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501 xLegend of Jay xLegend of Jay"I'm afraid your path ends here". 601
502 m0nk33z m0nk33zSo after not gaming for 2 years. Do i buy ghost or blops 2 first? 601
503 nelis99 nelis99 601
504 BROOKER 513 BROOKER 513300 more matches in Quake4 for 5000 played. 600
505 El Zombie El ZombieDear spammers: Do stop messaging, I'm not going to any of your shady sites. Thx, El Zombie. 600
506 MutantJaws MutantJaws 599
507 AntaraelDulacre AntaraelDulacreAll Assassin's Creed Games finally done! 596
508 Kramerllama KramerllamaNot on Xbox or Computer, consider me deceased :) 596
509 prime261 prime261 596
510 Srfsmurf SrfsmurfCan anyone help with the collectible achievement in A World of Keflings? 595
511 Zalsha ZalshaAll proud. 595
512 FFX Brotherhood FFX BrotherhoodBeen on Darksiders for an hour. Already despite my fucking life. 594
513 Sleepy Dogg 007 Sleepy Dogg 007 594
514 Honeycut1 Honeycut1Gears folks, Protium can't make it tonight so if folks want to play another mode we can and if not feel free to skip session and I will reschedule 592
515 Im Sander Cohen Im Sander Cohen 592
516 Zedymieon77 Zedymieon77FIONA MASTER RACE! 592
517 anomalystic777 anomalystic777So apparently there will be an Assassins Creed reveal today at 17:00 GMT... 591
518 Foxfire49 Foxfire49Cya friends!! 591
519 HeyMrBassman HeyMrBassman 590
520 Parallax Demon Parallax DemonAnyone willing to help me with the coop achs in FC3? 590
521 liddd liddd 589
522 iceman00behave iceman00behaveMetal Geeeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrr 589
523 MMMDI MMMDIAnybody want to do the How To Survive co-op stuff in the X1 version? 588
524 eHeadaches eHeadachesback gaming fullbtime next week, on vacation at the minute and hardcore craving abit of box 588
525 CONKER1182 CONKER1182Boosting Gaming Session for Dead Rising 2 (PC) 587
526 deutschZuid deutschZuidWolfenstein preordered! 586
527 Elite1111111111 Elite1111111111For some reason Aim For The Head randomly unlocked for MCC when I was offline. 585
528 Stokie Stallion Stokie StallionStoke City FC 585
529 GuruThaGreat GuruThaGreat 584
530 Sleepwalker18 Sleepwalker18Finally got a new 360. Thank you so much Nick! I love you <3 582
531 flyingmario5404 flyingmario5404If any of you can help Koding, or just share his funding campaign, he'd appreciate it. 579
532 The Nerevarine The NerevarineAsk no quarter. 579
533 bLaKgRaVy bLaKgRaVy 577
534 James Ratm James Ratm 577
535 xGodDogx xGodDogxHavent been on here in a long time.... wow 577
536 CSARdiver CSARdiverFried chicken & C12 - it's a date! 574
537 xCRiMZoNx xCRiMZoNxGetting way behind on my completion goal. Time to bust out the easy games! 574
538 Hooded Claw 006 Hooded Claw 006Nothing on the X360 to play now, back on the Wii U. 574
539 Igneus DarkSide Igneus DarkSideGot the biggest achievement in my life yet! My daughter Kira was born today at 12:00, couldnt feel happier :) 573
540 Archeim ArcheimPhantom Dust Sequel announced. MS just won E3. 573
541 Ali060 Ali060Ordered Infernal: Hell's Vengeance & Soldier of Fortune: Payback :P 570
542 Philmnator PhilmnatorTrying to grind my way to level 50 in GTA Online at least before I switch over to the X1 version... 570
543 DisguisedMike DisguisedMikeIgnorance isn't Bliss 569
544 crowbo 360 crowbo 360Got a 14 day Gold trial if anyone needs it? PM me if you want it. First come, first served. 568
545 HaloStorm12 HaloStorm12My TA score has been dropping excessively fast lately. Stop getting hard achievements everyone! 566
546 troyoy troyoyComplete Champions Quest: Void Storm in Co-op. looks like this has to be done in couch co-op and its glitch, oh boy. 563
547 OdinHawke OdinHawkeLoving the Xbox One. Definitely worth going next gen for $400 562
548 Dark Rocky X Dark Rocky XMy TA friend feed doesn't look lively anymore like it was back in 2011-2012.... 561
549 SandHawkTime SandHawkTimeJust got the #1 Nom over and done with! Took a damn while but thanks to someone I finally got it 560
