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1,001 MitoticActivity MitoticActivity 334
1,003 Maliicious Maliicious 334
1,004 terrett101 terrett101Playing the 2 versions of Fast & Furious back to back is a fascinating lesson in game design, and the differences between the One and 360. 334
1,005 Shadow XBL Shadow XBL100,000! 334
1,006 CustomDEMOCRAT CustomDEMOCRATCurrently working on Ryse: Son of Rome, Mortal Kombat, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Sniper Elite V2, Dead Rising 3 334
1,007 Evil Kenivl Evil KenivlGoal progress: 14.3% - 8.1% 333
1,008 janiwesterling janiwesterlingOne day, Alan will return - 333
1,009 Knockout Moose Knockout MooseWhat's this Neverwinter all about then? 332
1,010 zxgrey zxgreyPSN ID: omegazx10 megaman R.I.P God fucking speed 332
1,011 KMetalmind KMetalmindMirror´s Edge: Menudo montón de mierda de juego ò_o Soy incapaz de jugar 5 minutos sin ponerme de mala ostia 332
1,012 Tomblyboo117 Tomblyboo117After days of building a PC, it's finally finished, turns out the BIOS hadn't been updated in 4 years -,- 332
1,013 Crispy385 Crispy385Brand new Godzilla game coming out and it's Playstation exclusive. Wtf. 332
1,014 Moody Cogsworth Moody CogsworthPlaying - Sniper Elite 3, again and again and again and again 331
1,015 PhonySpoon PhonySpoonHappy LOST Day everyone! If you haven't yourself a favour and go watch the greatest show of all time. #ManOfScienceManOfFaith 330
1,016 The Manic Moose The Manic MooseIs Dying Light any good? 330
1,017 dontVanek dontVanekBye 360, Hello PS4 330
1,018 Subjugator 22 Subjugator 22Willing to boost 'most' games I have already played. Message me here or on Xbox live. 330
1,019 NeekFu NeekFu Seriously 3.0 46/65 Day 5 Leap frog completed 330
1,020 Aldanga AldangaI realized I never finished the Scott Pilgrim DLC, so I went to buy it from XBL. The game was delisted 2 days ago. fml. 329
1,022 FittedCab FittedCabDiscovered Halo 4 all over again. 329
1,023 Prof Hooblehof Prof HooblehofI go to the bathroom a lot 328
1,024 Ryot Control Ryot ControlDid someone need a copy of Bioshock 2 (KOR)? I'm looking for Final Fantasy Type-0 (EU Ver) 327
1,026 FEAR EPIDEMIC FEAR EPIDEMICJust had surgery, hopefully I don't die. But hey, if I do then you never have to hear from me again laugh 327
1,027 poochz0rz poochz0rzRock Band 4 coming this year. The hype is more real than ever. 327
1,028 EggBigot EggBigotTo all friends! I'm looking to complie a list of the 360 that I should play before they shout down the 360! 326
1,029 Worhammer WorhammerDestiny clan 326
1,030 The Sharkopath The SharkopathWow there's only 145 players left in the Leap Frog Event already. 326
1,031 Accusations Fly Accusations Fly 326
1,032 Fluster Zero Fluster ZeroThings are always better with large breasted, beautiful women 325
1,033 misterman08 misterman08 325
1,034 CHERRY CHEERIOS CHERRY CHEERIOSFlawless Raider sessions seem to be full of half ass groups...anyone have any good groups trying for this? 325
1,035 briantchapster briantchapsteri've just downloaded the Metro Last Light season pass for free & subsequent missions - is this right? 325
1,036 IvanTortuga IvanTortugaWon the Hannah Montana game for .99 on ebay. hehe easy 1k 325
1,037 Alcapwn6969 Alcapwn6969Ever-enlarging The Pile (of completed games). 324
1,038 iseedeadgamers iseedeadgamersWooo! 100k! 324
1,039 McAtee MADNESS McAtee MADNESSHooray I am front page famous on TA. Go read my interview! 323
1,040 Edward Hyena Edward HyenaInsomniac Games are insistent on taking me out of the GTASC. 323
1,041 DANgerous Mavu DANgerous Mavu 323
1,042 D4rthD4nte D4rthD4nteYou never realize how much money you spend on games, until you start saving for something else. 323
1,043 NBA Kirkland NBA KirklandDefense Grid 2 must not have sold so well. 75% off right now. worth it? 322
1,044 matt the dragon matt the dragonMy Twitch channel 322
1,045 pyr0lyZer pyr0lyZer 322
1,046 MakeMeACoffee MakeMeACoffee 322
1,047 LeiChat LeiChat 322
1,048 Daniel Harmsen Daniel HarmsenMSc Daniël Harmsen 322
