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Dead Island 2's gory opening cinematic revealed

Dead Island 2 is a little over four weeks away from launching on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and with the zombie apocalypse just out of reach, Dambuster has revealed the game's intro cinematic to help us kill the time.

Posted 7 hours ago by Tom West 10

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Poll: Will you be playing the Diablo IV open beta this weekend?

The Diablo IV open beta is now live, allowing players to delve deep into the depths of Hell for free ahead of the game's full launch in June. For our TA poll, we want to know: Will you be playing the open beta this weekend?

Posted 8 hours ago by Sean Carey 33

Sorry, Halo, it's time for you to go

Once a genre-defining gaming superpower, the Halo series feels like it has been treading water in recent years... should Microsoft let its flagship franchise die with dignity rather than trying to force it to remain relevant?

Posted 20 hours ago by Luke Albigés 174