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2,001 KILL KR4ZY KILL KR4ZYI'm Scottish, the flag ^^^, it lies . . . 184
2,002 MjolnirRecon54 MjolnirRecon54 184
2,003 Green Espeon Green Espeon 184
2,005 shezzor shezzorWow, just wow. Someones made a complaint about my PC achievements :/ Dunno if I can be arsed retaliating tbh 183
2,006 Activ3 Rel0ad Activ3 Rel0ad 183
2,007 super quip super quipi need to play mario 183
2,008 DANIEL SON IOW DANIEL SON IOWBring on Fifa 13 and Fifa 14 183
2,009 Racerblade01 Racerblade01 183
2,010 I TeMpLaR I UK I TeMpLaR I UKMust get Hitman... 183
2,011 dr octagon 3000 dr octagon 3000 183
2,012 FruitLoops87 FruitLoops87 183
2,013 Kez001 Kez001Bah!! Riptor cycled out when they added the new stuff... 182
2,014 spxyu02 spxyu02Oooh Thin Mints, I want you inside of me 182
2,015 Roku750 Roku750I've barely had any time for xbox in months... 182
2,016 Spirochaete SpirochaetePh.D. 182
2,017 PlanesWalker 97 PlanesWalker 97Achievements left that I plan to get on Xbox 360 - 609 182
2,018 EldestGhostkill EldestGhostkillHmmm... need to boost more games... need help. Please check my boosting list and my games list and let me know if you guys can help me out 182
2,019 Boney Pants Guy Boney Pants GuyBungie, please let me off the hook for a while... Please? 182
2,020 Majlo49 SVK Majlo49 SVK 182
2,021 Wyrmser WyrmserAC Unity: I've played for 3 days and haven't seen any problems so far! 182
2,022 Leedeth LeedethBefore DLC TA Ratio change: 123,327 (65,776) - 1.8750 182
2,023 C Lo eLoRiGiNaL C Lo eLoRiGiNaLBF4 182
2,024 Spoilt8 Spoilt8AAWA - 182
2,025 Antr0p0phagus Antr0p0phagusSo rumours say that the GWG for March will be Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite for the 360 and Rayman Legends for the One. 182
2,027 AgentZachMorgan AgentZachMorganPre-ordered the Sniper Elite 3 ultimate edition so if anyone else is doing the same keep me in mind for the co-op stuff. 181
2,028 Mosher666 Mosher666 181
2,029 Mrsod Mrsodwhat the heck is wrong with xbone arcade? 181
2,030 Elmo TeH AzN Elmo TeH AzNSo Anyone For Halo CE Co-Op? 181
2,031 KSU BIGMIKE KSU BIGMIKEDamn you World of Tanks! Why can't I quit you? 181
2,032 CanuckLefty CanuckLeftyA productive February for sure, but not entirely. Athletics, Fifa 06 and 150k in ys:fe by March 31. 181
2,033 lX CaptHowdy Xl lX CaptHowdy Xl 181
2,034 NickMon68 NickMon68 181
2,035 quinnpm quinnpmThe game just came out and the service is already unavailable, thats not good 181
2,036 nWo Skyline nWo Skyline 181
2,037 The Culpret The Culpret 181
2,038 neeker75 neeker75D4 is like a mash-up of Telltale's games and DS adventure games. I don't know why but I love it. 180
2,039 Master AO Master AO 180
2,040 MuscularTea MuscularTeaOne more achievement in Make it rain and then to decide if I restart and try to get the others to pop or just wait the week or whatever it is. 180
2,041 Srl Klr Srl KlrMiss you bro 180
2,042 skav00vie skav00vieHOPO-cidal Maniac progress: 11,057 / 53,596 180
2,043 LMEPHISTO LMEPHISTOLMEPHISTO won 77 Achievements in 6 games, for a total of 2,775 TrueAchievement points (1,378 GamerScore). If all achievements were worth 10 GamerScor 180
2,044 ModifiedMag8 ModifiedMag8got fucked on my raid achievement. wish they'd fix the buggy ass achievement system already. 180
2,045 poopaccino poopaccino 180
2,046 TA x MerKzz TA x MerKzz 180
2,047 madmaxey madmaxeyô¿ö 180
2,048 SaidaiKanpeki SaidaiKanpeki 180
2,049 THE DEADLY DOG THE DEADLY DOGAnyone know who I contact about achievements that have popped in game but not for my gamertag? 180
2,050 Genius Redneck Genius RedneckSurviving the early weeks in the GTASC is easier than I thought. 180
2,051 Captain Shuteye Captain ShuteyeThe thing that's going on with WP achievements not syncing with is really starting to fucking piss me off 180
2,052 scooter1227 scooter1227Screw it, I'm hiding my unfinished Win 8 games, don't care about their completions. Out of sight out of mind right? 180
