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4,501 vG x Madness vG x MadnessEXO ZOMBIES EASTER EGG IN THE BAG :D 82
4,502 II IceStorm II II IceStorm II225 achievements in halo mcc,so far, half way there. 82
4,503 kewlkid360 kewlkid360not touching another game besides civil war until I get forza 3 solid gold.....join me on parallel kingdom on mobile 82
4,504 x CreaM v x CreaM v 82
4,505 Jack Gotti Jack 82
4,506 GamerBTips GamerBTipsCurrently Playing: Anything I haven't completed yet. 82
4,507 xP1TCHxBLACKx xP1TCHxBLACKxThat just happened. Taking the win as my 100,000 score 82
4,508 Synjin Savant2 Synjin Savant2The only thing less fun than having your Titanfall progress erased is EA's phone support f***s. 82
4,510 DefiantZero DefiantZeroThe Xbox One worth it? might pick a Forza bundle up. 82
4,511 TickTockRob TickTockRobLoving Evolve...bring it on! 82
4,512 EnVy Trilogy EnVy Trilogy 82
4,513 Oh Jay Arr Oh Jay ArrA cold beer, or a large glass of wine...? Decisions, decisions...! #1stWorldProblems 82
4,514 TROYxTHExDEVIL TROYxTHExDEVILTitanfall is the Game 82
4,515 denial9945 denial9945I hate glitched achievements!!!! Family guy sucks!!!! 82
4,516 II Rich Hobo II II Rich Hobo II 82
4,517 mattdanky mattdankyI would like to know how many days of videogames I have played. 82
4,518 AchevemntHunter AchevemntHunterSlender is porting to the X1? *sigh* another game in my games list with the newly added "(Xbox 360)". Developers should be focusing on new games! 82
4,519 WolverineMatt33 WolverineMatt33 82
4,520 SuPA Joo SuPA Joo 82
4,521 Miles Rose Miles RoseNom nom nom nom nom :3 82
4,522 KrAzZyJmAn KrAzZyJmAnThe new site looks amazing. Great job! 82
4,523 AutomaticOcelot AutomaticOcelotGotta feed yo' MAG. 82
4,524 WooliBear WooliBear 82
4,525 FoxHound22 FoxHound22Here we go countdown to Batman Arkham Knight! 82
4,526 niebianski niebianskiAchievements from DLCs from COD: Black Ops are ridiculous. 82
4,527 xCUBBYxxxBEARx xCUBBYxxxBEARxI done fucked up... Forgot to get my achievement on the 50th day. FML 82
4,528 A REAVER2364 A REAVER2364 <---- My new youtube! 82
4,529 ElderCunningham ElderCunninghamLooking to play with people who are not racist, sexist, bigots. Currently playing Ghosts and Defiance. 82
4,530 DaManiacBiscuit DaManiacBiscuit 82
4,531 guthrum06 guthrum06 82
4,532 StridentPizza StridentPizzaWhat a great day. My xbox360 HDD had to be formatted. Lost everything! 81
4,533 D4 B1GD0G D4 B1GD0GAdd me on PS4 81
4,534 ll Mr Beard ll ll Mr Beard ll 81
4,535 DonNikos DonNikosGears of War 1, 2, 2 (Japan), 3 & Judgement completed! 81
4,536 DeadxMaiden DeadxMaiden 81
4,538 Zayd123 Zayd123 81
4,539 Theundeadgod TheundeadgodNew Blog with a big comp giveaway, well kinda big. 81
4,540 AlwayzLIFTED AlwayzLIFTEDAll skill based achievements in geometry wars are complete. Now just gotta grind out 1,000,000 geoms 81
4,541 MagnetixSQL MagnetixSQL~Ok Sparky!~ 81
4,542 Sky Dragon 570 Sky Dragon 570Is it possible to make a second save in AC Unity? Need to do syncro and I don't want to lose my save. 81
4,543 ZeroThreshold ZeroThresholdShaZAM! 81
4,544 Vitality Gauge Vitality GaugeKOTOR remastered please 81
4,545 MightyDrew MightyDrew10 years of Xbox Live membership 81
4,546 LemLem Qc LemLem QcOnce again...FUCK EA GAMES! 81
4,547 Im Not The Pro Im Not The ProFuck Microsoft and those new Solitaire achievements... 81
4,548 WAR Psyco WAR PsycoWell, Ghosts was on sale for $10 i said i wouldn't get it. Did i fuck up ? 81
