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1,601 MangaPowerZero MangaPowerZeroSplitting time between videogames and friends is quite hard... but once you find the right balance, it's quite enjoyable 207
1,602 One id Wi11y One id Wi11yBacon. 207
1,603 pdean52 pdean52 207
1,604 xSRYANx xSRYANx4 locked 100% achieves in Diablo. This is getting old. 206
1,605 oCorpseGRINDERx oCorpseGRINDERxWhat the hell? Apparently I lost my achievement streak 6 days ago...even though my feed shows an unbroken streak! 206
1,606 Steaksaucepie SteaksaucepieMoving in today! Getting internet set up tomorrow hopefully! 206
1,607 DakuTree DakuTree 206
1,608 Reevys ReevysNintendo Network ID: Reevys, PSN ID: Reevys-91. 206
1,609 Big Papa REZ Big Papa REZBack to Base for a few more months... 2 weeks went by fast. 206
1,610 flosta32 flosta32Does any1 wanna play thru Resident Evil 6 together this week? 206
1,611 theKilling 757 theKilling 757Just gaming for fun now. Can still catch me phishing for achievements from time to time tho... 206
1,612 salut allo salut alloKicked from a lobby, and called a hacker once more on Aegis Wing. I no like being called a hacker :( 206
1,613 ApocaLeepse ApocaLeepse 206
1,614 tmw666 tmw666Anyone interested in doing Halo: Spartan Assault online? ;) 206
1,615 Rikk Bird Rikk BirdI'm the worst achievement hunter ever. No patience in completing games :( 206
1,616 Phantomzero17 Phantomzero17343i can deny all they want. Valve let the cat out of the bag for Halo 3 PC. 206
1,617 Chunky Ninja Chunky Ninja 205
1,618 MattAtom MattAtomMy goal pre destiny is to finish wolfenstein completely and the campaign at least on MW3 205
1,619 Rowdawg88 Rowdawg88 205
1,620 a 1WP VidMast3r a 1WP VidMast3rneed help with titanfall and BF4 205
1,621 Lonesquiff LonesquiffLooking to do the trade with 10 players in Battleblock Theater 205
1,622 RICM0NKEY RICM0NKEYNot touching PFX2 on the One again till they fix the broken achievements. 205
1,623 INTIMIDATOR363 INTIMIDATOR363I Need New Games ~_~ Wanna Borrow Me One? 205
1,624 JODAW JODAWSo what decent games have I missed out on 205
1,625 Bucknut Kevin Bucknut KevinBucknut Kevin won 43 Achievements in 5 games, for a total of 1,601 TrueAchievement points (940 GamerScore). 205
1,626 metalgear2k2 metalgear2k2 205
1,627 Crying Cola Crying ColaBeat Call of Duty 4-9 on veteran now 205
1,628 Signal24Code20 Signal24Code20Thin Blue Line 205
1,629 The Grey Man The Grey ManDarn it. Should have bought Dishonored DLC in the sale. 205
1,630 Chill n Space Chill n Spacebroke 205
1,631 AKA Swede AKA Swede 204
1,632 BlackMage Felix BlackMage FelixIf anyone of you in my friends list here has WWE2k14 and wants to try to boost the 10 online wins send me a message. 204
1,633 Almighty Jei Almighty Jei 204
1,634 XxKeGeR1o1xX XxKeGeR1o1xXI went to a Area One Xbox One to get hands on in chicago Sunday... It was pretty cool. 204
1,635 Red Thunder 86 Red Thunder 86Grind for NASA: 204
1,636 redchaoschao94 redchaoschao94I'M ALIVE 204
1,637 Anemoneman AnemonemanSeriously - 2036 - Last achievement obtained: 8th may 2014 204
1,638 N33dleInTheHay N33dleInTheHayAnyone with Spongebob for xbla want to do the multiplayer? message me if interested! 204
1,639 T1PP3RN4T0R T1PP3RN4T0Rhow is everybody? man its been a while, what are ppl playing i need to get back into something 203
1,640 Swinny Costello Swinny CostelloWatching the Dishonoured ratio climb up provides endless joy :P 203
1,641 Craiglionheart CraiglionheartShoulda planned Diablo a bit better, gonna have to go back to the original to save time.... 203
1,642 BruteForce911 BruteForce911Great, the 3 of 7 SuperSoldier achievement is glitched on Crysis 3 203
1,643 Frankie Godskin Frankie GodskinCoD:AW = Titanfall II: Electric Boogaloo. 203
1,644 Floss1987 Floss1987Lego: The Hobbit is the glitchiest piece of crap I've ever seen. 4 attempts to do 1 level! [angry] 203
