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The Games That Remain
Gears of war 3 [1685/2000]
Gears of war 2 [1500/1750]
Lips [1370/1750]
Gears of war [1060/1250]
Kinect sesame street tv [1060/2000] missing season 2
Mirrors edge [1040/1250]
Burnout paradise [1005/1250]
Cod: modern warfare3 [1000/1610] missing collection 1/2/3 dlc
Project Gotham Racing 4 [960/1250]
The orange box [930/1000]
Thrilliville off the rails [930/1000]
Forza Motorsport 3 [920/1000]
Kinect joy ride [920/1000]
Kinect joyride [920/1000]
007 Blood stone [915/1000]
Sonic unleashed [910/1000]
Batman arkham city [900/1500] missing nightwing bundle dlc
Dead space 2 [900/1250] missing severed dlc
Tomb raider legend [895/1250]
Just cause 2 [890/1000]
High school musical 3 dance [880/1000]
Medal of honor [865/1000]
Prince of persia [860/1250]
Marvel vs Capcom 3: fate of two worlds [860/1000]
Wartech: senko no ronde [850/1000]
Splatterhouse [850/1000]
Red faction: guerrilla [845/1250]
Assassin creed revelations [820/1490]
Scene it? lights camera action [815/1000]
Street fighter x tekken [810/1000]
Lego rock band [800/1000]
Max Payne 3 [770/1665]
Batman arkham asylum [770/1000]
Spider-man 3 [760/1000]
The gunstringer [740/1500] missing El Diablo's 'Merican Adventure/Real Big Shootin' dlc
Dj hero [735/1000]
Skate 3 [730/1500] missing/ Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream/Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC Pack/San Van Party Pack dlc
World snooker championship 2007 [710/1000]
Duke nukem forever [710/1205] missing the doctor who cloned me dlc
Saints row 2 [700/1250] missing Corporate Warfare/Ultor Exposed dlc
Tomb raider underworld [700/1250]
American wasteland [700/1000]
Mortal kombat [690/1000]
Band hero [650/1000]
Deathsmiles [645/1000]
Kameo elements of power [620/1000]
Angry birds star wars [610/1000]
Street fighter 4 [610/1000]
Forza motorsport 4 [590/1250]
Super street fighter 4 [560/1360] missing ultra dlc
Blazblue continuum shift [560/1250] missing "Platinum the Trinity"/"Valkenhayn R. Hellsing"/''Makoto Nanaya''dlc
Red dead redemption [535/1500]
Battlefield bad company [525/1000]
Sonic & all-star racing transformed [520/1000]
Akai katana [505/1000]
Flatout ultimate carnage [485/1000]
Test drive unlimited [475/1000]
Need for speed hot pursuit [460/1390] missing Armed and Dangerous Pack/Lamborghini Untamed/Porsche Unleashed/Super Sports Pack/online pass dlc
Overlord [450/1250] missing rasing hell map pck dlc
Bayonetta [445/1000]
Blacksite [425/1000]
Guitar hero warriors of rock [440/1000]
Soul caliber 4 [425/1000]
Rockstar table tennis [420/1000]
Blazblue: calamity trigger [420/1000]
Sonic free riders [405/1000]
Skate [380/1000]
Alien vs predator [365/1000]
Your shape fitness evolved [360/1045]
Lost planet extreme condition [350/1000]
Battlefield 3 [340/1600] missing premium
Brutal legend [315/1090]
The darkness [290/1000]
Warhammer 40,000: space marine [270/1235]
Dragonball Z burst limit [270/1000]
Far cry 2 [250/1000]
Stuntman ignition [250/1000]
Guitar hero 3 legends of rock [250/1000]
TC rainbow six Vegas [250/1000]
Catherine [240/1000]
Midnight club los angeles [230/1250]
Too human [205/1000]
TC splinter cell double agent [200/1000]
Dodonpachi resurrection [200/1250]
Naruto the broken bond [195/1000]
Burnout revenge [195/1000]
Bomberman act zero [170/1000]
Beijing 2008 [170/1000]
Naughty bear [170/1250] missing Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard/Episode 10: The Vampiricorn dlc
Sonic the hedgehog [150/1000]
Painkiller hell and damnation [150/1500] missing Medieval Horror/Full Metal Rocket/The Clock Strikes Meat Night/ Operation "Zombie Bunker"/City Critters/Demonic Vacation BS dlc
Beautiful katamari [145/1250] missing extra levels dlc
TC H.A.W.X 2 [125/1000]
Dead space 3 [120/1000]
Need for speed shift 2 [120/1115] missing Legends Pack/Speedhunters Pack dlc
Mortal Kombat vs dc universe [120/1000]
Rock band 3 [120/1250]
Child of eden [110/1000]
Guitar hero 2 [110/1000]
Kingdom under fire circle of doom [110/1000]
Dirt [105/1000]
Final fantasy 13 [105/1000]
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [100/1250]
Killer is dead [90/1000]
The beatles rock band [90/1000]
Perfect dark zero [90/1000]
Need for speed undercover [85/1000]
Homefront [80/1000]
Rise of nightmares [80/1000]
Quantum theory [75/1000]
The sims 3 [70/1000]
Dragon age origins [70/1750]
Football manager 2006 [70/1000]
Disney epic mickey 2: the power of two [60/1000]
Dirt 2 [55/1000]
Lego batman 3 beyond gotham [60/1300]
Rock band 2 [55/1000]
Guitar hero world tour [50/1000]
Blue dragon [45/1000]
Bioshock infinite [45/1695] missing season pass
Mass effect [40/1200] missing pinnacle station dlc
Dead rising [40/1000]
The godfather [40/1250]
Zone of the enders collection [30/1000]
Bionic commando [30/1000]
Mafia 2 [20/1500]
TC ghost recon future solider [20/1205] missing Arctic Strike/Khyber Strike/Raven Strike dlc
Battlefield bad company 2 [15/1430] missing specact/vietnam/onslaught dlc
Metal gear rising revengeance [15/1310] missing vr missions dlc
Borderlands 2 [10/1625]
Crysis [10/1000]
Assassin's creed 3 [10/1350] missing season pass
Blazblue: continuum shift extend [10/1000]
TC splinter cell blacklist [10/1000]
Saints row [10/1000]
Vanquish [10/1000]
Alice madness returns [10/1000]
Hitman: absolution [10/1000]
Gears of war: judgement [10/1500] missing call to arms/lost relics dlc
Dirt 3 [10/1250] missing online pass
Fallout new Vegas [10/1655]
Dragon age 2 [5/1370]
Deus ex: human revolution [5/1250]
Infinite undiscovery [5/1000]
Metro 2033 [5/1240]

