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1,001 ZZBroncos ZZBroncosHurrying up and waiting, to get back on with life. 305
1,002 FittedCab FittedCabStreak ends... See you guys later, after my vacation! 305
1,003 MC Evil Dead MC Evil Dead 305
1,005 Daniel Harmsen Daniel HarmsenMSc Daniël Harmsen 304
1,006 Eddie Ruckus Eddie RuckusSpending a lot of time casting games, WTH happened? 304
1,007 ivegotalobon ivegotalobonVeteran on Ghosts is a joke 303
1,008 DeceptiveTen DeceptiveTenLets do this!! 303
1,009 x jjaldana 2 x x jjaldana 2 xintroducing my 7old cousins to halo 3 was a terrible idea 303
1,010 Hairy Cabbage Hairy CabbageThe start of a new Track: So far so good. :) 303
1,011 Groudon199 Groudon199If anyone wants it, I have a code for episode 1 of The Walking Dead: Season Two. 303
1,012 NasriL11 NasriL11Enlisting in National Service on Sep 4. If only it was in November, after AC3 and Halo 4.... 303
1,013 MidgetsInactive MidgetsInactive 302
1,014 TheEpicPandemic TheEpicPandemicIts unfortunate, but I think for now at least, I am done with achievements. 302
1,015 Titanus Ferrum Titanus FerrumGood by and good ridence to GFWL. I will not miss you in two weeks when you shut down. 302
1,016 ID357 ID357Poopdick. 302
1,017 ll sider inc ll ll sider inc lloh wait ..!! || sider inc || is the old one, sider inc is the new one.. forgot about the gamertag change option 302
1,018 I Argonaut I I Argonaut I 302
1,019 TheOtherBarber TheOtherBarberIf you're in a Session with me, leave me Feedback or you will get none. Thanks! 302
1,020 EMFULZ EMFULZIf anyone wants to contact me, game with me or anything in that nature hit me up on XBL 302
1,021 PhonySpoon PhonySpoonI hope this the walking dead: survival instincts isnt goign to be that tough/long of a completion.... 301
1,022 Onsidic OnsidicTF-ROTDS complete, onto something else :) 301
1,023 TwiK999 TwiK999Exams are finally over! Lets get gaming! 301
1,024 turkeyfly turkeyflyReach MP done, waiting for Credit ban to end to finish rest. 300
1,025 iruhlman iruhlmanRock Band Network 300
1,026 The Sharkopath The SharkopathI loved The Wolf Among Us. I hope they make another one. 299
1,027 BlinkFandangoII BlinkFandangoIIMS had a stellar conference, I'm really excited for more games. 298
1,028 Gdinut Gdinut 298
1,029 terrett101 terrett101 298
1,030 Capta1n0bvious3 Capta1n0bvious3Batman Arkhan Asylum, 23/24 predator challenges. Then it's on to combat challenges. Damn those are hard 298
1,031 CraftyZach man CraftyZach man 297
1,032 SnelleSjonnie SnelleSjonnie 297
1,033 Ackter AckterThere's a few super frustrating sections in Bionic Commando on Commando mode. 297
1,034 SAINTofSINS boost partner signed off and doesn't appear to be returning. DAFUQ! 297
1,035 Freeleeday FreeleedayAnyone have Battlefield 3 Co-Op to do still? I want to finish 3 before I start 4. 296
1,036 CausingJacob CausingJacobWinter is coming... 296
1,037 SzilardUK SzilardUKBack to university. :) Yeeey. 296
1,038 JuicedBeaver JuicedBeaver 296
1,039 DRUNKZ 27 DRUNKZ 27New GRID Autosport Limited Black Edition for $42.99 shipped - 295
1,040 ST0RMTR00PER321 ST0RMTR00PER321Disk tray on my xbox is currently reversed so i cant play the discs that i have 295
1,041 Andreka0 Andreka0Time to send the X1 off for a repair.....*sigh*..... 294
1,042 Harbringernight HarbringernightAnyone want to do a run thru on Charlie murder? Like the game alot but much rather do Co-op. 294
1,043 AngloSaxton AngloSaxtonVery impressed with Titanfall. A lot of fun, and seems very natural when playing. Can't wait for the full version 294
1,044 Polerand Polerand4,444 achievements earned. Neat. 294
1,045 SpiralGamerpro SpiralGamerproGuacamelee! 293
1,046 Heroic Blanket Heroic BlanketMight Bean Dive all my games without online achievements. 293
1,047 xLil SheWolfx xLil SheWolfxCannot be bothered to game in this heat just relaxing. 293
1,048 CracKforBrumak CracKforBrumak 293
