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2,001 Obb Shank Obb ShankIf I pop another achievement without actually earning it I'm gonna quit. 159
2,002 FoBoRawR FoBoRawRNooo, One achievement in TWD glitched, I was counting on that for my GTASC Individual bonus! :( 159
2,003 isharted isharted72 people have completed MCC so far. that's crazy 159
2,005 James12183 James12183 159
2,006 Mak Me A Samich Mak Me A SamichAnyone up for helping me get the co-op achievements in Far Cry 4? Shouldn't take 30 minutes. 159
2,007 SashaQ SashaQ 159
2,008 o0 JdogJ 0o o0 JdogJ 0oWell just pre-ordered the new COD. lets see how this years is i guess 159
2,009 BROWN0069 BROWN0069 159
2,010 Lordji LordjiOK sailing and pirating is purely awesome... bullshit. 159
2,011 ResidentSlug ResidentSlug:-) 159
2,012 AcE ViCTiMiZER AcE ViCTiMiZER 159
2,013 Kit Fisto78 Kit Fisto78I'm the jam whistle. 158
2,015 Craphex CraphexPro member 158
2,016 MystiK1977 MystiK197750% of Inferno IV done. Will I make it anytime? 158
2,017 JCDRANZER JCDRANZERPSN's POWERS is horrible, Daredevil on the other hand is bloody amazing!! 158
2,018 Vinchucca Vinchuccais it me or is Deus Ex's quest and level design a fucking mess? :-\ 158
2,019 ShadowX1990 ShadowX1990 158
2,020 oO KwaX Oo oO KwaX Oo 158
2,021 Riispawn Nation Riispawn Nation 158
2,022 Matty to tha G Matty to tha Gtime to start double boxing :) 157
2,023 Omfamna OmfamnaHo Ho Ho Bitches! 157
2,024 Captain Spacker Captain SpackerWho's got a PSN ID I need some friends? 157
2,025 MrGompers MrGompers 157
2,026 Hybridchld HybridchldBox launches work in Destiny too! Hybridchld playing Destiny 157
2,027 Always Saucy Always SaucyI really want the Conker DLC but i really don't want to start Project Spark... 157
2,028 extreme472000 extreme472000SSX!!!! Yesssssssssssss! 157
2,029 Very Bad Loser Very Bad LoserFUCK MICROSOFT!!! 157
2,030 Crimson Rick117 Crimson Rick117Crimson Knight 157
2,031 HOBO Gord420 HOBO Gord420Oh... My, god... I... I Killed... Kenny... *snickers* 157
2,032 MR Anorak MR AnorakUSMG You mad bro! 157
2,033 Psilocybin1212 Psilocybin1212 157
2,034 tm1985 tm1985 157
2,035 Plut Backwards Plut BackwardsI take that back. Darksiders II isn't fun at all. 157
2,036 ColdEagle86 ColdEagle86anyone needing the multiplayer stuff from Marble Blast Ultra? (or know a way to get the dlc?) 157
2,037 Altergigo AltergigoSometimes it's not the solution that sucks... 157
2,038 L0ST Legends L0ST LegendsGot rid of Gamefly, maybe i can actually make some decent progress into my backlog now 156
2,039 KillerBEA 91 KillerBEA 91New XBL account: BEAst in I.htm, since I can't change this TA account to that gamertag. 156
2,040 KiDLUCiF3R KiDLUCiF3R 156
2,041 CADET OF SAS CADET OF SASlove being home and playing judgement!!! 156
2,042 DEVINS DEVINSEd Miliband looks weird eating a sandwich 156
2,043 PickAxPete PickAxPete 156
2,044 borstal borstalAlien Isolation. Max 30 min play time b4 fear stops me. 156
2,045 Training Day32 Training Day32NEbody NEwhere NEtime 156
2,046 Knuckles Maloy Knuckles MaloyBeaty Swollocks 156
2,047 Papa Smurf U Papa Smurf U6,700/10,000 Seriously 1.0 156
2,048 dashkid dashkidREALLY excited about guitar hero just waiting on a new GEARS... 156
2,049 ziplobthud ziplobthudcurrently getting my teeth stuck into State of Decay YOSE.....follow me on fb, twitch and twitter @ziplobthud 156
2,050 mrfunkyjunkie mrfunkyjunkieif anyone is keen / knows anyone that wants to work through RE:ORC multiplayer hit me up! 156
2,051 The T113 The T113Anyone interested in getting Herald colors in UMvC3? 156
2,052 Sister Sledge Sister Sledge 156
