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2,501 Knifetotheeye Knifetotheeye100% Done with boosting for cheevos - just playing things I actually, y'know, enjoy from now on! 139
2,502 Doktor Brun Doktor BrunO'Rly? 139
2,503 themadass themadass 139
2,504 yamiseth yamisethAs much as I love free games, if I ever manage to finish my 360/ps3 games I am already going to have an X1/ps4 build-up 139
2,505 GamingEconomist 139
2,506 Sceneman ScenemanSo many games, so little time! 139
2,507 Pakhair PakhairExams here, won't see me online too much from now on :/ 139
2,508 Syphonides SyphonidesMy power is maximum... 139
2,509 Nick Nguyen Nick NguyenSlowly gettin back on the grind 139
2,510 xSinisterStrike xSinisterStrikeI have so many games to play but I'm in a 'Can't be assed gaming' mood. 139
2,511 scooter1227 scooter1227Omg Ascend going down!?!? Gotta get to it! Whatever I can! 139
2,512 Marcist MarcistCastle Crashers is in my future - anyone interested in a coop playthrough?? 139
2,513 oHIGHxINxAxBOXo oHIGHxINxAxBOXoWould like to get help in BLACK OPS II. pack a punch a weapon in round 1 139
2,514 MNRussell MNRussell 139
2,515 TrueAnakin09 TrueAnakin09Playing: Tales of Vesperia; Boosting: Nothing 139
2,516 TonySki TonySkiBest Idea for apps on X1/360. Ban Google from developing for them. 138
2,517 Gucci Gromzzz Gucci Gromzzzis slowly but surely getting back into achievements 138
2,518 Doc Buddha Doc BuddhaI killed Charlie Murder! 138
2,519 MizerisMoney MizerisMoneyLooking forward to MKX, Forza Horizon 2, and Far Cry 4 138
2,520 Apokalyp5e Apokalyp5e5,900/??,??? - Seriously 138
2,521 SnikeneUllteppe SnikeneUllteppeStarting to love thief now on my second playthorug out of 3 this one with costum settings 138
2,522 AGTURBO9000 AGTURBO9000100% GTA V 138
2,523 SXRXE SXRXE10 RRoDs and still going! - Where's my free game, Nega Zer0? xP 138
2,524 MK Dufort MK DufortAlmost done with the bean dive and... I bought way too much game 138
2,525 skhter skhter 138
2,526 die Feuerwehr die Feuerwehr\o/ -- Praise the sun! -- 138
2,527 Da bullitdodger Da bullitdodgertrials evo yeah baby 138
2,528 MmmPoofy MmmPoofyreally want to get the gears series done but i work too much... 138
2,529 Amun Ra 7000 Amun Ra 7000DARK SOULS is jaw breaking fantastic There is a good chance U will go mad in it's treacherous land but it's all worth it 138
2,530 gatorsurfer gatorsurferWinning 138
2,531 Radiant Flames Radiant FlamesGuess it's back to take on some more Assassin's Creed games. 138
2,532 Bigg Walker Bigg WalkerThere's moments of Infinite I enjoy but it doesn't hold me the way the original Bioshock did 138
2,533 ultimatedra ultimatedra36,000 G - Opt-in (25) - Completed 30 Optional Objectives in Peggle 2 138
2,534 MC Hemmer MC HemmerNo buying games until Borderlands 2 & Halo 4 DLC are completed. 138
2,535 BODZ61 BODZ61 138
2,536 fronkdegronk fronkdegronkHigh Plains Drifter aka The Accidental Completionist 137
2,537 Bankai Elite Bankai EliteAt Work and this is when I find time to go on TA lol. 137
2,538 WolfWood37 WolfWood37Congrats goes to smrnov!! GO to his page and let him know!!! 137
2,539 PriorKarma PriorKarmaCan't sleep, must warn the others ... 137
2,540 KINGvJAMES KINGvJAMESDoes anyone want to idle boost Gears PC? I can easily run 4 copies on my pc. Let me know. 137
2,541 Hooch Lee Hooch LeeGirlie forever! 137
2,542 Holy Murderer5 Holy Murderer5DW 6 is such a ballache, no wonder i gave up on it for 4 years 137
2,543 thereefernander thereefernanderDouble bass 137
2,544 BOZA BEAST BOZA BEASTFIFA 15 Closed Beta!!!!!! 137
2,545 CyberKnight CyberKnight 137
2,546 SpecopKinG USMC SpecopKinG USMCAssassin Creed 3 looks siiiiick 137
2,547 Nodwarves4u Nodwarves4u@360on420 is the future 137
2,548 Destante Destante 137
2,549 RobertoMP RobertoMP 137
2,550 IveABrownThumb IveABrownThumb 137
2,551 Aardvark Vulgar Aardvark VulgarHow do you view online status on the new 137
2,552 HOBO Gord420 HOBO Gord420Bean diving sounds like the kind of thing you need money to do well, to buy games you haven't played. Too rich for me. 137
