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1,501 Capt Poopey Capt PoopeyGamerscore currently at 99,998. Time to give it away and take up decoupage??? Muahahaha!!! 243
1,502 PrimevalFIREFLY PrimevalFIREFLY 243
1,503 D0CT0R WH0VIAN D0CT0R WH0VIANThe Cole Train runs on whole grain, baby! Woooooooo! 243
1,504 Lainey80 Lainey80My life is just one long complicated drinking game... 243
1,505 tecian tecian 242
1,506 COLLOSUS5172 COLLOSUS5172Do I have three friends to help me with Black Ops 1? PAck a punch and all weapons achievement? 242
1,507 DJP519 DJP519Good riddance to kinect. 242
1,508 Darrcyphfeid DarrcyphfeidFinal Fantasy XI having the same TA Ratio as Blue Dragon, and being lower than Eternal Sonata, makes me sad. 242
1,509 Pr1nce0fDarknez Pr1nce0fDarknezMortal Kombat X Test your Might has to be the most annoying mini game ever 242
1,510 chalon9 chalon9We're all mad here 242
1,511 THEbigBROWNIE THEbigBROWNIETime to Buckle down and finish my bean dive!! Then its onto finishing the Gears franchise....yay!! 242
1,512 Fang v2 Fang v2 242
1,513 AirNath AirNath 241
1,514 EDLESON2K6 EDLESON2K6It would be better to fade away, than to deal with it any day 241
1,515 Legendary XBA Legendary XBAfirst of 6 planned completions this week :) 241
1,516 minus15T minus15TIs there any word on what this weeks Games With Gold title is? Can't find anything online for it 241
1,517 Mr Z53 Mr Z53Dishonored is amazing and if you haven't played it yet I highly recommend it! 241
1,518 Edge2099 Edge2099so many games to play so little time lol 241
1,519 El Chico Momin El Chico MominFirst out of my friends to beat MW3 on Veteran. Sweet! 241
1,520 Jamiereloaded23 Jamiereloaded23Didn't think there was a great deal of titles I wanted in the sale, however I just checked and I've picked up 8 games on Xbox One & Xbox 360 :D 240
1,521 Rabbska Rabbska 240
1,522 H4nds0mH4ns3l H4nds0mH4ns3lIs there anybody on here who is also having problems with achievements not unlocking, in any of their games? It's passing me off!! 240
1,523 Steaksaucepie Steaksaucepiebroke 13k GS today working on the 15k GS 240
1,524 a 1WP VidMast3r a 1WP VidMast3rHave a session up for flawless raider if anyone interested 240
1,525 JuCaMo JuCaMoSpending all my gaming time on that other system lately, specifically emblem hunting on MGS4. 240
1,526 celestial purge celestial purgeDerp. 240
1,527 DefEdge DefEdgeFinally got A Day in the Life, don't have to do that again. I can actually do the driving and advance the career again. 239
1,528 truthfu1gam3r truthfu1gam3r 239
1,529 KillaKevin24 KillaKevin24Hotel internet is not the best it could be. 239
1,530 spankyNspronkle spankyNspronkleThinking about starting Warframe. Does the weapon leveling glitch/exploit still work? 239
1,531 MichaelMackie1 MichaelMackie1Kweh Kweh! Kweeeeh! K-KWEEEEH!!! 239
1,532 Neko Pounce Neko PounceA awful lot of xbox 360 games I want to play have come out recently so I've brought a new xbox. :) 239
1,533 Solamon77 Solamon77Balls to spare! 239
1,534 IncrediBoy IncrediBoyI can't really get into any of the games I have. 239
1,535 GREGO McGEE GREGO McGEEFear is the absence of hope. And hope is the spread wings of a bat shining on the clouds. 238
1,536 A 0 UB3RLOZ3R A 0 UB3RLOZ3Ri think Max TCOB requires to much effort for the former most completed XBOne game still 2nd 238
1,537 DarkLord Zephyr DarkLord ZephyrThis has been quite the week but it made me a stronger person. Glad to be feeling myself again. Thanks to those that helped me through, it means a lot 238
1,538 I am JeffRay90 I am JeffRay90 238
1,539 toxicitymitch toxicitymitchVOLGARR!!!! AGHHH!!!! 238
1,540 Gob B1uth Gob B1uthMake Mine Marvel 238
1,541 FightingMegaFoo FightingMegaFooGlad Turn 10 didn't make FH2. They'd still be measuring raindrops and puddles with lasers right now. 238
1,542 Antr0p0phagus Antr0p0phagusOmg, there's some really sweet things announced at E3!! 238
1,543 Ms Dudette Ms Dudettehaving fun 238
1,544 Zombified ZombifiedZombies, the misunderstood canibal. 237
1,545 d3nn1s99999 d3nn1s99999 237
1,547 meitante kiba meitante kibagames to finish next : single player game) silent hill downpour. multiplayer game) need for speed Rivals 237