1,049 SjF SjFWindows 7, to get? or not to get? =/ 293
1,050 EbonHawk01 EbonHawk01 292
1,051 Clown Syndr0me Clown Syndr0meI should update this. 292
1,052 Bboy360 com Bboy360 com 292
1,053 Mr Donatti Mr Donatti 292
1,054 CYPRIOT CleANER CYPRIOT CleANERSPORTS GAMES "r u taking the piss" 291
1,055 Exit Bloom Exit BloomMint is closed on Tuesdays 291
1,056 Tantric Monkeys Tantric MonkeysPlaying BLOPS on the PS3 as there rubbish gamers compared to Xbox 291
1,057 Sku11ySn1p3r Sku11ySn1p3r 291
1,058 Elem3ntal80 Elem3ntal80Sounds scary, but tempted to Bean Dive... 290
1,059 I NISMO Ace I I NISMO Ace I 290
1,060 Weerwolff WeerwolffWanna play....? 290
1,061 Inked Ivy Inked IvyReally Infinity, I need another pack just to play with the GF? 290
1,062 Bashford BashfordTry as you might you will fail! 289
1,063 ukinspro ukinspro185 games not started or not completed yet. where to make a start. 288
1,064 Shadow XBL Shadow XBLmore Peggle 2 DLC.... there goes my completion. 288
1,065 vBlite vBliteSup taigs? Link: 288
1,066 AKfoy0face AKfoy0faceLol i put in Alone in the Dark and then 10 minutes later out of my system and deleted off my list......... 287
1,067 EmDeeGee EmDeeGeeLooks like I might make it into the top 10 on most games dived this year. Which is sad, really. Note to self: BUY LESS. 287
1,068 PDwizzle PDwizzleBetter work on Karaoke now, while you can. Servers shut down August 15th and they are easy achievements with a fan. 287
1,069 wraithrock wraithrockwon 193 Achievements and 2 Challenges in 23 games, for a total of 8,320 TrueAchievement points (5,254 GamerScore). 286
1,070 Wallless Fury Wallless FuryLooking for people for 4 player co-op on gears judgement. Also wanting to boost any air combat games 286
1,071 Uranium Deposit Uranium DepositHere are the games I'm about to beandive. Not including any digital. 286
1,072 BloodMockngbird BloodMockngbirdWHY DOSENT ANYONE PLAY OLD GAMES ONLINE!!! 286
1,073 Angelic Marian Angelic MarianCh-Ch-Ch-Chia 286
1,074 poochz0rz poochz0rzSO pumped for Tekken 7! 286
1,075 LIBERT4D LIBERT4DHope everyone is safe in areas affected by Irene...I'm not sure I've seen the worst of it yet but so far no flooding 286
1,076 Open Casket Open CasketMouth Of The Architect 286
1,077 MathGuy42 MathGuy42Banjo Bundle only available until August 8 285
1,079 redjarman redjarman 285
1,080 zxgrey zxgreyPSN ID: omegazx10 megaman R.I.P God fucking speed 285
1,081 Ryo0ki Ryo0kiLOL XBAWX 285
1,082 Dr Tinus NL Dr Tinus NLLol, according to TA ive watched almost 500 hours in Netflix in five months haha 284
1,083 Digg2000 Digg2000@dangraves360 284
1,084 gregocelt84 gregocelt84new gamertag: DeadGreg84 :))))))) 284
1,085 MysticZippy MysticZippy¿alguien para el altered beast? 283
1,086 Unseen 5hadow Unseen 5hadowReturn of Rainbow Six! GTA next gen! Star Wars Battlefront! E3 has been good! 283
1,087 Edward Hyena Edward HyenaI should not post things about improvement. Talk about jinxing myself. 283
1,088 Maliicious MaliiciousDoes anyone know how to get Fable Anniversary to stop freezing? I can't play longer than 30 minutes without issues... 283
1,089 HungryWatchWOLF HungryWatchWOLFCome Monday I'll have internet. 283
1,090 SM Scorx SM ScorxKeep Your Spirit Up! 283
1,091 Th3 Tater Th3 TaterOMG...broke a wall in Venetica...may beat this finally! 283
1,092 Da Lukinator Da LukinatorInvictus Maneo 283
1,093 MarkLaing07 MarkLaing07Thief out on the 28th, not sure if i have the time for it though 282
1,094 x TheJoke x x TheJoke x 282
1,095 PRELUDEcris PRELUDEcris 282
1,096 MrBigShade MrBigShade 281
1,097 AvengedAgainst AvengedAgainstwon 162 Achievements in 26 games, for a total of 6,084 TrueAchievement points (3,513 GamerScore). 280
1,098 Cartoon Ghost Cartoon GhostCongratulations sn1Xen! [clap] 280
1,099 Jodmeister JodmeisterAmused to see that with the new WoT dlc I currently have an achievement with a ratio over 12 280