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3,101 SereneMidnight SereneMidnightKing's Fall completed. Excellent Raid! 143
3,102 TheHighProphets TheHighProphetsMonopolized and Goat roaped done now for the clean up. 143
3,103 ClevelandFan ClevelandFan 143
3,104 TrueAnakin09 TrueAnakin09 143
3,105 Just Deviant Just Deviant 143
3,106 dreamweaver1984 dreamweaver1984if anyone wants to join me for some halo mcc achievements hit me up 142
3,107 WAFFLETRAIN7997 WAFFLETRAIN7997My Mom got rear ended today in her Silverado by a GMC Sierra 142
3,108 Cer3bra1Asassin Cer3bra1AsassinIt's Showwtime!! 142
3,109 Vitiated1 Vitiated1ZAT is the worst fucking game of all time 142
3,110 Cower Before me Cower Before meAnybody want to party up and play gears UE? Would like to get it completed by the time gears 4 comes out. 142
3,111 BigD The Chief BigD The Chief 142
3,112 Achti AchtiWorking on: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS3) 142
3,113 B Diddy620 B Diddy620 142
3,114 S3M James S3M JamesAlways willing to boost 142
3,115 kegonomics kegonomicsJust picked up like 20x 360 games for $50, great DWG sale on the 360 this week! 142
3,116 LRD SOTH LRD SOTHR.I.P will be greatly missed my friend. 142
3,117 GruffleGrinder GruffleGrinderlooking for NTSC titles, check my blog! 142
3,118 OmnfG oO OmnfG oO 142
3,119 EtherRabbit EtherRabbit 142
3,120 Dobby301 Dobby301 142
3,121 MavericRenegade MavericRenegadeanyone getting Gears Judgement? 142
3,122 buzzo9neo buzzo9neoBack to an 85% Achievement Completion Rating =D 142
3,123 TheDancingClown TheDancingClown 142
3,124 SteveDGamer SteveDGamerNights are Days / Days are Nights #NightTimeWorker #MyWorld 142
3,125 TECHNOxTRUCKER TECHNOxTRUCKERDid you all miss me? LOL 142
3,126 Lelouch X Wrath Lelouch X WrathEST. 19XX 142
3,127 CoZmic Death CoZmic DeathFury leads to Strife leads to War ends in Death 142
3,128 Flook666 Flook66670s baby, 80s Kid, 90s teen, 2000s Old Fart! 142
3,129 swen doesborg swen doesborg 142
3,130 OlsAbsss x OlsAbsss xJust bought both Arkham city and metro 2033 for a total of £17.48, bargain! 142
3,131 robert m b robert m bHalo:CE finally completed 142
3,132 TKD MACOU 0172 TKD MACOU 0172got my new xbox ladies and gents back in bussiness 142
3,133 TheCraig TheCraig 142
3,134 Santa Voorhees Santa Voorhees 141
3,135 flodros flodrosBacon 141
3,136 PinkyNarf69 PinkyNarf69TA scanners screwed up my win streak. Looks like I will only hit 452 days. 141
3,137 FullMoonBeaver FullMoonBeaverSoon as housework is all done, it's time for a session on Star Hammer. Really enjoying it despite it not being my usual choice of game. 141
3,138 Law Ram Law RamCould anyone with Dead Rising 3 help me out with the "Be a Dick" achievement? I just need to join their game online 141
3,139 ATLDC404 ATLDC404I wish my schedule of work, family and games allowed me to boost more. Not enough time in the day. 141
3,140 Aki2403 Aki2403 141
3,141 RewardingBeers much Halo.... 141
3,142 SnikeneUllteppe SnikeneUllteppeNo more achivementhunting fore me Just chillimg out aND joyplaing 141
3,143 TrevorDaddy TrevorDaddyI need coop partner for Portal 2, Rainbow Six Vegas Co-op Story/Terrorist Hunt, and Dead Space 3. 141
3,144 xXCONAXx xXCONAXxSite status: Offline | Xbox status: Offline 141
3,145 Belainfi Belainfi 141
3,146 THE Watery Man THE Watery ManSeriously GOW UE: 2484/10000 141
3,147 Ruscoe n Ben Ruscoe n BenStill celebrating Man United 8 The arsenal 2...who are ya!! 141
3,148 KEN0BI KEN0BI 141
3,149 IFEARI MauLer IFEARI MauLerI will 1000 Mortal Kombat, for i am Jesus \_O_/ 141
3,150 Lucifer AoD Lucifer AoDI am DOOMSLAYER! 141
3,151 xox POLAK xox xox POLAK xoxMad sick head nuh good : 141
3,152 CaptainMayhem88 CaptainMayhem8850k gamerscore hit. This means I reached my yearly goal of getting 10k gamerscore. How should I celebrate? 141
