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1,502 UltimateTT66 UltimateTT66 231
1,503 Zoku Gojira Zoku Gojira"I rejected those answers. I chose the impossible. I chose... RAPTURE!" 230
1,504 Armstrong x360a Armstrong x360a 230
1,505 CyberSpectre CyberSpectre 230
1,506 DimitRiDel DimitRiDelGive a friend a gift 230
1,507 E2C99G8R E2C99G8R3 of my 4 negative feedback are bullshit. 230
1,508 Buckswana Buckswana 229
1,509 EDLESON2K6 EDLESON2K6May Krampus visit your doorstep if you have been bad this year 229
1,510 UK360 COMMANDO UK360 COMMANDOFuck me, I just sacrificed the c*nt and watched the end scenes and credits and now he's back on the Normandy like nothing happened!! Rock Hard!! lol 229
1,511 Unilol Unilol98 games is what I have left to do on this console. I think I'll get on some of them in a near future. 229
1,512 ii DEMIGODz ii DEMIGODzXbox. MMA. Judo. Death Metal. 229
1,513 Lobo Samhain Lobo SamhainAnyone down for some Prey multiplayer? 229
1,514 COLLOSUS5172 COLLOSUS5172Don't taze me bro!! 229
1,515 Gannon94 Gannon94Would like to meet friendly players, the more Irish the better, drop me a TA or an XBL message 229
1,516 Unit215 Unit215Bloody MCC achievements are in french, and no way to change it? Is 343 that retarded to think Belgium has only french speaking people??? 229
1,517 jackanape jackanapeCurse that Fantasia MP achievement. 228
1,518 A 0 UB3RLOZ3R A 0 UB3RLOZ3Ri don't know if i should buy a 25 buck 360 comes with nothing but the box 228
1,519 Paul Doyle Paul DoyleThey completely fucked up COD mp! Well done! 228
1,520 GamerDtK78 GamerDtK78Finally deleted my Facebook-account. Was about time. 228
1,521 Vanvonhunter1 Vanvonhunter1Warface Status Level 23... 228
1,522 o Shadowlaw o o Shadowlaw o 228
1,523 MustangNights MustangNightsPlaying on my PS4, same tag if you want to add me there. 228
1,524 MartyMcFal MartyMcFalTime to get the love back for gaming and getting achievements! 228
1,525 Sticks Prime Sticks PrimeTime to get some hardcore gaming in before I leave for Japan 228
1,526 White Shadows White ShadowsI used to be hardcore. 228
1,527 AberrantViso AberrantVisoWish I had more time for video games 228
1,528 Rosshk RosshkThe Xbox Music Deals App has 100 free, great albums right now (Win 8 and phone). 227
1,529 Wookiee Hairem Wookiee HairemI thought I would be bored of AC4 after playing it on 360, I'm happy to be wrong :) (wtf my profile isn't updating cheevos for it?) 227
1,530 DefEdge DefEdgeStupid copywrite laws, I had to trade my copy of The Crew 360 for a copy of Horizon 2 360 and 11 bucks Wal-Mart store credit. Better trade I suppose. 227
1,531 Evilragd0ll Evilragd0llDon't let the world rot. 227
1,532 tecian tecian 227
1,533 Paul Wesley 91 Paul Wesley 91I wonder why they changed the win steak panel to show 5 instead of 10. 226
1,534 DeesDonuts DeesDonutsThe owls are not what they seem. 226
1,535 Dr S Needlez Dr S NeedlezMinecraft XB1 Friday!! Woohoo! 225
1,536 BloodwCinnamon BloodwCinnamonAlien, Dark Souls, Isaac Rebirth, Wolfenstein, South Park. Five of the year. 225
1,537 Rowdawg88 Rowdawg88 225
1,539 David Do0M David Do0MJust a big, hairy, American winning machine.. 225
1,540 LesserHuman LesserHumanEA fucking over more servers. RIP FIFA 13. 225
1,541 FantasticFranc0 FantasticFranc0My cousins played FIFA 15 on my account. Now I have that damn game on my record forever. Whatever, SSB4 all the way!!! 225
1,542 A 1998 Mustang A 1998 MustangI'm not getting messages when someone comments on something anymore...what the? 225
1,543 Dalimbak Dalimbak 224
1,544 Draco719 Draco719Halo 4 glitched achievements just got patched! 224
1,545 FalconGR LIVE FalconGR LIVETitanfall is done! Its time for Wolfenstein! :D 224
1,546 MulticronX MulticronXTF #2/9/3 GTA4 #823 MSHS:TIG #17 Skylanders #23/25/4/2 de Blob 2 #37 40K:SM #198 224
1,547 SemanticV0id SemanticV0id 224
1,548 moose0030 moose0030Sports games in 2006 feel so good now! 224
1,549 BaronVonPoopey BaronVonPoopeyI've set my gamerpic on TA to be my XBone piccy, but it won't change. Can anyone give me some clues about what I'm doing wrong? 224
1,550 karterfone karterfoneAhh, nothing closes out a week quite like DEEP HURTING -- 224
