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2,301 Mayvn Mayvn 170
2,302 Beth Bear Beth BearFeels like games releasing without glitched achievements is becoming a rare occurrence these days. 169
2,303 ixnay37 ixnay37Won another Xbone and a copy of Forza 6 tonight, woop 169
2,304 Aldrahn69 Aldrahn69August 2015: 472 Achievements in 38 games, for a total of 14,326 TrueAchievement points (9,610 GamerScore). 169
2,305 Always Saucy Always Saucy 169
2,306 vegansound vegansoundWin Animal Rights 169
2,307 EastX EastXI never met a man I didn't meet. 169
2,308 kurdtkalv kurdtkalv 169
2,309 FuhzDHAT FuhzDHATAdd my new account on TA! 169
2,310 E5SX B01 E5SX B01literally every star wars pc game on offer with steam at the moment, sorely tempted considering i never played KOTOR and Battlefront games 169
2,311 adamrulz adamrulzI need to stop starting all of these games with sooo many cheevos! Killing the % 169
2,312 CrippleThreat8 CrippleThreat8Destiny multiplayer is not designed for someone with my disability. 169
2,313 Keizaron and Twitter @StevenAEisner 169
2,314 SantaUndercover SantaUndercoverNext target 90K gs 169
2,315 racerdude1320 racerdude1320I beat all the halo games solo on legendary 169
2,316 Redbaron671 Redbaron671Well TTG Game of Thrones....that was one way to end the first episode and hook me. 169
2,317 TheRickMoranis TheRickMoranis 169
2,318 LovableCrazee LovableCrazee 169
2,319 o Berserkr o Berserkr 169
2,320 The Outcast2 The Outcast2You know what pisses me off pple getting games early free just because there "reviewers" even tho there sites have zero traffic.i pay n have to wait 168
2,321 acaraba2 acaraba2PAX Prime is officially over. Had lots of fun. Hopefully I can do it again next year. 168
2,322 Maximus Rage Maximus Rage 168
2,324 COTTERS3000 COTTERS3000 168
2,325 Virtual Boy Virtual Boy 168
2,326 RaPnBaLL26 RaPnBaLL26Wow! 343i finally took their heads out of their asses! I applaud them. 168
2,327 Tardii TardiiI need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle. 168
2,328 Diamond Thing Diamond ThingDunun dunun dana-na-nun! Tshh tsh-tsh-tshh! The beatles Happy birthday is the only song people are allowed to sing for me today! 168
2,329 johannasceasara johannasceasara 168
2,330 l 2Bad2Fast l l 2Bad2Fast lyey nfs the run is fixed :D 168
2,331 CuteAzz CuteAzz 168
2,332 travalanche1985 travalanche1985How am I just finding out that Game Room is no longer available? Fuck... 168
2,333 Cannon Fodder06 Cannon Fodder06WP game alert - Tiny Troopers 2 available!!!! 168
2,334 KeyB1adeWar KeyB1adeWarI'm sure a lot of people will hate this status but goodness I can't wait for Taken King!!!!! 168
2,335 ZhuleCRO1985 ZhuleCRO1985Assassin's Creed III Season Pass ... Finally on sale 50% !! 168
2,336 braKito braKito 168
2,337 d3vilsNight d3vilsNightMissing in Action 168
2,338 OmegaRob3rt OmegaRob3rt 168
2,339 Hybridchld HybridchldOnly 2 left in MCC! Never doing Truth & Recon every again! 167
2,340 guitar2009 guitar2009purchased an xbox one. really impressed at this point in time. 167
2,341 oHIGHxINxAxBOXo oHIGHxINxAxBOXo 167
2,342 SinisterPhoenix SinisterPhoenixAnyone interested in starting up a fantasy football league via 167
2,343 jassick jassick 167
2,344 Pirate Pivo Pirate Pivoi hate that i am doing this oneExplorer in Mafia II 167
2,345 ACS Eldres ACS Eldresa review for Murdered Soul Suspect from a good friend. show him some love :) 167
2,346 Tizzight0 Tizzight0 167
2,347 Helmaroc Helmaroc 167
2,348 M155G4DG8T M155G4DG8T 167
2,349 KungFuStu72 KungFuStu72Trying to increase my completion percentage. 166
2,350 Doc Buddha Doc BuddhaCheckmate fool! 166
2,351 CiaphasCain M41 CiaphasCain M41With great power comes great opportunity 166
2,352 Level 75 Noob Level 75 Noob 166
2,353 Craphex CraphexPro member 166
2,354 Danky1227 Danky1227 166
2,355 Pakhair PakhairAny of my Friends use PSN(Ps4), please do reply or message, add me also on PSN its "The-Shadow--Hawk" 166
2,356 CADET OF SAS CADET OF SASanyone have sniper elite 3 or know someone that can help on multiplayer...?? 166
2,357 Drachen77 Drachen77Going back to college. Bye Bye video games. 166
