guys! 214
1,534 Lefty24 Lefty24 214
1,535 RoboShatner RoboShatner 214
1,536 Yuhans YuhansHo ho ho 214
1,537 smakzillaa smakzillaaAnd of course the plug is pulled for Ascend... just another forever incomplete game on my card. 214
1,538 k0pp0 k0pp0Still undecided on the move to next gen. 214
1,539 count023 count023You know, I want to nut up and buy the ME2 DLCs and the last ME3 DLC, but I know the instant I do, they'll be on sale... 214
1,540 Shiiro Ken Shiiro Ken 214
1,541 GD Great Healer GD Great HealerPS4 for 300 bucks :D 213
1,542 MAKA91 MAKA91Metro Redux has separate achievements for digital & disc versions. That's 4,000 GS, take that Halo: MCC. 213
1,543 Mr McMuffen Mr McMuffenIf any friend join a session with Skeptical Mario, carefully he won't invited to the game and give u negatived feedback 213
1,544 HybridPK HybridPKTOO MANY GAMES 213
1,545 K4rn4ge K4rn4geWhy does nearly every new game on Xbox One have Twitch streaming issues the first few days? They just don't learn. 212
1,546 Gottle Gottle 212
1,547 Eskimoletdinov Eskimoletdinov 212
1,548 MulticronX MulticronXTF #2/9/3 GTA4 #823 MSHS:TIG #17 Skylanders #23/25/4 de Blob 2 #37 40K:SM #198 212
1,549 DimitRiDel DimitRiDel 212
1,550 E2C99G8R E2C99G8R3 of my 4 negative feedback are bullshit. 212
1,551 GETxACHIEVEDx GETxACHIEVEDxI'm playing Steam now. Username is DasGeheimnisMann. Hit me up on there if you wanna chat and play 212
1,553 iSeasLaaKz x iSeasLaaKz xEstoy muy liado 212
1,554 EDLESON2K6 EDLESON2K6Onyx medal #30 obtained: Veteran 211
1,555 Necromancer2k8 Necromancer2k8Still looking for 2 more for ESPN Fantasy Football league this year. Top prize is $300. No cost to play. 211
1,556 BIGB EC BIGB ECAll calculas 2 taught me was I am not an engineer. 211
1,557 CDJ 1000 CDJ 1000Tell us what you're up to....about 6' 4". Ha Ha Ha 211
1,558 Kanchanaburi Kanchanaburi1100 knife kills on BC in 1 day. Not bad. 211
1,559 Guile132 Guile132Looks like COD Advanced Warfare was partially made by 343 Industries. 211
1,560 StuartATrueRed StuartATrueRedhmm........ 211
1,561 Its just Dave Its just DaveHey NR2, I have Madden 13 Ultimate team cards to trade you to help you get the 85 team done. 211
1,562 SadisticLoser SadisticLoser Add me if you're a PC gamer 211
1,563 FreshAspek FreshAspek 211
1,564 teh real weasel teh real weasel 211
1,565 My L1ttle Pw0ny My L1ttle Pw0nyGTASC-CONFIRM-39-20111103192651 211
1,566 TurboBadger0078 TurboBadger0078 211
1,567 TerraCottaGamer TerraCottaGamerTrials Fusion is both the funnest and most infuriating game ever! 211
1,568 elKazaam elKazaam 211
1,569 donut77 donut77HARBL 210
1,570 Kloxicon Kloxicon 210
1,571 I Greenman v2 I I Greenman v2 IBack on the achievement hunt after a long time away! 210
1,572 Rickmassacre RickmassacreBought E.A Access my % is going to get FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKEEEEEEED 210
1,573 akute akuteAdd me to the $130 fraud charges for FIFA 12 (I don't even play X360 anymore.) Anyone have any ideas? Please... 210
1,574 Joker7175 FTW 210
1,575 KruziikDorgKro KruziikDorgKroWhy is it that after a decade I still love to play KoTOR every two months xD 210
1,576 SID 6581 SID 6581Double RP weekend in GTA V. Idle-idle-idle-idle-whay-he-who (that was a yodel!) 209
1,577 Casan0vaRodeo Casan0vaRodeoI just spent as much on the 5 dlc packs for Painkiller as I did on the game. Good job Casan0va. -__- 209
1,578 xOBKx xOBKxNew console, new habits, new tag - iXanon 209
1,579 Sammler 360 Sammler 360... and the streak goes on! 209
1,580 Spakon Spakon'Buzzard Beater' in Vanquish for my 150,000 209
1,581 Mike Pitch Mike PitchNew State Flag... New Adventures... Hello Colorado! 209
1,582 XwolfanX XwolfanXachievements or nothing ;] 209
1,583 TyrannoJesusRex TyrannoJesusRex 209
1,584 Cormyre CormyreGuess I'll join in :P 209
1,585 MAH BOI 420 MAH BOI 420Feels nice to breeze through a lot of the earlier levels in Catherine that used to give me trouble. 209
1,586 xROELOFx xROELOFx 209
1,587 HitHardTactics HitHardTacticsAttention everyone! Goat Simulator is coming to Xbox One! Bahhhhh 209
1,588 KaveDweller KaveDwellerBeing human totally sucks most of the time. Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable. -Anorak's Almanac 208
1,589 Mad In Craft Mad In CraftLook! I've changed my state flag! 208
1,590 KaibaChaos KaibaChaosStallion will reach 1Million tonight: 208
1,591 Fadi kun Fadi kunBeen grinding Kinectimals Unleashed lately... anybody wanna exchange daily gems? 208
1,592 OriginaIGenesis OriginaIGenesisTaking a huge break from gaming... selling almost everything and focusing on auto/rallycross racing! 208
1,593 Ogambler Ogamblerquestion for you xbox one'ers. are the games with gold (currently dead island) the same on the one? 208
1,594 Yx NTAEndar xY Yx NTAEndar xYAstropop Complete At Last! 208
1,595 xSRYANx xSRYANx4 locked 100% achieves in Diablo. This is getting old. 207
1,596 MarvzMitts MarvzMittsJoin it - 207
1,597 ComanderDrizzle ComanderDrizzleJust another day in the life of Drizzle... 207
1,598 GamerDtK78 GamerDtK78Can somebody tell me where I can find my inbox on TA-mobile? 207
1,599 Marvelous Jared Marvelous JaredAm I a masochist for being addicted to Dark Souls? 207
1,600 Handcrafted Dan Handcrafted Dan 207