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1,101 Jodmeister JodmeisterAmused to see that with the new WoT dlc I currently have an achievement with a ratio over 12 280
1,103 AmazingSpider97 AmazingSpider97Nah can't laugh anymore! Why doesn't fifa WC save my challenges when I did them? :/ 280
1,104 PuckJunkie PuckJunkie 279
1,105 IrishBeatdown IrishBeatdownTrying to will myself into doing some multiplayer boosting..... 279
1,106 XxShinSolidusxX XxShinSolidusxXMY FIGHT MONEEEEEEYYYY!!!!! 279
1,107 ShonicTH ShonicTHfinally 5*'d "One". Now for Raining Blood. 279
1,108 PrinceRules64 PrinceRules64I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was, really ... I was alive. 279
1,110 VINNY001 VINNY001Want boost Gears 1, GTA IV 278
1,111 St Jolly777 St Jolly777Seattle DAT 278
1,112 Js2Death Js2Deathanyone in my sessions, idgaf about feedback anymore cause its BS so i dnt give it & i couldnt careless on what i recieve 278
1,113 scrltspdrslayer scrltspdrslayerThanks to Time Warner's crummy service, I haven't been able to sign into my XBox for the last 24 hours. Ugh 278
1,115 Mattpm13 Mattpm13 277
1,116 TrueWickedone TrueWickedone 277
1,117 MickeyOReilly MickeyOReillyAnyone wanna do Halo: SA co-op together? 277
1,118 Sir Stratsavvy Sir Stratsavvyhavent logged into TA since before last July. damn 277
1,119 MemoriesOfFinal MemoriesOfFinalFor any completionist out there, stay far far away from M&M: DoC: Forgotten Wars. 276
1,120 Cringer85 Cringer85 276
1,121 NonKosherSalt NonKosherSaltToday we stand with the Netherlands and other countries affected by MH17. 276
1,122 DcupsOfJustice DcupsOfJusticeLove the English. Had 12 on my tour bus today and spent a bit talking football. Generous at the gratuity as well. 275
1,123 T VIRUS 4 LIFE T VIRUS 4 LIFEAnyone getting the Evil Within and is it on the 360??? 275
1,124 iMakke iMakke 275
1,125 AwakeDeadeye AwakeDeadeyeI've done the impossible... I found an xbox live vision camera... time to finish burnout paradise! 275
1,126 Predalien90 Predalien90 275
1,127 Godfather1504 Godfather1504Taking an indefinite break from gaming. See you around. 275
1,128 DBD RockLobster DBD RockLobsterAnybody got any tips on how to beat Severus in Spartacus Legends? 275
1,129 CalacaDeMuerto CalacaDeMuertoWould any of you nice folks happen to have a 48-hr gold code? 275
1,130 ry the boss ry the boss 275
1,131 allstar738 allstar738 275
1,132 wellingtonbalbo wellingtonbalboBattlefield Hardline foi "jogado" para 2015 - 275
1,133 iiM SO N1NJA iiM SO N1NJA42.84% 275
1,134 HWNDarkside HWNDarksideNo comment. 274
1,135 shotgunbilly555 shotgunbilly555 274
1,136 Darkened Night Darkened NightBattleBlock Theater's TA ratios are about to jump quite a bit. 274
1,137 The Yiddler The YiddlerGreat, Book Keeper glitched on me in Contrast. Do I play through again or hope it unlocks on it's own? 274
1,138 luke turbo2010 luke turbo2010600/10000 gona hammer it this and next month 274
1,139 MakeMeACoffee MakeMeACoffee 274
1,140 Basanakin Basanakin 274
1,141 Hurricane Ham Hurricane Hamfuneral is on Friday! No cell network. 273
1,142 MC PHILABUSTA MC PHILABUSTAanyone having destiny beta problems still at4% transferring game content? 273
1,143 Danowat32 Danowat32 273
1,144 EggBigot EggBigotThe Bridge is pretty good so far! 272
1,145 TransparentDime TransparentDimeNothing. 272
1,146 llDurbinll llDurbinllLess than 24hrs before GFWL is, supposedly, going to shut down. Crunch time, time to finish Fable 3! 272
1,147 Poor MrHighway Poor MrHighwayAnyone want to play Battleblock Theater on the 16th when it's free? Need to do co-op on insane 272
1,148 Dude Rain Dude RainHit me up over at - I'm coptermann. 271
1,149 Ace Chewie Ace Chewietaking a break from gaming, but.. i'll be back!!! [smile] 271
1,150 Ripley LV426 Ripley LV426 271
1,151 arasma arasma 271
1,152 RATM Nietzsche RATM NietzscheAhora que la competición se ha ido al carajo... Seriamente 3.0 47/65. Volvamos al trabajo... 271
