Civilization Revolution (WP)

Welcome to the Civilization Revolutions walkthrough for the Windows Phone. For those of you who know the Civilization series, you will be familiar with the concept and the strategies involved. For those new to the franchise, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game which sees you take control of a civilization with the aim of becoming ruler of the lands.

Civilization Revolution is a slightly watered down version of it's other PC relations. The Windows Phone port isn't too dissimilar from the Xbox LIVE version but, understandably, it's graphics have been toned down somewhat to preserve performance.

This walkthrough will aid you in your effort to attain all 20 achievements for the standard 200 gamerscore points. All of the achievements can be earned offline, but will require multiple playthroughs.

With a few hints and some shortcuts, it shouldn't take you more than 6 hours to earn all of the achievements.

There are five difficulty levels that you can choose from when you start a game: Chieftain being the easiest, working its way upwards in difficulty from Warlord, King and Emperor, with Deity being the hardest.

There are four ways to win in Civilization Revolution:

Domination: Capture all of the other civilizations’ capital cities (listed below) and hold them for one full turn. You do not need to capture every city, just their capitals.
Culture: Obtain 20 great persons, wonders, and/or converted cities and build the United Nations wonder. All of these are cumulative. More information on these can be viewed below.
Economic: Earn 20,000 in gold and build the World Bank wonder.
Technological: Research all available technologies, build a space ship and reach Alpha Centauri before any other civilization.

“Character is power” - Civilizations

Listed below are all of the civilizations that can be played in the game, along with their capital cities. As time advances in the game, you'll enter different eras which will grant special bonuses to the civilization you are playing. These bonuses are also listed below.

Leader: Saladin
Capital City: Tripoli
Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Religion
Ancient Bonus: 50% Caravan gold
Medieval Bonus: Free knowledge of Mathematics technology
Industrial Bonus: +1 attack for Horsemen and Knights
Modern Bonus: 2% interest on gold
Unique Unit: None

Leader: Motezuma
Capital: Tenochtitlan
Starting Bonus: A wealth of gold
Ancient Bonus: Units heal after victory in combat
Medieval Bonus: Temples provide +3 science
Industrial Bonus: Roads are half the price
Modern Bonus: +50% gold production
Unique Unit: Jaguar Warrior (Warrior)

Leader: Mao
Capital: Beijing
Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Writing
Ancient Bonus: New cities start with +1 population
Medieval Bonus: Free knowledge of Literacy technology
Industrial Bonus: Libraries are half price
Modern Bonus: Cities aren't affected by anarchy
Unique Unit: None

Leader: Cleopatra
Capital: Thebes
Starting Bonus: Free Wonder
Ancient Bonus: +1 food and trade from desert tiles
Medieval Bonus: Free knowledge of Irrigation technology
Industrial Bonus: +1 Riflemen unit movement
Modern Bonus: +50% Caravan gold
Unique Unit: None

Leader: Elizabeth
Capital: London
Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Monarchy
Ancient Bonus: +1 Longbow Archer defense
Medieval Bonus: +1 Naval combat
Industrial Bonus: +1 hammer on hills
Modern Bonus: Naval support is doubled
Unique Unit: Longbow Archer (Archer), Lancaster Bomber (Bomber), Spitfire Fighter (Fighter)

Leader: Napoleon
Capital: Paris
Starting Bonus: Free Cathedral
Ancient Bonus: Free knowledge of Pottery technology
Medieval Bonus: Roads are half price
Industrial Bonus: +2 attack for Cannon units
Modern Bonus: +1 Riflemen unit movement
Unique Unit: Trebuchet (Catapult), Howitzer (Artillery)

Leader: Bismark
Capital: Berlin
Starting Bonus: Automatic upgrades for Elite units
Ancient Bonus: Warriors start as Veterans
Medieval Bonus: +1 production from Forest tiles
Industrial Bonus: Barracks are half price
Modern Bonus: 2% interest on gold in treasury
Unique Unit: Panzer Tank (Tank), 85mm Gun (Artillery), Heinkel Bomber (Bomber), ME109 Fighter (Fighter)

