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Status change by troyoy at 21:12 on 30 Jul 2015 troyoy status: Got a brand new japan 360 coming and about 45 games. I cant wait. Gonna get 2 pal boxes too.
Comment by troyoy at 21:17 on 30 Jul 2015

Gonna be looking to boost some japan shooters and pal shooters if anyone wants in. Only gonna have one j360 and one pal at first. So I need a friend to boost w/

Comment by troyoy at 21:36 on 30 Jul 2015

Rulei, get some shooter games for your j-box ! How bout lion or dvdmanpa, you interested?

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Status change by troyoy at 20:17 on 27 Jul 2015 troyoy status: Oh no, I just ordered double copies of pal games. Guess I gotta start the german army now.
Comment by troyoy at 20:23 on 27 Jul 2015

I assume pal games are not on the same servers as the US? Would be sweet to run 7 US dummies and one quake 4 on a german box to stack games.

Comment by scotwolf2 at 22:56 on 27 Jul 2015

I'm sure uk/usa pal/NTSC are ok but its the German versions that are on different servers......99% sure

troyoy NBA 2K14
troyoy won 3 Achievements in NBA 2K14 for 31 points
troyoy NBA 2K14 troyoy started the game NBA 2K14
troyoy NBA 2K14 (Xbox 360) troyoy started the game NBA 2K14 (Xbox 360)
troyoy Win Streak troyoy is currently on a 600 day achievement win streak
Comment by scotwolf2 at 10:17 on 25 Jul 2015

Well done mate

Comment by Gunstar Red at 11:41 on 25 Jul 2015

Nice one! That's an impressive run and serious dedication.

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troyoy Sniper Elite 3 Officer material achievement troyoy won the Officer material achievement in Sniper Elite 3 for 157 points
Comment by Iceonfire89 at 11:48 on 22 Jul 2015

Nice one mate, tomorrow afternoon I'm going to blitz through missions 4-8 and get last collectables. Finally free of this glitchy mess. Got to admit I love sniping the

Comment by Iceonfire89 at 11:49 on 22 Jul 2015

crap out of people though, 1,2,3,4,kaboom 5&6 rinse repeat

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Status change by troyoy at 17:59 on 21 Jul 2015 troyoy status: I want a japanese 360 so bad I can taste it now. Cant wait to play some cool games over and not complete them too.
Comment by troyoy at 18:10 on 21 Jul 2015

So is a german box called a pal 360? Does it play german games and EU games?

Comment by Link1207 at 18:41 on 21 Jul 2015

did u order a jap one?

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troyoy Pinball FX2 (Win 8) troyoy started the game Pinball FX2 (Win 8)
Comment by troyoy at 21:23 on 20 Jul 2015

I didn't know you could play these and get the cheeves without buying the tables if you watch ads. Cool !

Comment by grubbE at 22:05 on 20 Jul 2015

Lil I mentioned that in one of my feeds. Achs still are hard as shit tho

Comment by troyoy at 22:10 on 20 Jul 2015

I guess I missed thatI wouldnt pay these guys since I own every table on fx1 and fx2 plus fx2 for the one. Just killed one of your scores.

TROYOYsGIRL Sniper Elite 3 TROYOYsGIRL started the game Sniper Elite 3
Status change by troyoy at 00:15 on 19 Jul 2015 troyoy status: Talk about streaks. I havent drank in 15 years and I am getting drunk tonight. 4500 days
Comment by Daeryoon at 00:44 on 19 Jul 2015

Why break your sober streak?

Comment by troyoy at 02:00 on 19 Jul 2015

Basically now it is in every grocery store in washington. A few years ago it wasnt. When I see how cheap it is at costco it is very tempting.

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troyoy Sniper Elite 3 Hunt The Grey Wolf troyoy completed the Hunt The Grey Wolf DLC for Sniper Elite 3
Comment by troyoy at 00:14 on 19 Jul 2015

that was easy as pie. I dont know why I didnt finish it a year ago.

Comment by Iceonfire89 at 07:41 on 20 Jul 2015

"Pssst hitler turn around would you I want to kill you a different way, err nein.. Oh cmon for me! please!, ok ja sehr gut, where do you vant me?

troyoy Tachyon Project troyoy started the game Tachyon Project
troyoy Tower of Guns You Have Played This More Than Joe Has achievement troyoy won the You Have Played This More Than Joe Has achievement in Tower of Guns for 315 points
Comment by Link1207 at 03:14 on 18 Jul 2015

Seems decent fun. Kind of old school vibe, but finding 5 secrets in one stage is going to be annoying as hell.

troyoy troyoy has reached a new milestone: 270,000 GamerScore
Status change by troyoy at 16:20 on 16 Jul 2015 troyoy status: Where is a good place to buy a japanese 360 and games if I live in usa? Can I use amazon jp?
Comment by troyoy at 16:22 on 16 Jul 2015

I have 9 usa 360`s left and two xboxones. Time to step up to another region.

Comment by Kloxicon at 16:44 on 16 Jul 2015

Look up dallasthedude hear on ta, he wheels & deals n jp consoles

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Status change by troyoy at 21:46 on 13 Jul 2015 troyoy status: I just got digital DL sniper elite 3 ultimate edition 4 the 1 from M$ for $20. Fun game, now I have 2 copies to boost anyone want in?
Comment by troyoy at 21:47 on 13 Jul 2015

Need 3 people to get one of the medals. 20 bucks is a sweet deal if anyone is thinking of buying this game and all the dlc for the one.

Comment by Mad In Craft at 21:49 on 13 Jul 2015

I just picked this up the other day, too. Let me know when you are available. I'm East Coast now.

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