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4,401 MailOrderCowb0y MailOrderCowb0y 72
4,402 dehersh dehersh 72
4,403 Expert Engineer Expert EngineerSaints Row 3 was really good. I thought it was going to be kinda shitty but it was really good. 72
4,404 Tridenter Tridenter 72
4,405 UnjustlyVicious UnjustlyViciousOh the entangable satisafiction of video game achievements!! 72
4,406 Jimmyx24 Jimmyx24When I play, I play to win 72
4,407 BigChris2118 BigChris2118Gta 5 level 100 is a grind....... 72
4,408 masako666 masako666Are you Talking? 72
4,409 Bergieeee Bergieeee 72
4,410 emerald000 emerald000CRAB BATTLE! 72
4,411 IIII Aaron IIII IIII Aaron IIII 72
4,412 bat0nas bat0nasDone with BF and MOH. Waiting for next BF (4?) and MOH :D 72
4,413 Bear5 Fan 4Ever Bear5 Fan 4EverUgh... Elder scrolls ONLINE grr... 71
4,414 prowlerdante prowlerdante 71
4,415 JB330 JB330 71
4,416 Clawed Fish Clawed Fish 71
4,417 OnlineKiller J OnlineKiller JI got goosebumps for watching Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer & Can drive the Batmobile. Next Gen Only. Pre-Order 71
4,418 Son of Kyuss Son of KyussFinally finished Spartan Assault 71
4,419 xX Anji Xx xX Anji XxHeading for 10,000 by Monday the 21ST... 71
4,420 AnxiousAbe AnxiousAbe 71
4,421 CLaRK tHiZZWaLd CLaRK tHiZZWaLdGet out cha brooms... Sweep! 71
4,422 Danno Omen Danno OmenWow that Enemy Fronts game on the front page has me really intrigued! 71
4,423 Devil Vergil XT Devil Vergil XTI'm back.... yay. 71
4,424 PrinzHintz PrinzHintz 71
4,425 Tarmfreak Tarmfreakjoint bitte heute 21uhr meiner fifa street sesion.letzte chance. 71
4,426 Smoke Pr0 Smoke Pr0Looking to do halo wars! 71
4,427 doarose doarose 71
4,428 Vitality Gauge Vitality Gauge 71
4,429 TillTheMorning TillTheMorningsry guys but I won't be coming back. If you want to stay in touch feel free to add me on fb/till.themorning.9 71
4,430 Alarthame AlarthameBack to the grind... 71
4,431 ChrisDahFur ChrisDahFurIs it possible to swap all TA scores to GS without cheating and being forcibly set that way? 71
4,432 F3AR Avenger F3AR AvengerFinally i get to Play YUGIOH MD Now its been released in Europe [dance] 71
4,433 b0seiju b0seijuHit 97,5K only 2,500 to go till 100,000gs 71
4,434 GuillermoMunoz GuillermoMunozReally like the dark theme. 71
4,435 Mental Jay Mental JaySo what's next now that I have 99.5% completion?? 71
4,436 Neezil Neezil 71
4,437 AKE 017 AKE 017 71
4,438 SupposedWaRrEnG SupposedWaRrEnG 71
4,439 Goopstah GoopstahHURRRRRRR 71
4,440 RewardingBeers RewardingBeershmm, to Titanfall, or not to Titanfall.... 71
4,441 kungfu77 kungfu77all zombie cheevs done! 71
4,442 Rooster425 Rooster425 71
4,443 SuckGasEvilDoer SuckGasEvilDoerLooking for new X-Box One friends. 71
4,444 x Zot x x Zot xThis space for rent. 71
4,445 ArcticfirE XzzX ArcticfirE XzzXNo F*cking Mercy. 71
4,446 haxaras haxarasI'm better at adding to the backlog than chipping it away. 71
4,447 BigLer BigLerAnyone else grinding Happy Wars. That is some serious commitment... 71
4,448 JOHNNYKAT JOHNNYKATThe Talking Strap-On Rides Again! 71
4,449 Psychobilly1987 Psychobilly1987psychobilly is not a fashion ... its our life its our passion 71
4,450 OUTLAW TI LUNG OUTLAW TI LUNGGame Added: Defense Technica 71
4,451 xtacl xtacl 71
4,452 wHo FLuNg MuNG wHo FLuNg MuNGWish I had more thumbs because Trials fusion would get 4 thumbs down! Not impressed! 71
4,453 Bryan2041 Bryan2041 71
4,454 gazhibs gazhibsLego being money whores again releasing an incomplete game, The Hobbit, part 1 2 of 3 with another to surely follow. 71
