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3,901 Ravenkrak Ravenkrak 100
3,902 Scythekain ScythekainRun your car all day long to make the world green. 100
3,903 Shoot H3re Shoot H3reHalo 4 and cold cuts. Gonna be a good week tater. 100
3,904 Dom2096 Dom2096Arkham Knight: best game so far on XB1? 99
3,905 Kelle1994 Kelle1994Captain Kies 99
3,906 TBonePhone TBonePhoneDragon Mania Legends Code: b60f7 99
3,907 BigD The Chief BigD The Chief 99
3,908 MAJORPOOPY MAJORPOOPYExcited for the 2015 game lineup. Here's to my push to 175k by year's end! 99
3,909 Tunaleg Tunaleg 99
3,910 Ashs2Dust Ashs2Dustit seems to be summer of sonic for me 99
3,911 hjetyekus hjetyekusXbox One is a really big fun! 99
3,912 Owen H Brown Owen H BrownWill somebody sell me Bioshock 2 Korean? 99
3,913 Wilsojo1 Wilsojo1Game of Thrones Episode 5 has really taken the piss then!! WTF!! 99
3,914 Avisole Avisole 99
3,915 burgerboyrye burgerboyryeGotta get a xbone 99
3,916 OMETALO OMETALOI'm going to get my wings, even if it kills me... 99
3,917 Spleen Splitter Spleen SplitterFull conversion to PS, pre-orderd PS4. PSN: Spleen-Splitta (xbox maybe in the future with no kinect package :/ 99
3,918 ACHVMNTHNTER ACHVMNTHNTERNeed. More. Destiny. 99
3,919 Sundance Six Sundance SixSwitched to PS4, my ID is ripxdoc, see you there, thanks. 99
3,920 MR WOLF 12000 MR WOLF 12000Work by day, Gotham by night 99
3,921 perceptron3000 perceptron3000Nice, Porsche DLC for Forza Horizon 2 will be released today. Didn't expect that to happen. :) 99
3,922 TTLD TOBAL TTLD TOBALContemplating the Human Element in a Virtual Environment 99
3,923 P4R4N0ID P4ND4 P4R4N0ID P4ND4next on the list Titanfall Thief and Watch_dogs 99
3,924 Bishy UK Bishy UKPreordered the Charing Cross edition of AC: Syndicate <3 99
3,925 Impaled Germ Impaled Germ 99
3,926 Elite KryPtik Elite KryPtikThink its high time I started hunting again, been taking a PC break long enough. 99
3,927 Bassnectarr BassnectarrJust completed Geometry Wars 1 :) man, that Survive 1mil cheevo was a bitch. 99
3,929 PresidentBuck PresidentBuckI'm Back!!!!!!! 99
3,930 emerald000 emerald000CRAB BATTLE! 99
3,931 Viva La Barker Viva La BarkerStruggling to find a good game to play 99
3,932 Cheezy Lasagna Cheezy LasagnaHalo 3, ODST, and Reach finally done, Now just CEA and Halo 4 99
3,933 SticklySnipe SticklySnipeHaven't been on here for a while... 99
3,934 Sredit SreditMorrowind ftw. 99
3,935 Moostard MoostardStill waters run deep 99
3,936 the psychopa7h the psychopa7hfuck chevo 99
3,937 Undead Seph Undead SephXbox Live down again, shocker. 98
3,938 Polished Turd69 Polished Turd69Damn Ori and the Blind Forest missed out on 4 achievements now i have to speed run, no deaths, and no abilities picked up :( 98
3,939 DarkSynopsis DarkSynopsisWait... What!? It's been a year since the last Bean Dive event!? 98
3,940 FEAR PointMan24 FEAR PointMan24Seriously 2.0 10,000/100,000 fun, fun, fun. 98
3,941 Hayz7890 Hayz7890workin on started games The crew, Halo spartan assault, RYSE, Sniper Elite 3. 98
3,942 TheJuggyExp TheJuggyExpAnybody need the Onslaught Mode DLC for Battlefield Bad company 2? I have a code for it so if you want it let me know. 98
3,943 gbischel gbischelAnyone wanna play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer? For fun that is ;-) 98
3,945 qG Lecca qG LeccaAugust is going to be Forza month. Got to Do Forza 4 and Horizon 1 2 before 6 is out.... can it be done!? 98
3,946 smittykid smittykidNo split screen on Halo 5!?!?!? I should cancel my preorder..... 98
3,947 evilgenius76 evilgenius76Anyone in North West England wanna meet up to do the Real Racing 2 (WP) online? 98
3,948 Exu ExuMy Gamertag appears to be working again. Requested a TA scan. This could be interesting... 98
3,949 Spanish Assault Spanish 98
3,950 ArpyAndMoonie ArpyAndMoonieLife is strange looks awesome 98
3,951 ChairmanOhm ChairmanOhm*flips house* 98
