Sabotage Specialist achievement in Mass Effect

Sabotage Specialist

Use Sabotage 75 times

Sabotage Specialist0
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How to unlock the Sabotage Specialist achievement

  • The Great ChaiThe Great Chai267,460
    20 Dec 2009 20 Dec 2009
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    No target at all is needed, just cast it 75 times. Must be done by you, not your allies to count.

    Available on the Engineer, Infiltrator and Sentinel classes.

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    QuarantaneI would mention that to save on additional playthroughs the engineer should be used for all of the tech abilities as not all the achievement abilities are available to sentinel or Infiltrator.

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    Posted by Quarantane on 17 Jul 10 at 18:12
    Solario32Easy to get...use it everytime it's off cooldown.
    Posted by Solario32 on 31 Oct 11 at 16:30
    TheSylvesterBe warned: this will take 75 minutes minimum if you do it before leveling up the talent its associated with (Electronics, I believe.)
    Posted by TheSylvester on 27 Sep 13 at 05:50
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  • MorgothomMorgothom175,181
    03 Jan 2011 03 Jan 2011
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    If you are lazy (like me) and don't want to go through the enormous grind-novelization-and-cutscenes that is mass effect until finally the citadel pops up, you're in luck.
    You don't actually need to play a whole lot, just start a new character, preferably an Engineer, play until you can put some points into the Sabotage skill and use it until the achievement pops (not even targets are required). I did it along with Damping Field and Shield Overload at the same time while still being on Eden Prime.
    I also played a little further to obtain Neural Shock and AI-Hacking.
    Hope it helps a little for everyone who is as confused about this game as i am :)
  • Mr MJ BishopMr MJ Bishop300,224
    27 Apr 2012 27 Apr 2012
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    Seeing as nobody has mentioned this useful thread I guess I'll put it on here...

    As for my own tips...

    -You will require to be at least level 6 to unlock all Engineer/Adept achievement related powers.

    -Install Mass Effect to your hard drive, it literally halves the time taken to load a save file.

    -Use the load save file method instead of waiting. NOTE: Make sure not to turn off your console as this deletes the temporary files. Save regularly to avoid this!
  • 9 1 0
    Since it takes awhile to recharge, I decided to save and load, which makes a whole lot faster. It is best to get all of them and go to the nearest terminal.

    Also, it goes even faster to just load the game after you cast them, but if you turn off your console, you will lose your progress.

    Just a little tip to make things go faster. Hope this helps :]
  • Templar PunkTemplar Punk131,935
    07 Apr 2012 09 Apr 2012 09 Apr 2012
    10 3 0
    If you want to do a different method or a lazy method in getting this achievement and you don't want to do the long, boring, normal grind for this achievement. cry Then pull out your turbo controller and do the following:

    - pick a class that has or have this skill obtainable
    - when you have this skill available to use, go to a place that is safe (away from enemies)
    - during normal gameplay hold the "RB" button
    - highlight "Sabotage" then press "X" (Map Skill) to assign it to your "RB" button
    - let go of the "RB" button
    - set the "RB" button on turbo on your controller
    - rubber band the "RB" button down
    - then watch TV, go on the internet, go to sleepsleep, go to the bathroom, go eat, or go to the bathroom and eat.

    You can just let your turbo controller and rubber band to cast and recast the skill for In the mean while do your chores, do your fun homework, or go to work and come back later to get your cheevo!

    Happy boosting! wave
  • BlinkFandangoIIBlinkFandangoII1,291,763
    21 Feb 2012 23 Feb 2012
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    For those who didn't play engineer, this is one way to try: just start a new game on casual and level up until you unlock the five engineer powers (namely neural shock, ai hacking, damping, overload, and sabotage).

    Then, go downstairs in Feros across from the Varren pack there is a room with Geth protecting some Krogan. Save, then go in, there will be two geth slightly above you, cast AI hacking on one, then sabotage on the other, wait a little and a flying turret will attack, cast overload and run forward, another geth will appear. Shoot down his shield and cast damping, then run past him into the next room and cast neural shock on a Krogan. Rinse and repeat.

    This should net you all five achievements with the shortest amount of reloads.

    Note, the last one I needed to get was neural shock, which doesn't seem to work on Geth. Just turn around and use it on the Varren pack at that point so you won't have to keep fighting through the geth to get to the Krogans.
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