4,455 Planekonomi Planekonomi 71
4,456 MuttMagic MuttMagic 71
4,457 Mr Midnight 1 Mr Midnight 1It's all guitar hero achievements... 71
4,458 Vinnyboy444 Vinnyboy444Finally, after 300 hours of aoe online I got the Sphinx collectible 71
4,459 TakaiTakai TakaiTakai 71
4,460 Wizard of Funk Wizard of Funk 71
4,461 Daddyfatchops DaddyfatchopsSouth Park: The Stick of Truth is amazing. Game of the Year hands down. 71
4,462 Epic x B1ade Epic x B1adeRIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman! :( 71
4,463 Xeno Smoke Xeno SmokeSaints Row 4 is quite the grind. Will need a second play through. Just playing it without hunting takes long enough. 71
4,464 I Touch Zombies I Touch Zombies 71
4,465 BumbleBeexCBx3B BumbleBeexCBx3BI'm back and ready to nab them achievements. 71
4,466 Eaglesman3620 Eaglesman3620 71
4,467 DeDiCaTeDxGaMeR DeDiCaTeDxGaMeRbeastin my games 71
4,468 RyanMushr00ms RyanMushr00msAnyone that has ps3/4 add me! Same name as here and im also on truetrophies site! :) send a pm if you have. 71
4,469 Eric G Olson Eric G OlsonCheck out to see all the games I'm NOT playing! 71
4,470 JKOgden JKOgdenI really like my new WP8 handset, love the mobile games so I can play while on the go 71
4,471 BinaryP0wnage BinaryP0wnageI've gotten used to it. 71
4,472 evilqpa evilqpa 71
4,473 DJ2e DJ2eXbox One ordered. Waiting for digital download codes for the four games and year of Xbox Live now. 70
4,474 Bomber37 Bomber37 70
4,475 TXMOOK TXMOOKMe and my gf are going to be extra's Revolution. 70
4,476 Eagle 0ne Eagle 0neGears of War Pc ..Not so Seriously 1053/10.000 kills 70
4,477 Rocha12 Rocha12yay! internets working again! :D 70
4,478 heatlight heatlightAny GRcaders fancy joining the GTASC this year? 70
4,479 redsales redsalesI can't recommend South Park TSOT more highly. It will make you fall in love with gaming again (until you read a guide) 70
4,480 ATC Psyko ATC Psyko 70
4,481 AJBowie AJBowie 70
4,482 oooo Smurf oooo oooo Smurf ooooI'm trying to complete the majority of all my old games on my tag. Anybody need to boost online ach's for The Outfit?... 70
4,483 VitaminAmy VitaminAmyYour favorite LEGO game? I'd like to play another but no idea which one. 70
4,485 DeadxMaiden DeadxMaidenCods fucked the leaderboards up with update...all my friends have excaped 200k-1.5 million times O.O 70
4,486 JohnnY B GooD79 JohnnY B GooD79Oh the torment of it all!!!! 70
4,487 Wackyboxer Wackyboxer 70
4,488 A Wild Cactuar A Wild CactuarNeed someone to help with the banjo kazooie nuts & bolts viral achievement. 70
4,489 spyrobo spyroboon my ps3 atm will be back before the end of the month 70
4,490 isaacballs isaacballs 70
4,491 Bigjimboski80 Bigjimboski80Can't wait till fall gets here for the next season of Walking Dead! 70
4,492 IntenseKha0s IntenseKha0sMy body is ready for achievements :P (Just had to xD) 70
4,493 Cuda Chris 72 Cuda Chris 72Kifflom! 70
4,494 Doctor Plow Doctor PlowSpring break starts tomorrow. Can't wait to finally put some time into gaming! 70
4,495 Feend Returns Feend ReturnsAnyone up for boosting MOH Airborne? 70
4,496 kLa Chaos kLa ChaosKeep it alive, keep it moving on. 70
4,497 Naberios NaberiosHappy Easter everybody! MAD MAX!! 70
4,498 Harry Rasing Harry RasingNot sure if I still want an Xbox One... 70
4,499 CommandoCroatia CommandoCroatiaTrying to achieve'em all! 70
4,500 godsandm0nsters godsandm0nsterslooking forward to Child Of Light! 70