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4,001 Jarheadwayne JarheadwayneGoing to ATTEMPT to not spend ANY money on video games in 2014. 79
4,002 Jaimer Jaimer 79
4,003 D4 B1GD0G D4 B1GD0GTitanfall 5/10 - Better than I expected! 79
4,004 Brettalius BrettaliusNeed a third for Resident Evil 6 boosting. Let me know if you want to help out! 79
4,005 Sighris SighrisSonic Adventure 123/130 emblems 79
4,006 gbischel gbischelAnyone wanna play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer? For fun that is ;-) 79
4,007 Uber Silk Road Uber Silk RoadXBL message me get quicker response!! 79
4,008 asbarnes asbarnesWell played Sony. Your move Microsoft. 79
4,009 LemLem Qc LemLem QcOnce again...FUCK EA GAMES! 79
4,011 CHiLLiONS CHiLLiONSlooking for a squad to get blackops zombie achievements 79
4,012 eViL mOnKeY 270 eViL mOnKeY 270 79
4,013 IceFrogger1313 IceFrogger1313 79
4,014 MachineGryphon MachineGryphonSeriously 3.0: 52/65 Onyx 79
4,015 IOnEI Falcon IOnEI Falcon 79
4,016 x Malefactor x x Malefactor xAction RPG's slow my GS progression to a halt, but I love this stuff! 79
4,017 Samba XVI Samba XVIA man who sticks his head in the sand makes a pretty good target 79
4,018 Solidus Snake19 Solidus Snake19Got my Christmas present a bit early this year. We welcomed Madison Hope to the world at 8:23 A.M. on 12-23-13. 79
4,019 As R0me Burns As R0me BurnsTwo long ass achievements left on Halo Wars. 79
4,020 Frags4Breakfast Frags4BreakfastBring on new DLC Gearbox! 79
4,021 Squeezefan Squeezefan 79
4,022 KevColaAndBeer KevColaAndBeeri need help for Splinter cell Double Agent! !! 79
4,023 Alan Stealth Alan Stealth 79
4,024 itsa pumaa itsa pumaaBAM, said the lady 79
4,025 Gaulty315 79
4,026 Krandor Krandor 79
4,027 Shrapnel 117 Shrapnel 117 79
4,028 II IceStorm II II IceStorm IINew Forza awards are available on 79
4,029 stevezep19 stevezep19Not sure why I never finshed Mass Effect 2. This game was awesome. Ready for ME3 to see what the fuss is about. 79
4,030 ESxCarnage ESxCarnageWhy is my computer making multiple game sessions of the same one!!!!! 79
4,031 APOLLO2342 APOLLO2342Going to be starting 6 new games plus workin on MP chieves, and low ratio achievements for the next couple of months 79
4,033 Rogue Shaddo Rogue ShaddoThis space is for rent. 79
4,034 L0Straniero91 L0Straniero91Insert here some basic TA status 79
4,035 Strator StratorFinally done with dance master! those secrets ripples.... 79
4,036 TatamiGeisha TatamiGeishahmm changes are hard when used to something. 79
4,037 JediJohnny7 JediJohnny7 79
4,038 fuzzyjellybeans fuzzyjellybeansZombiez 79
4,039 Xsarthis XsarthisI've just posted my book, Faces of God, on Please go join the community and read it. 79
4,040 conmacca conmaccai hope you all have a great christmas and get all the games you wanted :D 79
4,041 MAGNETOBOB MAGNETOBOBRockstar warned against it at first but has anyone had any issues with GTA5 story disc being installed to the harddrive? 79
4,042 Force Kin Fury Force Kin FuryWell, Injustice is tight as fuck. Ready to dig into Bioshock soon. 79
4,043 PJ3664 PJ3664 79
4,044 Stephan Seagal Stephan SeagalI'm alive! 79
4,045 LausDomini LausDomini 78
4,046 stiminal stiminalAny easy GFWL recommendations? 78
4,047 Plaguewielder87 Plaguewielder87 78
4,048 Drakon Omega 9 Drakon Omega 9No rush to Jump Ahead. 78
4,049 Full Sillouette Full SillouetteI need a partner to do the online achievements for tekken 6 anyone interested? 78
4,050 feared aussie feared aussieim back... kinda 78
4,051 Section8uk Section8uk 78
4,052 GuyWhoPwns GuyWhoPwnsMany people work hard to achieve greatness. I was born with it. 78
