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901 D Dingers D DingersRight name a game that anyone wants a boost partner.... i wanna get another mp set done! 313
902 genericchicken8 genericchicken8 313
903 TopScienceBoy TopScienceBoyHmmmm...which game to play next? 313
904 Bk LuCKY ChaRMS Bk LuCKY ChaRMSnew yu gi oh game revealed i cant wait looks so fucking good :):):):):):):) 313
905 WolfVelocity WolfVelocityHow to buy a car and avoid car buying scams: 312
906 Alcapwn6969 Alcapwn6969Ever-enlarging The Pile (of completed games). 312
907 undergr3nades undergr3nadesBuilt a pc, and honestly.. it stole my heart from the 360..sorry xbox :( 312
908 Master Krane Master Krane 312
909 StevePhy StevePhyActive boosting: L4D,L4D2,Bulletstorm,Halo 3,NFS:HP,Red Dead Redemption, Darkness, F.E.A.R 2 look for my Sessions! 312
910 Gerthmeister Gerthmeistercan any of my American friends find me Skylanders side kicks?? 311
911 WonderfulWest WonderfulWestGreat Ive broken my foot, on the plus side plenty of time to get through these piles of games 311
912 Kiplerr KiplerrSorry, Xbox. But you're going to be neglected for a while. 311
913 Sqwillis Sqwillis 311
914 Wayens Wayensah, there it is ;p 311
915 Dark Lord White Dark Lord WhiteGamtertag Nation Hosting 30 Day Xbox One competition 310
916 Grimace221 Grimace221So looking at my uncompleted games, I realize I have 4 achievements in Pro Street. 310
917 Skinstakovic SkinstakovicGTA IV all races and GTA races done. Now I just need the team games, session up for later in the week! 310
918 Alphamaniac89 Alphamaniac89Sweet. I was thinking whether or not the DLC for Dead Island would be on sale. Now it is! 310
919 Redodua RedoduaCheck this Humble Bundle out, best one to date. Help charity in exchange for PC games: 310
920 hxcGodzilla hxcGodzilla 310
921 Aegico Aegico 309
922 Philmnator PhilmnatorLoving the Clone Wars show on Netflix, hated the game...wants to keep playing it anyway lol 309
923 Draconic Lord Draconic LordI still didn't finish SM and I already want a sequel. Bring more Warhammer 40K love!! 309
924 Ater Magus Ater MagusDon't look now, but I am standing right behind you. 309
925 Disturbed XBA Disturbed XBAFinally got my amazon voucher, thanks TA!!! 308
926 VolcomCR VolcomCRMISSION: Complete Call Of Duty: Ghosts on Veteran from start to finish. tonight! 308
927 Kbeau73 Kbeau73Next up.... Dragon Age Ultimate Edition! Awakening first... 308
928 BeatHazardPilot BeatHazardPilotOh no all my punctuation key are broken!!! 308
929 BanterClaus BanterClausMainly play PC now but occasionally still play Xbox. 308
930 BegFourMercy BegFourMercy 307
931 Tez Dredd Tez Dredd 307
932 Mickyz666 Mickyz666Battlefield BC - Awards: 106/120 Kills: 5047/10002 307
933 KOSTAS A M GR KOSTAS A M GRROB LIEFELD (comic book creator/artist/writer) 306
934 YUNDERSTAND YUNDERSTANDReturn to sender. 306
935 M0NTE FUEG0 M0NTE FUEG0Can Defiance suck anymore than a Hoover? Apparently now it can =/ 306
936 Wanderer128 Wanderer128Reminder: Friend me on FB with your GT so we can keep in touch after the changeover: 306
937 mydefposse mydefposse 306
938 SlayingADragon SlayingADragon 306
939 BrokenKnght BrokenKnght 305
940 God Mode Saiyan God Mode SaiyanGotta drop the fake ones from my XBOX Friends list and TA! Spriiiing cleanin y'all. 305
941 MC Evil Dead MC Evil Dead 305
942 Radient Star Radient StarXbox One... so far it looks like a pretty spiffy upgrade but a "new way of unlocking achievements?" 305
943 xSHAD0WxWRAITHx xSHAD0WxWRAITHxSome Nice ratio'd achievements done today. Thanks Guys. 304
944 Eddie Ruckus Eddie RuckusSpending a lot of time casting games, WTH happened? 304
945 ivegotalobon ivegotalobonThinking about coming out of retirement. What game to buy, 360 or One is fine by me 303
946 DANgerous Mavu DANgerous MavuDo the, do the, do the, do the Bean Dive! :P 303
