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2,001 LAZY SHIKAMARUX LAZY SHIKAMARUXWhat the hell? Can't login to Project Spark today, did Team Dakota and MS shut it down early? What gives? 209
2,002 sirthomas420 sirthomas420Juggalotus 209
2,003 xOBKx xOBKxNew console, new habits, new tag - iXanon 209
2,004 Nirumano Nirumano 209
2,005 MetalGearFR33N0 MetalGearFR33N0Rocket League items don't exist. I've gotten 2 in 40 games today. 209
2,006 Cormyre CormyreTrueSteamAchievements 209
2,007 Yuhans Yuhans 209
2,008 Martin237 Martin237Currently boosting: Gears of war 3 (20 Onyx, 10 Gold, 13 Silver, 14 Bronze: Working On Old Schooler), Crysis 2 (34/50) 209
2,009 See u in helll See u in helll 209
2,010 Xiao1inSty1e Xiao1inSty1ePre-orders MUST stop. It's destroying our pastime. 209
2,011 My L1ttle Pw0ny My L1ttle Pw0nyGTASC-CONFIRM-39-20111103192651 209
2,013 idleblue idlebluei give up 208
2,014 PE0014 PE0014Sigh.. Just do not have the time to play much anymore... 208
2,015 LOST Thanu LOST ThanuBattlefield 1 Hype! 208
2,016 yeahwhatever84 yeahwhatever84Lines: The Game. Def recommended. 208
2,017 FroZeNSouL FroZeNSouLhalo5 Warzone 29th. 50%discount and free play days for anyone who aint got it 208
2,018 BlackxRyan BlackxRyanAnd his name is AJ Styles ! 208
2,019 Aero x360a Aero x360aShadow of Mordor achievements broken beyond all fixing 208
2,020 ELpanda feliz ELpanda feliz 208
2,021 Arador AradorSurprised Leap Frog is still going 208
2,022 RaginCajun928 RaginCajun928RNG sucks, 6 hours of Rocket League last night and not 1 painted or certified item. 208
2,023 Deaf Kage Deaf KageOkay now dark souls got my attention since I tried play again and getting better at it. Im learning as much as i could. Any tips? 208
2,024 Mission Rocker Mission RockerNerd of integrity. 208
2,025 Filthy Raider Filthy RaiderI'm Too Old For This................ 208
2,026 Schaafy SchaafySo my Collector achievement on Anima was at 99% and I had missed an item..... It was the first one I double checked. I'm so fucking lucky lol. 207
2,027 Danno Omen Danno OmenI think this is going to be a Doom week 207
2,028 XboxFreak36 XboxFreak36 207
2,029 Otouto72 Otouto72It's official! After 7 years my Xbox Live Subscription has been cancelled! Goodbye online! 207
2,030 Cyelwin Cyelwin 207
2,031 spyrobo spyrobo 207
2,032 Seamus McLimey Seamus McLimey 207
2,033 Timww572 Timww572 207
2,034 Figbender Figbender 207
2,035 BigWorthless BigWorthlessIs anyone else having issues staying connected on their 360? 207
2,036 AcidSTARHUNTER AcidSTARHUNTERi think i am gonna play everything to hell with the complete stats lol 207
2,037 JasonXmurder JasonXmurderI love completing the Lego games, but getting 100% on Lego Complete Saga is really a task that kills it for me. 207
2,038 OriginaIGenesis OriginaIGenesisYears of being a super-promoter and still only 1 referral :( 207
2,039 NUK3 MUT4NT NUK3 MUT4NTHere to have fun. And trying to complete old games. 207
2,040 GETxACHIEVEDx GETxACHIEVEDxI'm playing Steam now. Username is BormahTiid. Hit me up on there if you wanna chat and play 207
2,041 Anemoneman Anemoneman 207
2,042 eayragt eayragtThis evening I have mostly been sticking unplayed games into the 360 and downloading updates... 207
2,043 SneezeSomeMilk SneezeSomeMilkHappiness is just a Flaming Moe away 206
2,044 Foobnum Foobnum 206
2,045 vegansound vegansoundWin Animal Rights 206
2,046 DoinYallRealBad DoinYallRealBadwhat to play 206
2,047 Breadly Weapon Breadly WeaponShould have killed the kid while the mother watched, sterilized her, and then thrown her in jail for life. 206
2,048 Fiatim FiatimEnjoying the update to Halo 5: Guardians, though it's harder than the beta. :P 206
2,049 INTIMIDATOR363 INTIMIDATOR363I Need New Games ~_~ Wanna Borrow Me One? 206
2,050 Dibbs93 Dibbs93 206
2,051 Reevys ReevysNintendo Network ID: Reevys, PSN ID: Reevys-91. 206
2,052 theKilling 757 theKilling 757Just gaming for fun now. Can still catch me phishing for achievements from time to time tho... 206