4,053 Stu The Monkey Stu The MonkeyFinished the last bean dive 2% ahead. What will this year bring? 78
4,054 doc2084 doc2084Damn kids & their vidya games! If u can email then you're not a hardcore gamer! 78
4,055 Jeh64 Jeh64 78
4,056 J Unit 1988 J Unit 1988Will I ever get the time to play my neglected Xbox again this year because of work and travel? Been wayyy too long FML 78
4,057 Danred LFC Danred LFCEnglish Football Association: 151 years old (1863-2014) 78
4,058 shanecasper shanecasperFinally have my custom gaming PC set up! anybody else here have a Steam account? 78
4,059 EJones85 EJones85 78
4,060 sageon sageon 78
4,061 Technogoat Technogoat 78
4,062 THE R1CH13 THE R1CH13Borderlands 2... Oh Gods, Borderlands 2... So good to be back on Pandora, and loving every minute of it! :D 78
4,063 I3aD IVIoJo I3aD IVIoJo 78
4,064 Synjin Savant2 Synjin Savant2Sadly, I just don't have the willpower to pay $40 to boost Halo 4 achievements. Goodbye 99%. 78
4,065 Segendary Ty Segendary TyLooking for a steady Far Cry 2 partner 78
4,066 BerserkDingo BerserkDingoPodcast 78
4,067 xxxXXFaceLess xxxXXFaceLessyou dangus 78
4,068 Usapfan Usapfan 78
4,069 DillionDay DillionDayHoly Shit! I said "Xbox On" and it actually worked two times in a row! 78
4,070 IGrimski IGrimskiNeed to reach 100k! 78
4,071 Oh Jay Arr Oh Jay ArrA cold beer, or a large glass of wine...? Decisions, decisions...! #1stWorldProblems 78
4,072 WickedD365 WickedD365Anyone want to do Ryse co-op? 78
4,073 BananaSausage47 BananaSausage47Earned my 100th platinum from Portal 2! 78
4,074 II Rich Hobo II II Rich Hobo II 78
4,075 SuPA Joo SuPA JooFinally completed Uno and Friends on my computer and phone. :D 78
4,077 Click GRMN Click GRMNCan anybody recommend any Win8 games? 78
4,078 NIXXION44 NIXXION44going for another streak sometime this month. 78
4,079 Wirtane WirtaneLooking for F1 2010 or NHL 12 boosting sessions 78
4,080 SKELF23 SKELF23 78
4,081 Division1Champ Division1Champi love achievements 78
4,082 Zoeper ZoeperGonna need to finish some games now... who can help 78
4,083 Kirsco KirscoI like my xboxes like I like my men, black and with a 250GB HDD 78
4,084 Only One Wish Only One WishFinally created a twitter account :). 78
4,085 Protocol Droid Protocol DroidVescere brasis meis 77
4,086 SG Steelhead SG SteelheadI wonder how much easier Hexic would be if I could distinguish the colors? 77
4,087 IReal Showdown IReal Showdown 77
4,088 Dr Latour Dr LatourI'll be back as soon as i find this Cheese hater 77
4,089 The Puppy horde The Puppy hordeneed people for nfs undercover please join 77
4,090 Doctor Lollypop Doctor Lollypopyou want S.T.A.R.S. Ill Show You S.T.A.R.S. 77
4,091 Spiderman Noire Spiderman Noirewho has splinter cell double agent? we might need a third person to make it easier :) 77
4,092 qG Lecca qG LeccaLooking for someone to boost with at some point on Killer Instinct 77
4,093 Raistlin 156 Raistlin 156 77
4,094 evilgenius76 evilgenius76anyone out there with MUA2 DLC who would run me through it so i can 100% it? almost 2 weeks no internet sod moving again 77
4,095 FroZeNSouL FroZeNSouLanyway to buy win8 game without th OS? want to get halo SA on sale. get pc upgrade in 2 wks 77
4,096 Erwo the Elder Erwo the ElderGot myself a Fitbit Force and started a True Achievements Fitbit group! Join up if you are into it! Yay! 77
4,097 jack fenix jack fenix Live guides ! 77
4,098 Rat1NaCAG3 Rat1NaCAG3 77
4,099 Killme37 Killme37X524 Snake is never gonna pass my completion percentage ahahah 77
4,100 inspired truth inspired truthFinishing up some 'long' achievements (Agarest War / Agarest War Zero) \m/ (-_-) \m/ 77