1,551 Page Daemon Page DaemonThe hard raid is just...fuck man, just fuck. However, I've now done all raid segments without dying, so progress! 224
1,552 nV KiD RoBoT nV KiD RoBoT 224
1,553 REALFOX81 REALFOX81Hat einer schon was beim Xbox Aventskalender gewonnen? 223
1,554 VulturousPiano VulturousPianoSo, I am unable to enter car meets on FH2. Marvelous... 223
1,556 ThreeHaddock62 ThreeHaddock62....aaaaand another XB1 games where my ach's aren't popping. It's been a year and they haven't fixed this shit yet?? 223
1,557 Rikk Bird Rikk BirdStarting MCC really stuffed up my completion % goal. Need to work harder! 223
1,558 Reina Watt Reina WattGaming with no purpose 223
1,559 Xystra Xystrastatus. 223
1,560 ULTIMATE BTD ULTIMATE BTDFinishing old games and starting new ones. 222
1,561 NitrousSpeed NitrousSpeedNitrousSpeed won 179 Achievements in 7 games, for a total of 7,436 TrueAchievement points (2,340 GamerScore). November 2014 222
1,562 DongleKing DongleKingLet the streak begin 222
1,563 rangersfan414 rangersfan414Xbox is coming out with a Pizza App so you can order through the console and kinect LOL 222
1,564 WhyattThrash WhyattThrashJust bought Dark Souls after everyone saying I should try it. Not sure I'll like it but at least I found it pretty cheap! 222
1,565 Nudge2enter Nudge2enter 222
1,566 Dj ayresey Dj ayresey 221
1,567 gobey17 gobey17Want to finish some old games, though not sure if I should go for Feeding Frenzy or Braid. Hmm... 221
1,568 xWalkingDisease xWalkingDiseaseNot had an ethernet cable for about 2 weeks now, new one due next week. 221
1,569 RoboShatner RoboShatnerDragon Age 2... ugh. 221
1,570 Epic Debaser Epic DebaserWatch the England game or play Forza 5? Not sure if I can be bothered watching eleven overpaid shitheads play football. 221
1,571 V0CALICMAX V0CALICMAXRIP my old account VocalicMax i can't access anymore... 221
1,573 ultimag17 ultimag17Having fun playing MW2! 221
1,574 pdean52 pdean52 221
1,575 MrMadeYouLook MrMadeYouLookGrade Microsoft's E3 press conference.... 221
1,576 rekikire x360a rekikire x360aWhat should I play next after Batman Arkham City? Darksiders or Alan Wake? 220
1,577 ChaosAlert ChaosAlertAfter Burner Climax is no longer available on the Xbox Marketplace. RIP. 220
1,578 ElmoRedColor ElmoRedColor151 Completed Games | 93 % | 7,109 Achievements 220
1,579 a 1WP VidMast3r a 1WP VidMast3rThinking about need for speed rivals. Anyone have that game to get the 2 mp achieves? 220
1,580 Arcdelad Arcdelad 220
1,581 Red Thunder 86 Red Thunder 866/10 Classic games beaten with 350 score on WP AE Fruit Slash. No achievements. Just want to beat the F2P microtransaction jerks at their own game. 220
1,582 olde fortran 77 olde fortran 77--- 220
1,583 Crying Cola Crying ColaBeat Call of Duty 4-9 on veteran now 220
1,584 salut allo salut alloStarting to feel like college is leading me absolutely nowhere. Not too sure what to do about it lol. 220
1,585 Griefor Griefor 220
1,586 Murder of Birds Murder of BirdsBack on my achievement grind! 50K, here I come! 220
1,587 AKU Dorkinstine AKU DorkinstineNeed help with MAN BEAR PIG Achieve help!!! 220
1,588 Ultima22 Ultima22Question, friends: Shadows of Mordor or Wolfenstein? 219
1,589 NMN NMNAn achievement a day keeps the doctor away! 219
1,590 ALollz ALollzOn the way to 80% completion. 300 or so achievements to go 219
1,591 Gator Deve 86 Gator Deve 86Microsoft killed achievement hunting for me... 1k for One arcade games is rediculous 219
1,592 Blame Essence Blame EssenceStill not able to make any WP games connect to XBL. Checked my date/time settings. Anyone know how to fix this? 219
1,593 teh real weasel teh real weasel 219
1,594 v AggressoR x v AggressoR x 218
1,595 Efford EffordJust beat the first mission in Black Ops 1 and then unlocked the achievement for beating the game on Veteran....... 218
1,596 elzueco elzuecoGot my ps3 up n running. PSN ID: elzueco 218
1,597 Steaksaucepie SteaksaucepieVaaliant Hearts, is the greatest game I've played in a long time. (not gameplay wise, but the story) 218
1,598 Lefty24 Lefty24 218
1,599 ITz l Skillz l ITz l Skillz lHey peeps dont forget SSX is now free to download for GoD 218
1,600 LockieF LockieFCheck out my level "Jump Peasant Jump!" on Project Spark. 218