550 Quiffindor Quiffindor 558
551 Jayngo JayngoAnd the Calendar Man Achievement is Complete!!! All Original Achievements for Arkham City Complete!!! 558
552 Bistric Bistric 557
553 Msross MsrossDue to the unique way TA randomly updates, it seems I passed 300K without even trying! 556
554 TriRock TriRockWhat is the point of cloud save sharing if you still have to do everything again? 555
555 ADaughen ADaughenAlmost done with Farming Simulator... what next? 555
557 S4LUT3t0LUN4CY S4LUT3t0LUN4CYIf I'd known it was harmless, I'd have killed it myself! 553
558 KiN6TiM KiN6TiM 552
559 DBB Klikopedia DBB Klikopedia1st with X1 RacingScore in Netherlands & 7th in Europe 549
560 BrokenKnght BrokenKnght 548
561 spacedvest2 spacedvest2New Free WP Game from Square Enix... Lara Croft: Relic Run 547
562 Skelix Skelix 546
563 Marx0r Marx0r 546
564 M0NKEY R4NGER M0NKEY R4NGERHaven't had Live for months now :-( probably be even longer. 546
565 Judg3mentDrag0n Judg3mentDrag0nBit of a long shot, But does anyone have any leftover coins in FIFA 13? (or know somebody that does?) 545
566 Rockox Rockox 545
567 TakeTheToast TakeTheToastIn RE: Reveltaions 2 (X360) does player 2 unlock achievements when playing splitscreen? I heard that they don't. :( 544
568 DxTrixterz DxTrixterz 544
569 young tugboatz young tugboatzThat £299.99 deal for a the Assassins Creed Xbox One bundle is a tease! 542
570 MathGuy42 MathGuy42Anyone interested in H3 Legendary 3hrs Sun or Mon? 541
571 Cam is Kinected Cam is Kinected 540
572 Codster2005 Codster2005It's a strange world. Let's keep it that way. 538
574 Paully05 Paully05 538
575 NonKosherSalt NonKosherSaltWTF. People are now actually reading Playboy for the articles. What is this world coming to? From my cold, dead hands, I say. 538
576 HamsterExAstris HamsterExAstrisI just finished Lego The Hobbit. Probably should play Lord of the Rings before I forget how it works. 536
577 wellingtonbalbo wellingtonbalboNovo AC revelado! 536
578 Jerick85 Jerick85Dragon Age: Inquisition - GOTY 2014! 100% : 174 hours! 535
579 Que Lo Que xD Que Lo Que xDi bought a brand new kinect with a download code for gunstringer and fruit ninja for the amazimg price of $5.33 534
580 Gam3r xUSAx Gam3r xUSAxGoodbye Xbox. Thanks for all the great memories! 532
581 DaKenster DaKenster 529
582 blueracer442 blueracer442So it looks like i won't recover my dive. playing games like MCC made site of that. Also all the DLC and TU. 528
583 Onza OnzaHad a great trip to Glacier National Park, but still playing catch up at home. 528
584 JoeInsidious JoeInsidiousIt's been a while. How is everyone? 527
585 NINja277 NINja277Seems like a great year for gaming, Mad max , batman , tomb raider and witcher 525
586 Venom Weapon X6 Venom Weapon X6 525
587 KILLING5PR33 KILLING5PR33I think the new release of rainbow six will end my gamerscore hunt for good. Been wanting to play this game competitively. 522
588 aintezbeinweezy aintezbeinweezy 521
589 Humpyrton Humpyrtontime to hide all the games I am honestly never going back to, so i can pretend they dont exist 520
590 toddycst toddycstanyone got any modded hardcore gear in Diablo 3? 520
591 DrMmmPie DrMmmPie#ResidentEvil Zero HD.... coming next year. can't wait. first time I get to play it. 519
592 Ozzpot OzzpotCitizaaaaans! 518
593 Hartland Hartland 518
594 Gizmo2k Gizmo2k 517
595 Richard Bastion Richard BastionHow are people still finding my Xbox Live Labs review? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the endless ego boost. But I'm curious... like a cat. 517
596 Hillenmeyer1 Hillenmeyer1While I appreciate the effort, I absolutely hate the new TA mobile view!!!! 515
597 Arron114 Arron114 = :) 513
598 x athiktos x x athiktos xJust did a Halo:CE Legendary speedrun--complete campaign time: 2 hrs 0 min 00 sec; 2 hrs flat! would have me 23rd overall. Nice. 509
599 NinjaDave04 NinjaDave0412,909/10,000 508
600 Ham Man 89 Ham Man 89If they make a Borderlands Movie. found the siren :) 507