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2,101 Tizzight0 Tizzight0 167
2,102 ACS Eldres ACS Eldresa review for Murdered Soul Suspect from a good friend. show him some love :) 167
2,103 Helmaroc HelmarocI'll just be here, floating on top of the sea of people playing GTA V. 167
2,104 braKito braKito 167
2,105 WookieKiller247 WookieKiller247Destiny is about to OWN my life. 167
2,106 Green Espeon Green Espeon 167
2,107 MADeyePadEYE MADeyePadEYEMADeyePadEYE won 395 Achievements and 1 Challenge in 50 games, for a total of 12,289 TrueAchievement points (8,391 Gamer 166
2,108 SatNiteEduardo SatNiteEduardo 166
2,109 CiaphasCain M41 CiaphasCain M41Too much to play 166
2,110 COTTERS3000 COTTERS3000 166
2,111 FuhzDHAT FuhzDHATDestiny, Destiny, Destiny. 166
2,112 Achilles8249 Achilles8249 166
2,113 Kontonno KontonnoSorry my gamer score isn't higher. Not all of us live on Xbox Live like you do. 166
2,114 Dark Earth King Dark Earth KingSlender: The Arrival; worth my time in ripping my hair out, or not at all? 166
2,115 Anabolic Locust Anabolic LocustThe Witcher 3 is delayed until Feb 2015. Sad News, Boys :'( 166
2,116 Pirate Pivo Pirate PivoPox to you credit card.... without live for a few days :( 166
2,117 Demo MCN Demo MCNShould be getting my Xbox One next week :O In the meantime i still have backlog to clear more than enough. 166
2,118 THEE G0NZ THEE G0NZCheck out my Gears Of War 3 sessions for Seriously 3.0 166
2,119 kevthejedi kevthejediConsidering getting Rocksmith 166
2,120 nbajam77 nbajam77I am still alive guys - if all goes well I will be back later this year, Lord willing... 166
2,121 DeAtH434 DeAtH434I think I threw up a little. 165
2,122 ShaneKarma ShaneKarmaNot doing any achievement hunting at the moment, just concentrating on finishing all CoD titles. 165
2,123 Otouto72 Otouto72 165
2,124 XboxFreak36 XboxFreak36 165
2,125 The Ju1ce The Ju1ceYeah? Well, you know, that's just like, uh, your opinion, man. 165
2,126 aps42 aps42 165
2,127 PRO GLiTCHxx PRO GLiTCHxxPRO GLiTCHxx won 414 Achievements in 24 games, for a total of 17,034 TrueAchievement points (9,265 GamerScore). 165
2,128 Titanium Bounce Titanium Bounce 165
2,129 Fear The People Fear The PeoplePointless collectibles, The bane of my existence :p 165
2,130 Oz Catalyst zO Oz Catalyst zOOn my way to EGX! 165
2,131 Dark Cell NZ Dark Cell NZ 165
2,132 z RagnaroK z z RagnaroK zWow it's been a while, my how the site has grown and changed. What's up everyone? 165
2,133 Wannabe Actuary Wannabe ActuaryGOW3: Max rank (400/400), 41/65 onyx medals (MP: 22/43, Horde: 4/7, Beast: 7/7, Campaign: 8/8) 165
2,134 nighthawk8709 nighthawk8709Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game! Seriously recommend it to anyone looking for a new game :) 165
2,135 I am the batdan I am the batdanHoney Badger don't care. 164
2,136 The Peanut Dude The Peanut DudeIt's been a week since I last got an achievement. Warframe is still awesome. 164
2,137 JLogan27 JLogan27Dead Rising---50 survivors to go for 100% completion 164
2,138 THE DEADLY DOG THE DEADLY DOGIF anyone has Modern Warfare 3 DLCs and wants to help out shoot me a message! 164
2,139 Vollmernator VollmernatorHaving Fun With Xbox One 164
2,140 Moat Carp Moat Carp 163
2,142 spankyNspronkle spankyNspronkle1st of the Month. Get your Forza Rewards! You'll get Horizon 2 rewards even if you don't own the game yet... 163
2,143 IxSILENTxI IxSILENTxI100k gamerscore haha yay 163
2,145 Vdeathrow93 Vdeathrow93Not sure if I'll do the TA Bean Dive this year. Not many games I need to start. May get more after Ultimate Game Sale 163
2,146 DMK222 DMK222Bulletstorm gamers needed 163
2,147 Scarey Turtle Scarey Turtle 163
2,148 neeker75 neeker75Completed Child of Light (X1) but "Sunrise" has expectedly glitched. Very disappointing. 162
2,149 LOST Thanu LOST ThanuOzymandias 162
2,150 truthfu1gam3r truthfu1gam3rIf anyone has dark sector please message me on possible online completion for it 162