Leader: Alexander
Capital: Athens
Starting Bonus: Free Courthouse
Ancient Bonus: Free knowledge of Democracy
Medieval Bonus: Free Great Persons
Industrial Bonus: Libraries are half price
Modern Bonus: +1 food from sea tiles
Unique Unit: Trireme (Galley), Hoplite (Pikemen)

Leader: Ghandi
Capital: Delhi
Starting Bonus: Access to all resources
Ancient Bonus: Cities unaffected by anarchy
Medieval Bonus: Free knowledge of Religion technology
Industrial Bonus: Settlers are half price
Modern Bonus: Courthouses are half price
Unique Unit: None

Leader: Tokugawa
Capital: Kyoto
Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Ceremonial Burial
Ancient Bonus: +1 food from sea tiles
Medieval Bonus: +1 Samurai Knight unit attack
Industrial Bonus: Cities unaffected by anarchy
Modern Bonus: Defensive units receive the Loyalty upgrade
Unique Unit: Samurai Knight (Knight), Ashigaru Pikemen (Pikemen), Val Bomber (Bomber), Zero Fighter (Fighter)

Leader: Genghis Khan
Capital: Karakorum
Starting Bonus: +50% trade from captured cities
Ancient Bonus: Captured Barbarian villages create cities
Medieval Bonus: +1 Cavalry unit movement
Industrial Bonus: +2 food from mountain tiles
Modern Bonus: Free knowledge of Communism technology
Unique Unit: Keshik (Horsemen)

Leader: Julius Caesar
Capital: Rome
Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Code of Laws and Republic government
Ancient Bonus: Roads are half price
Medieval Bonus: Wonders are half price
Industrial Bonus: Free Great Persons
Modern Bonus: New cities start with +1 population
Unique Unit: Cataphract (Knight)

Leader: Catherine
Capital: Moscow
Starting Bonus: More map visibility
Ancient Bonus: +1 food from plains tiles
Medieval Bonus: Defensive units receive the Loyalty upgrade
Industrial Bonus: Riflemen units are half price
Modern Bonus: Spy units are half price
Unique Unit: Cossack Horsemen (Horsemen), T34 Tank (Tank)

Leader: Isabella
Capital: Madrid
Starting Bonus: Knowledge of Navigation
Ancient Bonus: Doubled exploration gold
Medieval Bonus: +1 Naval combat
Industrial Bonus: +50% gold production
Modern Bonus: +1 production from Hill tiles
Unique Unit: Conquistador (Knight)

United States
Capital: Washington
Starting Bonus: A great person will appear
Ancient Bonus: 2% interest on gold
Medieval Bonus: Rush the production of units at half the price
Industrial Bonus: +1 food from plains tiles
Modern Bonus: Factories provide x3 production
Unique Unit: Sherman Tank, Flying Fortress, Mustang Fighter

Leader: Shaka
Capital: Zimbabwe
Starting Bonus: Zulus can overrun their enemies more easily
Ancient Bonus: +1 Warrior unit movement
Medieval Bonus: Cities grow faster
Industrial Bonus: +50% gold production
Modern Bonus: Riflemen units are half price
Unique Unit: Impi Warrior (Warrior)

“One ring to rule them all” - Governments

Governments allow varying types of gameplay, depending on which way you are aiming to win. For example, if you wanted more production in your cities, you would choose “Communism” as your government. They can be changed at any time as long as you have completed the research on them.

Despotism: No loss of culture after firing a Nuke
Monarchy: Doubles the effect of the Palace
Republic: Reduces cost of building Settler units
Communism: +50% production in cities, but negates temples and cathedrals
Democracy: +50% production to science and gold, cannot declare war
Fundamentalism: +1 attack to all units, negates libraries and universities

“I R Ghandi!!” – Great Persons

Great persons are famous historical figures which can either grant bonuses to your cities or help in the development in your civilization. If a Great Person cannot be settled into a given city, you can always move them onto another one of your cities. You will earn a Great Person with the accumulation of culture. Culture can be earned with the building of Temples and Cathedrals, and using Communism as your government. The following is a list of Great Persons that may appear, along with their effects:

Great Artists/Thinkers – Use these to "flip" or convert an enemy city into your own civilization, or settle them to add 50% culture production.