948 NasriL11 NasriL11Enlisting in National Service on Sep 4. If only it was in November, after AC3 and Halo 4.... 303
949 Achilles337 Achilles337Dark Souls 2 is SO GOOD - but I find it earier than DS1. Almost done playthrough #1 302
950 TheEpicPandemic TheEpicPandemicIts unfortunate, but I think for now at least, I am done with achievements. 302
951 matt the dragon matt the dragonScooter CATCH-A-RIDE! 302
952 ID357 ID357Internet stalkers are so pathetic! 302
953 Titanus Ferrum Titanus FerrumLooking to boost GFWL PC Games while there is still time. 302
954 ll sider inc ll ll sider inc lloh wait ..!! || sider inc || is the old one, sider inc is the new one.. forgot about the gamertag change option 302
955 LeiChat LeiChatXCDP RIP - unofficial but probably true 302
956 EMFULZ EMFULZIf anyone wants to contact me, game with me or anything in that nature hit me up on XBL 302
957 UNNAMEABLE 666 UNNAMEABLE 666´'`\_(ò_Ó)_/´'` 302
958 Evil Toast Evil ToastBoostin', we have a problem! (Andystructible) 300
959 iruhlman iruhlmanRock Band Network 300
960 MidgetsInactive MidgetsInactive 299
961 NutriWhip NutriWhipTomb Raider won't load my save. I was so close to being done. [angry] 299
962 FPSDeath FPSDeathAny trustworthy folk wanna boost wrc 2 mp? 298
963 LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyFucking mother fucking disappearing fucking enemies in fucking Trion's shitty ass fucking game! FUCK! 298
964 WickedDeath 298
965 pyr0lyZer pyr0lyZerBF4 Campaign Complete on on to more MP and @Titanfallgame! 298
966 terrett101 terrett101 298
967 SuperTigerWoods SuperTigerWoodsMarathon Monday! Champions League Tuesday and Wednesday! 298
968 I Argonaut I I Argonaut I5 more days... 298
969 MFC06 MFC06Damn RE6 co-op is stupid...glad we finally figured that bullshit out 298
970 VixyNyan VixyNyan = Game Center CX: 3-Choume no Arino (3DS) 297
971 BlinkFandangoII BlinkFandangoIIAnyone want to boost Tomb Raider on 360? 297
972 SAINTofSINS boost partner signed off and doesn't appear to be returning. DAFUQ! 297
973 KeLvInD KeLvInDIf you know all the answers, you simply misunderstood the questions 296
974 Gdinut Gdinut 296
975 SzilardUK SzilardUKBack to university. :) Yeeey. 296
976 JuicedBeaver JuicedBeaver 296
977 Freeleeday FreeleedayAnyone have Battlefield 3 Co-Op to do still? I want to finish 3 before I start 4. 295
978 Fuzzy Churro Fuzzy Churro 295
979 SnelleSjonnie SnelleSjonnie 295
980 CraftyZach man CraftyZach man 295
981 Daniel Harmsen Daniel HarmsenMSc Daniël Harmsen 295
982 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 Itzz Sh0wt1m3 295
983 ST0RMTR00PER321 ST0RMTR00PER321Disk tray on my xbox is currently reversed so i cant play the discs that i have 295
984 FittedCab FittedCabFinally Skyrim DLC for a reasonable price! 295
985 SilvrgunSuprman SilvrgunSuprmanI had a streak going for 73 days and I ended it says it was 61 days? lol 295
986 RunSmith14 294
987 QuickMythril QuickMythril 294
988 CanadianWhizKid CanadianWhizKid| Goal: 96% | Current: 95.83% | Cheevos: 4,991/5,208| GS: 104,155/110,070| 294
989 AngloSaxton AngloSaxtonVery impressed with Titanfall. A lot of fun, and seems very natural when playing. Can't wait for the full version 294
990 Polerand Polerand4,444 achievements earned. Neat. 294
991 DRUNKZ 27 DRUNKZ 27The Michael Jordan of being a Son of a Bitch 293
992 CracKforBrumak CracKforBrumak 293
993 SjF SjFWindows 7, to get? or not to get? =/ 293
994 CausingJacob CausingJacobWinter is coming... 292
995 Bboy360 com Bboy360 com 292
996 Mr Donatti Mr Donatti 292
997 Tantric Monkeys Tantric MonkeysPlaying BLOPS on the PS3 as there rubbish gamers compared to Xbox 291
998 Mince Pie 77 Mince Pie 77Oooooohhh the Lumia 1320 is a big fuck off phone!! Time to start some free games.... 291
999 DeadGreg84 DeadGreg84 291
1,000 Sku11ySn1p3r Sku11ySn1p3r 291