1,645 Bardan Jusik Bardan JusikIs anyone interested in stun boosting black flag? I'm down to knock it out quickly and as soon as possible. 203
1,646 NitrousSpeed NitrousSpeed 203
1,647 Gator Deve 86 Gator Deve 86Microsoft killed achievement hunting for me... 1k for One arcade games is rediculous 203
1,648 Dethfuse DethfuseFarming rounds in gears of war 3 while afk. 203
1,649 Mor a Grefa Mor a Grefa 203
1,650 sicsonic sicsonicnext game=??? 203
1,651 LurkingWriter LurkingWriterMigraines really hamper your ability to increase gamerscore. 203
1,652 Xystra Xystrastatus. 203
1,653 blackboxrory blackboxroryGlad my missing achievements finally showed up. 202
1,654 J LEWIS 1 9 8 3 J LEWIS 1 9 8 3check out the trading thread if your interested in trading any 360 games 202
1,655 ImpendIn Agony ImpendIn AgonyMr.Agony of the Laugtonfield Agonys 202
1,656 moexu moexuI think my PS4 is actually less reliable than my initial 360s. And I'm on my tenth XBox. 202
1,657 TopClassNeek TopClassNeek 202
1,658 BARTEK 0077 BARTEK 0077 202
1,659 Davoon66 Davoon66loving the black theme 202
1,660 Opus Taki Opus Taki The Room, abridged. 201
1,661 NiteJokester NiteJokester 201
1,662 JGoDzzz1 JGoDzzz1 201
1,663 Deadly Moves Deadly MovesThats a lovely, lovely voice... 201
1,664 Pisboy Sparxx Pisboy SparxxLara croft, Done ! 201
1,665 CYBORG TANK CYBORG TANKIt's My Destiny! 201
1,666 Awesom3 Pand4 Awesom3 Pand4 201
1,667 LeedomCrud27 LeedomCrud27MY REAL GT IS OPEN ENDED SKY 201
1,668 Deception975 Deception975TA states they don't care if you use modded weapons in games. Yet they are against modders and play with modders. Hmm... 200
1,669 MikeydCT MikeydCTim slowing coming back to cheevos 200
1,670 PatchyAmac PatchyAmac 200
1,671 raimaximum raimaximum 200
1,672 Aesop Blood Aesop BloodBattlefield 3 single player is asscheeks 200
1,673 JaySten JayStenIf this pops up in your feed let me know, wondering if anyone stayed my friend after a 2 year hiatus. 200
1,674 LegendStormcrow LegendStormcrowRunning away from da horde... Which is missing... 200
1,675 v AggressoR x v AggressoR x 199
1,676 rekikire x360a rekikire x360aPlaying Dragon Age is hard in Japanese (if you cant' read Japanese that is) 199
1,677 ForcefulOliver ForcefulOliverwill only use this profil to create session for my 2nd account(forcefuloliver2),probably wont play with this 1 anymore.. 199
1,678 NMN NMNAn achievement a day keeps the doctor away! 199
1,679 Kirkless KirklessFinally got a Windows Phone! 199
1,680 REAPER O26 REAPER O26Little Reaper has finally arrived! 199
1,681 SpinkyMinky SpinkyMinky2014 games: Dead Rising 3, Dead Space 3, Walking Dead, Killer is Dead, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. I think its a sign. 199
1,682 Ryknowmetalhead Ryknowmetalheadawaken awareness preparation 199
1,683 Brujeira BrujeiraSome dodgy ads on the site again... download managers... Russian brides... Merchant Bankers... 199
1,684 NOBLEPX672 NOBLEPX672Rise of the tomb raider, exclusively on Xbox. Thank you, you stupid fucking assholes. 199
1,685 See u in helll See u in helll 199
1,686 Frontman Mike Frontman Mike1.45; 65,426; 66.06%; Let's see what happens next! 199
1,687 creptor5291 creptor5291Pre-ordered Halo Master Cheif Collection today :D 199
1,688 CrystalBlueCook CrystalBlueCook 199
1,689 superjas superjas 198
1,691 DemonDuffeh DemonDuffehNeed to stopbuying dlc for games I don't own yet can't help it wen it on sale 198
1,692 Ki11erLawnGnome Ki11erLawnGnome 198
1,693 The Captain097 The Captain097 198
1,694 olde fortran 77 olde fortran 77--- 198
1,695 XEN610 XEN610Resident Evil 2002 Remake coming to X Box 360! NICE!!! Time to play it on the GC. 198
1,696 Liquid master Liquid masterwell, got all the achievements now on walking dead season 2. alas they're not in order. 198
1,697 Viper Sigma Viper SigmaI may have spoken too soon. Actually leaning toward X1. 198
1,698 LockieF LockieF 198
1,699 LaPsferDayz LaPsferDayzSay it with me - "Laps-fur-daze" 198
1,700 slik slik 198