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5,501 Lord Rahl 81 Lord Rahl 81 61
5,502 Bleakdestiny BleakdestinyWill the circle be unbroken? 61
5,503 JCDRANZER JCDRANZERWhat achievements can I get using a turbo controller?? 61
5,505 VasKain VasKain 61
5,506 MKLKT MKLKT 61
5,507 JoshVqz JoshVqzFuck!! Hitman Absolution corrupted save file after 35 hours of gameplay and just 3 challenges left 61
5,508 Tm5k Tm5kLegend...wait for it...dary. 61
5,509 RickRocker RickRockerI'm playing so much Borderdogs and Watchlands, I get them mixed up [smile] 61
5,510 Revamp Skunk Revamp Skunk73/100K for my Seriously 2.0 Cheevo. Good luck to me! 61
5,511 Arrowmaster Arrowmaster 61
5,512 FuzzyRabbidDogg FuzzyRabbidDogg 61
5,513 brentiscoool brentiscooolStarting my Gears of war grind...Seriously 7042/10000 61
5,514 KB Koukatsu KB Koukatsu 61
5,515 RedCoIa RedCoIaWhatever doom was coming, I deserved it - ... but not yet! 61
5,516 JimDaNinja JimDaNinja 61
5,517 TheProblem20 TheProblem20Hoping for NHL Hitz and Rival Schools... 61
5,518 X Sukebe X X Sukebe X 61
5,520 FlutteryChicken FlutteryChicken 61
5,521 AngryXSuperManX AngryXSuperManXShould finish Batman Atkham city this week and some of black ops 2 zombies with the regulars, glad to have internet back 61
5,522 werewing about those cheevos? 61
5,523 ToadPatrol ToadPatrolGonna start a Lost Planet 2 playthrough. If anyone's interested in joining me let me know. 61
5,524 WilliamRLBaker WilliamRLBakerMy ps3 ylod...*cries* 61
5,525 UGADawg1029 UGADawg1029Beast mode set... ON 61
5,526 The Novacat The Novacat 61
5,527 Blue Papyrus Blue PapyrusI kind of want to try out Dark Souls, but I don't want to be invaded. Wish there was a co-op only option... 61
5,528 BusyRich BusyRichMy first concerted attempt at an achievement win streak, and the TA site fks it up! :-/ 61
5,529 ScotE Doesnt No ScotE Doesnt No 61
5,530 ItsJust1n ItsJust1nPraise the Sun! 61
5,531 coreymawf 61
5,532 Elite WaR Pig69 Elite WaR Pig69Got new cod maps on ps3!!!!! now all I need is RB3 and I'm happy again I'n life 61
5,533 Gamer Freak JTM Gamer Freak JTMI have made a personal goal to complate, I am going to try to get 1 achievement a day in Boarderlands 2 for all 65 days. Using Farming Sim as a backup 61
5,534 SSK Kermit SSK KermitI hope Guitar Hero makes a comeback at some point. 61
5,535 VETER4N FRED VETER4N FREDRE5 Lost in nightmare & Desperate escape (solo/professinnal) Clear! 61
5,536 Desolate Man Desolate Mancountdown 32 days 61
5,537 Wynnloss Wynnloss2013 World Series Champs! 61
5,538 Hordriss Hordriss 61
5,539 UnboundVerminz UnboundVerminzPretty official, playing on my other tag from now on. (Energizing Soul) 61
5,540 Uncle Clementis Uncle Clementis 61
5,541 zStephens zStephensIf any of my TA friends are on Twitter I'd appreciate it if you would follow me: @zStephens_ 61
5,542 xKRAUSx xKRAUSx 61
5,543 Stolen 48 Hour Stolen 48 Hour 61
5,544 Binary Vagabond Binary Vagabond 61
5,545 kellydee kellydeeIn DOA Xtreme 2, Do friendships stay or start over in a new game? 60
5,546 evil terrorr evil terrorralways Nice when achievements glitch out. should i wait it out and let xp go to waste or move on in titanfall 60
5,547 Jazzy201 Jazzy201I always felt like I was doing all this gaming and never got a tangible reward for my time...until this free Xbox One! 60
5,548 l306l PoRkRoAsT l306l PoRkRoAsTGot my Money, the Bitch is Dead!!!!! Unbeatable Fist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 60
5,549 UncleSam139 UncleSam139Quake 4: 431/5.000 Matches 60
5,550 RDW040 RDW040RDW040 won 462 Achievements in 27 games, for a total of 16,529 TrueAchievement points (9,395 GamerScore). 60
5,551 Botafogo007 Botafogo007I like this Max possible completion % stat. That's completion I can get behind 60
5,552 DGC BrotherH00d DGC BrotherH00d 60
5,553 SneakyStabbalot SneakyStabbalotYou do realize that when we all start playing Halo: MCC,. completion %’s are all going to go to crap – it’s 400 achievements! 60
