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3,201 OH NO GAWDZIRRA OH NO GAWDZIRRAWent and saw Godzilla in imax 3D. Whenever he appeared on screen, I may have exclaimed my gamertag. 111
3,202 motley gunner motley gunner 111
3,203 DTI Bebop DTI BebopBest be dusting off my 360 for the next few weeks as my XB1 is being returned. 111
3,204 Alumejr Alumejr 111
3,205 Blood DM Blood DM 111
3,206 yzx6 yzx6back online tomoz never change isp. plusnet what a fukin joke you ar 111
3,207 Akire 93 Akire 93trying to complete all halo games anybody want to help ? 111
3,208 APOPHIS1989 APOPHIS1989The first thing lost in war is innocence... 111
3,209 LeafyGladiator LeafyGladiatorMy vision is getting very poor so i'm going to stop playing too much. :( 111
3,210 bblcreator8790 bblcreator8790 111
3,211 a1d3d3e7 a1d3d3e7Would need a few other people with two 'boxes to grind Seriously. 111
3,212 OGxBillyTheKidx OGxBillyTheKidxUnlocked Seriously 3.0 on June 3, 2012. 111
3,214 United Console United ConsoleDer Klügere kippt nach! 111
3,215 Danny Dreams Danny here 111
3,216 SchizoMoron19 SchizoMoron19Any1 get in the Fall beta for the dashboard? 111
3,217 Ryno4cE Ryno4cELooking to boost any music game (currently need Rock Band and GH World Tour) 111
3,218 Rej72380 Rej72380Currently in the middle of 1999 Mode on Bioshock Infinite. 111
3,219 Jrmaster35 Jrmaster35Back on TA after a break : ) 111
3,220 grasn reloaded grasn reloadedhey friends, i sold my xbox 360 cause i will move to PC gaming until the next generation consoles will release. CYA 111
3,221 Blod dragon Blod dragonwhat gos a rond comes a rond so don't conplan when carmer bites you in the @*#~£ ? ass. 111
3,222 Jimmy Noe Jimmy NoeDestiny 27War|2Hun|2Titan Seriously3.0[40%]...... 13Onyx|10Gold|42Silver 111
3,223 frenchdawg frenchdawgGoing to be a real feat of endurance if anyone ever manages to finish AoE:CS... 110
3,225 Hmm Blackout Hmm BlackoutI start classes tomorrow morning. Bye bye free time! 110
3,226 RitzOmega RitzOmegaNow Playing: Dead Island & Two Worlds 2 110
3,227 Nuttyleader Nuttyleader 110
3,228 spyrobo spyrobo 110
3,229 castaway guy619 castaway guy619finished prototype 2 got it 3 days early. 110
3,230 BrashSPARTAN300 BrashSPARTAN300It is not that I can and others can''s that I WILL and others WON'T 110
3,231 ARCHER MIKE ARCHER MIKEI'm still playing Clash of Clans and other games on IOS, but I will return to xbox soon ;) 110
3,232 KhayosKiller KhayosKiller 110
3,233 aDrunkBaconGod aDrunkBaconGodNeed help with Halo's Vidmasters? Visit 110
3,234 Taz B IRL Taz B IRLthis fucking kingdom and lords game is rotting my hole now, cant do any online part of it and now single player is acting the bollock........ 110
3,235 theonlydragonsi theonlydragonsi 110
3,236 Gantua GantuaSkyrim game of the decade 110
3,237 bean is not pro bean is not promy achievement completion percentage is bigger than yours :) well, probably... 110
3,238 Instantmash InstantmashRETIRED. 110
3,239 cr8tr cr8tr 110
3,240 OneEighth OneEighth"Rocket to the stars!" 110
3,241 Racerblade01 Racerblade01 110
3,242 JuniorNecan JuniorNecanmy gamer pic is douchbaggy LOL 110
3,243 BlokeCDP BlokeCDPStepping away from grinding / boosting and going to get back to playing games for fun. 110
3,244 Matt the Victor Matt the Victor 110
3,245 JaycenBlaze JaycenBlaze 110
3,246 Urban Legxnd Urban Legxnd 110
3,248 Fearless 44Cal Fearless 44CalDoing half-life 2, Rage, Last dead rising dlc 110
3,249 Nitecrawlah2 Nitecrawlah2Old School 110
3,250 Zombie Goonz GS Zombie Goonz GSI'm so glad even with the xbox one release xbox 360 is still keeping up. question. do my achievements carry over? 110