3,952 Linkus2323 Linkus2323I never get to play anymore... and that makes me sad! 98
3,953 PAR4DROID 98
3,954 Rockanoid Rockanoid 98
3,955 Saturn8 Saturn8SORRY need privacy setting on 98
3,956 PlayazAdvocate PlayazAdvocateRecently, due to certain events, I have lost interest in gaming. Would love to get back into it. Any ideas/advice for motivation? 98
3,957 Salvatore 2 Salvatore 2 98
3,958 Ben Reynolds Ben ReynoldsSo many games, so little time... 98
3,959 WhiskeyCharlie WhiskeyCharlie 98
3,960 BIGNASTYLUMP BIGNASTYLUMPneed help finishing WWE 13. could anyone help? 98
3,961 TexasHONZ TexasHONZgot an xbone. But need to finish up 360 stuff before I turn it on or they'll never get done. 98
3,962 paul0877 paul0877titanfall. good game but matchmaking crap. 98
3,963 Peski Peski 98
3,964 FastLifeFathead FastLifeFatheadvery aggravating day achievement hunting woth stuff not popping not even saying done unlocking and the xbox live issues being on and off all day 98
3,965 Count Flanders Count FlandersToo many good games on discount; I have no HDD space left! 98
3,966 stylecounciller 98
3,967 daevv daevv 98
3,968 DeceptiCog72283 DeceptiCog72283 98
3,969 jjaldana jjaldana 98
3,970 x BumbleBeee x BumbleBeeeIf you see that I'd like to boost a game that you're wanting to boost, give me a shout. If you add me on XBL tell me why you're adding me :D 98
3,971 RomerNakata RomerNakataThe dude in Fallout 4 trailer looks just like me! lol 98
3,972 virual joker virual jokerrawr! 98
3,973 Chris Scarce Chris Scarceso tempted to play world of tanks on the xbox one 97
3,974 Pookie T Pookie TEverything Is Permitted 97
3,975 Tripl299 x3h Tripl299 x3hHTMCC: 326/500 achievements, 2685/5000 97
3,976 redsales redsalesIf my cheevs says "Done! Unlocking..." then this won't help, right? Don't Panic in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected 97
3,977 IReal Showdown IReal Showdownso after a hard time with family passing away has anyone got the american version on sbk x i could maybe borrow 97
3,978 GreatPotBandito GreatPotBanditoGreatPotBandito registered for the The Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge 2015 event 97
3,979 HateMe4141 HateMe4141Im looking to trade on battleblock theater. takes 2 minutes per trade and need to do 10 trades with unique people 97
3,980 El sec El secSorprendido con titanfall, frenético y adictivo 97
3,981 BloodGodAlucard BloodGodAlucard 97
3,982 Shadykilla420 Shadykilla420i smoke 2 joints before i smoke 2 joints, and then i smoke 2 more. 97
3,983 mokola mokola 97
3,984 UpgradePolecat UpgradePolecatWe got a little baby Polecat! 5 kg / 11lbs, born last Tuesday. Mom and daughter are fine! 97
3,985 IfIsF1Backwards IfIsF1BackwardsAnyone know if so many me is worth downloading? Gamewise and achievement wise? 97
3,986 iTiiDuS iNc iTiiDuS iNcHalo MCC und FF Type-0 für nen dicken bean dive! villeicht kommt noch was dazu. 97
3,987 The Knab The KnabIt's hopeless 97
3,988 Neezil NeezilPHANTOM DUST RETURNS! 97
3,989 Erving D Erving Danybody got psn or truetrophies? (or both?) add me Erving_D 97
3,990 Jobbenar JobbenarAnybody any good at Halo Legendary speed runs that wouldn't mind letting me tag along as a spawn point? 97
3,991 Nimr0d87 Nimr0d87 97
3,992 JonnyBlazin5 JonnyBlazin5Off travelling until August the 14th, have a good summer everyone :) 97
3,993 mkollphoenixfan mkollphoenixfani hit 75% - 77% next challenge accepted 97
3,995 MCSS Aerocoupe MCSS AerocoupeAt what point in Gears 2's development did Epic make a copy and start on Gears 3? This is horrible! 97
3,996 Captain 5olo Captain 5olo 97
3,998 Killipo KillipoI named my Terraria world "Buttsylvania." I crack myself up a little too easily sometimes... 97
3,999 ColeTrain4EVER ColeTrain4EVERStarted Battlestations Pacific....oh god these controls are different then Midway. 97
4,000 TrUe00KrILoS TrUe00KrILoSCAZALOGROS 97