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Pos Gamer GamerScore
1 SneakyStabbalot SneakyStabbalotwon 172 Achievements in 26 games, for a total of 9,481 TrueAchievement points (5,210 GamerScore). 26,628
2 Johnny Sinister Johnny SinisterPatch is out for Tentacles: Enter the Mind (W8). 26,360
3 JieXY JieXYMoving my games to a new HDD is so painful. The system is extremely slow to respond... May have something to do with the Xbox Live Service Alert. Boo. 26,018
4 tjayars tjayars 25,725
5 EastX EastXI never met a man I didn't meet. 24,058
6 Mr Rodster Mr RodsterTelltale: excellent storytellers, incompetent programmers. 20,110
7 cnirvana cnirvanaCrap. Hit my first Make It Rain glitch... Fortune scratcher popped in game but not on my card. I knew it was too good to have 12 pop in a row correct. 19,323
8 Epic Louie Epic LouiePlease, let this be true. 17,795
9 DJ 0311 DJ 0311Looking forward to Sunset Overdrive and Halo: Master Chief Collection! 14,658
10 aequitas700 aequitas700 13,420
11 Xylofreak03 Xylofreak03WP/W8 Battery Life War Contest... Let me know if you sign up too! 13,355
12 Aggie CMD Aggie CMDMy shirt says, "What's your Gamerscore?" 11,516
13 Cannon Fodder06 Cannon Fodder06In case the GTASC isn't enough - give a try to Xbox Mobile Gamer windows phone contest. 11,483
14 LordChabelo13 LordChabelo13I dont have time to 1K games anymore, need to beat game and be done with it completion % be dammened! 11,315
15 SiNaCiDe IiI SiNaCiDe IiIi miss you guys 10,815
16 SPECTREON SPECTREONI have a Forza 5 Digital download code. Anyone wanna trade me a $25 M$ gift card for it? 10,700
17 Nyte Rayne 2 Nyte Rayne 2OMFG...last 9 cheevos on my WP8 haven't scanned...the first 4 on a game where it is common to not scan...turns out my 20 10,595
18 PoopShizzle PoopShizzleWell, here we go... 10,498
19 Sinned5 Sinned5 10,473
20 TheNutman69321 TheNutman69321 10,275
21 HBK316HHH619 HBK316HHH619 10,125
22 Beezie84 Beezie84 9,253
23 Gamer In Denial Gamer In DenialI Eat Chevo's For Breakfast!!! 8,965
24 TXMOOK TXMOOKMe and my gf are going to be extra's Revolution. 8,926
25 Box is awesome Box is awesomeI got nothing 8,920
26 Robotic Aquatic Robotic Aquatic 8,885
27 Elite Sc1on XB Elite Sc1on XBAnyone have Crash Time 4 (PC) and willing to do the MP in the next couple of days. 9-12 Central most everyday. 8,870
28 Lord of Orion Lord of OrionSo just played one of the "Iron Crucible" games in the Destiny beta ... yeah, I'm pretty good when it isn't equal. 8,760
29 imaidiot19 imaidiot19imaidiot19 won 95 Achievements in 24 games, for a total of 4,307 TrueAchievement points (2,250 GamerScore). 8,551
30 ArmadilloKing ArmadilloKing 8,494
31 xMac73 xMac73 8,458
32 Caleb ex nihilo Caleb ex nihilo 8,323
33 Gemini Ace Gemini Ace 8,272
34 TheFatPrincesss TheFatPrincesssSo excited for FIFA 15 8,208
35 NUROK HOWLER NUROK HOWLERI need Destiny raid achievements so I can be freed from it 7,975
36 Jodymack JodymackTo many games to play. 7,880
37 GuillermoMunoz GuillermoMunozNeed help in Diablo 3 Hardcore, just want to get it over with. 7,710
38 CheeszNIPS CheeszNIPS 7,462
39 Jahman7 Jahman7Windows Phone Gamer 7,400
40 napoearth napoearth 7,390
41 = NevrSurrender NevrSurrenderThink TA needs to fix the streak system. Appears my Android game didn't keep my daily streak alive, although it registered here. 7,060
41 = IRISH PATRIOT x IRISH PATRIOT xI love lamp 7,060
43 Steaksaucepie Steaksaucepiesitting at 93% now, only 84 more medals for the campaigns in riddlers revenge! 7,009
44 KungFu Monk3y KungFu Monk3y... 6,936
45 Reborn Insanity Reborn InsanityI've had a huge craving to go back and play the Mass Effect trilogy lately. 6,690
46 Blind Lester Blind Lesterduh 6,573
47 Yoda Mane Yoda Mane 6,550
48 Wrinkled Thumbs Wrinkled Thumbs 6,544
49 TonySki TonySkiReally? I've beat Rumble Roses XX and Project Spark is the game to take over my TA Ratio? damnit, I liked those boobies. 6,470
50 Struggle Within Struggle Within 6,352