1,049 TAI JASON TAI JASONALIEN ISOLATION: One of the best horror games ever! Don't trust the bad reviews, it's awesome! 321
1,050 Elem3ntal80 Elem3ntal80 321
1,051 WJS Osiris WJS Osirisif the flames beat van city im going to need to rethink my leap frog goals wanted to last till day 30 321
1,052 Capta1n0bvious3 Capta1n0bvious3Is anyone else besides me still playing on an old fat white Xbox? I must be the only one left right? 321
1,053 joe jirachi fan joe jirachi fanMan, back when I used to achievement hunt, life as so much simpler... Shit get's depressing when you grow up, doesn't it? 321
1,054 skwareballz skwareballz 321
1,055 I Argonaut I I Argonaut I 320
1,056 TerraCottaGamer TerraCottaGamerTrials Fusion is both the funnest and most infuriating game ever! 320
1,057 RunSmith14 RunSmith14Check out Gamertag Nation. It's great. Heres my referral link 319
1,058 Goggs25 Goggs25 319
1,059 Facial La Fleur Facial La FleurAll episodes for Adera (Win 8) purchased. I shouldn't have any trouble with Leap Frog for a couple of weeks. 319
1,060 Joshnorm JoshnormThis whole update every time I boot up the system thing makes me want to sell this console. I haven't played in a few weeks and 20 min update really? 319
1,061 Snow Marley Snow Marley 319
1,062 XxDerUeblexX XxDerUeblexXWorking on Forza 5, Resident Evil and Ryse :) 318
1,063 assassinjay1229 assassinjay1229 318
1,064 count023 count023Sorry boosters for not being around recently, been making games in unity :) 318
1,065 NateRN3 NateRN3 317
1,066 TyrannoJesusRex TyrannoJesusRexFinally, the reign of terror brought upon me by Ice Age Village is over. 317
1,067 PDwizzle PDwizzleGuess I gotta start saving for the Xbone now that Harmonix announced Rock Band 4!!! 317
1,068 iWantEllenPage iWantEllenPageMy Xbox career might be over before I wanted it to. My CoD crew has basically all went their separate ways. 317
1,069 SnelleSjonnie SnelleSjonnie 317
1,070 Octobot Super Octobot Super 317
1,071 Price de Nice Price de NiceYuuuuhhhsss. 317
1,072 Mr Mascal 77 Mr Mascal 77Which one of my Racing buddies wants to do the RIDE (x1 and x360) mp achievements with me? 316
1,073 KOSTAS A M GR KOSTAS A M GRROB LIEFELD (comic book creator/artist/writer) 316
1,074 Achilles337 Achilles337Soooo I bought a WiiU with Mariokart and Mario 3D world --- now I have even more games to play. It's awesome too! 316
1,075 Runch Optimus Runch 316
1,076 Master Krane Master Krane 316
1,077 Swinny Costello Swinny Costellorubber baby buggy bumpers 315
1,078 MaDDaWQ MaDDaWQ 315
1,079 Jodmeister JodmeisterAchievement for Ryse popped for me; a year since I last played the game! 315
1,081 PHUTURE 909 PHUTURE 909bored lately 315
1,082 Darth Bieber Darth BieberFinding time to game lately has been rather difficult. 315
1,083 Fantastic MrCox Fantastic MrCoxIts so good to be back playing again. 314
1,084 Nath360skillz Nath360skillzConsidering getting back into xbox for silly season. Might just get NFS and COD. 314
1,085 CraftyZach man CraftyZach man 314
1,086 gamerboyTHXtss gamerboyTHXtss 313
1,087 turkeyfly turkeyflyAre all Xbox One games problematic at launch? 313
1,088 CHAOTIC IZUAL CHAOTIC IZUAL#Gamergate anyone have an xbox 360 transfer cable? trying to charge me 30 bucks here in canada for one ... 313
1,089 WonderfulWest WonderfulWestAnyone wanna boost Madden NFL 25 on XB1???? 313
1,090 mydefposse mydefposse48Hr Gold code if anyone wants it.... 313
1,091 dlCHIEF58 dlCHIEF58Goat Simulator was released today on Xbox One! 313
1,092 SuddenThunder SuddenThunderNo Xbox One for several weeks. Second console to be sent in for repair :-( 313
1,093 EbonHawk01 EbonHawk01 312
1,094 Napathanes NapathanesNext Game Up For Completion: SOLDIER OF FORTUNE: PAYBACK 312
1,095 WolfVelocity WolfVelocityHow to buy a car and avoid car buying scams: 312
1,096 undergr3nades undergr3nadesso I just bought an xbox one.. 312
1,097 Sqwillis Sqwillis 312
1,098 Wayens Wayensah, there it is ;p 312
1,099 NasriL11 NasriL11 312
1,100 StevePhy StevePhyMan, I haven't gamed since November! Life can suck :( 312