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4,501 mehatemex mehatemex 70
4,502 Sc4rlet 4ngel Sc4rlet 4ngelGaMe~NooBinG <3 70
4,503 buzzo9neo buzzo9neoJust 100%'ed all three playthroughs of Arkham Origins, and now I have to do a DLC pack I don't have moeny for. 70
4,504 Savior of cows Savior of cowsnever thought i would find a game that the tutorial achievement would be the hardest one in the game 70
4,505 SNOWBOARD Ballr SNOWBOARD BallrI like being apart of this community. 70
4,506 h 3 d f x h 3 d f xTiny Tina BL2 DLC was BADASS!!! great way to finish a great game, now for BL3 70
4,507 DieSchlinge1066 DieSchlinge1066100% Completed Borderlands 2! 70
4,508 Fuzzy Dude Fuzzy Dude 70
4,509 Shorty11857 Shorty11857 70
4,510 ITz l Skillz l ITz l Skillz lHere's a question to all my friends: Which franchise games should i play to have em all completed? 70
4,511 Eggsish Eggsish 70
4,512 Railer 505 Railer 505 70
4,513 Jahman7 Jahman7Windows Phone Gamer 70
4,514 Noo8Ki11a21 Noo8Ki11a21 70
4,515 BucklingFive016 BucklingFive016Tower master in MK (2011)? Devilishly hard.) 70
4,516 RoboticSuperBop RoboticSuperBopThis is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper. 70
4,517 Titan Teddy 20 Titan Teddy 20Lovin Halo 4!!! 70
4,518 Seany Sh0w Seany Sh0wAnyone can you help me for 5minutes on Halo: Spartan Assault Xbox 360. I need two coop medals. 69
4,519 OnlineKiller J OnlineKiller JI got goosebumps for watching Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer & Can drive the Batmobile. Next Gen Only. Pre-Order 69
4,520 heatlight heatlightAny GRcaders fancy joining the GTASC this year? 69
4,521 disturbedone47 disturbedone47 69
4,522 Frostbite FrostbiteSo I'm in the market to pick up a Microsoft Surface. What should I buy? 69
4,523 TBonePhone TBonePhoneneed a few more Throne Together friends with facebook. 69
4,524 Bananaster Bananaster 69
4,525 Drakenden Drakenden 69
4,526 OldChili360 OldChili360 69
4,527 DeadliestWARI0R DeadliestWARI0R 69
4,528 MootUnicycle MootUnicyclemight get the the GOW3 season pass since its on sale.... 69
4,529 ABACAB72 ABACAB72Gamer, musician, office clerk 69
4,530 Patje x360a Patje x360aworking on the last achievements in Team Crossword (Win 8) 69
4,531 MagnetixSQL MagnetixSQL~Ok Sparky!~ 69
4,532 IntenseKha0s IntenseKha0sMan I hate when I get achievements and afterword see that I got them offline :/ 69
4,534 Kinky Mong Kinky Mong 69
4,535 DTI Shaggy DTI ShaggyMerry Christmas And A Happy New Year To All 69
4,536 Master Chiefing Master ChiefingMJ: The Experience is reminding me how out of shape I am. 69
4,537 Dandorra Dandorra#1 in A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX with Tarus! 69
4,538 Obi Jase Obi JaseDone, done and I'm on to the next one... 69
4,539 b0seiju b0seijuHit 97,5K only 2,500 to go till 100,000gs 69
4,540 colllecionador colllecionadorNow playing: SOMENTE AGE OF EMPIRES ONLINE 69
4,541 SerRothko SerRothko 69
4,542 Scary Superstar Scary Superstar 69
4,543 DJTRUTH1187 DJTRUTH1187 69
4,544 Raging Teapot Raging Teapot 69
4,545 FUDGESLIDE FUDGESLIDEfudgeslide is dead. damn you micro$oft 69
4,546 Pipboy212 Pipboy212Seriously 1.0 and 2.0 done. Seriously 3.0 up next. Oh well I guess i wont be earning as many achievments for awhile. 69
4,547 Beez 808 Beez 808Bleah... 69
4,548 Rjb1984 Rjb1984is looking to do Battlefield 3 & COD MW3 all on Co-Op.... 69
4,549 pixelpixel pixelpixel 69
4,550 HollowPonds HollowPondsTitanfall... Titanfall... Titanfall... hey boss cough cough yeah I'm gonna be sick Thursday... 69
4,551 HhG Brot HhG Brot 69
4,552 vG x Madness vG x MadnessAnyone wanting to boost for Dead Island message me on live :) 69
