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2,101 Achvment Freak Achvment FreakSchool is done! Passed with 5 A's one B. Time to game! 20k a month lets go! 177
2,102 Xynvincible XynvincibleI have returned. :) 177
2,103 xONLY INSANEx xONLY INSANExnot achievement hunting didn't last long im back in the game :) 177
2,104 ugli ugliGoing to build up a gaming PC after couple of quiet months of console gaming. 177
2,105 Czaleo Czaleo 177
2,106 MarekVit MarekVitNo time for gaming these days. What am I gonna do about my achievement streak? 177
2,107 ThaHawka ThaHawka 177
2,108 ThreeKingdomsR ThreeKingdomsR 177
2,109 Ramsay 1983 Ramsay 1983is this fifa 14 ut world cup add on coming out today or what geezo 177
2,110 sans gluten sans gluten 177
2,111 BRAN IS HERE BRAN IS HEREugggh i want horizon 2 so bad 177
2,112 LX1967 LX1967 177
2,113 DeathLord86 DeathLord86Long live Halo! 177
2,114 Mac Chickgun Mac ChickgunThis is my second gamertag - Main Tag = Mac Chickqun 177
2,115 Scheme in Rhyme Scheme in RhymeTrueTrophies 177
2,116 NetroDude NetroDudeDestiny Nepal Charity tshirt preordered, its for a good cause. 176
2,117 King Plug King PlugDone with my dive. Could've done about 10- 15 more but most are kinect games which I don't have room to play. 176
2,118 MashedPeas11 MashedPeas11Put up my first Solution on TA. ^_^ 176
2,119 CR4GG3RS CR4GG3RS 176
2,120 Eternal8laze591 Eternal8laze591Fable 1 is still the best Fable. 176
2,121 PLACER89 PLACER89To all those on the fence about purchasing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt..Target is currently offering a free strategy guide with purchase! 176
2,122 lucky me wheeee lucky me wheeeeso many great games, so little time i must have at least 15 games still in plastic not even opened,not to mention games on hdd 176
2,123 Trivolt Trivolt 176
2,124 PiaCarrot jawp PiaCarrot jawpI didn't know "Fast & Furious" is "Wild Speed" in Japan. :) 176
2,125 TrueDevilHunter TrueDevilHunterUndeadified 176
2,126 MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 175
2,127 AceStAyWilDiN AceStAyWilDiNLast cheevo in Toro stuck at 97% smh. Now the game really sucks! 175
2,128 Officer Zero Officer ZeroOfficer Zero won 2,102 Achievements and 11 Challenges in 107 games, for a total of 74,801 TrueAchievement points (41,793 GamerScore) 175
2,129 AxGryndr AxGryndr@JoshingtonState confirmed there will be a Halo 5 console. SWEET! 175
2,130 Pukey UK Pukey UKUgh... backlog limbo... staring blankly @ the dashboard. don't you just love it :( 175
2,131 Chaos Suikoden Chaos SuikodenFinished KoA finally, yet to my dismay, I didn't get the "Beat game on hard" achievement... Looks like I'll have to do it again now.... 175
2,132 NUK3 MUT4NT NUK3 MUT4NT3rd best gamer score on my friends list on xbox :p ?? 175
2,133 YieldingBat YieldingBatHere is to hoping I can complete a few games. 175
2,134 WookieKiller247 WookieKiller247XOne baby!!! WOOOOT! 175
2,135 BIG NME BIG NMEDAMN IT! I didn't want to get an achievement from that Treyarch Trash on my Tag. There goes 3% of Completion Percentage. 175
2,136 Franco 4 127hrs Franco 4 127hrsFuck yeah just beat Chapter 13 in Shadow Warrior First try on Heroic. 174
2,137 Schaafy SchaafyLife is Strange keeps getting better and better!! It's like the movie the Butterfly Effect: the Game. 174
2,138 IHeartParamore IHeartParamoreKillr Instinct save issue has still not been resolved with todays patch. Good job i'm still in the leap frog! 174
2,139 Zombie4EvilDead Zombie4EvilDead 174
2,140 DirtyGlashoop DirtyGlashoopGoW Judgment is done, next up the dlc :-S 174
2,141 aps42 aps42Giantluca - making a ta session for gta v, make sure to join 174
2,142 Dokter V Dokter V 174
2,143 skhter skhterNew warframe DLC: Update 15.16: Stolen Dreams for Warframe 174
2,144 ll Lone Wolf lI ll Lone Wolf lIOne more week until SSO and then MCC. Xbox is going to be my home for some time! 174
2,145 SpannerPoint2XB SpannerPoint2XBFar Cry was a fucking mistake. What a yawnfest! 174
2,146 KronicPaul KronicPaulConsidering getting rid / selling my jap 360 console, let me know if your interested x 174