2,151 Coadster1 x360a Coadster1 x360aGot all the MP achievements in James Cameron's Avatar before the servers shutdown yay 162
2,152 Skin Coat Skin Coatdont be scared homie 162
2,153 Cobalt 1983 Cobalt 1983dfahvbuilviova uh vuijafv uhji!!! 162
2,154 Lord Terentius Lord TerentiusFinally! 100% World of Tanks again [smile] 162
2,155 kid vicious kid viciousO_o 162
2,156 o Melfice o MelficeOne month later, my console is turned on... 162
2,157 SeMi KiD SeMi KiDThinking about selling my xbox again... :o but resisting because of borderlands 2, and bioshock infinite.... :/ 162
2,158 RaajTM RaajTM 162
2,159 ThaRiLL C0nv1cT ThaRiLL C0nv1cTWhen is it not appropriate to dine on a video game? 162
2,160 Steviefull SteviefullLooking for someone with Carassone on mobile who can do the online with me 162
2,161 sirthomas420 sirthomas420Juggalotus 162
2,162 HonorguyXNL HonorguyXNLPretty much quit the xbox as most might have noticed. I'm out. Was fun though. 162
2,163 archer139 archer139i really hate ass hats on here, i'm fighting the biggest forest fire in califorina histroy and he is worried about 162
2,164 xxWOJOxx xxWOJOxxAchievement unlocked: Ran first Half Marathon this weekend! 162
2,165 Ben Legend Ben LegendQuite enjoyed 1000/1000 on Final Fantasy XIII-2. But still nowhere near as good as FF IX. 162
2,166 LG 360 bayb LG 360 bayb 162
2,167 Smash41 Smash41 162
2,168 Cheddahz CheddahzOh hey guys, I got a Xbox One 162
2,169 Saikred SaikredOTBC 162
2,170 Fariko Lymp Fariko LympPro-Gamer for Fariko Gaming 162
2,171 M155G4DG8T M155G4DG8TM155G4DG8T has created a new goal: Complete all offline single-player achievements before upgrading to PS4. 162
2,172 X Power Surge X Power SurgeJumping up and down while clapping my hands singing - If Your Happy And You Know It - 162
2,173 SSCP SSCPLooking at boost BF4 on Xbox360 - And looking to play BF4 (XboxOne) with friends - Anyone fancy it? 161
2,174 A Silent Circus A Silent CircusDestiny PvP is terrible, most unbalanced crap ever. 161
2,175 xRoGuE GriMMx xRoGuE GriMMxWell thanks for no Response on the Charlie Murder Got help from Dingus's buddy and should be done with game today! 161
2,176 AgentZachMorgan AgentZachMorgan#ZachIsBack has encountered some technical difficulties... he forgot to buy a wireless adapter. D'OH! 161
2,177 sirMARIAN sirMARIANSoon no internet access for about 1.5-2 months, let's see how many games i'll be able to complete offline :-) 161
2,178 X InFlames80 X X InFlames80 X 161
2,179 AeriBouS AeriBouS;-)---u 161
2,180 DUDE2386 DUDE2386anyone want to help me with dead rising 2 co-op? 161
2,181 devil in cain devil in cainJust got my xbox one, now waiting for everything to download so I can start playing some games! 161
2,182 psxfreak101 psxfreak101 161
2,183 L1E L1E 161
2,184 ULTIMATE leo129 ULTIMATE leo129Just got my class schedule. Looks like minimal gaming until June 2015 for me 161
2,185 GAMERx420x4LIFE GAMERx420x4LIFEJust found out that The Binding of Isacc is coming to consoles! Soon is all i know... Summer of Arcade release? 161
2,186 iReact x H2 iReact x H2imo awakening was terrible, so hopefully nemesis is something 161
2,188 BGnasty BGnastyGears of War 2 level 100 - one session a week hopefully. 161
2,189 Ebony Shabba Ebony ShabbaLord gwyn cannot handle my parrying i smouth him 161
2,190 SharkOon 7 SharkOon 7 161
2,191 Strikingstriker StrikingstrikerOOOOH YEAAAA 161
2,192 DrFokePhD DrFokePhDetc. and so forth... 161
2,193 DCM7734 DCM7734Just got Red Dead Redemption, And Resident Evil: ORC. Hit me up to boost them if you want. 161
2,194 MotorCityFats13 MotorCityFats13What is online play? Do I pay extra for that? 161
2,195 KillieExile KillieExileGot to wait another 2 days for dark souls 2 as messed my order up, never using them again. 160
2,196 DrSaw DrSaw 160
2,197 Tardii TardiiI need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle. 160
2,198 Nyxil NyxilJust did the Destiny raid with the Halo 4 Global Champion... Nerding out a little bit. 160
2,199 nWo Skyline nWo Skyline 160
2,200 ThreeKingdomsR ThreeKingdomsR 160