2,053 SYst3M0FAd0Wnzz SYst3M0FAd0Wnzz 206
2,054 Phantomzero17 Phantomzero17343i can deny all they want. Valve let the cat out of the bag for Halo 3 PC. 206
2,055 warm slurm warm slurm 205
2,056 JGoDzzz1 JGoDzzz1I'm getting married everyone! My gaming days might be over. lol! 205
2,057 Achilles8249 Achilles8249 205
2,058 SnD ACiD RAiN SnD ACiD RAiN 205
2,059 CrippleThreat8 CrippleThreat8Anyone have Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare for 360 and want to help me boost a couple of things? 205
2,060 PistolMcAwesome PistolMcAwesomePanthers in the Super Bowl. I've been waiting 22 years for a championship. Let's go Panthers! 205
2,061 King Crepes King CrepesTired of playing all the shitty games I actually don't like.. 205
2,062 JODAW JODAW 205
2,063 El Pot0 Magic El Pot0 MagicHope that some of the big studios bring back WW2.. We're all miss killin' nazis 205
2,064 Awesom3 Pand4 Awesom3 Pand4 205
2,065 Bucknut Kevin Bucknut KevinBucknut Kevin won 43 Achievements in 5 games, for a total of 1,601 TrueAchievement points (940 GamerScore). 205
2,066 The Grey Man The Grey 205
2,067 Chill n Space Chill n Spacebroke 205
2,068 LurkingWriter LurkingWriterMigraines really hamper your ability to increase gamerscore. 205
2,069 PiCkLE SQU1D PiCkLE SQU1DJust finished Dexter. Now what? Hope some day there will be some kind of continuation and the ending never actually happened? 204
2,070 T1PP3RN4T0R T1PP3RN4T0Ranyone up for boosting airmech assault? double xp weekend till monday 204
2,071 Eric From Cali Eric From Cali12 completed games in June so far and I've raised my completion percentage by 2% 204
2,072 Pete 924 Pete 924Achievement 10,000 = Porsche Pro in Forza Horizon 2 which makes me happy 204
2,073 Pisboy Sparxx Pisboy SparxxBack in the game. 204
2,074 Avaritia Aurous Avaritia Aurous 204
2,075 Yankees3Fan7 Yankees3Fan7Lise is Strange: one of the most emotional games I ever played. Still thinking about it since Saturday 204
2,076 adamrulz adamrulzAbsolutely obsessed with Kalimba 204
2,077 michaelused michaelusedHaving a ps4, xone, and gaming pc is more of a struggle than I thought it would be lol... first world problems.... 204
2,078 Frontman Mike Frontman MikeThinking of changing my Gamertag. This one is... outdated and inaccurate. And also most people don't get the reference. 204
2,079 Kirkless KirklessCleaning out some old games. 203
2,082 BruteForce911 BruteForce911Great, the 3 of 7 SuperSoldier achievement is glitched on Crysis 3 203
2,083 Ryknowmetalhead Ryknowmetalheadawaken awareness preparation music 203
2,084 Bardan Jusik Bardan JusikIs Thief worth playing now that it's free? 203
2,085 Dethfuse DethfuseFarming rounds in gears of war 3 while afk. 203
2,086 FruitLoops87 FruitLoops87Retired from TA. Thank you 203
2,087 xxCATACLIZMxx xxCATACLIZMxxI'm back guys for the 16 season. Happy New Year and let's complete some games! 203
2,088 sicsonic sicsonicnext game=??? 203
2,089 PaulTMD452 PaulTMD452An admin who never chats anymore kicking people from chat to show he's "a real chatter" is SO much better than #PAUL5MOD roll 203
2,090 Green Espeon Green Espeon 203
2,091 N33dleInTheHay N33dleInTheHay 203
2,092 J LEWIS 1 9 8 3 J LEWIS 1 9 8 3check out the trading thread if your interested in trading any 360 games 202
2,093 FreshPrince513 FreshPrince513I didn't just get a jersey signed by Reggie Jackson, I even ate dinner with him(6/24/11). 202
2,094 ImpendIn Agony ImpendIn AgonyMr.Agony of the Laugtonfield Agonys 202
2,095 MikeydCT MikeydCTI just play through games now 202
2,096 thoseAREmySHOES thoseAREmySHOESDone with Rise of the Tomb Raider - just one achievement stuck in "Done... Unlocking!" purgatory. Let's see when it finally unlocks :p 202
2,097 xQuesoo xQuesooCompletions and completion percentage. And COD. 202
2,098 cable67 cable67Xbox Fitness going away....well that sucks 202
2,099 GoW Butters GoW Butters 202
2,100 SpeleoFool SpeleoFool100% Complete on the One (for now....) 201