5,554 Bobby Lomas Bobby LomasCan't wait to replay San Andreas :) 60
5,555 DarthJohno DarthJohnoIf anybody has Hardwood Backgammon and has a spare 20 minutes to help with the achievements, join my session! 60
5,556 oneshotprez oneshotprezSorry achievements, I have a newborn son now :) 60
5,557 XM lurkio XIII XM lurkio XIIIso the walking dead complete season 1 on the xbox1 will have a 1000g, well that's another good reason to play it again 60
5,558 IcarusPain IcarusPainGetting back into creating boosting sessions. First game up will be Warface. 60
5,559 SideDish120 SideDish120Preordered the Xbox One Day One edition with Battlefield 4. Hope to see you all soon! 60
5,560 montygo montygo 60
5,561 Kimitchii KimitchiiKinda annoyed with Xbox Rewards :/ 60
5,562 LostMantella9 LostMantella9South Park stick of truth... IS beyond amazing, Well done Matt and Trey! 60
5,563 Roidbuster RoidbusterThe end is nigh... 60
5,564 Shadow Hydras Shadow HydrasOh yeah, Peace, And silence. :) StepMania! 60
5,565 VinasErgoth VinasErgothCan't stop playing the Mass Effect 3 demo, even though I know it's all for nothing. 60
5,566 indolentpwnstar indolentpwnstar"The gold hand gifted gamer" is probably the least insulting name anyone has ever called me. 60
5,567 Dani Is Legit Dani Is LegitFirst to complete both versions of Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare! 60
5,568 ErichRunner ErichRunner 60
5,569 jonin19 jonin19 60
5,570 Mullinater Mullinater 60
5,571 JacknGibbs JacknGibbsIf you ain't first, you're last 60
5,572 Case Dang It Case Dang ItI need to work on Game of Thrones. 60
5,573 RobertOrri RobertOrriCoD3: 6.046 | K&L: $34M | GoW1: 139 60
5,574 TS Skorpion TS Skorpion100,000 Gamerscore!!! Finally! 60
5,575 IDS Colossus IDS ColossusAnybody wanna get together and get Always Hard on COD Ghosts, hit me up. 60
5,576 APIT80 APIT80Desitny clan members: what is everyone schedules on a typical Saturday for Raid purposes? 60
5,577 WylieMD WylieMDI'm sorry but how exactly does someone play '2,147,483,933' matches in Titan Fall in 159 hours? Impossible. 60
5,578 MaRt DuDz MaRt DuDzMight buy Forza Horizon 2 for X1 tomorrow 60
5,579 Anubseth AnubsethLimpando alguns jogos que foram comprados mas não devidamente jogados 60
5,580 WudYa1ookAtThat WudYa1ookAtThatOn a seven day streak whooooo! 60
5,581 I am Gozer24 I am Gozer24Beating The Maw in Halo Anniversary with 1:00.26 left on the timer was one of most satisfying achievements ever. 60
5,582 brehonia brehonia 60
5,583 A1phaStarscream A1phaStarscream 60
5,584 GodLike499 GodLike499Fight My Brute: 60
5,585 FreakyRO FreakyROInsane GoW done! Now I need to run through the game as Dom. 60
5,586 Mental Knight 5 Mental Knight 5So many games, so little time. At least they're mostly digital and take up no space. 60
5,587 CobaltCatalyst CobaltCatalystBOOSTING: Gears, GTA4, Ghostbusters, Red Dead Redemption. Finishing RFG. 60
5,588 I AM AWESOME 82 I AM AWESOME 82unobtainables bother me, thinking of starting a new gamertag 60
5,589 Raisukai RaisukaiAs much as I don't want to wait, I'll probably hold out on playing The Evil Within until I get an Xbox One. 60
5,590 Snarky Minx Snarky MinxJust got an X1, now can work on the already built backlog. 60
5,591 LeetAmerico LeetAmericoThe race to 75,000 Gamerscore is on! 60
5,592 Angelform Angelform 60
5,593 beMoD beMoDBjorn Unicorn 60
5,594 Tyrone Davies Tyrone DaviesSometimes I dont know why I buy games I know I am going to hate 100% ing 60
5,595 A Defiant Sith A Defiant Sith 60
5,596 Appletini Kid Appletini KidDestiny is gonna be a long haul 60
5,597 turtmuff16 turtmuff16feel like ive done everything in destiny even though i havent completed it. 60
5,598 Ebolavirus74 Ebolavirus74EA Active 2 - another EA SHIT! Glitched unsupported dysfunctional piece of crap! 60
5,599 Snip3rVVolfie93 Snip3rVVolfie93We're all alone, more or less. 60
5,600 fatmanofamerica fatmanofamericaWhat is this xbox thing by my tv? 60