2,053 Wait4MyKick Wait4MyKickOn that Halo: MCC grind 156
2,054 Ed E Nigma Ed E NigmaTA - please stop placing full screen popups on mobile devices 155
2,055 JORDAN 2x3 JORDAN 2x3Looks like i'm the only one without an Xbox One. :'-( 155
2,056 Cky616craig1 Cky616craig1Xbox just stopped suddenly and went red, please dont fuck up especially as thebleapfrog thing starts tomorrow! 155
2,057 BlackSoulDK BlackSoulDKOnyx 59/65 155
2,058 I3lackshirts94 I3lackshirts94smile 155
2,059 togethawiistand togethawiistandSadly, not impressed by Diablo 3. It was much more fun in the 90's. 155
2,060 DJDVSnz DJDVSnz 155
2,061 MNRussell MNRussell 155
2,062 NannerLoaf NannerLoafI love not having Internet. Sooooo Awesome... >_> 155
2,063 xboxrjd xboxrjd. 155
2,064 ThaDevilzHand ThaDevilzHandArmy of Two: Devil's Cartel will probably be the next game I work on for achievements after I've finished having fun with Terraria. 154
2,065 TigaSefi TigaSefiGot some new Lego games.... 154
2,066 LeviAJones LeviAJonesDay One! 154
2,067 AHGreg AHGregFinally completed NHL 2k6 154
2,068 Herr EIff3L Herr EIff3L 154
2,069 MikaDaiki MikaDaikiYou BIG. STUPID. JELLYFISH. 154
2,070 xstevez xstevez 154
2,071 Diamond Thing Diamond ThingIf you're all a-looooone, when the pre-ttyyyy birds have flown, honey I'm still freeeee!! Take-a-chance on meeeee!! :P 154
2,072 Willkat98 Willkat98 154
2,074 g7Bond g7Bond 154
2,075 Sergioxbox2008 Sergioxbox2008 154
2,076 Colt45 UK Colt45 UKFeel free to inbox me if you need help with online achievements :) 154
2,077 QuiCkz Ninja QuiCkz NinjaGoat Simulator is undoubtedly one of the games most bizarre and crazy seen so far on Xbox :-) 153
2,078 Tenlo TenloI've lost my mojo for awhile, but now have some competition in my town for top GamerScore! King of Southend here I come!! 153
2,079 KabuKiArcade KabuKiArcadeConsidering just running down my "easy" achievement list - I have some 1.0s on there haha. 153
2,080 Eviloot666 Eviloot666woot my turtle beach talkback puck came in today i dont have to use the fucking kinect anymore 153
2,081 Steadholder SteadholderI rarely buy DLC... 153
2,082 Bar6arian Bar6arian 153
2,083 ThaHawka ThaHawka 153
2,084 DamTheLad DamTheLad 153
2,085 RealistIdealist RealistIdealistRunning through some Halo 4 with the 'cheevo freak. 153
2,086 adamrulz adamrulzSeems The Pinball Arcade has been patched and season 2 is now tracking!! 153
2,087 Falcon12727 Falcon12727Need serious help with MW3. This game is fucking ridiculous. 153
2,088 LMC1 LMC1Gaming doesn't have the shine it used to 153
2,089 Timmzy27 Timmzy27I WILL get 5000G from the GoW franchise... eventually 153
2,090 MaTeKoN MaTeKoN 153
2,091 CIN3RGY CIN3RGYNFS Carbon, Gears 1&2, Stupid Call of Dutys.... 153
2,092 Flava1975 Flava1975Can someone help me with the 50 Tornaments on Table Tennis? Need 1 more, thanks!! 152
2,093 King Chizzy King ChizzyI fucking hate how easy halo is in 60fps. Fucking TeakEmpress420 should not have 24 fucking kills. 152
2,094 Moomin74 Moomin74Gaming very much on hold right now. More important things in life. 152
2,095 Hooch Lee Hooch LeeGirlie forever! 152
2,096 BOZA BEAST BOZA BEASTUltimate team days are over. #RIPFUT 152
2,097 Lmsd944 Lmsd944Some reason Batman AC comes up twice 152
2,098 KILLER1NST1NCTS KILLER1NST1NCTSJust finished all final stand assignments.. Now my achievement says Done. Unlocking.. Ohhh yeah!!! Anyone know how long it will take to unlock??? 152
2,099 TheSpiderHam666 TheSpiderHam666It's funny how I can get passed from Live support to Windows support to Microsoft support and they are allfuckinguseless 152