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2,301 Cky616craig1 Cky616craig1The witcher 2 is free and backwards compatible 184
2,302 USMC 90 95 USMC 90 95You're gonna die clown! 184
2,303 Dr JaMiN Dr JaMiNYou are what you dare. 184
2,304 CanuckLefty CanuckLeftyDid we all just kind of give up on completing World of Tanks? No sessions at all.... 184
2,305 opposer1 opposer1June is Kinect month for me. I think July will be RPG month for me. 184
2,306 Sir Diamond Sir DiamondAfter 3 hours of endurence testing, sparring, katas and torture; I passed my grading!!! :) 184
2,307 lowrida1987 lowrida1987I'M BACK!!! (but i don't have a mic) 184
2,308 The Teckie The TeckieDestiny will be Legendary 184
2,309 reevo222 reevo222Now on playstation for the forseeable 184
2,310 AIZZY AIZZYgreetings 184
2,311 FutureShark FutureSharkActively Gaming! 184
2,312 KindColt9939999 KindColt9939999gone for a minute now I'm back 184
2,313 TonySki TonySkiGot Need for speed from Gamefly. IMMEDATELY remember why I traded it in so quick. 183
2,314 MuscularTea MuscularTeawon 166 Achievements in 18 games, for a total of 3,186 TrueAchievement points (2,130 GamerScore). 183
2,315 Dr Rayanovsky Dr Rayanovsky. 183
2,316 MEGAMAN962 MEGAMAN962 183
2,317 super quip super quipi need to play mario 183
2,318 NickMon68 NickMon68NickMon68 Win Streak - 783 days from 22 Nov 13 183
2,319 Predator Ranger Predator RangerNew Lego Avengers DLC is disappointingly short. 183
2,320 Wyrmser WyrmserAC Unity: I've played for 3 days and haven't seen any problems so far! 183
2,321 UK Blood Hound UK Blood Hound 183
2,322 Pra1s3Th3Sun Pra1s3Th3SunI had my doubts about the Elite controller, but it's hands down one of my all time favourite gaming purchases. 183
2,323 dr octagon 3000 dr octagon 3000 183
2,324 superallyno1 superallyno1 183
2,325 Planet Squanch Planet Squanch 183
2,326 LX1967 LX1967 183
2,327 Roku750 Roku750Need more time to play games again... 182
2,328 Achvment Freak Achvment Freak........... byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 182
2,329 skav00vie skav00vieUgh, now I have to get off my fat arse and try to complete Xbox Fitness within the next year 182
2,330 Gotham Command Gotham CommandBenzoylmethylecgonine the breakfast of Gaming Champions 182
2,331 KILLER1NST1NCTS KILLER1NST1NCTSMy gamer score right now is GOLD!!! 123,420!!!!! 182
2,332 lX CaptHowdy Xl lX CaptHowdy Xl 182
2,333 poopaccino poopaccino 182
2,334 z RagnaroK z z RagnaroK zCurrently looking to boost: Battleblock Theater, Orange Box, Kane and Lynch, Gears of War, Dead Island Riptide, Turok. 182
2,335 bosoxdanc bosoxdancUgh, fuck that. Steam updated Arkham City to remove GFWL, and deleted everyone's saves. Fuck. 182
2,336 BROWN0069 BROWN0069Been quit on the gaming side ppl, got a new house that need a lot of TLC. I'll be back soon....... :) 182
2,337 slik slik 182
2,339 Fatman2008 Fatman2008Looking to make a crew to boost everything except sport games. Hit me up if you want a piece of the action 181
2,340 acaraba2 acaraba2This year I going to bean dive everything I have. Its time to let go of any delusions of getting my completion % up and just play games I enjoy. 181
2,341 Zombie4EvilDead Zombie4EvilDead 181
2,342 Nacho NachoI'd appreciate if you'd check out my videos at 181
2,343 Pocrage PocrageBack to the RPG Grind 181
2,344 LordDante360 LordDante360Vote day, most of us don't even know what we voting for so it's a waste of time. 181
2,345 KSU BIGMIKE KSU BIGMIKEDamn you World of Tanks! Why can't I quit you? 181
2,346 Cornerscout Cornerscout2016 Goals: 75% completion, 150 complete games, and 250k Gamerscore. 181
2,347 Sven0330 Sven0330While I've heard Lords of Shadow 2 is a letdown, really liking this whole Castlevania series so far... 181
2,348 quinnpm quinnpmThe game just came out and the service is already unavailable, thats not good 181
2,349 Eternal8laze591 Eternal8laze591The generation of delays. 181