3,153 Sergioxbox2008 Sergioxbox2008 141
3,154 Xx NTAEndar xX Xx NTAEndar xXMore Than Just Legitimate 141
3,155 ShaqsShutterbug ShaqsShutterbugAfter today im almost certainly turning my back on Xbox. Complete joke! 141
3,156 TomoyoN TomoyoN...Record of Argarest War... (30/50) [520/1000] 140
3,157 Taillear Dubh Taillear Dubh 140
3,158 nuttywray nuttywray*sigh* 140
3,159 Pasanius PasaniusAnd so my beloved Titanfall has been ruined. You want to play a certain Titan type. Ok sure but your only going to be able to use this weapon..... 140
3,160 SlightlyErotic SlightlyErotic 140
3,161 Maxpayne1080 Maxpayne1080Maxpayne1080 won 0 Achievements in 0 games, for a total of 0 TrueAchievement points (0 GamerScore). 140
3,162 x l Santos x l SantosSee you October 7th Gamers and Xbox! 140
3,163 lordeleo lordeleoBF4: No option to transfer my stats from x360 to xOne. WTF? Fucked? 140
3,164 BattleBladeWar BattleBladeWarLive your legacy 140
3,165 Mr Teall Mr TeallBeen playing so little 360 but so many other games! 140
3,166 Zoot Marlowe Zoot MarloweSorry for letting you down this last week guys. I am really sorry we got eliminated so soon. 140
3,167 LostMantella9 LostMantella9Halo MCC done again, Hopefully Halo reach will come to MCC soon enough 140
3,168 EssCee UK EssCee UK 140
3,169 TheSpiderHam666 TheSpiderHam666It's funny how I can get passed from Live support to Windows support to Microsoft support and they are allfuckinguseless 140
3,170 SoulSurvivor43 SoulSurvivor43 140
3,171 CovetousSole4 CovetousSole4Looking for someone that is good at Wolfpack in AC3 that can help finish on the DLC map. It's the only one I have left. 140
3,172 GatorFist GatorFist 140
3,173 die Feuerwehr die Feuerwehr\o/ -- Praise the sun! -- 140
3,174 Thrifty SiMON Thrifty SiMON 140
3,175 Se7enn Sins Se7enn SinsBioshock finished. Should be finishing up bluedragon in a week or so, just started far cry 3 140
3,176 Kalujo KalujoYES!!! I finally figured out how to fix the "Warn Desdemona" glitch in Fallout 4! :D 140
3,177 John Death 117 John Death 117Look Ma! No Brain! 140
3,178 bigfatwallet bigfatwalletFallout 4 and Xbox Fitness on the list now. 140
3,179 TheWretchedCrow TheWretchedCrow 140
3,180 BreakingPad68 BreakingPad68WtF?? the last achievement ( unlock all (99)achievements) glitched and does NOT unlock. ---Fuck 139
3,181 QuanticJustice QuanticJusticeThe Console is dead! Long live the Console! 139
3,182 KY PRO 2008 KY PRO 2008more achievements in minecraft really? 139
3,183 Vein 666 Vein 666 139
3,184 hotcurls3088 hotcurls3088Hmm going for bonus? Doesn't seem to hard to get :) 139
3,185 Dazeldorffv2 Dazeldorffv2But Vegeta, tricks are for kids! 139
3,186 MrCoolness3 MrCoolness3 139
3,187 Emivader EmivaderIs LeapFrog still going on???!!! 139
3,188 DwB Joker DwB Joker 139
3,189 Spangles21 Spangles21 139
3,190 DarthCaedus13 DarthCaedus13to any friend that has a xbox one and destiny. would u be interested in doing th weekly nightfall tonight at 1:30 am iowa time? 139
3,191 Knifetotheeye Knifetotheeye100% Done with boosting for cheevos - just playing things I actually, y'know, enjoy from now on! 139
3,192 ErmacVersion1 ErmacVersion1Take Bieber, leave the Busters! 139
3,193 themadass themadass 139
3,194 yamiseth yamisethAs much as I love free games, if I ever manage to finish my 360/ps3 games I am already going to have an X1/ps4 build-up 139
3,195 AGTURBO9000 AGTURBO9000EDF 2025 is a real grind 139
3,196 Sceneman ScenemanSo many games, so little time! 139
3,197 DethlikeSilence DethlikeSilencewish xbox had no man's sky, a PS4 is on the horizon 139
3,198 Apokalyp5e Apokalyp5eDoes anyone know if the new Ultimate Edition Gears online kills will stack with what you've already done in the original game?? 5,900 out of ????? 139
3,199 RICAN4207 RICAN4207Finally hit 100000 with spec ops the line 139
3,200 WeltallAY WeltallAY 139