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Hard to Kill

Get five kills in a row without dying.

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How to unlock the Hard to Kill achievement

  • Vermin360Vermin360579,010
    05 Jan 2009 05 Jan 2009
    38 1 2
    You can use friends to help boost, or join a public match and earn it the "hard" way. The more players in the match, the better.

    I recommend using a heavy gunner, since he can lay down a heavy rain of fire while taking a lot of punishment. Park yourself in a heavy traffic area and you should be able to take down five before you're dropped. Focus on the enemy's heavy gunner, soldier, and demo man if they're present since they pose a solid threat offensively.

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    FafhrddThis achievment is in Team Fortress 2.
    Posted by Fafhrdd on 09 Mar 10 at 23:59
    GodzWi11If anyone is down to get this hit me up GT: GodzWi11
    Posted by GodzWi11 on 29 Oct 20 at 14:58
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  • HoffmanHoffman153,744
    21 Mar 2009 21 Mar 2009
    22 2 0
    I did this achievement using the heavy gunner in the capture the briefcase scenario. Have one of your teammates spawn as the doctor and stay with you for the entire match. You'll want to stay close to your briefcase and stand in a corner with your left trigger held down. As soon as an enemy walks into the room, open fire. It's ok if they shoot you back, just keep firing. Have the medic continuously heal you. After five enemies are dead, you'll get the achievement as long as you didn't die.
  • GiraffebotGiraffebot73,894
    03 Jan 2008 18 May 2009
    20 1 0
    This achievement may seen hard but it’s easy to get if you are playing a power class (Soldier, demoman, Heavy) I got mine while playing as an engineer, a well placed sentry can get you this pretty fast.
  • AHeroBladeAHeroBlade383,397
    06 Nov 2009 06 Nov 2009
    16 1 0
    You can be an engineer and build a fully upgraded turret somewhere where you know you'll get kills, like where the intel spawns. You just need to watch out for spies because turrets don't detect them, just shoot anyone that comes in.
  • thekisselthekissel195,922
    01 May 2009 28 Mar 2011
    13 0 0
    This is very easily boosted in a 1v1 with another friend. In fact, you can do this, Nemesis, and Grey Matter all in the same session. This solution assumes you want to do all three at the same time.

    Set up a match with all private slots, and invite your friend in. Set the timer to unlimited.

    P1(red) sets up as sniper and goes to blu base. Headshot P2. Stay near the spawn spot, and have P2 come out and get his headshot. Do 5 straight headshots (Hard to Kill ach pops at this point).

    Before you get the 5th headshot, you'll see that you're dominating P2. After the 5th headshot, switch roles, and let P2 headshot you 5 times, and have P2 move to P1 base. P2 gets a revenge kill for their first kill of you. Let them go forward to get 5 in a row (if they need Hard to Kill ach), and then go back and forth, with each player taking 4 headshots in a row at a time.

    By doing it this way, you knock out both the Nemesis ach and the Grey Matter ach. All in, I think we took 30-45 mins tops to knock this out. It's really rather quick to get all of these.
  • R1chardTMR1chardTM86,701
    29 Mar 2009 29 Mar 2009
    15 2 0
    If you don't like the two mentioned classes sniper is a good one to try. I got it with sniper by laying back and just kill the easy players who do the same every time. It is pretty easy this way, but the other classes will work too.
  • TveilorTveilor308,935
    18 Apr 2009 13 Nov 2009
    14 2 0
    Something that isn't mentioned is that the count continues when a round ends. So let's say you get 3 kills before a round ends and a new one starts you just have to kill two more and you get it. Thats how I got it.
  • Exit BloomExit Bloom178,474
    23 Jul 2009 24 Jul 2009
    12 3 0
    Got mine as Engie. Set up turret right at the intelligence on 2Fort, and it just mowed 'em down when they got anywhere near sniffing distance. Helps to go up against a bad team, obviously.
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