Happy Wars [465/600]
Pinball FX 2 [390/2200]
Zuma's revenge! [370/400]
Motocross madness [330/500] missing trick jam dlc
Sonic adventure 2 [270/500]
Mercury Hg [270/300]
Worms 2 Armageddon [250/350] missing puzzle pack/retro pack dlc
Bomberman live battlefest [200/250] missing bomb-up pack 1/2/3 dlc
TT borderlands [200/400] missing season pass
TT game of thrones [200/1000] missing season pass
Lucidity [190/200]
Limbo [190/200]
Braid [185/200]
Aqua naval warfare [180/200]
N+ [175/200]
Plants vs zombies [175/200]
Ms splosion man [170/200]
The splatters [160/200]
KOF sky stage [160/200]
Geometry wars 2 [160/200]
Guardian heroes [155/200]
Shank [150/200]
Burnout crash [145/200]
Peggle [145/250]
Mr driller online [145/200]
Bejeweled blitz live [140/200]
Super meat boy [140/200]
Texas hold'em [135/200]
The dishwasher dead samurai [135/200]
Pinball FX [135/250]
Age of booty [125/200]
Hexic hd [120/200]
Ageis wing [120/200]
Trails hd [115/300]
Bejeweled 3 [110/200]
Feeding frenzy [110/200]
Luxor 2 [110/200]
Puzzle bobble live [110/200]
Tetris splash [110/200]
Hydrophobia [110/200]
Heavy weapon [100/200]
Chime [100/200]
Blade kitten [95/200]
Trouble witches neo [95/200]
Jewel quest [90/200]
Trials evolution [90/600]
Wik fable of souls [85/200]
Worms ultimate mayhem [85/350] missing multi-player pack/ customization pack dlc
Might and magic clash of heroes [85/220] missing i am the boss dlc
Perfect dark [80/200]
Astropop [70/200]
Crazy machine elements [70/200]
Swarm [70/200]
The undergarden [45/250]
Call of Juarez gunslinger [45/400]
Tony hawk pro skater hd [45/400]
Boom boom rocket [45/200]
Fez [40/200]
Rock band blitz [40/500]
Geometry wars [40/200]
Magic the gathering 2013 [35/250]
Sensible world of soccer [35/200]
Galaga legions [30/200]
Droplitz [25/200]
Defense grid [25/300] missing resurgence 1/2/3/4 /you monster dlc
Toy Soldiers: Cold War [25/300] missing napalm/evil empire dlc
Runner 2 [25/400]
Alan wake american nightmare [20/200]
Totemball [20/200]
Zuma [20/200]
Zombie driver hd [20/400]
Puzzle quest [20/250] missing Revenge of the plague lord dlc
Quantum conundrum [20/600] missing the The Desmond Debacle/IKE-aramba! dlc
Deathspank [15/200]
Rayman 3 hd [15/200]
Giana sisters twisted dreams [10/400]
Dust an elysian tail [10/400]
Bastion [10/200]
Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale [10/200]
Puzzle quest 2 [5/200]
The cave [5/400]
beyond good and evil hd [5/200]

