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3,201 Dacoto DacotoGoat Roped with about 40 minutes to spare. 116
3,202 RedBlinky RedBlinkytitanfall interests me but I'm afraid online will be dead anyone play it still? 116
3,203 SimmShady22 SimmShady22 116
3,204 sum1 superior sum1 superiorWhy don't you just play the fucking game for me Bungie!! Thank god your not doing any more Halo's!!! 116
3,205 Priit3 Priit3 116
3,206 wtbuffs87 wtbuffs87One of these days I will get to play games again... 116
3,207 Death Metal Jim Death Metal JimAlmost done with Dragon's Dogma on the PS3. Have my pawn at the max level of 200 on there as well as the 360. 116
3,208 YIPPY SMALZ YIPPY SMALZBorderlands 2! Wub Wub 116
3,209 TheBlackDragonX TheBlackDragonX 116
3,210 draiba draiba 116
3,211 Hercules SR117 Hercules SR117 116
3,212 SchiZoPHreNiikz SchiZoPHreNiikzBOOST BOOST BOOST! Let me know if you want to boost any games I have. 116
3,213 Hawkes67 Hawkes67 116
3,214 LouManGroup89 LouManGroup89Trying for 100 completed games 97 out of 100 so far...closing in 116
3,215 Mak Me A Samich Mak Me A SamichI feel bad for my GTASC teammates, I have been busy this week with work stuff. Hopefully, it will calm down soon. 116
3,216 Blair2100 Blair2100 116
3,217 Predator3399 Predator3399 116
3,218 NateDawg2092 NateDawg2092feel free to add me on both here and xbox live its %22Natedawg2069%22 116
3,219 johncenajr16 johncenajr16only lvl 50 and i have 4 onyx medals and lots of silver am i stll so low? 116
3,220 Fitness D in ya Fitness D in yaWarface done, World of Tanks next. 116
3,221 FatalBrush FatalBrushCheck out my Game Blog: 116
3,222 DEADCOLT 360 DEADCOLT 360Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction anyone? 115
3,223 BobWings BobWingsDefiance is one never ending patch... 115
3,224 ExpendableAlly ExpendableAlly 115
3,225 Hitchman1 Hitchman1My XB1 isn't letting me sign in. Anybody else having any issues? 115
3,226 CyberneticHFX CyberneticHFXPrime elite in modern Bomberman! 115
3,227 Pete5683 Pete5683 115
3,229 Achti AchtiWorking on: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 115
3,230 Shakey Dog Shakey Dog 115
3,231 Darth Barthus Darth BarthusWishing we could play XBOX vs PS on destiny, two giant clans. 115
3,232 SixtyFootMonkey SixtyFootMonkey 115
3,233 Philyokwan79 Philyokwan79Happy New Year to everyone! 115
3,234 SHAKES19 SHAKES19 115
3,235 Ample Salty Ample Salty 115
3,236 VeiRoN v2 VeiRoN v2 115
3,237 Unnamed Saint Unnamed SaintResident Evil 6 is a chore to play. So disappointing 115
3,238 MinorGrope MinorGropeMinorGrope has rated the game "Beyond Two Souls" 5 out of 5 115
3,239 n0odles n0odlesAnyone elses Ryse companion thing not working? Keeps saying 'this feature is unavailable' on my tablet. 115
3,240 KiNG Y0Y0 KiNG Y0Y0That midnight launch was nuts. 200 people in to hours. 115
3,241 Tupacalypse129 Tupacalypse129 115
3,242 AllChristophe AllChristopheMerry Christmas to all. 115
3,243 Daizuko DaizukoHere's a video of my Flawless Raider run in Destiny: 115
3,244 Sir JL Sir JLConglaturation!!! You have completed a great game. And prooved the justice of our culture. Now go and rest our heroes! 115
3,246 United Console United ConsoleDer Klügere kippt nach! 115
3,247 J3luePlanetCorp J3luePlanetCorp 115
3,248 FistOfTheNEast FistOfTheNEastGoodbye xbox, TA and users. I'm off to buy a reliable console made by sony?!?! Its been emotional! 115
3,249 Spoooooky SpoooookyYeah.. I'm not sure if i agree with Ricks decision. 115
3,250 dirtysock47 dirtysock47I just don't know which games I want to complete. 115
3,251 Snitty 1 Snitty 1 114
3,252 Illum1na Illum1na 114
3,253 LoneWolf A26 LoneWolf A26Achievement Hunter/Completionist 114