Charles Babbage
J.S. Bach
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Karl Marx

Great Builders – Use these to finish the production of any unit, building or wonder, or settle them to halve the cost of constructing new buildings in the city.

Leonardo da Vinci
Henry Ford
George Stephenson
James Watt
Leopold Stokowski

Great Explorers/Industrialists – Use these to add gold to your treasury, or settle them to earn 50% in gold production in the city.

Roald Amundsen
Christopher Columbus
Vasco Da Gama
W.R. Hearst
Marco Polo
Tippu Sultan
Wilbur Wright

Great Humanitarian – Use these to add +1 population to all of your cities, or settle them to add 50% to population growth in the city.

Thomas Becket
Frederick Douglass
Johannes Gutenberg
Lao Tzu
Florence Nightingale
Albert Schweitzer
Eli Whitney

Great Leader – Use these to upgrade all of your units to veteran status, or settle them to add +3 experience points to newly built units in the city.


Great Scientist – Use these to instantly finish research on your current technology, or settle them to add 50% science research in the city.

Alexander G. Bell
Marie Curie
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Enrico Fermi
Otto Lilienthal
Guglielmo Marconi

“Look what I built!” - Wonders

Listed below is a list of all available wonders, along with the technology required and their effects. The research of some technologies may deem certain Wonders obsolete.

Ancient Wonders

Colossus of Rhodes
Prerequisite: Bronze Working
Effect: Doubles Trade production in the city.
Made obsolete by: Invention

Great Library of Alexandria
Prerequisite: Writing
Effect: Receive any technologies that at least two other civilizations have discovered.
Made obsolete by: University

Great Pyramid
Prerequisite: Ceremonial Burial
Effect: Access to all forms of government
Made obsolete by: Monarchy

Great Wall
Prerequisite: Masonry
Effect: Forces all civilizations to make peace with the owner
Made obsolete by: Engineering

Hanging Garden of Babylon
Prerequisite: N/A
Effect: Increases population of the city by 50%.
Made obsolete by: N/A

Oracle of Delphi
Prerequisite: Alphabet
Effect: Find out the result of battles before the actual battle takes place.
Made obsolete by: Religion

Prerequisite: N/A
Effect: Temple's effects increased by 50%.
Made obsolete by: Literacy

Medieval Wonders

East India Company
Prerequisite: Navigation
Effect: +1 Trade on all sea tiles.
Made obsolete by: Flight

Himeji Samurai Castle
Prerequisite: Monarchy
Effect: +1 Attack strength to all units.
Made obsolete by: Communism

Leonardo’s Workshop
Prerequisite: Invention
Effect: Upgrades all units to current best unit in their lineage.
Made obsolete by: N/A

Magna Carta
Prerequisite: Democracy
Effect: Courthouses produce culture.
Made obsolete by: N/A

Oxford University
Prerequisite: University
Effect: Acquire an advanced technology.
Made obsolete by: N/A

Shakespeare’s Theatre
Prerequisite: Literacy
Effect: Doubles the culture production in the city.
Made obsolete by: Mass Media

Trade Fair of Troyes
Prerequisite: Currency
Effect: Doubles the gold production in the city.
Made obsolete by: Globalization

Modern Wonders

Apollo Program
Prerequisite: Space Flight
Effect: Access all technologies you have not yet researched.
Made obsolete by: N/A

Prerequisite: Mass Media
Effect: Enemy city's walls no longer prevent their cities from "flipping" (converting to your civilization).
Made obsolete by: N/A

Prerequisite: Networking
Effect: Gold production in all cities is doubled.
Made obsolete by: N/A

Manhattan Project
Prerequisite: Atomic Theory
Effect: Obtain the only ICBM in the game.
Made obsolete by: N/A

Military-Industrial Complex
Prerequisite: The Corporation
Effect: Reduces the cost of all units.
Made obsolete by: N/A

United Nations
Prerequisite: 20 Cultural Events
Effect: Produces a Cultural Victory.
Made obsolete by: N/A

World Bank
Prerequisite: 20,000 Gold
Effect: Produces an Economic Victory.
Made obsolete by: N/A

“My home is my castle...” - Buildings

Listed below are all available buildings in the game, along with the technology required to build them and their effects.