Doddle jump [160/200]
Gravity guy [155/200]
Zuma's revenge [145/200]
Fling [140/200]
Flowerz [110/200]
Dodonpachi maximum [20/200]
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RayvenMorrigana won 3 Achievements in SMITE for 203 points
IrishWarrior022ArmikrogIrishWarrior022 completed the game Armikrog and is the 230th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by NikiBaby219 at 15:53 on 20 Oct 2016

How did you get this game Irish?

Comment by Death and Glory at 15:58 on 20 Oct 2016

With money?

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N3OANG3L shared the news item Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer - Watch It Live Here at 11AM ET / 4PM BST at 13:04 on 20 Oct 2016N3OANG3L shared the news item Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer - Watch It Live Here at 11AM ET / 4PM BST
Comment by N3OANG3L at 13:05 on 20 Oct 2016

Vergesst nicht in ZWEI Stunden ist es soweit

Comment by Sunny Kloud at 15:10 on 20 Oct 2016

erst in einem Jahr :(, hätte sich zu Weihnachten 2016 gut gemacht :)

Comment by N3OANG3L at 15:14 on 20 Oct 2016

Was hast du gedacht? Aber den geht es los?

IrishWarrior022Castle Invasion: Throne OutIrishWarrior022 has rated the game Castle Invasion: Throne Out 3 out of 5
Comment by BlackMage Felix at 13:09 on 20 Oct 2016

I've enjoyed this little game quite a bit. A lack of enemy explanation a couple times was a bit confusing at first.

Comment by xCEL7IC ZOMBIEx at 14:22 on 20 Oct 2016

I'm findin gettin the last few stars a bastard

Speak79Goat Simulator
Speak79 won 2 Achievements in Goat Simulator for 112 points
disturbedone47Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour
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msc 10 won 2 Achievements in Mafia III for 34 points
N3OANG3LRock Band 4
N3OANG3L won 8 Achievements in Rock Band 4 for 318 points
A BANNED CRIBBFrozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight (Xbox 360)A BANNED CRIBB completed the game Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight (Xbox 360) and is the 11th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by A BANNED CRIBB at 20:47 on 19 Oct 2016

Unlike the main game, there are many levels in the DLC that are seemingly impossible without buying power ups.

Comment by A BANNED CRIBB at 20:49 on 19 Oct 2016

I spent many hours on certain levels, trying to beat it without power ups, to not spend money. I had to spend some money, though less than the developer intended.

...there are 2 other comments

IrishWarrior022Death God UniversityIrishWarrior022 completed the game Death God University and is the 14th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by DEATH CODE45709 at 18:42 on 19 Oct 2016

Hi, I was wondering how you get these games before there out? Thanks

Comment by c1w at 18:48 on 19 Oct 2016

Hi, I was wondering how you get these games before there out? Thanks

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N3OANG3LRock Band 4Title UpdateN3OANG3L completed the Title Update DLC for Rock Band 4
Comment by N3OANG3L at 16:26 on 19 Oct 2016

Das ging schnell und ich hätte mich vor lachen beinahe nicht eingekriegt.

Comment by Sunny Kloud at 11:11 on 20 Oct 2016

was war los, hattest ein Schlumpflied?

Comment by N3OANG3L at 11:14 on 20 Oct 2016

Ja so ungefähr. Es war Situationskomik.