2,147 RubberTypeX RubberTypeX 174
2,148 Silicon Iceman Silicon IcemanI REALLY need to stop accepting friend requests from people that have a higher TA score than me. My self-esteem is deflating. 174
2,149 UK Blood Hound UK Blood Hound 174
2,150 Seb Smith Seb SmithAnyone got a Young Dom code for Judgement looking to trade! 174
2,151 Sketchy77 Sketchy77I miss being excited for new games, everything is the same now. 174
2,152 Zalsar ZalsarHighly Illogical... 174
2,153 Hanshiro HanshiroGot a good deal on South Park The Stick of Truth... Can't wait to play it 174
2,154 oO KwaX Oo oO KwaX Oo 174
2,155 Ebony Shabba Ebony ShabbaLord gwyn cannot handle my parrying i smouth him 174
2,156 StarlinX StarlinXToo many good digital sales for the 360 lately... 174
2,157 masonxxx444 masonxxx444 174
2,158 BJFindlay BJFindlay 173
2,159 Cyelwin Cyelwin 173
2,160 Danyelovic DanyelovicPutilla logrera 173
2,161 Kazeganthi KazeganthiHey everyone! Still not gaming on Xbox but I am alive and well. Also, I am on Steam, same GT. 173
2,162 JerkXDeuce JerkXDeuce 173
2,163 RIVE XNGLE RIVE XNGLEThere's a game named after me! 173
2,164 whanaton whanatonFar Cry 2 is done! No real grind-boosting for a while... 173
2,165 Peije Peije 173
2,166 Oz Catalyst zO Oz Catalyst zOOh shit you guys do know gta v xbox one can be played in 1st person looks crazy 173
2,167 DigitALxBullets DigitALxBulletsLameLoft's Total Conquest is a mobile destroyer, avoid it or risk your phone's integrity to function correctly. 173
2,168 Flynn423 Flynn423Work,U.S time zones and Leap Frog don't work out. 173
2,169 Kaiser679 Kaiser679Nothing like popping 11 achievements in a matter of a couple hours and still feeling like you barely tried the games you did them in. Psyched. 173
2,170 Exia Of War Exia Of WarGot a PS4.. I'm sorry Microsoft :3c 173
2,171 Techercizer TechercizerGot all my games stolen. Lost like $2k. Probably taking a 360 break for a while; a good while. 173
2,172 Virgil Must Die Virgil Must DieJust think, next time I kill someone, I could be arrested! 172
2,173 Strangawrath Strangawrath 172
2,174 archer139 archer139world of tanks..get ready for the more achievements in the next 30 to 50 days 172
2,175 Nyxil NyxilGlitched achievements are the FUCKING BEST! 172
2,176 Nicmcconnell Nicmcconnell81 day streak lost :-( 172
2,177 UnNamedFeeling2 UnNamedFeeling2 172
2,178 BSquad56 BSquad56Silent Hill <3 172
2,179 GHOSTLYSHINOBI GHOSTLYSHINOBIAnyone on my friends list fancy working through GOW Judgement campaign? 172
2,180 BreakNeckTurtle BreakNeckTurtleChillin' on GOW2! :) 172
2,181 THEE G0NZ THEE G0NZCheck out my Gears Of War 3 sessions for Seriously 3.0 172
2,182 brandysnapps brandysnappsStarting a new tag Brandysnapps96 everyone feel free to add me 172
2,183 Rista B Rista B 172
2,184 Brudworx BrudworxTime to get out the Christmas stick™ 172
2,185 DAN NUFC DAN NUFCwon 231 Achievements in 20 games, for a total of 12,419 TrueAchievement points (5,852 GamerScore). 171
2,186 LOST Thanu LOST ThanuForgot how long Wingman boosting (GoW 3) takes... 171
2,187 Thrashballer Thrashballer 171
2,188 Halfblind Cloud Halfblind Cloud 171
2,189 Predator Ranger Predator RangerStill need a co-op partner for Devil's Cartel. Anyone?? 171
2,190 DarkRider334 DarkRider334anyone know if you have to do the MoH: Airborne mp chvos in a certain order? I heard you can create unobtainables if you dont 171
2,191 sider inc sider inc1002 360 games 171
2,192 CojakSilverBack CojakSilverBackSpec Ops: The Line by far the Best Mature game I have ever played. 171
2,193 DrFokePhD DrFokePhDetc. and so forth... 171
2,194 Xx NTAEndar xX Xx NTAEndar xXMore Than Just Legitimate 171
2,195 ColdEagle86 ColdEagle86mafia 2 dlc worth grabbing? ive not started base game so no idea. thoughts? 171
2,196 spyrobo spyrobo 170
2,197 TEL1981 TEL1981 170
2,198 USMC 90 95 USMC 90 95Romans 10:9 170
2,199 Seamus McLimey Seamus McLimey 170
2,200 Xxgogeta4xX Xxgogeta4xXXBOX ONE Follow me on xbox one Rep That SHIT #164 in TX for Gamerscore SWAG YOLO SWAG #XboxOne 170