2,553 Dr Bloodwrath Dr BloodwrathSo I fell behind on my year end goal. 90,000 might be difficult... 137
2,554 kabobles kaboblesXbox One-I'm happy to make your acquaintance! 137
2,555 xZxSephirothxZx xZxSephirothxZxAnyone wanting my new profile PM me :) 137
2,556 CrippleThreat8 CrippleThreat8Cleared out some hard drive space on my 360 of games I have no desire to play/finish. 137
2,557 SingleMomOfTwo SingleMomOfTwoAhh, Christmas. The day my savior Santa was born. 137
2,558 inspectorpj inspectorpjI'll go to bed when everybody is dead! 137
2,559 Thulgrum Thulgrum1 Week till the start of College Football!! Roll Tide! 136
2,560 CuppaChoc CuppaChoc42/65 136
2,561 danpsfx danpsfxLooking over the destiny achievement list I would have earned 480g from what I did in the beta, not bad! 136
2,562 Vestri Sator Vestri Sator100% on all the AC games except Brotherhood…Almost. 136
2,563 IgnoringFosters IgnoringFostersyu gi oh 5ds multiplayer whos up for it 136
2,564 Apocalypse743 Apocalypse743 136
2,565 EaglesFan520 EaglesFan520Don't see why so many people are complaining about watch dogs.... I think it is a great game! 136
2,566 I Yova I I Yova IMr Puntualidad es completar una misión en 29:59 cuando el limite es 30:00 136
2,567 DaKarchy DaKarchyJesus was the first Zombie! 136
2,568 mamilo1 mamilo1Mopping up some WP games. 136
2,569 Akatsuki 19XX Akatsuki 19XXThere's blood on the walls, blood on the walls, and it seems so unreal. 136
2,570 mhitt46 mhitt46GOW Seriously 1.0 at 12,481 kills. 136
2,571 Antr0p0phagus Antr0p0phagusWow...just watched this guy speedrun Fallout 1 in 12 mins, only using one hand... 136
2,572 SolidTooth3160 SolidTooth3160 136
2,573 fakethief fakethief 136
2,574 BigMoneyCroc 23 BigMoneyCroc 23Seriously 3.0 completion status....COMPLETED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 136
2,575 Ferrara316 Ferrara316Selling a boat load of XBOX 360 games, going to post them on here soon. Message me if interested in any. 135
2,576 buttoon buttoonDoesn't look like suspension is getting lifted... New Tag is OverheadSatsuma lets see what can be done on that! 135
2,577 TakeMeManMeat TakeMeManMeatI am really starting to hate all these fucking ads on this site! 135
2,578 MagnumZero MagnumZero*looks at chievos* Well it looks like a got a lot of pre-work to do on Diablo 3 for when the UEE comes out next week. 135
2,579 xSup3rM4ri0x xSup3rM4ri0x 135
2,580 Zorb Zex Zorb ZexWorking on GFWL. If interested in joining in, see blog post for the list of games I still need. 135
2,581 Santar0s Santar0sIf anyone needs guns for Dead Island Riptide let me know. 135
2,582 Ross Wyatt Ross WyattOkay, I rented GOD Ghosts for the 360. Anyone want to boost regular Extinction achievements? 135
2,583 opposer1 opposer1 135
2,584 freelance1986 freelance1986 135
2,585 Spartas Revenge Spartas RevengeJust finished the Dead Space 3 demo. I have to wonder if game developers are ruining games on purpose now. 135
2,586 s3bb86 s3bb86diablo is surprisingly easy - even solo on inferno 135
2,587 RCPD Zombie RCPD ZombieI think it's about time I resume playing my 360 and PS3. No more crappy, easy 100% games! 135
2,588 valbo1979 valbo1979hehe my cat likes bacon 135
2,589 Nose 0ver Tail Nose 0ver TailXBOX ON! 135
2,590 PvtCaboose32 PvtCaboose32Gears of War 3: What is the fastest method to achieve Big Money...Silverback - Blood Drive - Casual Waves 1 to 35? 135
2,591 hankford hankfordWish I was going to Gamescom this year! 135
2,593 Dazeldorffv2 Dazeldorffv2But Vegeta, tricks are for kids! 134
2,594 ReliantGung ho ReliantGung hoTexas Hold'em - ridiculous grinding for 10 gamerscore - utter bullshit. 134
2,595 Craphex CraphexPro member 134
2,596 Deco76BR Deco76BRCo-op do Inversion? Quem quiser criei uma sessão pra amanhã. 134
2,597 TheReaperWaitsx TheReaperWaitsxNeed to finish my PC backlog, before it is too late.... 134
2,598 ATLDC404 ATLDC404Looking for 2 players to fill my fantasy league. Draft will be Monday at 11 am est. message me if interested 134
2,599 NerdrageX NerdrageX 134
2,600 lukablack lukablackand now . . . Dark Souls 2! 134