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2,301 ACS Eldres ACS Eldresa review for Murdered Soul Suspect from a good friend. show him some love :) 167
2,302 Helmaroc Helmaroc 167
2,303 QuiCkz Ninja QuiCkz NinjaAge of Sparta and Modern Combat 5: Blackout (WP & Win 8) are all now FREE & Xbox Live enabled now... :-) 166
2,304 CiaphasCain M41 CiaphasCain M41I have lost touch my boosting buddies, I miss you guys and gals 166
2,306 COTTERS3000 COTTERS3000 166
2,307 Danky1227 Danky1227 166
2,308 Mijaimelink MijaimelinkWorking on Destiny N Trying to Boost NFS The Run 166
2,309 CyberKnight CyberKnight 166
2,310 Pakhair PakhairAny of my Friends use PSN(Ps4), please do reply or message, add me also on PSN its "The-Shadow--Hawk" 166
2,311 Titanium Bounce Titanium Bounceyoutube channel!! Golden Gaming or titanium bounce search on youtube! please like and sub thanks 166
2,312 Cannon Fodder06 Cannon Fodder06WP8 game alert.....Lines the Game out today. Thanks Game Troopers!! 166
2,313 Anabolic Locust Anabolic LocustThe Witcher 3 is delayed until Feb 2015. Sad News, Boys :'( 166
2,314 Redbaron671 Redbaron671Realize after 30 hours of fallout 3 on the pc that no achievements stopped unlocking years ago....sigh 166
2,315 kevthejedi kevthejediConsidering getting Rocksmith 166
2,316 NURSEwithWOUND NURSEwithWOUNDHuge pile to do starting with: Forza 5, Black Ops II, Braid speed run, cleanup various music games 166
2,317 nbajam77 nbajam77I am still alive guys - if all goes well I will be back later this year, Lord willing... 166
2,318 ShaneKarma ShaneKarmaI'm kind of on a semi-hiatus but I am still semi-pumped about Cuphead. Finally something original 165
2,319 KungFuStu72 KungFuStu72Trying to increase my completion percentage. 165
2,320 wildwest08 wildwest08Halo is done! After I get my Done Unlocking audio log that is....... 165
2,321 TrueBlade94 TrueBlade94Seriously 3.0 Progress - 54/65 Onyx Medals 165
2,322 guitar2009 guitar2009purchased an xbox one. really impressed at this point in time. 165
2,323 Drachen77 Drachen77Going back to college. Bye Bye video games. 165
2,324 Excited Milk Excited Milklooking for a like minded soul with double boxes for quake leaderboards 165
2,325 Dark Cell NZ Dark Cell NZ 165
2,326 Wannabe Actuary Wannabe ActuaryGOW3: Max rank (400/400), 41/65 onyx medals (MP: 22/43, Horde: 4/7, Beast: 7/7, Campaign: 8/8) 165
2,327 nighthawk8709 nighthawk8709Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game! Seriously recommend it to anyone looking for a new game :) 165
2,328 Aindrais Aindrais 164
2,329 I am the batdan I am the batdanHoney Badger don't care. 164
2,330 Ariose999 Ariose999Back from fieldwork for study in France (Serres). 164
2,331 Craphex CraphexPro member 164
2,332 kurdtkalv kurdtkalv 164
2,333 adamrulz adamrulzJust ordered an external HD for the X1. Time to get all the games loaded up 164
2,334 BARTLEBEE BARTLEBEEWhy do I see a Playstation advertisement on TA? 164
2,335 KillerGreenBud3 KillerGreenBud3Xbox has been OverHeatin so I Broke it down & Cleaned everything, 17 Pieces, Looks New & Plays Perfect, Saved $40-$140, & Modded my Fan to 12 Volts :) 164
2,336 JohnnyGreenback JohnnyGreenbackLeap Frog Week Ten Update The comments, WTF? 164
2,337 Vollmernator VollmernatorHaving Fun With Xbox One 164
2,338 JTSFR8 JTSFR8Starting to tie up all my loose ends. 164
2,339 M155G4DG8T M155G4DG8T 164
2,340 MovieMan5021 MovieMan5021I dont want UA2 to end... 164
2,341 evilknight23 evilknight23Knights of Drizzt is recruiting for Neverwinter Xbox 1 163
2,342 Hybridchld HybridchldJust noticed that the Speedrun achievement in ODST is named after the guy who lost the record a month ago, sucks for the guy who beat him 163
2,343 paintballgirl paintballgirlIf you're playing Dragon Mania Legends and haven't used a referral code, mine is d570. 163
2,344 sonnyliston1 sonnyliston1Batman AK has some great thrill moments, one to play in the dark! 163
2,345 Level 75 Noob Level 75 Noob 163
2,346 SeMi KiD SeMi KiDre bought an xbox 360... hope to play some old games with you guys sometime 163
2,347 DUDE2386 DUDE2386I've joined the army and leave February 10 163
