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4,201 Sekundez Sekundez 89
4,202 PAR4DROID 89
4,203 Matt 88 AUS Matt 88 AUSanyone elses game keep freezing on the masterchief collection? 89
4,204 AKE 017 AKE 017 89
4,205 Royaug Royaug 89
4,206 Fury87 Fury87 89
4,207 SilentExiledOne SilentExiledOneAnyone else got crackdown that can help with the final mafia boss. Just need him to get the co-op Tag Teamer cheevo 89
4,208 Peacemaker 8310 Peacemaker 8310 89
4,209 sarahoi sarahoi 89
4,210 Lockerdown3 Lockerdown3"The winner will win one year of TrueAchievements Pro for every day they survive in the contest" umm that's gonna be a lot of years at this rate 89
4,211 RegentVirus201 RegentVirus201Need at least one boosting partner in Titanfall X1 for the Gen challenges. I am Gen 8 right now. Let me know if interested 89
4,212 Darc x Epicness Darc x EpicnessAll gaming sessions will be done on my main Account- TheWalkingZombs 89
4,213 Godkarp GodkarpSmash Bros is out. It was nice knowing you all 89
4,214 Phazorknight PhazorknightMore active on Steam recently. Add me - same gamertag. 89
4,215 xSh4rk Hunterx xSh4rk HunterxSERIOUSLY 3.0 Finally completed. Now all of my gears of war series are now completed. Thanks for everyone that help me grind Gears of war 3. 89
4,216 kevywevster kevywevster 89
4,217 emerald000 emerald000CRAB BATTLE! 89
4,218 iN5iDiOU5 iRi5H iN5iDiOU5 iRi5H 89
4,219 jackisbananas12 jackisbananas12Skyrim; anyone know how long it will take to complete? 89
4,220 Mulzar2 Mulzar2 89
4,221 CrispyCJC666 CrispyCJC666Seriously... 9,561/10,000 The end is in sight...... 89
4,222 KoDeeZ x KoDeeZ xWho wants to teach me how to stun boost in Ac:Bh .. Dont wanna be all noobie for a session 89
4,223 AndreFlash83 AndreFlash83Leaderboards 88
4,224 SmokenRocket SmokenRocket350,000 GS with exactly 15,000 achievements!! 88
4,225 BShick07 BShick07On Send friend invite if you want to play PS4. Still have Xbox1/360. 88
4,226 abcdelm45084 abcdelm45084 88
4,227 smittykid smittykidNew windows phone is here! 88
4,228 ASAnaparada ASAnaparadaDificil conseguir chegar onde pretendo com Servidores fechados e jogos sendo retirados da Live 88
4,229 lordeleo lordeleoLive & PSN = 192 Compl. / 315,707 True / 9194 Achiev. 88
4,230 CheckSeason CheckSeasonSo many games, so little time 88
4,231 Dogeatr00 Dogeatr00Time is shrinking! Trying to get all these milestones by July 12th... after that, gotta tend to my new console! It has two legs and two arms and... :D 88
4,232 jasonlc3221 jasonlc3221Oh Skyrim, must you freeze up on me in the most crucial of moments? 88
4,233 you need lipo you need lipohappy new years mfers! ;) 88
4,234 Whaticles WhaticlesI am a tippy top bloke 88
4,235 hotcurls3088 hotcurls3088So GTASC who wants to be on my team? need one more lol :P 88
4,236 mikeazzo mikeazzo 88
4,237 Marx Marx...No, Andraste did not specifically say to not punch bears. 88
4,238 vG x Madness vG x MadnessEXO ZOMBIES EASTER EGG IN THE BAG :D 88
4,239 AP RyanWV AP RyanWVFlawless Raider on Crota's End 88
4,240 Toaster Ham Toaster HamDead Island sucks 88
4,241 lBATSEKLATSERl lBATSEKLATSERlbla bla bla... 88
4,242 tommygun1707 tommygun1707 88
4,243 Recon1O1 Recon1O1 88
4,244 gsarto gsartoAlguém a fim de fazer as campanhas dos Dlc's do resident 5 no coop? 88
4,245 Jazm1990 Jazm1990Somewhere in Tselinoyarsk 88
4,246 Hymany Hawks Hymany Hawks 88
4,247 Mr Van77 Mr Van77 88
4,248 Sebacean Hybrid Sebacean Hybridwon 60 Achievements in 4 games, for a total of 1,943 TrueAchievement points (1,190 GamerScore). 88
4,249 RadZakpak RadZakpakPneumonia sucks. 88
4,250 DuckyHanson2994 DuckyHanson2994WOW, its funny how in Tony Hawks only 97 people have unlocked one achievement and yet 110 have completed it already! 88
