South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! Walkthrough

3. Story walkthrough


Alright, let’s do this! Start the campaign mode and select the Casual difficulty, but if you want more of a challenge, feel free to select a higher difficulty, but I do not recommend this early on because like mentioned before, the game can be pretty tough. There are 11 levels, and they can be completed in a multiple of ways. You will have a better and more fun experience if you go and figure out your own methods, but I will write down some pointers for each level if you need them. It's a general rule of thumb to use Kyle as your builder/collector as soon as he's unlocked in the second level. This is because he is the fastest character out of the regular 4, and that really makes a difference, especially when collecting coins at the end of each stage.

Level 1 - Stan's House
Enemies: Ginger Kids, Cows
Towers: Fast Pitch

The first level contains 2 stages and functions as an introduction to the game. You shouldn't have much trouble beating this. The game already gives you a couple of towers to get you started and even a couple more on the second stage. Cartman joins you on the second stage and his special ability is one of the better ones, when speaking of the regular 4 characters ( obviously those are Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman ).

Time to knock out the first achievement. After throwing a bunch of snowballs, you'll notice the character ability progress bar is blinking in the bottom screen, it also looks like the character is on fire. This means a special attack is ready! Stan's special attack will recover some hitpoints while Cartman's ability is a carpet bomb and damages all mobs on screen ( on the first few levels he actually kills them all, on the latter levels he just damages them ). Press the "Y" button on the controller and this one should pop.

Rochambeau in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Rochambeau15 (15)
Activate a Special Ability
  • Unlocked by 27,181 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 27,379

Chances are, you scored enough points to gain a Bronze medal, in that case this should have popped.

Come On. Catch Me. in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal on any level
  • Unlocked by 26,962 tracked gamers (98% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 27,379

Don't worry if you failed to gain this on the first level, when you master the game some more, you will definitely get this on any of the remaining levels.

Level 2 - Elementary School
Enemies: Ginger Kids, Hippies
Towers: Fast Pitch

The second level contains 2 stages. Kyle joins the crew and his special ability is the best of the regular four. He boosts the strength and you can literally take out any mob with just 1 or 2 snowballs. On the first stage, build 2 Fast Pitch towers at the top and 1 at the bottom. Use Kyle's ability when needed. Don't forget to upgrade the towers when you have the money for it. The second stage basically works the same as the first, but you may need a few more towers.

After defeating a new enemy, using a new special ability, or getting a gold or higher on a level, you will unlock videos. You might have noticed the message popping up in the corner of the screen telling you to press "back" to go to the scrapbook. If you do that and watch any of the videos, the following achievement will pop. If you missed the opportunity in-game you can also access the scrapbook from the menu to watch any video.

Couch Potato in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Watch a video clip in the Scrapbook
  • Unlocked by 25,487 tracked gamers (93% - TA Ratio = 1.03) 27,379

Level 3 - Kenny's House
Enemies: Ginger Kids, Hippies, Gnomes
Towers: Fast Pitch, Laser

On the first stage, stick to Fast Pitch towers only, there is no reason to build a Laser Tower yet since the Gnomes won't spawn until the second stage. Build a few near where the wave starts and a few at the middle-bottom in case a few mobs take that route instead of going straight.

The second stage is where we are going to grab another achievement. Build a few Fast Pitch and Laser Towers next to each other at both the top and bottom of the wave. There is a crane that you can use to take out mobs, and in order to use it, you have to throw a snowball at the bulls-eye target. This will make the crane drop a wrecked car on top of the mob. If you happen to miss, do not worry, within 10 seconds, there will be a new car to drop. Drop it on an enemy and this should pop.

White Trasher in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Destroy an enemy with the junkyard crane near Kenny's House
  • Unlocked by 23,922 tracked gamers (87% - TA Ratio = 1.06) 27,379

There is a third stage on this level and you'll notice the difficulty is increasing. The enemies will now come from both the top and bottom of the map, so build your towers on both sides! You should also build one or two towers on the middle patch of snow. If you get into trouble, remember your specials.

From now on you won't survive without the aid of walls, they only cost 1 coin so use them! Basically, try to create mazes so the mob has to take multiple paths before they can reach the exit. If you build your towers on patches in between paths the mob will pass them multiple times so you can inflict a lot more damage. Sometimes it can be hard to finish a maze before the first wave enters, but still finish building it, first waves are usually easy dealt with by just using snowballs. Make sure your maze has an exit for the mob to take or they will attack your walls if there is no way out. If you see this happening, quickly remove one patch of snow near the exit of the level.

Also, this one has probably already popped for you; if not, then it will very soon.

Fightin' Round the World in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Throw 1,000 snowballs
  • Unlocked by 24,848 tracked gamers (91% - TA Ratio = 1.04) 27,379

Level 4 - Butters' House
Enemies: Old People, Hippies, Gnomes
Towers: Lasers, Cherry Bomb

In stage 1 at the bottom where the wave will enter, you'll see a small gap, close it with a wall. Then start to build an "up and down" maze and fill it with Lasers and some Cherry Bomb Towers to deal with the Old People. At the second stage, start at the top by covering up all of the gaps with walls and build a path with walls that will lead the mob through the rocks in the middle. After that you might want to build another "up and down" maze near the exit.

