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3,101 BootlessScotty BootlessScottyhello my old xbox friends im back on xbox new console new gamertag forevabootless add me 112
3,102 secretspy911 secretspy911 112
3,103 MaurickShepherd MaurickShepherdI am the one who knocks 112
3,104 GiXXXer23 GiXXXer23 112
3,105 KungFooZombie KungFooZombieThe minute I read about the dangers of gaming, I immediately gave up reading. 112
3,106 Avast Matey Avast MateyGrinding achievements is much easier when drinking 112
3,107 Stuartneeg Stuartneeg 112
3,108 Kaner99999 Kaner99999Now onto 60k :] 112
3,109 MiTYH MiTYHFind me on and trade your games with me! 112
3,111 AssassinGnome AssassinGnomeCidra,Puerto Rico. 112
3,112 KiaKupo KiaKupoDeadpool! He makes up 266 of my 1,216 comic books... and 1 of my 789 video games... 112
3,113 Tebyx TebyxI'm getting Zoo Tycoon! 112
3,114 Orientals Hero Orientals Hero 112
3,115 MondoBondo MondoBondo 111
3,116 QuanticJustice QuanticJustice...and the beginning of a new! :D 111
3,117 StrongFirst StrongFirst 111
3,118 BrutalGuitar BrutalGuitarI'm also on PSN and under the same gamertag 111
3,119 Silverhellspawn Silverhellspawn 111
3,120 EVIL IVIONKEY EVIL IVIONKEYDisappearing save files... awesome... 111
3,121 tonyyankees48 tonyyankees48Rise Against Black Market album has been a great listen from top to bottom! 111
3,122 Cky616craig1 Cky616craig1Major connection issues for some reason? 111
3,123 motley gunner motley gunner 111
3,124 AFreakinCabbag3 AFreakinCabbag3I hate the stupid application for sessions... 111
3,125 Darth Barthus Darth BarthusThinking about one more crack at Ghostbusters. maybe deleting my save and going for that last cheevo. 111
3,126 Andy D 32 Andy D 32 111
3,127 DTI Bebop DTI BebopIt's a good time to be a gamer 111
3,128 Blood DM Blood DM 111
3,129 yzx6 yzx6back online tomoz never change isp. plusnet what a fukin joke you ar 111
3,130 APOPHIS1989 APOPHIS1989The first thing lost in war is innocence... 111
3,131 dR3x4cK xD dR3x4cK xDExtremely Serious. 111
3,132 Akire 93 Akire 93trying to complete all halo games anybody want to help ? 111
3,133 LeafyGladiator LeafyGladiatorMy vision is getting very poor so i'm going to stop playing too much. :( 111
3,134 Old Willy Pete Old Willy PeteAngels are the new UFOs, watch the skies! 111
3,135 bblcreator8790 bblcreator8790 111
3,136 a1d3d3e7 a1d3d3e7Would need a few other people with two 'boxes to grind Seriously. 111
3,137 iseedeadgamers iseedeadgamersNo new games until 90%, except for Destiny! 111
3,138 The Major GM The Major GM100ms ping and one bar connection on titanfall!!! fuck sky internet! 111
3,139 Whiteb0y357 Whiteb0y357Started one new game so far, a lot more to come. 111
3,140 EddieM1974 EddieM1974Day before yesterday 360 not syncing with Today PC not syncing for cheevos... Great going MS.... 111
3,141 OGxBillyTheKidx OGxBillyTheKidxUnlocked Seriously 3.0 on June 3, 2012. 111
3,142 HVYD316 HVYD316Heads up guys. loosing xbox live on the 16th, so if anyone has a games they would like help with thats how long I have. 111
3,143 Danny Dreams Danny here 111
3,144 SchizoMoron19 SchizoMoron19Any1 get in the Fall beta for the dashboard? 111
3,145 Ryno4cE Ryno4cELooking to boost any music game (currently need Rock Band and GH World Tour) 111
3,146 Rej72380 Rej72380Currently in the middle of 1999 Mode on Bioshock Infinite. 111
3,147 Jrmaster35 Jrmaster35Back on TA after a break : ) 111
3,148 cyrodilicbrandy cyrodilicbrandyAh, it's good to have the net back. My whole TL is just me! 111
3,149 grasn reloaded grasn reloadedhey friends, i sold my xbox 360 cause i will move to PC gaming until the next generation consoles will release. CYA 111