4,251 FlutteryChicken FlutteryChicken 88
4,252 D3LTA ARES D3LTA ARESAlright you Basterds! everyone alive still? 88
4,253 EndlessSteveo EndlessSteveoMissing 1 Landmark in Prototype..... 88
4,254 R0ck5auce R0ck5auce 88
4,255 wuki 7 wuki 7What's the best way to kill the enderdragon 88
4,256 IIII Aaron IIII IIII Aaron IIII 88
4,257 Toby1Kenob1 Toby1Kenob1Life is a Battlefield! 88
4,258 xxMasterofdndxx xxMasterofdndxx 88
4,259 d0pp139an93r d0pp139an93rOnward to 75% completion. 88
4,260 SpecOp3 SpecOp3Help! I'm lost in the Skyhold again! 88
4,261 HERKONE29 HERKONE29 88
4,262 Black Widow Aus Black Widow Aus 88
4,263 TheKokiri TheKokiri 88
4,264 Thai42o Thai42oI'm sorry Daisy but i'm a loner, and a loner's gotta be alone 87
4,265 Polished Turd69 Polished Turd69OMG Brave disc is unreadable :( Damn video stores gonna have to work hard for 21 achievements in 8 hrs :( 87
4,266 Xylofreak03 Xylofreak03WP/W8 Battery Life War Contest... Let me know if you sign up too! 87
4,267 oxHARMONxo oxHARMONxoThe Emperor! achievement in The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be next to impossible. Especially when people port over characters... 87
4,268 TauntTitch87 TauntTitch87 87
4,269 oooo Smurf oooo oooo Smurf ooooThe gangs nearly all back together again. 87
4,270 BluesWolf66 BluesWolf66 87
4,271 RIN014 RIN014Trying to win online in mortal kombat x is a complete joke 87
4,272 Death Cadaveric Death CadavericSteam Profile - 87
4,273 Silent Star Silent StarI feel like its been ages since I've been on here or played games lol. 87
4,274 GoBlueFiddler13 GoBlueFiddler13Feel free to suggest games to help me in Leap Frog. Also I'm mainly on during the night at EST time if you want to play something. 87
4,275 Shadykilla420 Shadykilla420I would just like to give all of you a big congrats. I've seen a lot of impressive achievements, completions, and milestones lately. Keep it up TA!!!! 87
4,276 Roborobz RoborobzNeed to finish games. Sanctum 2... CLOCK 87
4,277 damessmeister damessmeisterHaven't been into it but ima try to come back 87
4,278 x Malefactor x x Malefactor x 87
4,279 Mazrael MazraelUnavailable for sessions for a bit.. 87
4,280 Gamblor73 Gamblor73Starting to think Witcher 3 is ANOTHER over hyped game. 87
4,281 shepbar shepbarPlay on the moon this weekend on WoT, free Lazer Chaffee! 87
4,282 Samba XVI Samba XVIA man who sticks his head in the sand makes a pretty good target 87
4,283 DarthPootle 87
4,284 I am Scurvy I am ScurvyReal gamers do it on the table top 87
4,285 Jisseki no hofu Jisseki no hofu 87
4,287 Fred Freestyle Fred FreestyleIt's crazy what you could have had. 87
4,288 NJC Omega NJC OmegaVery sad to hear Joystiq will be closing down this week. One of the best gaming news websites and weekly podcast around. It will be sorely missed. 87
4,289 kcoleman956 kcoleman956much to do 87
4,290 G3n3ralG3n0c1dE G3n3ralG3n0c1dEKilling hapless fools with the fire truck water cannon in GTAO is way more fun than it has any right to be! -NSFW FD 87
4,291 CloakedVengance CloakedVenganceShadow of Mordor one of the few games genuinely deserving of the title Game of the Year, stunning! 87
4,292 o CLaYnZ o o CLaYnZ oTaking a break from gaming, will be online occasionally 87
4,293 m0rph3us17 m0rph3us17 87
4,294 AbStRaCtTrIaNgL AbStRaCtTrIaNgLfinally finished portal 2 87
4,295 EyeLessJester EyeLessJester 87
4,296 slitsplitterz69 slitsplitterz69 87
4,297 Hob Nob Gob Hob Nob Gob 87
4,298 Hdawger HdawgerMicrosoft killed it at E3! Games Games Games! 6/11/2014 87
4,299 I v KillJoy v I I v KillJoy v IGreetings Gamers 87
4,300 Maniac Thanatos Maniac ThanatosVacation = gaming 87