1,548 Toots McCleggan Toots McClegganSlacking on achievements......because I'm playing Darts! 237
1,549 GnomishNinja GnomishNinjaKILLER INSTINCT! 237
1,550 MATHlEU MATHlEUBattlefield 3 = Awesome! 237
1,551 Subliminal Cuts Subliminal CutsLyle thinks he is Tony Hawk and Stephen can't decide who to romance: Blackwall or Iron Bull 236
1,552 StuartATrueRed StuartATrueRedhmm........ 236
1,553 Masta Skor 16 Masta Skor 16Looking for a coop partner for Halo:ODST and/or Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, anyone ? 236
1,554 MADeyePadEYE MADeyePadEYEDon't you just love buying a 3rd copy of the same game to boost! 235
1,555 IRON MAN Ai IRON MAN AiHalo gaming nights every weekend, custom if enough people, mm otherwise. Bringing back the good times! Want in then send a message or just jump in 235
1,556 Nekroflame NekroflameHWJ2D-TP4RH-27DMV-7J4QW-4JT3Z 235
1,557 Hey Retto Hey RettoI can't wait for Dark Souls 2!!! 235
1,558 Arashi Sora Arashi SoraLiving. Breathing. Gaming. 235
1,559 FantasticFranc0 FantasticFranc0100% legit Titanfall completion. It was a very fun 200 hour experience. 235
1,560 jackanape jackanapeGetting bored of Halo MCC wrecking my completion %. 100 achievements for ODST is major overkill. 234
1,561 REAPER O26 REAPER O26Little Reaper has finally arrived! 234
1,562 candy cowboy candy cowboygot to round 37 on zombies solo and not achievement..WTF 234
1,563 Cheese Touch Cheese TouchI'm just noticing my December birthday greetings now. Been away for a bit :( 234
1,564 TopClassNeek TopClassNeek 234
1,565 Lobo Samhain Lobo SamhainLooking to boost Happy Wars (360) 234
1,566 olde fortran 77 olde fortran 77--- 234
1,567 ORIGENxGarboMan ORIGENxGarboManStill diving.... Ready to be done, but not quite where I want to be. Hopefully I can end soon. 234
1,568 salut allo salut allojust flying by to drop a beautiful song if anyone feels a bit down. 234
1,569 Befallen Legate Befallen LegateHoly crack pipe batman. It's a flying moose. 234
1,570 ATA Rayce 2k9 ATA Rayce 2k9 234
1,571 BigSalad87 BigSalad87 234
1,572 RedOctoberX RedOctoberXOh, I hit 50,000! yay! 234
1,573 Buckswana Buckswana 233
1,574 AKA Swede AKA Swede 233
1,575 Spartan MRC178 Spartan MRC178Anyone have Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 that can do a couple of quick Achievements....Like now? 233
1,576 II darksmile II II darksmile IIim done whit my first game whith 2000G :D 233
1,577 karterfone karterfoneTook stock of the games in my download list. Gods, I was a horder. Gonna have to write off a good 80-90% of that list. 233
1,578 The Gerbil The Gerbil 233
1,579 DeadMarten DeadMarten 233
1,580 Blackflame0729 Blackflame0729Play? Sleep? Sleep < Play 233
1,581 TombOfAnubis 232
1,582 ElmoRedColor ElmoRedColor163 Completed Games | 94 % | 7,838 Achievements 232
1,583 NMN NMNAn achievement a day keeps the doctor away! 232
1,584 KaibaChaos KaibaChaosGrr, my Windows Phone 7 keeps turning off....this is really frustrating. 232
1,585 EnbukanSquirrel EnbukanSquirrel 232
1,586 Zero Judgement Zero JudgementDifference between PC and Console, Constume Quest 2 already 50% off on Steam! 232
1,587 Callumpy 232
1,588 Sticks Prime Sticks PrimeTime to get some hardcore gaming in before I leave for Japan 232
1,589 Paul Doyle Paul Doylehalo is the most overrated game of all time! 231
1,590 Rosshk Rosshkmore like, "Games with OLD" 231
1,591 Redemption626 Redemption626Need to get serious about fininshing serious 3.0!! 231
1,593 Dj ayresey Dj ayresey 230
1,594 Mr McMuffen Mr McMuffenis Goat simulator worth getting 230
1,595 TheSpinalClerk TheSpinalClerk13,000GS before July 30th. That's the goal. 230
1,596 Zoku Gojira Zoku Gojira"I rejected those answers. I chose the impossible. I chose... RAPTURE!" 230
1,597 RoboShatner RoboShatnerDragon Age 2... ugh. 230
1,598 Freamwhole FreamwholeIt is recording time again - Achievement Hounds Podcast - any questions you'd like answered or discussed? 230
1,599 KirkSadler KirkSadlerFinally bought an XBox One. I have 227 games for the 360, hoping for much less for the One. 230
1,600 CyberSpectre CyberSpectre 230