Cost: 120
Tech Required: Engineering
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Increases city’s growth by 50%

Cost: 120
Tech Required: Banking
Building Required: Market
Effect: Replaces Market and increases gold production by x4

Cost: 40
Tech Required: Bronze Working
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Units produced by the city are automatically Veterans (+3 experience)

Cost: 160
Tech Required: Religion
Building Required: Temple
Effect: Replaces Temple, adds +2 culture for every citizen

Cost: 80
Tech Required: Literacy
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Increases city’s workable tile region

Cost: 200
Tech Required: Industrialization
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Doubles the city’s production

Cost: 40
Tech Required: Pottery
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Plains tiles give +2 food

Cost: 100
Tech Required: Navigation
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Sea tiles give +1 food

Iron Mine
Cost: 80
Tech Required: Railroad
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Mountain tiles give +4 production

Cost: 40
Tech Required: Alphabet
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Doubles city’s science production

Cost: 60
Tech Required: Currency
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Doubles city’s gold production

Cost: N/A
Tech Required: N/A
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Provides culture

Cost: 200
Tech Required: Superconductor
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Stops ICBM’s being aimed at the city

Cost: 40
Tech Required: Ceremonial Burial
Building Required: N/A
Effect: +1 culture for every citizen in the city

Trading Post
Cost: 60
Tech Required: Code of Laws
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Desert tiles give +2 trade

Cost: 160
Tech Required: University
Building Required: Library
Effect: Replaces Library, science production increased by x4

Cost: 100
Tech Required: Masonry
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Grants a 100% defensive bonus. Also makes culture-flipping unobtainable.

Cost: 60
Tech Required: Construction
Building Required: N/A
Effect: Hill tiles give +2 production

“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty” - Technologies

Researching technologies are an essential part of the game. They help to further your civilization into the modern era and are required for advancements in units, buildings and wonders.

Listed below are the technologies available in the game, along with their technology prerequisites, building (B), unit (U), wonder (W), resource (R) and government (G) availability and “first to discover” benefits.

Advanced Flight
Prerequisites: Flight, Industrialization
Grants: Bomber (U)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Bomber

Prerequisites: N/A
Grants: Library (B), The Oracle of Delphi (W)
First to Discover Benefit: N/A

Atomic Theory
Prerequisites: University, Invention, Electricity
Grants: Manhatten Project (W)
First to Discover Benefit: +2 science in every city

The Automobile
Prerequisites: Combustion, Steel
Grants: Artillery (U), Rubber (R)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Artillery

Prerequisites: Currency, Code of Laws, Literacy
Grants: bank (B)
First to Discover Benefit: 100 gold

Bronze Working
Prerequisites: N/A
Grants: Archer (U), Barracks (B), Colossus of Rhodes (W), Fish (R)
First to Discover Benefit: N/A

Ceremonial Burial
Prerequisites: Pottery
Grants: Temple (B), The Pyramids (W), Incense (R)
First to Discover Benefit: N/A

Code of Laws
Prerequisites: Alphabet, Writing
Grants: Trading Post (B), Cattle (R), Republic (G)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Trading Post

Prerequisites: Gunpowder, Metallurgy, Steam Power
Grants: Tank (U), Oil (R)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Tank

Prerequisites: Industrialization, university
Grants: Communism (G)
First to Discover Benefit: -33% cost of Factories

Prerequisites: Iron Working, Masonry
Grants: Workshop (B), Oak (R)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Workshop

The Corporation
Prerequisites: Banking, Industrialization
Grants: Military-Industrial Complex (W)
First to Discover Benefit: +5 gold in every city

Prerequisites: Bronze Working, Code of Laws
Grants: Caravan (U), Market (B), Trade Fair of Troyes (W), Gold (R)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Caravan, Feee Market

Prerequisites: Code of Laws, Literacy
Grants: Pikemen (U), Magna Carta (W), Democracy (G)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Pikemen

