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Defiance 2050's servers set to close in April

Trion Worlds and Gamigo have announced that servers for Defiance 2050 will close in April. This gives you a couple of months to grab any remaining achievements from the game.

Posted just now by Sean Carey 5

Sea of Thieves Festival of Fishing event begins today

The Festival of Fishing event kicks off today in Sea of Thieves, running for the next three weeks with new Voyages, challenges, and the chance to earn new fishing rods and Titles.

Posted 2 hours ago by Heidi Nicholas 4

Anthem development officially cancelled by BioWare

BioWare has confirmed that it has halted development on the Anthem reboot, Anthem Next. The studio will now focus its efforts on the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles.

Posted 3 hours ago by Sean Carey 35

Stardew Valley board game available now

Eric Barone continues to gift us with more Stardew Valley content: this time, it's an official board game for 1-4 players which has you working to "protect the Valley."

Posted yesterday by Heidi Nicholas 15