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101 Large Coffee Large Coffee 3,118
102 MugenKairo MugenKairoThank goodness DmC: Devil May Cry is easier than DMC4... Might actually have enough skill for this one! 3,104
103 thirtysmooth thirtysmooth... I'll be returning soon... 3,060
104 Marc Pilkington Marc PilkingtonJust earned my first PS4 completion! smile And what an amazing game it was, too. 2,988
105 Chris1984uk Chris1984ukIs anyone else missing "Shadow lab" on Killer Instinct? 2,931
106 Legohead 1977 Legohead 197756th for the Team. Much better than expected! 2,909
107 Phoenix C64 Phoenix C64x360 SR4 "Saintified" fixed! get it while you can! 2,881
108 MH The Rockstar MH The Rockstar 2,806
109 lolmanX0 lolmanX0 2,805
110 ClownTastic ClownTasticMy couch in Australia is open to any UK refugees fleeing Britain by tomorrow morning 2,777
111 DOOM The Return DOOM The ReturnI miss some of all you guys. 2,771
112 Geoffistopheles GeoffistophelesI'm on my third 30-day streak in a row... guess I'm not earning achievements today! 2,757
113 Saiyan Ruuku Saiyan RuukuI'd give my left kidney for Dragonball and more Sonic on backward compatibility. 2,736
114 SaltyTON SaltyTONOh joy, it's November. Bleak & dreich! 2,701
115 Vermin360 Vermin360Free Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Thanks! I love button mashing. 2,660
116 SpiralGamerpro SpiralGamerproO sweet pull of flesh in Into the Belly of the Beast 2,650
117 XI AlphaMale IX XI AlphaMale IXWhat color are your Xbox One achievements/notifications? 2,626
118 MattiasAnderson MattiasAndersonAfter switching to the tank destroyer tree i end up many times as top 3 player! 5 kills and so on! Tank destroyer for the win! 2,569
119 Barad 007 Barad 007300,000G - 23/12/2015 2,562
120 King Nothing King Nothing 2,544
121 CrimsonGaidin CrimsonGaidinCrazy how much TA has changed since last time I was on here. Looks good. 2,510
122 The Fury I84I The Fury I84IGooooooo Belgium!!! 0-4 2,407
123 NightStalkar NightStalkarMy gaming life for the next 2 years - Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Halo, Forza, Gears, Megaman, and Rare games.... Sweet! 2,396
124 True XenoBlade True XenoBladeDeus Ex has been delayed until ... August 23rd?? That's ... 6 months, that's huge! 2,395
125 Chakaal Starr Chakaal StarrWoohoo! Drew Doughty Norris, Anze Kopitar Selke 2,370
126 Pizzerz Pizzerz 2,362
127 SgtDigglesworth SgtDigglesworthHello!......itsa me!! 2,292
128 Shinerbock88 Shinerbock88I forget the dates of the Star Ocean games, but SO4 predates all of them in the SO universe, right? 2,286
129 LifeExpectancy LifeExpectancyMinor overhaul of Halo: TMCC walkthrough complete. Posted a thread for thoughts about another change in Halo's forum. Appreciate any feedback there. 2,255
130 Cause CauseJust picked up Homefront: The Revolution for 21 bucks, and it will be here tomorrow! clap 2,243
131 SpectreSubZero SpectreSubZeroXCOM is everything I thought it would be! 2,214
132 Nexus Grunt Nexus GruntYou know something has been on your backlog too long when it suddenly appears in Games with Gold! 2,206
133 n1ckKz n1ckKz 2,198
134 jphil03 jphil03We Will Remember Them. 2,198
135 Abylities AbylitiesGo buy all my xbox shit - 2,186
136 Shin Gatsurai Shin GatsuraiOh man, this is hilarious - 2,172
137 mast3r 0r0m1s mast3r 0r0m1s 2,157
138 A Wise Ninja A Wise NinjaFirst year of uni complete! (Where's my badge?) 2,105
139 mancide mancideSo long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye. 2,095
140 UlteriorDesert UlteriorDesert 2,090
141 MxSvnty4 MxSvnty4 2,089
142 Mike United 007 Mike United 007So games im looking forward to - Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, FIFA 17, CoD, Verdun, Hawken - Need to get back into gaming more 2,085
143 Mike Marcelais Mike MarcelaisThere should be a remindier when new genre votes are available... 2,082
144 Strategy One Strategy OnePlatinum badges <- Read 2,053
145 Big Ell Big EllCommunity Rocket League session tonight? 2,030
146 Cormac CormacI finally kicked the MS Pusher-Man's habit. Achievements have no hold on me. 2,028
147 MuddyAmoeba MuddyAmoebaoops accidentally deleted some of my saves. (Mostly the GWG games) 1,996