2,053 UndertakerAndre UndertakerAndreYes! Titanfall is TA's GOTY and Best Shooter! It totally deserves it. :D 180
2,054 bosoxdanc bosoxdancUgh, fuck that. Steam updated Arkham City to remove GFWL, and deleted everyone's saves. Fuck. 180
2,055 z RagnaroK z z RagnaroK zCurrently looking to boost: Battleblock Theater, Orange Box, Kane and Lynch, Gears of War, Dead Island Riptide, Turok. 180
2,056 HALLOWUSER HALLOWUSERMerry Xmas hunters, now go hunt your next achievement cuz you sure as hell ain't gettin for an xmas gift. lol 180
2,057 alpaca777 alpaca777Banned from XBL till march 3rd 180
2,058 xRoGuE GriMMx xRoGuE GriMMxLet's start a Riot! 179
2,059 ComesBrothers ComesBrothers 179
2,060 Darth Chimp Darth Chimpdamn "Make it rain", 100,000 swipes is taking forever....feel like i'm on near a 1M now [laugh] 179
2,061 Major Berga Major BergaA hoy hoy.... 179
2,062 mirrum mirrumBrowsing through my some old games I need to work on...any of my friends have Unreal Tournament 3 and want to work on it? 179
2,063 Salsbar SalsbarAnyone want to do the MW3 survival DLCs? 179
2,064 Phantom XBL Phantom XBLSelling my Japanese Xbox 360 Console with other items bundled. Click here or PM me w/ offer: 179
2,065 AcidSTARHUNTER AcidSTARHUNTERgonna be a daddy!!! WOW on friday boy or Girl 20 week scan 179
2,066 Usapfan UsapfanEat, sleep, rave, repeat 179
2,067 Tveilor Tveilor 179
2,068 JaceTheAce81 JaceTheAce81#XboxRetirement #PS4 #TrueTrophies 179
2,069 liviaro liviaroliviaro won 56 Achievements and 1 Challenge in 9 games, for a total of 3,855 TrueAchievement points (2,670 GamerScore). 179
2,070 Droowid DroowidWould you kindly? 179
2,071 Frostbite blitZ Frostbite blitZBattlefield 4 and Starwars Battlefront please! 179
2,072 Lliryn Dres Lliryn Dres 179
2,073 abtimbad abtimbad Is definitely a must have X1 game. :) 179
2,074 Stifler4Life Stifler4Life 178
2,075 Otouto72 Otouto72 178
2,076 Pocrage PocrageBack to the RPG Grind 178
2,077 Toslowguard6 Toslowguard6Windows Phone FTW 178
2,078 Cornerscout Cornerscout2015 Goals: 500 Games Played, 60% completion, 150 complete games, and 250k Gamerscore. 178
2,079 Rufus Gufus Rufus Gufus.....4..... 178
2,080 IstIngiliz IstIngilizIs it just my shitty internet or is Live messed up? I sign in and see friends online but it says I need to sign in to access other features :-/ 178
2,081 DivineCero DivineCeroSeason Pass for Bioshock Infinite finally on sale! 178
2,082 JaredT84 JaredT84Achievement unlocked 'Delhi belly' - maintain achievement streak whilst in India 177
2,083 StingX2 StingX2FF13 and AC3 are my next 360 goals 177
2,084 OzzysShadyDisco OzzysShadyDiscoI'm over this whole winter thing already. 177
2,085 BudgieK88 BudgieK88Done! Unlocking..... Getting seriously fed up of seeing that now. 177
2,086 XboxFreak36 XboxFreak36won 209 Achievements in 6 games, for a total of 7,453 TrueAchievement points (3,165 GamerScore). 177
2,087 JLogan27's a disease. 177
2,088 Ultras500 Ultras500Stealth mission in MW3 = having Captain Price's arse in your face for 15 minutes. 177
2,089 ChadZeckendorf7 ChadZeckendorf7The TA score on some games are SO inflated 177
2,090 ugli ugliGoing to build up a gaming PC after couple of quiet months of console gaming. 177
2,091 s3bb86 s3bb86Dragon Age Inquisition is FANTASTIC! 177
2,092 Ramsay 1983 Ramsay 1983is this fifa 14 ut world cup add on coming out today or what geezo 177
2,093 pserafi pserafiI've played 99 games and Avatar ain't one. 177
2,094 sans gluten sans gluten 177
2,095 BRAN IS HERE BRAN IS HEREugggh i want horizon 2 so bad 177
2,096 LX1967 LX1967 177
2,097 DeathLord86 DeathLord86Long live Halo! 177
2,098 Scheme in Rhyme Scheme in Rhyme 177
2,099 Bawhawhaw Bawhawhawalways teased by the xbox preview program. i have a code for halo beta but only 50mb hard drive space. games take too long to reinstall 176
2,100 NetroDude NetroDudeIve been bitten with the Destiny bug but still no fatebringer :( 176