Prerequisites: Engineering, Metallurgy, Steam Power
Grants: Submarine (U)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Submarine

Prerequisites: The Corporation, Electricity
Grants: N/A
First to Discover Benefit: +2 trade in every city

Prerequisites: Construction, Mathematics
Grants: Aqueduct (B)
First to Discover Benefit: +1 production in every city

Prerequisites: Horseback Riding
Grants: Knight (U), Game (R)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Knight

Prerequisites: Combustion, Invention, Metallurgy
Grants: Fighters (U)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Fighter

Prerequisites: Mass Media, Networking
Grants: N/A
First to Discover Benefit: 500 gold

Prerequisites: Feudalism, Invention
Grants: Riflemen (U), Sulfur (R)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Riflemen

Horseback Riding
Prerequisites: N/A
Grants: Horsemen (U), Oxen (R)
First to Discover Benefit: N/A

Prerequisites: Banking, Steam Power
Grants: Factory (B)
First to Discover Benefit: +5 gold in every city

Prerequisites: Engineering, Literacy
Grants: Leonardo’s Workshop (W)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Great Person

Iron Working
Prerequisites: Bronze Working
Grants: Legion (U), Iron (R)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Legion

Prerequisites: Masonry, Pottery
Grants: Wheat (R), +1 Food on river tiles
First to Discover Benefit: +1 population in every city

Prerequisites: Alphabet, Writing
Grants: Courthouse (B), Shakespeare’s Theatre (W), Silk (R)
First to Discover Benefit: +1 science in every city

Prerequisites: Pottery
Grants: Walls (B), Great Wall (W), Marble (R)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Wall

Mass Media
Prerequisites: The Corporation, Printing Press
Grants: Hollywood (W)
First to Discover Benefit: +1 population in every city

Mass Production
Prerequisites: Industrialization, Railroad
Grants: Modern Infantry (U), Aluminium (R)
First to Discover Benefit: 500 gold

Prerequisites: Masonry, Writing
Grants: Catapult (U)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Catapult

Prerequisites: Engineering, Iron Working, University
Grants: Cannon (U)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Cannon

Prerequisites: Ceremonial Burial, Code of Laws, Writing
Grants: Himeji Samurai Castle (W), Dye (R), Monarchy (G)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Great Person

Prerequisites: Mathematics, Writing
Grants: Galleon (U), Harbor (B), East India Company (W), Whale (R)
First to Discover Benefit: 500 gold

Prerequisites: The Corporation, Electronics
Grants: Internet (W)
First to Discover Benefit: Reduced University cost

Nuclear Power
Prerequisites: Atomic Theory, Mass Production
Grants: Uranium (R)
First to Discover Benefit: +2 production in every city

Prerequisites: N/A
Grants: Granary (B), Hanging Gardens (W), Wine (R)
First to Discover Benefit: N/A

Printing Press
Prerequisites: Religion, University
Grants: N/A
First to Discover Benefit: +1 culture in every city

Prerequisites: Steam Power
Grants: Iron Mine (B)
First to Discover Benefit: +2 production in every city

Prerequisites: Ceremonial Burial, Monarchy
Grants: Cathedral (B), Fundamentalism (G)
First to Discover Benefit: +1 culture in every city

Space Flight
Prerequisites: Advanced Flight, Electronics, Nuclear Power
Grants: SS Fuel (B), SS Habitation (B), SS Life Support (B), SS Propulsion (B), Apollo Program (W)
First to Discover Benefit: Entire world map is revealed

Steam Power
Prerequisites: Engineering, Iron Working, Invention
Grants: Cruiser (U), Coal (R)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Cruiser

Prerequisites: Metallurgy, Steam Power
Grants: Battleship (U)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Battleship

Prerequisites: Mass Production, Space Flight
Grants: SDI Defense (B)
First to Discover Benefit: Free SDI

Prerequisites: Democracy, Literacy, Mathematics
Grants: University (B), Oxford University (W)
First to Discover Benefit: +1 science in every city

Prerequisites: Alphabet
Grants: Spy (U), Great Library (W)
First to Discover Benefit: Free Spy

“All war is deception” - Units

Units in Civilization are your means of attack and defense. They will help guard your cities or are used to attack other civilizations units or cities.

