Twinkling82's ToDo List

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Game Achievement TA GS Ratio
Bionic Commando: Rearmed Bionic Commando: Rearmed Intel Collector Intel CollectorAcquire all database logs. 15 (5) 3.02
Crystal Quest Crystal Quest Treasure Hunt Treasure HuntCollect 30 bonus crystals 17 (10) 1.72
Crystal Quest Crystal Quest Marathon Man Marathon ManFinish wave 60 23 (15) 1.52
The Cave The Cave Hazardous Work Environment Hazardous Work EnvironmentSaw someone slip off a ledge in the Missile Silo. 17 (10) 1.74
Dark Dark Enjoy Nature Enjoy NatureVisited the Geoforge Parks 62 (40) 1.55
Fast & Furious: Showdown Fast & Furious: Showdown Level 4 Gold (2P) Level 4 Gold (2P)Won Gold on all Playlist 4 challenges in Co-op Mode 138 (25) 5.54
Game Room Game Room My First Win My First WinWon a Challenge! 21 (5) 4.14
Game Room Game Room Challenge Chief Challenge ChiefWon 10 Challenges! 27 (5) 5.47
Game Room Game Room Challenge Master Challenge MasterWon 20 Challenges! 115 (20) 5.75
Game Room Game Room Matchstick Eyes Matchstick EyesSpent 36 hours total playing games in your arcade 157 (20) 7.86
GripShift GripShift DeathRay DeathRayIn a Deathmatch, use a DeathRay on a player who's using a Flaming Shield. 58 (25) 2.31
Hexic HD Hexic HD Big Cheese of the South Seas Big Cheese of the South SeasBlack-Pearl Cluster 105 (20) 5.25
Joe Danger 2: The Movie Joe Danger 2: The Movie Tea-Rex! Tea-Rex!Finish the Dino Cup in Deleted Scenes! 40 (15) 2.68
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Midnight Club: Los Angeles Who Made This? Who Made This?Enter a Race Editor Race online. 25 (10) 2.50
Midnight Club: Los Angeles Midnight Club: Los Angeles Everyone's a Critic Everyone's a CriticRate 25 rides online. 42 (20) 2.10
Rayman Legends (Xbox 360) Rayman Legends (Xbox 360) Bronze Addict Bronze AddictWin all the Bronze Cups from the paintings 45 (20) 2.23
Renegade Ops Renegade Ops Lord Master of Great Skill Lord Master of Great SkillGet "Skill Level - Alien" in single player 121 (30) 4.04
Super Meat Boy Super Meat Boy I'm A Golden God! I'm A Golden God!You got 100% on Super Meat Boy, start bragging! 75 (20) 3.75
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (EU) The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (EU) Breaking the Law Breaking the LawI have a great deal of respect for your judgement. You opened the safe room! 37 (30) 1.23
Vigilante 8 Arcade Vigilante 8 Arcade Alien Contact Alien ContactCollect all 100 'Alien' icons in single player to unlock a secret craft. 52 (20) 2.59
The Warriors: Street Brawl The Warriors: Street Brawl Warrior, Gladiator Warrior, GladiatorPlayer must defeat the worst of the worst in the arena of Boss Mode 190 (30) 6.35
World Series of Poker: Full House Pro World Series of Poker: Full House Pro Poker Master Poker MasterEarned level 50. 67 (15) 4.46
There are 22 items in this to do list. In total, they are worth 1,450 TrueAchievement points (410 Gamerscore)