1,153 WoodyLovesKushx WoodyLovesKushxalright LoL has officially won...not sure how much xbox ill be playing meow 271
1,154 C0oK13 MoNsTa C0oK13 MoNsTa 271
1,155 SyntheticMortal SyntheticMortalFor anybody that missed it (me) Walking Dead episode 1 is free tomorrow as part of the Spring Sale! 271
1,156 TheCadillacKing TheCadillacKing"Real gamers never blink...ever!" 271
1,158 Are You EXPd Are You EXPdTA fucked for anyone else? it wont scan my cheevs... anyway only one more trials evo cheev, scenic route with no faults 270
1,159 BiLLzuMaNaTi BiLLzuMaNaTiB34$T M0D3 269
1,160 Makker MakkerJust bought Diablo 3 so I expect my achievement sabbatical is coming to an end at last :0) 269
1,161 Arenazombie Arenazombie 269
1,162 Cuckoolander CuckoolanderI don't belong anywhere. 269
1,163 LearFool LearFoolEn vacances. 269
1,164 Tw1std Nitem4re Tw1std Nitem4re PLEASE JOIN!!! 269
1,165 NBA Kirkland NBA KirklandI think i will have some extra Destiny beta codes, XB1 and 360. PM me if you need one. 268
1,166 McAtee MADNESS McAtee MADNESSFML. I f'n hate MUT. 268
1,167 iLeNigro 69 iLeNigro 69 268
1,168 THEeskEMO THEeskEMOOh hi everyone. I'm still alive. I'm clearing out some stuff and found some unused $20 cards. WTS for $15 each 268
1,169 TONLOC10420 TONLOC10420..... 268
1,170 reforc3 reforc3GOW3: 76/100(Green) 23/65(Onyx) [2 More to Conquer Beast Mode] 268
1,171 Xonatron XonatronMatthew Doucette of Xona Games: 268
1,172 Pyro1099 Pyro1099Reaper of Souls achievements are soo damn grindy. I better unlock the majority of them when I bring my saves over. 267
1,173 Danny Dubs 86 Danny Dubs 86I just can't get the needed Psych Warfare wins... 266
1,174 DeliriousDrew DeliriousDrewApparently you can see what we rate games now.... 266
1,175 pharohfred pharohfredlgot the gane i wanted for christmas but have to buy a hd. way to fucking go EA and Dice. real stupid shit.... 266
1,176 SuddenThunder SuddenThunderJust bought the titanfall season pass for $35. Two days later I still havent been able to find a game on the new maps. 266
1,177 Mister Buds Mister BudsI love when I pull a game out of my backlog that I bought about two years ago and the disc is completely scratched. 265
1,178 WOODY2211 WOODY2211OK, so this week was WAY to close!!!! I will take some blame for not being able to play but we need to do more team!! 265
1,179 DmA 5800 DmA 5800GHWT servers are back up, get busy people [smile] 265
1,180 Pine Reaper Pine ReaperMany thanks to Halfords for nearly getting me killed today, here's your bike back. 265
1,181 Sean Reinhardl Sean Reinhardl 265
1,182 Vinicius Menti Vinicius MentiLegal esta iniciativa (agora envolve todas plataformas novas): 265
1,183 CRAWFORD696 CRAWFORD696 265
1,184 PliantBoat33 PliantBoat33Seriously 1.0 DONE/Seriously 2.0 DONE/Veteran Gear DONE/Seriously 3.0 B5 S14 G22 O24/GOW3 Ribbons DONE/GOWJ B6 S2 G2 O0 265
1,185 NLi10 NLi10 265
1,186 TAREKEGYPT TAREKEGYPTlococycle worst game ever made? 264
1,187 TOBY 1K NO BE TOBY 1K NO BENew peggle achievements are shit! 264
1,188 Carbokris Carbokris 264
1,189 ChronosKaos ChronosKaosAsuac ius | 264
1,190 DigiMark DigiMark 264
1,191 Terrin Terrin 263
1,192 Facial La Fleur Facial La Fleur[cry] Looks like I'm starting my career over in FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. [cry] 263
1,193 PrimeBigTime PrimeBigTime100 more chievos to the next percentage, oy vey! 262
1,194 Gearbolt013 Gearbolt013Defeating the horde! 262
1,195 Napathanes NapathanesM2AF: Can anyone who has it, pass along the viral achievement in Race Driver: Grid to me? 262
1,196 L0k0h L0k0hGuía de Watch Dogs subida a TrueAchievements, ahora a por Super Time Force! 262
1,197 plesniaczek plesniaczekI'm not crazy 'Cause I take The right pills... 262
1,198 OSU Brutus OSU OSU Brutus OSUI wish I was focused enough to play a game until it was complete. 262
1,199 SirEzhno SirEzhnoTOO MANY GAMES 262
1,200 UnShavenM0nkey UnShavenM0nkeyPeople confuse me 262