Listed below is each individual unit that appears in the game, along with its statistics for Attack (A), Defense (D) and Movement (M). More often than not, when a units attack (A) rating is larger than your opponent’s defense (D) rating, the attacking unit will win. However, this does not always hold true. Many factors can be taken into account to ascertain a true A or D rating such as the type of terrain the battle is on, if the unit has three of the same type of unit (an army), naval support, veteran status, combat bonus’, etc.

Ground Units

Cost: 10
Prerequisite: N/A
A/D/M: 1/1/1
Upgrade: Legion

Cost: 10
Prerequisite: iron Working
A/D/M: 2/1/1
Upgrade: Knight

Cost: 20
Prerequisite: Horseback Riding
A/D/M: 2/1/2
Upgrade: Knight

Cost: 25
Prerequisite: Feudalism
A/D/M: 4/2/2
Upgrade: Tank

Cost: 50
Prerequisite: Combustion
A/D/M: 10/6/3
Upgrade: N/A

Cost: 10
Prerequisite: Bronze Working
A/D/M: 1/2/1
Upgrade: Pikemen

Cost: 15
Prerequisite: Democracy
A/D/M: 1/3/1
Upgrade: Riflemen

Cost: 20
Prerequisite: Gunpowder
A/D/M: 3/5/1
Upgrade: Modern Infantry

Modern Infantry
Cost: 30
Prerequisite: Mass Production
A/D/M: 4/8/1
Upgrade: N/A

Cost: 20
Prerequisite: Mathematics
A/D/M: 4/1/1
Upgrade: Cannon

Cost: 30
Prerequisite: Metallurgy
A/D/M: 6/2/1
Upgrade: Artillery

Cost: 50
Prerequisite: The Automobile
A/D/M: 16/2/2
Upgrade: N/A

Naval Units

Cost: 30
Prerequisite: N/A
A/D/M: 1/1/2
Upgrade: Galleon

Cost: 30
Prerequisite: Navigation
A/D/M: 2/2/3
Upgrade: Cruiser

Cost: 40
Prerequisite: Steam Power
A/D/M: 6/6/5
Upgrade: N/A

Cost: 80
Prerequisite: Steel
A/D/M: 12/18/4
Upgrade: N/A

Cost: 25
Prerequisite: Electricity
A/D/M: 12/2/2
Upgrade: N/A

Air Units

Cost: 30
Prerequisite: Flight
A/D/M: 6/4/8
Upgrade: N/A

Cost: 60
Prerequisite: Advanced Flight
A/D/M: 18/3/6
Upgrade: N/A

Special Units

Cost: 20
Prerequisite: N/A
A/D/M: 0/0/2
Upgrade: N/A
Notes: Non-militant unit. Used to found new cities, or can be added to existing cities to add +1 population.

Cost: 30
Prerequisite: Currency
A/D/M: 0/0/3
Upgrade: Galleon
Notes: Non-militant unit. Used to yield gold from enemy cities. Is immune to enemy territory.

Cost: 25
Prerequisite: Writing
A/D/M: 0/0/2
Upgrade: N/A
Notes: Non-militant unit. Used to either steal gold, sabotage city production, disrupt enemy fortifications or establish an embassy. Is immune to enemy territory.

Great Persons
Cost: N/A
Prerequisite: N/A
A/D/M: 0/0/2
Upgrade: N/A
Notes: Non-militant unit. Further details on these can be read above.

Cost: 40
Prerequisite: N/A
A/D/M: N/A
Upgrade: N/A
Notes: Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. Used to destroy and clear an enemy’s city fortifications and units instantly.

