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2,501 BOZA BEAST BOZA BEASTNeed 1 more person for GTASC. Anyone? 148
2,502 Deco76BR Deco76BRTchau Warface!!! 148
2,503 xChupacabra10x xChupacabra10xNeeds someone to run through the Gears of War campaign on Hardcore. Any volunteers? 148
2,504 CYKO7IK CYKO7IKJust tring to get some games completed. If I have something you want to boost hit me up 148
2,505 Aidenkael AidenkaelI fought the law, and I won. Real Life Achievement.... 148
2,506 Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear 148
2,507 X19Hetzer44X X19Hetzer44XGears of War 1, 2 & 3 completed - FUCK YEAH 148
2,508 Joy The Flower Joy The FlowerPicking Flowers! 148
2,509 LuminaLightning LuminaLightning134 more achievements till i hit 20,000 date to get that by 2/5/15 147
2,510 o0EviIToaster0o o0EviIToaster0oCOD4 remastered for Xbox One would give me a big boner. 147
2,511 ZachRobins0n ZachRobins0n 147
2,512 ComboChrist ComboChristWe butter the Bread with Butter! <3 147
2,513 Lawl Pwned Lawl PwnedD4's clover minigame is BUUUULLLLLL. 147
2,514 Demon Liar Demon LiarThinks time to get back to fighting games and see if I can complete killer instict and fifa soon too... 147
2,515 WastedDeer WastedDeerAnyone want to start regular fame boosting in Spartacus Legends? I'm thinking once or twice a week. 147
2,516 SpannerPoint2XB SpannerPoint2XBwell, bring on Windows 10! 147
2,517 KKMP KKMP 147
2,518 Lavaridge LavaridgeMinecraft is almost here! Thirty-six times the original scale of the Xbox 360 map. 147
2,519 Falcon12727 Falcon12727XBL DDOSs, Ad Attacks, and Unstable Servers are making me rethink whether I should renew my Gold. 147
2,520 TIRtheMaster TIRtheMasterSold the Xbox, hit me up if you got other consoles you'd like to game on. 147
2,521 Buff Beefbroth Buff BeefbrothWellp, after the price drop and a good trade-in offer, I'm back with an XB1. I'm just as surprised as you all are. 147
2,522 BEASTBOY7266 BEASTBOY7266Going for a 30-Day Streak 147
2,523 Rey Xboxer Rey XboxerI want to sell some special editions, but i dont know what price to put. Anyone know a web that calculate the prize or something 146
2,524 Patriot65108 Patriot65108Check out for awesome deals on trading your old games in and getting new ones 146
2,525 Nekrose Nekrose 146
2,526 xenon ghost xenon ghostR.I.P Patches, you are missed my friend! 146
2,527 AHGreg AHGregToo much snow 146
2,528 LeviAJones LeviAJonesDay One! 146
2,529 REDEYEDTOFFEE 2 REDEYEDTOFFEE 2Uno & friends level 100 ! Thanks fear legend now he is a purposeful pik 146
2,530 M1 462 M1 462Brand new Xbox One and it won't read any discs. Thanks for the quality product Microsoft... 146
2,531 HOBO Gord420 HOBO Gord420Oh... My, god... I... I Killed... Kenny... *snickers* 146
2,532 Sketchy77 Sketchy77Anyone else having problems with their gamerscore randomly lowering? 146
2,533 Flynn423 Flynn423AC Unity: Day 45 of opening chests. Half done. Ugh. 146
2,534 boxandthefuzz boxandthefuzz 146
2,536 DullestIsland50 DullestIsland50Time to make my impossible to reach yearly goals :D any suggestions? 146
2,537 RikstaG RikstaGTrying to finish up a few games 146
2,538 SamuelC4 SamuelC4SSX is the best sports game I've ever played, definitely recommend it to everybody 146
2,539 bizarre oreo bizarre oreo 145
2,540 DeathSeeker84 DeathSeeker84So, I'm playing Alice: Madness Returns and Diablo 3 and my individual GTASC position is 666, should I be worried? 145
2,541 Olav Sand Olav Sand 145
2,542 steve1636 steve1636Anybody up for a Big Bang theory game? 145
2,543 papercut73 papercut734 8 15 16 23 42 [EXECUTE] 145
2,544 King Chizzy King ChizzyEvery once in a while I go and see how many people cheated Committed' til the End. It's fun. 145
2,545 Desert Sparky Desert SparkyHad a great time having dinner with Master Chiefing while in Cleveland!! 145
2,547 EmG v SprayZz EmG v SprayZzThis SSX medal needs to hurry up and fix itself, or I am screwed! 145
2,548 KillerBEA X KillerBEA XWhy isnt my ta profile compensating for the new gt :? 145
2,549 Vannos Vannos 145
2,550 adamrulz adamrulzWant to start the new DLC for Trials, but first I need my season pass to recognize. 145