3,150 The Outcast2 The Outcast2gaming drought nearly over or is it nothing good till october. 110
3,152 Hmm Blackout Hmm BlackoutVacation is over! I have a lot to catch up on lol. 110
3,153 RitzOmega RitzOmegaAchievement 8,000: Blue Bomber (Dust: An Elysian Tail) 110
3,154 Nuttyleader Nuttyleader 110
3,155 castaway guy619 castaway guy619finished prototype 2 got it 3 days early. 110
3,156 BrashSPARTAN300 BrashSPARTAN300It is not that I can and others can''s that I WILL and others WON'T 110
3,157 Johnny Broflex Johnny BroflexAnyone else's achievements not actually popping up on screen but they are still unlocking? 110
3,158 codsucker codsuckerBattleBlock death count after only solo normal & insane: 3,853 o_0 110
3,159 ARCHER MIKE ARCHER MIKEI'm still playing Clash of Clans and other games on IOS, but I will return to xbox soon ;) 110
3,160 aDrunkBaconGod aDrunkBaconGodNeed help with Halo's Vidmasters? Visit 110
3,161 Gantua GantuaSkyrim game of the decade 110
3,162 Instantmash InstantmashRETIRED. 110
3,163 cr8tr cr8tr 110
3,164 JuniorNecan JuniorNecanmy gamer pic is douchbaggy LOL 110
3,165 BlokeCDP BlokeCDPStepping away from grinding / boosting and going to get back to playing games for fun. 110
3,166 JaycenBlaze JaycenBlaze 110
3,167 Fearless 44Cal Fearless 44CalDoing half-life 2, Rage, COD Ghost and MW3 DLC. 110
3,168 Nitecrawlah2 Nitecrawlah2Old School 110
3,169 Zombie Goonz GS Zombie Goonz GSI'm so glad even with the xbox one release xbox 360 is still keeping up. question. do my achievements carry over? 110
3,170 Robyn Banques Robyn BanquesI figure I should update this bad boy. Eh, I'll do it later. 110
3,171 irratebass irratebassMeh 110
3,172 lifebringer23 lifebringer23starting to really hate playing games when people dont turn up for sessions. 3 sessions in a row now. 109
3,173 LuminaLightning LuminaLightningbioshock infinite to be worked on next 109
3,174 BobWings BobWingsDefiance is one never ending patch... 109
3,175 frenchdawg frenchdawgNemesis of the state achievement in sims not showing. Please oh please register this 109
3,176 ProjectJeff85 ProjectJeff85Had a good time in the Destiny Beta! Looking forward to the full game. 109
3,177 SpeleoFool SpeleoFoolRead my blog! 109
3,178 xTcSmoke xTcSmoke 109
3,179 Felix Pie Felix PieWhy didn't anyone tell me how good xcom was? 109
3,180 metabolicBatman metabolicBatmanpoint of no return in LP3. gonna wrap this up 109
3,181 JimmyTheKidd02 JimmyTheKidd02 109
3,182 MAOraNza MAOraNzaHail to the Pinball Wizard! "That deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!" 109
3,183 ARMaximus ARMaximusXbox 360 GoW3 Edition is dead, the light on power supply is orange but does not power on... that's my luck! 109
3,184 KhayosKiller KhayosKiller 109
3,185 Dalmater Dalmater 109
3,186 Jenova20 Jenova20If any of my friends here are on TT add me as Jenova_20 109
3,187 theonlydragonsi theonlydragonsi 109
3,188 mummy68 mummy68Working on Payday 2, Saints row IV 109
3,189 MarekVit MarekVitFallout 3 is fun! 109
3,190 Blair2100 Blair2100 109
3,191 Gamer186 Gamer186 109
3,192 Knightzshield KnightzshieldThe Walking Dead S2, or The Wolf Among Us?... 109
3,193 J3FF TH3 CH3F J3FF TH3 CH3FXbox One Exclusive ~ 109
3,194 Cobalt Robot Cobalt RobotI gotta get some of these multiplayer achievements... 109
3,195 Matt the Victor Matt the Victor 109
3,196 Zerstuca ZerstucaHey all, anyone want to boost Dark Sector or Seriously? 109
3,197 Cloud 995 Cloud 995Playing Infinite Undiscovery , Child of Light and any game that need boosting im ready just MSG gamer tag 109
3,198 risseless risselessWar. War never changes. 109
3,199 MC Damo MC Damo 109
3,200 DNGRDOOM64 DNGRDOOM64Enjoying the joy of gaming one achievement at a time. 109