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Xbox Spring Sale 2021: Cheapest ever games, DLC, and bundles

The Xbox Spring Sale is currently underway, and we've compared everything against our historical sales data to bring you a list of games, bundles, and DLC that are the cheapest they've ever been on the Microsoft Store.

Posted 20 hours ago by Sean Carey 29

Outriders review

Outriders is seemingly off to a pretty strong start, but is it any good? Yes... at least when the online aspect allows it to be. Here's our squad's take on People Can Fly's new sci-fi action-RPG.

Posted 22 hours ago by Luke Albigés 40

Hitman 3: Season of Greed April roadmap has been revealed

The Hitman 3: Season of Greed April roadmap shows what we can expect to see coming to the game through May 10th. Get ready for free content, including an Elusive Target, plus the first deadly sin-inspired DLC pack.

Posted 22 hours ago by Tom West 7

Xbox game releases — April 12th to 18th

Next week is rather quiet in terms of new releases coming to the Xbox platform. Just six games launch for Xbox consoles and Windows 10, including a Windows 10 port of Xitilon's Smart Moves.

Posted yesterday by Sean Carey 10

Worms Rumble achievement list revealed

We have just picked up new achievements for Worms Rumble. There are 26 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 8 of which are secret.

Posted yesterday by Rich Stone 6