“I have never advocated war except as a means of peace” - Combat


Each time a unit wins a battle, it will be granted 1 experience point. It might be granted more if the unit it attacks is stronger. After a unit has earned three experience points, it will be granted a promotion to “Veteran” status. If a unit wins six battles, it will be promoted to “Elite” status. For every promotion the unit earns, it will be granted a bonus. The bonuses are as follows:

Blitz: Unit receives an additional move after combat
Infiltration: +50% strength when attacking cities
Loyalty: +50% strength when defending in home territory
March: +1 movement
Engineering: +100% strength when defending cities
Guerrilla: +50% strength when attacking in home territory
Medic: Allows for healing in enemy territories
Scout: Has the ability to see its opponent in a city battle. Also grants increased sight range
Leadership: +100% defense when in army form

Three similar units can merge together to form an “army”. To do this, have 3 units of the same type on the same tile, then select the “form army” icon by pressing on the tile. This will increase their collective attack and defense stats. Any combat bonuses that any of the units had prior to forming an army will also be applied, including Veteran and Elite statuses.

Armies may also randomly be granted a “Great General”. This gives all units in the army a bonus to their attacking and defending stats.

I could go on for days, listing more information and statistics but the rest of the games mechanics are academic and won’t really be required.

16 of the 20 achievements in this game are related to winning with a specific civilization. Usually, playing the standard game mode, it will take you around an hour to win and earn one of the “Win as the XXX” achievements (where “XXX” denotes the civilization). However, there is an easier and quicker way to earn these which will be detailed in the next section of the walkthrough.

I would suggest playing the standard game mode first, listed as “Random Map” under “Start New Game”, especially if you've never played any of the Civilization games before. This is so you can get used to the games mechanics and the way it actually plays. If you want to get straight into the achievements, go to the "Lightning Mode" section below.

You have a choice of difficulties to choose from before you get into the game itself. Selecting ‘Chieftain’ at the top of the screen is the easiest which won’t prove too much of a challenge. For those who really like to be tested, the ‘Deity’ difficulty is the one for you. For the purposes of earning the achievements in the quickest and most efficient way, ‘Chieftain’ should always be the choice.

Upon choosing your civilization, you’ll be sent through to the actual game. You’ll see the world map, along with a lone Settler unit. Don’t worry about moving it as the game will have defaulted to a prime location to build your first city. Tapping on the Settler unit will bring up a small menu in which “Build City” will be an option (the icon looks like a building). After giving your new city a name, your city will be built, where upon you’ll see the “City Control” screen. You can control all of your city’s production, resources, buildings, wonders, and other seemingly irrelevant information (irrelevant to earning the achievements at least).

As this is a turn-based strategy game, you’ll need to get used to pressing on the “End Turn” box at the top of the screen. A “Turn” represents a small passage of time, usually in the form of 100 years advancement in the early parts of the game, and decreasing in smaller increments to just 2 years in the latter stages.

Back to the game, after a turn or two you will have built your first unit: a Warrior. Depending on the difficulty you opted for at the beginning of the game, on the easier difficulties you should be free to roam the world map with this Warrior as the other civilizations are fairly relaxed when it comes to attacking your cities, so leaving your city unguarded should be fine. I’d recommend bolstering your city’s defences immediately after by building defensive units, normally in the form of Archers. Building 3 of these and forming an Army is advised.

With your exploring Warrior, you may happen upon Barbarian villages or other friendly, native villages. Barbarian villages will be guarded by Barbarian Warriors. Attacking these villages on the easier difficulties will, nine times out of 10, result in a victory and the capturing of the village. The rewards from capturing are random, from gaining units to revealing other Barbarian villages or Ancient Wonders. The aforementioned native villages look like small huts on the world map. These will not contain any units to attack, but moving onto them will provide other random rewards such as technologies and units. Capturing both types of villages are extremely useful in the advancement of your civilization.

At some point after building your first city, you’ll be asked to pick a technology to research (all information regarding technologies can be found in the “Hints and Tips” section of this walkthrough). After picking one and waiting the allotted amount of time to research it, you’ll be rewarded with your first achievement:

Technologist in Civilization Revolution (WP)
Research your first technology

If you still have your first Warrior intact, you may want to use it to earn you the “Armed and Dangerous” achievement which requires one unit to earn a special ability. In order to earn this special ability, you’ll need to earn six victories in battle. With said Warrior unit, keep attacking Barbarian villages until you reach the magic number. If your Warrior should succumb to defeat, an army of Catapults should suffice in earning the required amount of victories, as long as they aren't attacked as they are very vulnerable defensively.