4,549 Solidus Snake19 Solidus Snake19Finally scored me a new 360 to replace my broken one. 81
4,550 IZZY MELI IZZY MELIgwg for march is pretty awsome, some of 2013 best games fo freee, better than the usual crap we get, i hope more good shit like that in the future 81
4,551 Bleach XBA Bleach XBAWaiting on Neverwinter Online 81
4,552 Marx Marx...No, Andraste did not specifically say to not punch bears. 81
4,553 Kinesis916 Kinesis916I am loving the free Tavern Songs from Dragon Age Inquisition 81
4,554 BATMAN DCU BATMAN DCUFinally finished WSOP! 81
4,555 HollowPonds HollowPondsAt PAX :) 81
4,556 Dirker Lewis Dirker Lewis 81
4,557 Gotham Command Gotham Command 81
4,558 Opto Jock Opto Jock 81
4,559 Meat Wisdom Meat Wisdom 81
4,560 No 1 Richy No 1 Richy 81
4,561 Koborover Koborover 81
4,563 IxI KILLING IxI KILLINGis looking for GHOST players!! 81
4,564 The 20xx The 20xx\../. 0_0 .\../ 81
4,565 iMahvel iMahvelFeatured creator on Xbox One, follow me on Xbox Live or Twitter @iMahvel_Gaming. Also on YT under iMahvel Gaming. Thanks 81
4,566 TatamiGeisha TatamiGeishahmm changes are hard when used to something. 81
4,567 Mution MutionBattlefield Bad Company Double Boxers! Please Join My Sessions! 81
4,568 ItsRoflz ItsRoflzAchievement Afficionado 81
4,569 DELT4 UK DELT4 UK 81
4,571 Chr1sOfTheDe4d Chr1sOfTheDe4dforza 5 is the best driving game i have ever played outstading... 81
4,572 Catstrut Catstrut 81
4,573 Horizons II Horizons II 81
4,574 oSWFCo oSWFCofinally got seriously 3.0 29/01/15 81
4,575 magicman1127 magicman1127Where is my mind? 81
4,576 xs Cypher xs Cypher 81
4,577 Uk MerKz 93 Uk MerKz 93delecting account got so many games that i hate on here starting fresh 81
4,578 ChrisFiftyTwo ChrisFiftyTwoStarting all my XBLA games to push myself to play them. 81
4,579 Dhyphoon Dhyphoon... 81
4,580 MochaPayload151 MochaPayload151 81
4,581 xsoenx xsoenxDouble Xp in Diablo 3 RoS from today till 29th 80
4,582 CLaRK tHiZZWaLd CLaRK tHiZZWaLdIm bout to copp a PS4! 80
4,583 walley118 walley1182 X1 games completed in the last 2days. im on a role. watch dogs 1k here i come 80
4,584 BoatManJuzz07 BoatManJuzz07If anyone has or knows someone with the halo 3 & 4 laso checkpoint please let me know 80
4,585 hoLLowPoint75 hoLLowPoint75Anybody want to team up for the Anarchy mode in Bulletstorm? 80
4,586 BloodGodAlucard BloodGodAlucard 80
4,587 Tonedefex TonedefexReturning to a simpler time in gaming. Really enjoying the Resident Evil HD Remaster and FF3 on my iphone. 80
4,588 Kain Hellblade Kain HellbladeThe Godfather is my current target for completetion. 80
4,589 Doctor Lollypop Doctor Lollypopyou want S.T.A.R.S. Ill Show You S.T.A.R.S. 80
4,590 Typh0n90 Typh0n90 80
4,591 ScRipTeD RaGeS ScRipTeD RaGeSLooking for a forth player to play fuse monday night let me know if you want in 80
4,592 Maximus RD Maximus RDSean Glenn 80
4,593 THE Sk1N WaLKER THE Sk1N WaLKER 80
4,594 SNMOneshot SNMOneshot 80
4,595 kLa Chaos kLa ChaosKeep it alive, keep it moving on. 80
4,596 Andystructible AndystructibleI am not in a session. I am the session. A guy sets up a session and gets the achievement and you think that of me? No. I am the one who hosts! 80
4,597 Shadykilla420 Shadykilla420so anyways... 80
4,598 SnipedByAGir1 SnipedByAGir1Really sick of server closures ... AGH!!! 80
4,599 Krappy1 Krappy1anyone know how to get the negative symbol away from name 80
4,600 Law Ram Law RamAnyone fancy doing Sunset Overdrive Chaos mode achievements? 80