Butters Unlocked!
Butters does a Tap Dance move, literally destroying everything he touches. It's a good idea to replace Cartman for Butters. Only trigger his special when you have a full wave or more on the screen for the best efficiency and move Butters along the path they walk. Unfortunately you won't be able to change characters until after your first playthrough.

Level 5 - Hell's Pass Hospital
Enemies: Old People, Critters, 6th Graders
Towers: Firey-Works, Cherry Bomb, Fast Pitch, Lasers

Start filling in the patches of snow from the bottom left working to the right in stage 1. Make sure you leave a patch open at the top for the mob to exit to. Then you can start to build your maze, horizontal or vertical, both will work. Use the Firey-Works against the Critters, the Cherry Bombs against the Old People, and Fast Pitch/Lasers against the 6th Graders. Fill in the gaps either left or right in Stage 2 on the first row, and continue filling up gaps at the opposite of the second row. Your best bet is to just build rows of Firey-Works at the bottom and maybe a few in the middle.

Jimmy Unlocked!
Very similar to Butters special ability, I would either replace Kenny or Stan, the choice is yours. Unfortunately you won't be able to change characters until after your first playthrough.

The following achievement should have popped by now, don't worry if it hasn't because it's cumulative and it will come soon for you.

Treasure and Plunder in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Collect 1,000 coins
  • Unlocked by 19,555 tracked gamers (71% - TA Ratio = 1.18) 27,379

If you have been using Kyle a lot, this achievement could be yours by now as well. If you don't have it yet, keep using Kyle towards the end of the level so you can use him to pick-up all of the coins. All in all, it's a very easy achievement and it should come automatically with most players. If you are still having troubles unlocking it then check out the Challenges chapter of this walkthrough for I will mention a method.

Space Cash in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Space Cash24 (20)
Collect 100 coins in 10 seconds or less
  • Unlocked by 18,855 tracked gamers (69% - TA Ratio = 1.20) 27,379

Level 6 - Stark's Pond
Enemies: Jackovasaurs, Old People, Critters, 6th Graders, Gnomes
Towers: Firey-Works, Pee-Trons, Lasers

Start the first stage by blocking off the beginning with either patches of snow or towers. Try and make a V-shape to drag them into the middle and make sure you cover it all up, otherwise they'll escape near the top. Build Firey-Works and Pee-Trons. In the second stage, you want to use the same towers with the addition of Lasers, build them on the small patches of snow. Try to build a horizontal maze towards the end. Just like the first stage, there is a lot of ice, so all you can really do is build towers.

Craig Unlocked!
One of my favorite characters as his special ability slows down the mob for 20 seconds, very effective.

Level 7 - 6th Grade Hangout
Enemies: 6th Graders, 6th Graders on Bikes, Jackovasaurs
Towers: Firey-Works, Pee-Trons, Fast Pitch, Refringinator

The enemies will only come from the dirt area in stage 1, so use both sides to build. The sewers work as portals and they can help you keep 2 people on each side. Build a Refringinator on each side and fill it up with Firey-Works, Pee-Trons, and Fast Pitch. Make sure you are standing close to the edge when casting your special attack because you can't go down. At the second stage, the water can help you clear out the mobs, but also your teammates! Cover up all of the open parts with snow except the top parts, so they will stay in the middle as long as possible to get hit by the water. The wave will go on both sides so make little mazes with Firey-Works. Make sure you build the majority on the left side because there is a "Boss Fight" coming up. Scott Tenormin enters the stage and he will come in from the left. You could build some vertical mazes so he has to walk through the middle. You will notice he's very slow, and by using the specials on him, he's actually pretty easy. Don't let him pass for it will end the game!

Clyde Unlocked!
Clyde throws a Colostomy bag which explodes, not really a good character if you ask me.

Level 8 - Great Wall of South Park
Enemies: 6th Graders, 6th Graders on Bikes, Yanagopa, Zombies, Mongolians, Mongolians on Horses
Towers: Firey-Works, Lasers, Cherry Bomb

On stage 1, the City Wok owner, Tong Lu Kim, will assist you with throwing a large boulder on the mobs. Cover the first patches, starting at the bottom working your way up, leave a gap for the mob to enter though. On the next patch, build from the top to the bottom so you can guide the mobs to where the boulder drops. Firey-Works and Lasers are your weapons of choice here. On the second stage, the Mongolians will start to enter. They are pretty tough, use the Cherry Bombs and Firey-Works against them. Make sure you build some Lasers as well to deal with the Yanagopa. Tong Lu Kim is back to help you again, this time he will freeze the enemy with his hot sauce. At the bottom you'll see a small area you can patch up with snow, making sure the mobs go right through the hot sauce. You should try and build some mazes in the middle as well as where the other hot sauce drop point is. Build in a way to make full use of it. You might want to build a few Firey-Works at the end in case a mob gets through too.