3,251 Robyn Banques Robyn BanquesI figure I should update this bad boy. Eh, I'll do it later. 110
3,252 irratebass irratebassMeh 110
3,253 NerD Paladin NerD PaladinDam just seen about the EA Vault on X1 looks amazing deal £20 a year to play and download tons of games for free n discount on ea games 110
3,254 xX Gambit69 Xx xX Gambit69 XxWalking Dead and Homeland!!! 109
3,255 SlayerInChainss SlayerInChainssDo you know what you get for pre-ordering a game? A big dick in your mouth - Eric Cartman 109
3,256 Taillear Dubh Taillear Dubh 109
3,257 Koding KodingAnyone that can help me with the MP cheevos for Battleship (WP)? I need them all and will reciprocate! 109
3,258 ProjectJeff85 ProjectJeff85Going to check out Project Spark. 109
3,259 BobWings BobWingsDefiance is one never ending patch... 109
3,260 destinywars destinywarsContrast on the 360 and 0ne 100% Completed!! Awesome game!! 109
3,261 enishi49 enishi49Cherche boost :DLC blackops 1/2, GoW1, DR2, Halo Reach DLC, L4D1/2 expert 109
3,262 N0vALee Nation N0vALee Nation 109
3,263 Juggalo XII Juggalo XIISo this asshat on Crackdown 2 joins my game and kills me twice and sends me a message...I can't fit it here so will comment on this. 109
3,264 JimmyTheKidd02 JimmyTheKidd02 109
3,265 MAOraNza MAOraNzaHail to the Pinball Wizard! "That deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!" 109
3,266 Dalmater Dalmater 109
3,267 Jenova20 Jenova20If any of my friends here are on TT add me as Jenova_20 109
3,268 EmG v SprayZz EmG v SprayZzGamerscore is finally even again! WooHoo! 109
3,269 mummy68 mummy68Working on Payday 2, Saints row IV 109
3,270 KenniTDG KenniTDGDestiny and Xbox one here i come! 109
3,271 Gamer186 Gamer186 109
3,272 DillionDay DillionDayAnother day where I can't connect to Bungie's servers. 109
3,273 Risening RiseningGame: [ON] OFF 109
3,274 mitkohalo3 mitkohalo3Resident evil Remake have insane achievement list 109
3,275 J3FF TH3 CH3F J3FF TH3 CH3FXbox One Exclusive ~ 109
3,276 DuDeACiD DuDeACiDwell mission status unknown 109
3,277 Cobalt Robot Cobalt RobotI gotta get some of these multiplayer achievements... 109
3,278 risseless risselessWar. War never changes. 109
3,279 MC Damo MC Damo 109
3,280 DNGRDOOM64 DNGRDOOM64Enjoying the joy of gaming one achievement at a time. 109
3,281 BIoodyEagle BIoodyEagleI was gone for a month, and i missed so much. 109
3,282 MikeJuggles MikeJugglesDiablo III RoS - Ultimate Evil Edition loot grind! If anybody plays then please add me! 109
3,283 WEINERDUDE2069 WEINERDUDE2069Need to get serious again! 109
3,284 MGetter MGetter 109
3,285 PsychoPez PsychoPez38,133 before DLC adjustment, 40,016 after. Not bad... 109
3,286 boodomi boodomi 109
3,287 KIDDatHeart93 KIDDatHeart93Boosting Gears 1, 2 and 3 as well as Call of Duty: MW3 109
3,288 Kishar Kishar 108
3,289 Swanny5150 Swanny5150 108
3,290 owl95 owl95Anyone up for boosting Dirt 3 on PC? 108
3,291 ParsleyParsnips ParsleyParsnipsAnyone got Dead Island: Riptide and want to do Coop? 108
3,292 KungFu Monk3y KungFu Monk3y... 108
3,293 SmokeScreen76 SmokeScreen76I cannot even contemplate such an abomination! 108
3,294 Tallnvyne TallnvyneGetting pretty tired of achievements not unlocking on the Xbox One. 108
3,295 MashedPeas11 MashedPeas11Is there a website that tracks your stats for hours played on each game? 108
3,296 The Cipriani The CiprianiAnd Here We ... Go ! 108
3,297 xI TJMJ Ix xI TJMJ Ixtime to get back on the grind. 108
3,298 Burning Karma Burning KarmaDid anyone have trouble with Oblivion Walker in Skyrim? Looking at the guides for it have made me a little nervous. 108
3,299 Colonel Jeddy Colonel Jeddy 108
3,300 slacker322 slacker322The Full House Poker achievements are really annoying. Ugggh. 108