2,350 ZZRsy ZZRsy 181
2,351 I TeMpLaR I UK I TeMpLaR I UKMust get Hitman... 181
2,352 D1SCO D1SCOLooking to boost the online of any of the games on my Boost List (especially GFWL) 181
2,353 JaceTheAce81 JaceTheAce81100k!! Officially Retired from Xbox!! 181
2,354 Droowid DroowidWould you kindly? 181
2,355 Spoilt8 Spoilt8AAWA - 181
2,356 NerD Paladin NerD PaladinSo much to do, So little time 181
2,357 The Culpret The Culpret 181
2,358 MANIAN 3D MANIAN 3D 180
2,359 Officer Zero Officer ZeroOfficer Zero won 1,838 Achievements and 3 Challenges in 89 games, for a total of 68,024 TrueAchievement points (37,090 GamerScore). 180
2,360 ComesBrothers ComesBrothersIk slaap altijd net zoals een (klap)roos, daarom heb ik geen dreamcatcher nodig. 180
2,361 SquareHeadKillr SquareHeadKillrNFS Carbon : only 2 reward cards and im done. 50K fine and ram 100 cops. 1 pursuit and its over.:) 1 unobtainable :( 180
2,362 Swyer87 Swyer87Anybody know if i can get a The Division season pass cheaper than the xbox store? 180
2,363 aps42 aps42ME:Catalyst was an oddity because the outdoor graphics were soso and the indoor graphics and art direction were incredible 180
2,364 Srl Klr Srl KlrMiss you bro 180
2,365 Elmo TeH AzN Elmo TeH AzNSo Anyone For Halo CE Co-Op? 180
2,366 NegativeCreep08 NegativeCreep08Just been given an achivement from the Killer Instinct DLC I don't even own! There goes my completion percentage 180
2,367 ModifiedMag8 ModifiedMag8got fucked on my raid achievement. wish they'd fix the buggy ass achievement system already. 180
2,368 TA x MerKzz TA x MerKzz 180
2,369 HOBO Gord420 HOBO Gord420Oh my god, I'm so bored and all the games I own are shit or old... Bah, Dark Souls 3 can't come soon enough... 180
2,370 Chefjayman ChefjaymanSo I know this isn't a PS site but Crash remastered and Zero Dawn are my for sure buys, Sea of Thieves looks great on X1 and Skyrim...hell yeah... 180
2,371 pserafi pserafiI've played 99 games and Avatar ain't one. 180
2,372 abtimbad abtimbadI'm a boss! 180
2,373 UplandParasite8 UplandParasite8 179
2,374 Mijaimelink MijaimelinkClearing Some Old Games, uhh What a Task 179
2,375 ThaRiLL C0nv1cT ThaRiLL C0nv1cTNo Save run on RE0HD tonight. 179
2,376 johannasceasara johannasceasara 179
2,377 Plasma Teardrop Plasma TeardropI need someone for the F.E.A.R. 1 MP achievements... Anyone wanna work on them? 179
2,378 braKito braKito 179
2,379 Colt45 UK Colt45 UKFeel free to inbox me if you need help with online achievements :) 179
2,380 Frostbite blitZ Frostbite blitZBattlefield 4 and Starwars Battlefront please! 179
2,381 Protocol Droid Protocol DroidDone Unlocking x1 178
2,382 Apocalypse743 Apocalypse743 178
2,383 x Mataeus x x Mataeus xNext review, Van Helsing II. Playable at the moment, but hasn't any live cheevs. 178
2,384 Hooch Lee Hooch LeeHiubi Chiubi 178
2,385 Dokter V Dokter V 178
2,386 Toslowguard6 Toslowguard6Windows Phone FTW 178
2,387 MK Dufort MK Dufort 178
2,388 endingcroissant endingcroissant 178
2,389 CoffeeAddict5 CoffeeAddict5 178
2,390 Phantom XBL Phantom XBLSelling my Japanese Xbox 360 Console with other items bundled. Click here or PM me w/ offer: 178
2,391 Ramsay 1983 Ramsay 1983Cod black ops 3 zombies all maps xbox one help would be appreciated il be on from 2230 help thanks 178
2,392 PiaCarrot jawp PiaCarrot jawpFinally I got XBOX ONE!! I raid from you by killing! W,WTH! Youuuuuuu!! 178
2,393 DivineCero DivineCeroSeason Pass for Bioshock Infinite finally on sale! 178
2,394 X InFlames80 X X InFlames80 X 177
2,395 Heretic555666 Heretic555666 177
2,396 Tenlo TenloNeed boosting partner for Doritos Crash Course. Anyone able to help 177
2,397 MikeBebop MikeBebop 177
2,398 OzzysShadyDisco OzzysShadyDiscoDragon Mania Legends: 2c32 177
2,399 KronicPaul KronicPaulBegining to hate Destiny with an outright f@cking passion 177
2,400 MORBSTA MORBSTAmonopolized is my bitch now...... 177