2,358 HOBO Gord420 HOBO Gord420Finally 100% Dark Souls 2, FUCK YEAH! What R U Casul?! Lol, it was very hard and time consuming to do, but hot damn does it feel good to have it done! 166
2,359 Anabolic Locust Anabolic LocustThe Witcher 3 is delayed until Feb 2015. Sad News, Boys :'( 166
2,360 kevthejedi kevthejediConsidering getting Rocksmith 166
2,361 NURSEwithWOUND NURSEwithWOUNDHuge pile to do starting with: Forza 5, Black Ops II, Braid speed run, cleanup various music games 166
2,362 nbajam77 nbajam77I am still alive guys - if all goes well I will be back later this year, Lord willing... 166
2,363 ShaneKarma ShaneKarmaI'm kind of on a semi-hiatus but I am still semi-pumped about Cuphead. Finally something original 165
2,364 RedBlinky RedBlinkyThe fishing in eso needs to be tweaked bad the rare blue fish are so rare it's dumb each zone is going to take you 6-8 hours and theirs 15 of them.... 165
2,365 PriorKarma PriorKarmaCan't sleep, must warn the others ... 165
2,366 Aindrais Aindrais 165
2,367 DUDE2386 DUDE2386I've joined the army and leave February 10 165
2,368 James12183 James12183I really think these idiotic game developers need to quit it with online multiplayer achievements. 165
2,369 BARTLEBEE BARTLEBEEWhy do I see a Playstation advertisement on TA? 165
2,370 Dark Cell NZ Dark Cell NZ 165
2,371 Wannabe Actuary Wannabe ActuaryGOW3: Max rank (400/400), 41/65 onyx medals (MP: 22/43, Horde: 4/7, Beast: 7/7, Campaign: 8/8) 165
2,372 RaginCajun928 RaginCajun928Won't be on xbox for all of September, moving to Alabama temp. for a job. I will return in October. 165
2,373 JohnnyGreenback JohnnyGreenback 165
2,374 Vollmernator VollmernatorHaving Fun With Xbox One 165
2,375 JTSFR8 JTSFR8Efteling is awesome. No lines to join the rollercoasters, my kind of theme park. Love it 165
2,376 nighthawk8709 nighthawk8709Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game! Seriously recommend it to anyone looking for a new game :) 165
2,377 evilknight23 evilknight23If you want to oost MP please contact me on XBL all messages on hee I will probably miss. 164
2,378 I am the batdan I am the batdanHoney Badger don't care. 164
2,379 MEGAMAN962 MEGAMAN962 164
2,380 Lanceride LancerideSolution for Blacksmith in Terraria (Xbox 360) This solution deserves some upvotes, friends. 164
2,381 Vdeathrow93 Vdeathrow93Reached 100K gamerscore. Now what? 164
2,382 MNRussell MNRussell 164
2,383 KillerGreenBud3 KillerGreenBud3Xbox has been OverHeatin so I Broke it down & Cleaned everything, 17 Pieces, Looks New & Plays Perfect, Saved $40-$140, & Modded my Fan to 12 Volts :) 164
2,384 bloodening666 bloodening666consderably less sess's :P pretty much done, like 50 achieves left to get total.... 30/50 games completed 164
2,385 MovieMan5021 MovieMan5021Moving on!! 164
2,386 Patriot65108 Patriot65108Thinking about ditching Windows Phone...many apps are no longer supported and games suck 163
2,387 TheReaperWaitsx TheReaperWaitsxLooks like Kingdoms and Lords is working again. Now to get that last achievement! 163
2,388 FroZeNSouL FroZeNSouL26 odd more wins in Piolet Hunter and think done with Titanfall! Been good run but think should have been playing with friends from beginning 163
2,389 SeMi KiD SeMi KiDre bought an xbox 360... hope to play some old games with you guys sometime 163
2,390 Steviefull SteviefullLooking for someone with Carassone on mobile who can do the online with me 163
2,391 IxSILENTxI IxSILENTxI100k gamerscore haha yay 163
2,392 Nic Jessop Nic JessopI should have time for 1 more game before Uni starts up. What to play what to play. 163
2,393 xxWOJOxx xxWOJOxxYES!! Halo Wars 2!! 163
2,394 ZZRsy ZZRsyBackwards compatibility, playing Shenmue II on my 360. 163
2,395 Radiant Flames Radiant FlamesGuess that I'll try for 100% finish for The Last Remnant even tho I've finish it achievement wised. 163
2,396 DMK222 DMK222Bulletstorm gamers needed 163
2,397 Scarey Turtle Scarey Turtle 163
2,398 Rey Xboxer Rey Xboxerim going to put here a list of games im going to sell withou starting them. if theres anyone you think hey check it out before selling it! write here 162
2,399 UplandParasite8 UplandParasite8 162
2,400 Skin Coat Skin Coatdont be scared homie 162