2,348 Steviefull SteviefullLooking for someone with Carassone on mobile who can do the online with me 163
2,349 IxSILENTxI IxSILENTxI100k gamerscore haha yay 163
2,350 xxWOJOxx xxWOJOxxCatch me on Twitch! 163
2,351 Vdeathrow93 Vdeathrow93Reached 100K gamerscore. Now what? 163
2,352 oHIGHxINxAxBOXo oHIGHxINxAxBOXo 163
2,353 BROWN0069 BROWN0069 163
2,354 Radiant Flames Radiant FlamesIf anyone needs me I'll be playing on my PS3/Vita so send me a message there. 163
2,355 DMK222 DMK222Bulletstorm gamers needed 163
2,356 Scarey Turtle Scarey Turtle 163
2,357 Beth Bear Beth BearJust a reminder TA friends.. you have LESS than a month if you want to enter my Extra Life draw to win a xbox one console with 3 games! winner is: 162
2,358 Rey Xboxer Rey Xboxerim going to put here a list of games im going to sell withou starting them. if theres anyone you think hey check it out before selling it! write here 162
2,359 vegansound vegansoundWin Animal Rights 162
2,360 Coadster1 x360a Coadster1 x360aHaven't been very active at all on Xbox for the past few months, hopefully that will change soon. School and work taking up all my time! 162
2,361 Skin Coat Skin Coatdont be scared homie 162
2,362 Cobalt 1983 Cobalt 1983dfahvbuilviova uh vuijafv uhji!!! 162
2,363 kid vicious kid viciousO_o 162
2,364 RaajTM RaajTM 162
2,365 Jibbermidget JibbermidgetYou drive a riding mower shit-faced and now you've got a corn maze. 162
2,366 o Melfice o MelficeOne month later, my console is turned on... 162
2,367 CADET OF SAS CADET OF SASbioshock brass balls didnt pop, never died, any help?? 162
2,368 HonorguyXNL HonorguyXNLPretty much quit the xbox as most might have noticed. I'm out. Was fun though. 162
2,369 devil in cain devil in cainJust got my xbox one, now waiting for everything to download so I can start playing some games! 162
2,370 HOBO Gord420 HOBO Gord420Oh... My, god... I... I Killed... Kenny... *snickers* 162
2,371 WingZ3ro V2 WingZ3ro V2Have a blessed Easter everyone! 162
2,372 SinisterPhoenix SinisterPhoenixMadman with a box... 162
2,373 Samurai Takeno Samurai Takeno 162
2,374 LG 360 bayb LG 360 bayb 162
2,375 Smash41 Smash41 162
2,376 Cheddahz CheddahzI've had my Xbox One for two months now (I think) and I'm still digging it, so that's a good thing 162
2,377 VeryMetalChewie VeryMetalChewieWondering if I can actually get Kingpin sometime THIS year... 162
2,378 Fariko Lymp Fariko LympPro-Gamer for Fariko Gaming 162
2,379 MNRussell MNRussellChipping away at AoE:Castle Seige (WP) 162
2,380 bloodening666 bloodening666consderably less sess's :P pretty much done, like 50 achieves left to get total.... 30/50 games completed 162
2,381 X Power Surge X Power SurgeJumping up and down while clapping my hands singing - If Your Happy And You Know It - 162
2,382 SSCP SSCPOur "The Walking Dead S01" Livestream begins tonight - Maybe even some Batman Arkham Knight... NTA_LIVE 161
2,383 A Silent Circus A Silent CircusJust had an achieve from March 30th that Xbox One. 161
2,384 Doc Buddha Doc BuddhaCheckmate fool! 161
2,385 Patriot65108 Patriot65108Thinking about ditching Windows Phone...many apps are no longer supported and games suck 161
2,386 isharted isharted8 angry birds games completed, 3400/3400 plants vs zombies 161
2,387 Vascoa VascoaToo many games, not enough time. 161
2,388 xReaver 23x xReaver 23xGAMERS!!! Hit me up, lets talk games. 161
2,389 L1E L1E 161
2,390 psxfreak101 psxfreak101 161
2,391 JD0BE JD0BEJ@$ÔN 161
2,392 GAMERx420x4LIFE GAMERx420x4LIFEJust found out that The Binding of Isacc is coming to consoles! Soon is all i know... Summer of Arcade release? 161
2,393 ULTIMATE leo129 ULTIMATE leo129Just got my class schedule. Looks like minimal gaming until June 2015 for me 161
2,395 Strikingstriker StrikingstrikerOOOOH YEAAAA 161
2,396 SharkOon 7 SharkOon 7 161
2,397 MotorCityFats13 MotorCityFats13What is online play? Do I pay extra for that? 161
2,398 ToadStyleVenom ToadStyleVenom 160
2,399 KillieExile KillieExileGot to wait another 2 days for dark souls 2 as messed my order up, never using them again. 160
2,400 KiDLUCiF3R KiDLUCiF3R 160