4,553 KBwolf KBwolf 69
4,554 B ROCKN187 B ROCKN187Looking for experienced Zombies players to help with the dlc cheeves in Black Ops 1 69
4,555 bogeygolf316 bogeygolf316Generic statement of intent/beliefs! 69
4,556 No 1 Richy No 1 RichyYay \o/ 69
4,557 Grumpy Zombie Grumpy ZombieThanks for taking Saints Row IV off sale Microsoft, guess the waiting game continues. 69
4,558 Spybreaker SpybreakerSingleplayer gamer by fate 69
4,559 ArcticfirE XzzX ArcticfirE XzzXNo F*cking Mercy. 69
4,560 Fembot Mojo Fembot Mojo 69
4,561 bonster20 bonster20I guess I'll be playing a lot of pinball in the near future. 69
4,562 ADrunkCanadian ADrunkCanadian 69
4,563 I Sanral I I Sanral I"Headshot, the only true stopper." 69
4,564 Psychobilly1987 Psychobilly1987psychobilly is not a fashion ... its our life its our passion 69
4,565 Urban Flow X26 Urban Flow X26Yo momma!! 69
4,566 j00na5 j00na5 69
4,567 Ray N Jub Ray N JubFinally got some stuff to play on Vita. 69
4,568 thatcantbegood thatcantbegoodWish the PvZ: GW servers were stronger 69
4,569 Truly Jaded Truly JadedRun you clever boy and remember me 69
4,570 zhoban zhoban 69
4,571 The Mottinator The Mottinator 69
4,572 Rockin Cherry Rockin Cherry 69
4,573 VulcanianTomcat VulcanianTomcatKeep an Eye out for my new movie TOOLS, deets on the 1st trailer soon!!! 69
4,574 RunRun44 RunRun44Cleaning up TC's Rainbow Six Vegas series 69
4,575 Ruranski RuranskiThere truly are some Gaming Gods on this site that I'm clearly not worthy of boosting with. I say Gods, I mean cunts. 69
4,576 OBT62 OBT62 69
4,577 theDevilmanX666 theDevilmanX666Right now i'm workin' on my remaining Halo ODST, Rainbow Six Vegas & CoD Zombie cheevos. (See my bio) 69
4,578 OakenLicense6 OakenLicense6I'm Still not impressed with anything about the Xbox 1 are you? 69
4,579 DyingInReverse DyingInReverse2 completed games in the last 2 days.. doing good :D 69
4,580 asmilonGR asmilonGR 69
4,581 grown lil man grown lil man 69
4,582 Mr FORTY SEVEN Mr FORTY SEVENMy FIFA Street savegame got corrupted when I was only 2 cups away from the 100G achievement. This game sucks. Fuck EA... 69
4,583 oSWFCo oSWFCoSeriously 3.0 46/65 medals l will be setting beast and hoarde sessions up if you can join 69
4,584 BiGPaPaRu BiGPaPaRuI want the new south park game 69
4,585 evilqpa evilqpa 69
4,586 P eter van Dam P eter van DamNot going for Xbox One.... Microsoft doesn't impress me at all. Will go for PS4 probably... 69
4,587 TheRequiem95 TheRequiem95 69
4,588 lord grenade lord grenadeKinect Adventures was fast! and is the highest TA ratio game I have completed 69
4,589 Kuroboshi98 Kuroboshi98Finally back online after a six-month hiatus, and with a new Xbox 360E! 69
4,590 Dallasthedude DallasthedudeI don't even know what to think of this... 68
4,591 Lord Goblinboy Lord GoblinboyAnybody got Warhammer: Space Marine? Looking to boost that soon. 68
4,592 cra x360a cra x360aWoooo Strider release 14.2 :D and looking forward towards Dark Souls 2 :D :D 68
4,593 AnxiousAbe AnxiousAbe 68
4,594 ssssssssssssss1 ssssssssssssss1Way too excited for the Stick of Truth! 68
4,595 VitaminAmy VitaminAmyYour favorite LEGO game? I'd like to play another but no idea which one. 68
4,597 Bonzojoe BonzojoeDissapointed that Lightning Returns:FF13 has been delayed until next year, one of the few games I'm looking forwad too 68
4,598 LPSTREETS0LDIER LPSTREETS0LDIERBoosting Halo ODST Halo 4 and Gears Of War 68
4,599 Euph0ricMisery Euph0ricMisery64646 04649 68
4,600 Sherman91587 Sherman91587Not enough time to get all these GFWL done. Why did I have to horde them?! 68