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Posted on 21 March 13 at 05:54, Edited on 07 April 13 at 02:19
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The major disappointment of the first episode of the Tyranny of King Washington, The Infamy, was that for all it was promoted we rarely saw the repercussions of Washington's new power over the country. Unfortunately in the second of three episodes, The Betrayal, we still do not get to experience what this alternate universe would be like, and in fact there's possibly even less of it.

The Betrayal takes place in Boston which makes it all the more confusing and frustrating that we witnessed more signs of oppression in the Frontier than in a populated city. I still enjoyed playing the DLC and it is more Assassin's Creed 3 after all, but the side of me that was excited for a true alternate-history story line is still left disappointed.

I'll avoid plot summary in order to keep it spoiler free, as The Betrayal starts up right where you left off in The Infamy. It is in the second episode that the story really does start to pick up and we see more interaction between characters such as Washington, Israel Putnam, and now Ben Franklin. Ratonhnhaké:ton is still experiencing the strange phenomenon of trying to cope with this new alternate reality as he still remembers his time with these characters, but to them they've never met. While there are several characters he experiences this with, Ratonhnhaké:ton does not try to explain this to anyone like in this first episode.

With the story picking up pace we begin to see the first real signs and efforts of resisting Washington's tyranny unfold. Most of the sequences will task you with a variety of objectives in order to help the rebel cause. There is a really nice mix of stealth based and open conflict gameplay to help keep it fresh throughout. The side missions were a little disappointing though as they are the same exact three as in the first episode, and it's the same deal for the two different collectibles. It would have been nice for a little variety instead of just a cut and paste from The Infamy.

It's the streets of Boston and the city as a whole that is the most disappointing. In terms of any oppression caused by Washington, there is a minimal amount to find of it. In fact it is hardly discernible from the main story when it was the British occupying the city. It was rather hard to find any evidence of any sort of terrible, tyrannical oppression other than the presence of soldiers, and a constant level one notoriety.

Ratonhnhaké:ton gained spiritual wolf-like powers in the first episode with the Wolf Cloak and the ability to summon a pack of wolves to take care of enemies. In the second episode he again drinks the nectar and obtains the new spiritual power of the eagle. With Eagle Flight, Ratonhnhaké:ton is now able to fly at high speeds as an eagle from place to place, and if timed correctly, doing so without stopping.

This is what makes the DLC phenomenal gameplay wise. With the two powers combined the player now has the ability to move swiftly through the streets of Boston, giving the feeling of being a true assassin. With the ability to fly from spot to spot the need to run through the streets or scale the walls has been highly diminished, with the player able to move through the streets like never before. It truly is liberating, and assuming that the last episode will contain a third spiritual ability it'll be very interesting to see how all three tie in together. The only real negative of this is that it puts into perspective just how much the DLC has been focused on Ratonhnhaké:ton instead of the repercussions of the alternate-history.

Suffice to say the DLC thus far has not lived up to what I had been expecting. This idea presented the chance to provide a truly eerie look into what a power hungry George Washington would do to the young America, but we simply aren't being given this so far. The third and final episode will surely answer a lot of questions, including Ratonhnhaké:ton's strange connection with the characters, but it's hard to say whether or not we'll get any sort of increased sense of tyrannical oppression. Even with all of that said the episode was still very enjoyable, and a step up gameplay wise from The Infamy, offering a whole new way to play the game than ever before.

However if you still have yet to buy any of the episodes, I would recommend waiting to see how the third episode plays about before making your purchase decision.

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