N3OANG3LRock Band 4Title UpdateN3OANG3L started the Title Update DLC for Rock Band 4
IrishWarrior022IrishWarrior022 is now in the top 20 of the Canada GamerScore Leaderboard for All Titles
Comment by Mephisto4thewin at 11:08 on 19 Oct 2016

Nice mate. Keep climbing up and up.

Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 12:31 on 19 Oct 2016

Thank you Meph!

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IrishWarrior022Death God UniversityIrishWarrior022 has rated the game Death God University 2.5 out of 5
Slazare won 5 Achievements in SMITE for 215 points
SlazareSMITESerenade achievementSlazare won the Serenade achievement in SMITE for 18 points
SlazareSMITEMummified achievementSlazare won the Mummified achievement in SMITE for 46 points
SlazareSMITEBottoms Up achievementSlazare won the Bottoms Up achievement in SMITE for 90 points
RayvenMorrigana won 6 Achievements in SMITE for 192 points

                  Status change by IrishWarrior022 at 20:09 on 18 Oct 2016IrishWarrior022 status: www.thesenutsgaming.com
Comment by Profilia at 00:34 on 19 Oct 2016

Almonds are the best nuts.

SlazareSMITEUnder The SeaSlazare started the Under The Sea DLC for SMITE
Mclovin Legend1I, ZombieMclovin Legend1 started the game I, Zombie
SlazareSlazare has reached a new milestone: 18,000 Achievements Won
Comment by Slazare at 07:15 on 19 Oct 2016

Sailah million!!!

Speak79Goat Simulator
Speak79 won 3 Achievements in Goat Simulator for 186 points

                  Status change by N3OANG3L at 09:15 on 18 Oct 2016N3OANG3L status: Hier eine Artikel von GamersGlobal zum Thema Achievements http://www.gamersglobal.de/report/faszination-achievements
N3OANG3LPortal 2N3OANG3L created a Co-op Gaming Session for the game Portal 2
Comment by CR1SPY666 at 12:23 on 18 Oct 2016

If you need a hug in this game, I can help you. I won't be able to make the session time.

Comment by N3OANG3L at 12:28 on 18 Oct 2016

Thanks, Cripsy we don't need it to do in a session. Right me your time . I have one more friend who has the game.

Comment by CR1SPY666 at 01:06 on 19 Oct 2016

Anytime you see me on, I will help. Just send me a message if you are free

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A BANNED CRIBBA BANNED CRIBB has reached a new milestone: 185,000 GamerScore

                  Status change by A BANNED CRIBB at 22:03 on 17 Oct 2016A BANNED CRIBB status: Back from vacation. Now it is either time to fix things around the house or play a shitload of games. Oh, what should I chose?
Comment by R56CooperS11 at 10:49 on 18 Oct 2016


Slazare won 2 Achievements in SMITE for 59 points
SlazareSMITEKiss Me! achievementSlazare won the Kiss Me! achievement in SMITE for 40 points
RayvenMorrigana won 6 Achievements in SMITE for 271 points
SlazareSMITEDwarven CorruptionSlazare started the Dwarven Corruption DLC for SMITE

                  Status change by N3OANG3L at 15:19 on 17 Oct 2016N3OANG3L status: So ein Schei... . Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Modus kann ich nicht mit anderen Ländern spielen wegen verfassungsfeindlicher Symbole
Comment by N3OANG3L at 15:48 on 17 Oct 2016

Wenn jemand die USK Version hat bitte melden. Danke

Comment by DrAvalanche SP at 10:40 on 18 Oct 2016

Ich habe sie!!!

Comment by N3OANG3L at 11:07 on 18 Oct 2016

Dann ab in die Session habe noch eine für Portal 2 aufgemacht. Für das Umarmen

RayvenMorriganaUHH 2RayvenMorrigana has been eliminated from UHH 2
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msc 10UHH 2msc 10 has been eliminated from UHH 2
IrishWarrior022UHH 2IrishWarrior022 has been eliminated from UHH 2
Comment by MattiasAnderson at 08:27 on 17 Oct 2016

What....You where the toughest opponent for me when I compared games etc with a lot of people. Cant believe you got knocked out. But I do see your status though.

Comment by MattiasAnderson at 08:28 on 17 Oct 2016

I thought also I might get matched up with you because we share a lot of games in our game collection.

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wayne garethUHH 2wayne gareth has been eliminated from UHH 2
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