Armed and Dangerous in Civilization Revolution (WP)
Earn a special unit ability in combat

Keep advancing through the researching of technologies until you've researched Navigation. This will allow you to build a Galleon unit. The advantages of building a Galleon unit over a Galley unit is the fact that Galleons can explore the deeper seas, whereas the Galleys can only search coastlines. If you are the first to research Navigation, you’ll be granted with a free Galleon unit. Use this to explore the seas and other lands which were unreachable beforehand. The Galleon will come with an Explorer on board which you can use to disembark to explore lands and discover native village and, more importantly, ancient wonders. Ancient wonders are similar to native villages, but their rewards are greater. There are usually three ancient wonders that are randomly placed on the world map. They will be one of the following:

Angkor Wat
Reward: A Wonder will be instantly built in one of your cities.

Ark of the Covenant
Reward: Temple will be built in all of your cities. If a Temple already exists in a city, it will be replaced by a Cathedral.

Knights Templar
Reward: An immensely powerful military unit will appear.

Lost City of Atlantis (this is found in an ocean)
Rewards: Several advanced technologies

School of Confucius
Rewards: Several Great People will appear.

Seven Cities of Gold
Rewards: Adds a large deposit to your gold reserves.

Discovering any of these artifacts will earn you the following achievement:

Uncharted in Civilization Revolution (WP)
Uncharted12 (10)
Explore your first natural wonder

It is now merely a case of earning a victory in your current game, then repeating this strategy for each civilization to earn all of the games achievements. There is a quicker way to earn all of the civilization-related achievements though...

“Ding, Ding, it’s the Lightning Round!”

Instead of selecting ‘Random Map’ from the Game Mode menu, select ‘Play a Scenario’, then ‘Lightning Round’. In this mode you have to be the first to research the ‘Atomic Theory’ technology before anyone else, and it starts the game in the Medieval era. After selecting your civilization and difficulty (Chieftain of course), you’ll enter the game with three cities already built.

I would suggest building three defensive units, and forming an army, in each of the cities so as to protect yourself from any incoming attacks. Once this is done, go into each city’s Control Screen and press on the ‘City Focus’ icon (bottom right of the screen, the icon depicts an apple, gold bullions, blue beaker and a hammer). Once there, press on the blue beaker at the bottom. This will set the city’s focus to produce science. The reason you want to do this is because it will aid in the speed in which you research technologies.

After setting up each city’s focus, you’ll want to add extra firepower to your researching abilities. Building Libraries and Universities add science benefits to each city, so after researching the relevant technologies, focus on building these.

You’ll no doubt attract the interest of neighbouring civilizations who will want all of your cities and, more importantly, your beloved research. They will be relentless in their attacks on your cities, but for the most-part they will only attack you with weak units which your defensive armies will easily be able to withstand. Don’t worry about building offensive military units, unless you feel especially threatened by any of the incoming attacks.

Now, you’re probably wondering which is the quickest research route to take when aiming for ‘Atmoic Theory’. You could make your brain hurt and work it out for yourself using the information in the ‘Hints and Tips’ section of this walkthrough, or you could use the following list (thanks to Musquito for the help with this list):

Iron Working**
Code of Laws
Steam Power
Atomic Theory

* only the Mongols and the Americans require this technology.
** only the French and the Russians require this technology.

Once you have researched Democracy, change your government to this as it will add +50% to science which will increase your speed in researching technologies.

It should now be a case of repelling any attacks made by the other civilizations and racing to be the first to research Atomic Theory. Once you have, depending on which civilization you chose to play as, you’ll earn the below achievements. Using this method takes between 15-30 minutes, depending on how vicious the other civilizations are towards you.

Win as the Arabs:

Win as the Aztecs:

Win as China:

Win as Egypt:

Win as England:

Win as France:

Win as Germany:

Win as Greece:

Win as India:

Win as Japan:

Win as Mongolia:

Win as the Romans:

Win as Russia:

Win as Spain:

Win as the United States:

Win as the Zulus:

And finally, after being victorious with every civilization, you’ll earn an extra achievement for doing so. Well done!

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