2,551 Diamond Thing Diamond ThingIf you're all a-looooone, when the pre-ttyyyy birds have flown, honey I'm still freeeee!! Take-a-chance on meeeee!! :P 145
2,552 GEAR1337 GEAR1337Finally beat GTA V!! Dota 2 and WoW in the meantime! Gonna try and knock out some Pokemon or GTA V side stuff 145
2,553 a Random Mole a Random MoleCan ya dig it? 145
2,554 PHIL25 PHIL25Der Hobbyraum wächst und gedeiht ;-) 144
2,555 QuiCkz Ninja QuiCkz NinjaWarner and TT Games announce LEGO Jurassic World and LEGO Marvel's Avengers :-) 144
2,556 Park Diesel Park Diesel 144
2,557 scntyboy scntyboy2,317 Achievements and 8 Challenges in 73 games, for a total of 109,399 TrueAchievement points (49,010 GamerScore). 144
2,558 noth1ngness69 noth1ngness69Trials fusion season pass finally bought. now to get back into it 144
2,559 vegansound vegansoundWin Animal Rights 144
2,560 kirchroa rjc kirchroa rjchappy new year!! 144
2,561 Stealther GodX Stealther GodXSeriously 3.0 unlocked!! 144
2,562 TheReaperWaitsx TheReaperWaitsxNeed to finish my PC backlog, before it is too late.... 144
2,563 Team Juans Team JuansBack in the grasp of the 'Dream Thief'. 144
2,564 Zurbum Zurbum 144
2,565 Fists of Steele Fists of SteeleWell I found that WP Six Guns is glitchy and I barely started.. already lost collectibles by dropping them :( 144
2,566 Zombie Deej Zombie DeejTraveler is mine! 144
2,567 YEME7H YEME7HWell, there goes my interest in Titanfall on 360... Looks like dog poo. 144
2,568 IDUKE NUKEM64I IDUKE NUKEM64Itrying to finish off halo wars, red dead, dead rising, halo CEA, STAR WARS TFU 2 144
2,569 Temp33T Temp33T 144
2,570 xN1Sx MAFIA 21 xN1Sx MAFIA 21 144
2,571 Ray Altem Ray Altem 144
2,572 GhostSeraph GhostSeraph? 144
2,573 CaptainMayhem88 CaptainMayhem8850k gamerscore hit. This means I reached my yearly goal of getting 10k gamerscore. How should I celebrate? 144
2,574 ED CoMC ED CoMCachievements won matches my bday! 144
2,575 jensy0008 jensy0008lalalalalalalala 144
2,576 Har Berserkr Har Berserkr 144
2,577 Lacwant Lacwant 144
2,578 nyall97 nyall97for sale: 14 months xbox live mw3 avatar prop, £30 - message me for details :) 144
2,579 GTKILLA23 GTKILLA23 144
2,580 L0ST Legends L0ST LegendsGot my gold star and the names dark crowns done, such a relief [dance] 143
2,581 DAN NUFC DAN NUFChalo 2 speed run 2 levels done 14:46 11 levels to go 2:45:14 143
2,582 PriorKarma PriorKarmaCan't sleep, must warn the others ... 143
2,583 Durera DureraAnyone else got Halo:Spartan Assault and fancy doing co-op for 5 minutes? I need to play with 2 more people online to get the last achievement. 143
2,584 Cky616craig1 Cky616craig1Cant get the last stan lee from the x mansion in lego marvel, any help? I cant replay the level as its between 2 levels :( 143
2,585 Holy Murderer5 Holy Murderer5Need help with map pack 4 Exodus on ghosts(360) if anyones interested 143
2,586 Hooch Lee Hooch LeeGirlie forever! 143
2,587 stretters87 stretters87 143
2,588 EnterTheFray EnterTheFrayanyone know a fix: press the on button on the console, makes a beep like it should but nothing else? just makes beep ? 143
2,589 MashedPeas11 MashedPeas11Looking for dedicated players to boost F.E.A.R. 2 on a nightly basis. 143
2,590 Vballboy51 Vballboy51the xbone acheviement thing is weird. it's hosed me out of 2 achievements in the last 2 days. hope they get fixed. 143
2,591 xL3N1N xL3N1N 143
2,592 xstevez xstevez 143
2,593 Marcist MarcistCastle Crashers is in my future - anyone interested in a coop playthrough?? 143
2,594 ReveredSentinel ReveredSentinelDark Souls II??? Hell Yes!! 143
2,595 swen doesborg swen doesborg 143
2,596 SereneMidnight SereneMidnightI really need to remind myself to not look at my GameStop account when the holidays roll around. 143
2,597 Trigger Inside Trigger InsideForza Horizon done, next up is Midnight Club. Got to get the 2 rate cheevos before they get discontinued... 143
2,598 Just Deviant Just Deviant 143
2,599 Beth Bear Beth BearSo anyone seen the vid for the microsoft hololens... Looks like it could be interesting.. 142
2,600 Thulgrum ThulgrumLooking forward to this weekend for some R&R! 142