3,254 BenMadeNew BenMadeNew442/500 114
3,255 owl95 owl95Microsoft better fix their shit, I keep unlocking Titanfall achievements, even when I'm not playing on my Xbox One. 114
3,256 DM4S DM4SMicrobot is down, which game shall i finish next ? Alan wake American nightmare, Sonic the Hedgehog, Limbo or Crackdown 114
3,257 Mumbo Jumbo UK Mumbo Jumbo UKSo long gaming, it been fun, you might get a look in once in a while 114
3,258 Drorelith Drorelith 114
3,259 craig killed ya craig killed yaAnyone got the Mad Catz Pro Racing wheel or Thrustmaster TX racing wheel for the xbox one. 114
3,260 V1p3rs bite V1p3rs biteAnyone want to help me knock out co-op/multiplayer achievements in Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 4 (X1)? 114
3,261 dR3x4cK xD dR3x4cK xDExtremely Serious. 114
3,262 Kid Vranic Kid VranicGeometry WARS! 114
3,263 blu id devil blu id devilanyone want to send me some cars for Forza 4? 114
3,264 Morgothom MorgothomStar Trek! 114
3,265 Emzx99 Emzx99Getting achievements before a games release should be a bannable offense on TA. You can't possibly balance leaderboards with this happening, morons. 114
3,266 SwervinCurvin SwervinCurvinmetro... 114
3,267 j00na5 j00na5 114
3,268 CayMack CayMackWould anyone be willing to help kill Crawmerax? Pretty please! :) 114
3,269 BrodieIsGod BrodieIsGodIt's been so long since I've used this site. I don't even know how to use it anymore... 114
3,270 KungFooZombie KungFooZombieThe minute I read about the dangers of gaming, I immediately gave up reading. 114
3,271 HVYD316 HVYD316Stranglehold Single player achievements are done. now just the multiplayer to finish. 114
3,272 xx 5COTT xx xx 5COTT xx 114
3,273 AssassinGnome AssassinGnomeCidra,Puerto Rico. 114
3,274 Randy Version 2 Randy Version 2 114
3,275 DrinkingDark1 DrinkingDark1Hardcore gamer which plays games for fun. 114
3,276 Mephisto03 Mephisto03Back to the Beginning! 114
3,277 Avrexid Avrexid 114
3,278 kirstymay21 kirstymay21 114
3,279 Jetva JetvaSurprise, Xbox not letting me sign in as I try to finally go for achievements.. 114
3,280 dreamweaver1984 dreamweaver1984.... 113
3,281 MondoBondo MondoBondo 113
3,282 destinywars destinywarsAnyone on here got Deep Black? need to get the multiplayer achievements done. 113
3,283 BrutalGuitar BrutalGuitarStarted Halo: MCC today. My completion % dropped from 87.36 to 84.16 which is a big drop when I have 420 games played. 113
3,284 DuelFates DuelFates 113
3,285 RitzOmega RitzOmegaNP: Titanfall, Deadly Premonition, Spec Ops, and... uh... stuff 113
3,286 kenshinesca kenshinescaYou need to get Super Time Force in your life the game is pretty awesome!!! 113
3,287 tonyyankees48 tonyyankees48Rise Against Black Market album has been a great listen from top to bottom! 113
3,288 SIMON HAMILTON SIMON HAMILTONLooking to boost all online achievements I need 113
3,289 luuwat luuwatLooking to Boost Breach - Msg me! 113
3,291 flip407 flip407If anyone wants to do SE3, halo or dying light in the next 2 weeks let me know. 113
3,292 TrueBlade94 TrueBlade94 113
3,293 xI TJMJ Ix xI TJMJ IxI did the VoG Raid...and got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OUT OF IT!!!! 113
3,294 OdadjianActual OdadjianActual 113
3,295 Lord BaneJ Lord BaneJTo complete 100 games. 113
3,296 RadicalKoopa RadicalKoopaxbox needs a good Rollercoaster sim 113
3,297 eveningroovers eveningrooversalways ready to boost just send me a message!!!! 113
3,298 CrispyVictim CrispyVictim#4 in duck dynasty what son - 113
3,299 Brutaka5 Brutaka5If anyone wants to boost on any particular game, send me a message and I'll see what I can do. 113
3,300 The Major GM The Major GM100ms ping and one bar connection on titanfall!!! fuck sky internet! 113