148 Mobius Evalon Mobius EvalonWell, my online gaming days are over. Can't port forward nor get a public IP out of HughesNet, so I'm fucked for the duration of my contract term. 1,994
149 Lavindathar LavindatharThe Vikings are coming!!! 1,990
150 DEVILS UMBRA DEVILS UMBRAMy day 1 controller has left thumbstick drift. RIP :( 1,987
151 DragonYen DragonYenOne day I will learn that I need to check where my save is BEFORE returning to a long forgotten 360 game =\ 1,980
153 speedygamers90 speedygamers90Is it bad that I'm only playing The Walking Dead on the 360 for the free 100 GS? :D Too cheap to buy the other 500 GS :P 1,967
154 Mr Granstaff Mr GranstaffFun fact: over 200,000 of my TA score is from Kinect games. 1,965
155 Leo Ascendent Leo AscendentR.I.P. Robin, You were an amazing actor and great guy who loved his fans. Rest well, friend. 1,948
156 Crater79 Crater79OVER 1000 PEOPLE IN TWO HOURS on the Donation Train and over $223,000 for #Zeldathon , keep it up! 1,910
157 AC1DGro0ve 3o3 AC1DGro0ve 3o3Need. More. Warframe. 1,903
158 FrustratedNerd FrustratedNerdWoo! New friends to ignore while I play Halo. 1,903
159 Dang3R Gaming Dang3R Gaming 1,875
160 Living Legends Living LegendsSummers here and will be working just one job. Time to create sessions and tackle a whole bunch of MP before September 1,840
161 Skanker irl Skanker irlGoing to try and complete Chariot. It's time. 1,832
162 DaShAg DaShAgIm surrounded by pansies 1,823
163 RedDeadKBII RedDeadKBIIJust saw an awesome Darth Revan at the local MegaCon. Was much more satisfying to behold than the local sluts masquerading as cosplayers. 1,811
164 Elite Hero Elite HeroValiant Hearts: The Great War - What an amazing game!! Can't believe I hadn't played it earlier. cry 1,801
165 Lexual Lexual 1,798
166 Evenger Ostro Evenger Ostro 1,795
167 SecondHeartbeat SecondHeartbeatSpend more time watching people play video games, than actually playing them myself . Really need to rectify that... 1,791
168 finallife6 finallife6Glad to know they rerecorded the Ghostbusters theme as well, and its shit 1,785
169 KanjiKoka KanjiKoka 1,747
170 c1w c1w 1,742
171 Skeptical Mario Skeptical MarioGoing to work on the Spelunky walkthrough until I'm out of GTASC. 1,719
172 SpocKirk SpocKirkAnybody want to trade something for a Crysis 1 code? 1,698
173 Daeryoon DaeryoonI need a helping hand with ranked matches in Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Anyone own it? 1,665
174 takuto neko takuto nekoMy wall is kinda crazy...fuckin oath so many.... 1,665
175 WhataLump WhataLumpDon't laugh, but Microsoft seem to think it's ok to take money from an account they banned 3 months previously! 1,658
176 BulgyDragonZord BulgyDragonZordSystem Restored my Laptop in an attempt to fix the fault with Windows Defender & Windows Update. And... I think I wasted my time! About 10 Hrs so far. 1,656
177 Mike Langlois Mike LangloisAnyone know if Rise Of The Tomb Raider trial has achievements? 1,653
178 wbs 101 wbs 101Posted a new blog. Everyone please check out my idea then vote and share if you like it. 1,632
179 DTI April DTI AprilMaths exam done (finally), so I'm back in business for a while! First on to-do list: Fallout 4 DLC... 1,621
180 Al Soure Al Soure 1,617
181 Taco Bob Taco Bob 1,608
182 xFallenCastielx xFallenCastielxThe pain of being reset... 1,597
183 B1ueSeptember B1ueSeptember 1,592
184 Kung Fu Riki Kung Fu Riki 1,589
185 GammyGreenGiant GammyGreenGiant 1,588
186 caelich caelich 1,588
187 WEBHEAD 7 WEBHEAD 7Xbox One S pre-ordered 1,573
188 Parallax Demon Parallax DemonGo Max33! 1,565
189 EaseAndInspire EaseAndInspire7 day survivor 1,556
190 liiami liiami 1,541
191 Yanbbrox YanbbroxWelcome home James 1,533
192 DrShoe1976 DrShoe1976 1,528
193 HolyMoses81 HolyMoses81Today this console generation REALLY begins! 1,509
194 Wyyvern WyyvernThe Rising Star session couldn't have gone better, thank you to all participants! 1,507
195 CrankyBauer24 CrankyBauer24 1,504
196 S T F U DOUG S T F U DOUGwe have 19/24 people for Forza 6's Thru the Pack achievement if interested JOIN UP PLEASE! 1,502
197 CASS190684 CASS190684Merry Christmas :D 1,501
198 Ojotango Ojotango 1,501
199 GtechApocalypse GtechApocalypsenew halo achievements coming next update! Why so long and why only 125gs?! 1,500
200 WarmedxMints WarmedxMints 1,475