Tweak Unlocked!
His special ability is similar to those of Butters and Jimmy, it seems like it lasts shorter but I'm not 100% sure about this.

Level 9 - South Park Docks
Enemies: Terrorists, Crab People, Homeless People, Yanagopa, Zombies
Towers: Firey-Works, Pee-Tron, Cherry Bomb, Lasers

The first stage is not easy by any means, so make sure you use the Firey-Works for the Crab People. I would advise to bring at least 1 character with a devastating wave killer like Jimmy and bring Craig along as well. Start building snow walls from the bottom left upwards to the right and a nice maze at the end. Stage 2 will be even tougher. The waves spawn really close to the exit which makes this stage hard, not to mention the boss that will spawn afterwards isn't that strong but he's really really fast. Build horizontal rows near where the wave starts and fill them up with Firey-Works. Then start building at the other side because this is the place where the boss will spawn. It's a good idea to create some up-and-down mazes and build Fire-Works towers again, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to fill those up with Pee-Trons and maybe a few Cherry Bombs. Here comes the boss, General Disarray. Now the reason why I said to bring Craig along should be obvious. He can slow down the enemy so use him wisely. Just like the previous boss, Scott Tenormin, you can't let the General pass for the game will end if you do!

Pip Unlocked!
The best character in the gam. He has a wave destroying special just like Butters and Jimmy, but he moves slightly faster, I've destroyed 3 waves in 1 go with him.

Level 10 - Mountain Pass
Enemies: Demons, Crab People, Homeless People, Yanagopa
Towers: Firey-Works, Lasers, Pee-Tron

Stage 1 is fairly easy. You have to watch out for the rocks though, for they can block off a path the mobs take. Your best bet is to build up-and-down mazes starting from the left side, and try to lead the wave where the boulder drops for it can help you a lot. Firey-Works, like many other levels, is your friend again. It's a good idea to use Craig’s slowing down ability near where the boulder drops for extra effectiveness. Now for stage 2, start by blocking the left side with either Firey-Works or snow. Then build rows that make sure that the mobs have to take the path of the boulder. Build a maze in the middle part and make sure that you lead the wave through the second boulder path. Firey-Works is once again your best bet, but this stage should be pretty easy because you'll get plenty of help from the boulders. Stage 3 though, will be much tougher because the mobs have two exits to take. Block the entire path on the right bottom side and block the left side partially so that the mobs still have an entry. Create a maze in the middle which will look a bit like an upside down T and lead the mobs to the left path. Pssht, Firey-Works. Here he comes, Manbearpig! Don't confuse this yet with the achievement called MANBEARPIG! That’s for later. You'll notice he is very very slow, and by using Craig’s ability you can bring him almost to a halt. By using this method you will find this boss to be pretty easy. And again, don't let this boss reach the town for it will be Game Over.

Timmy Unlocked!
And again a special ability which is similar to Butters, but this time it's electrical based and slightly faster.

Level 11 - Downtown
Enemies: Ginger Kids, Terrorists, Homeless People, Demons, Crab People, Yanagopa
Towers: Firey-Works, Lasers, Pee-Tron, Cherry Bomb, Refringinator

If you are wondering what the best team is and which will also be the team to tackle the challenges it's: Craig, Kyle, Pip and Jimmy. Well in my opinion anyway. You'll see piles of garbage in this level, and if you stand on them the kids will throw garbage instead of snowballs which do 2x damage. Start stage 1 by creating a narrow up-and-down maze, placing the above mentioned towers on top, and do the same towards the exit of the stage. Stage 2 is a lot tougher but you have two help lines. You'll see two targets, the one near the road calls in a police car that will hit the mobs on the road and the target near the fountain will freeze enemies. Start building snow patches from left to right ending up in a vertical maze, making best use of the police car and fountain. In stage 3 make sure not to use the special abilities, only if there is no other way out, build a long vertical maze filled with Refringinators, Cherry Bombs, and of course Firey-Works. It's time for the end boss, the Japanese Announcer, lol. This is a tough fight. Note that he has an auto-kill attack which will trigger after he's done counting down in Japanese. Also, make sure he doesn't reach the town because he's a boss and you should know by now that it will end the game when he does. Trigger Craig’s ability to slow him down and then just unleash all the other specials on him. Make sure to upgrade your towers too and eventually you'll beat him. Congratulations!

Wendy Unlocked!
Halves the price for towers for 10 seconds.
Bebe Unlocked!
Automatically picks up all the coins on screen.
Red ( Rebecca ) Unlocked!
She can summon a rainbow which will make stars fall down doing damage to the mobs.
Token Unlocked!
He can play music, "depressing," the enemies which will inflict medium damage.

None of these unlockables are that great, I wouldn't advise using them.

By beating the campaign, you've unlocked an achievement as well as the Insane difficulty which we'll use for the 2 medal achievements and the infamous MANBEARPIG!

Secret Achievement in South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 10,248 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.63) 27,379

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