Hungerer of Knowledge achievement in Assassin's Creed

Hungerer of Knowledge

See 85% of all the memory glitches.

Hungerer of Knowledge0
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This achievement may unlock before the requirements are met.

How to unlock the Hungerer of Knowledge achievement

  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter887,264
    29 Feb 2008 05 Aug 2008 16 Aug 2012
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    When cut scenes occur dealing with who you need to assassinate, you will notice a little "glitch" type thing go across the whole screen, at this time push any button and it will change the point of view on the cutscene. This will occur for every assassination so pay attention to the cutscenes and you will get this before game end. You can miss a few but to be safe always pay attention and look out for the glitch as several occur during each scene.

    Note: You CAN replay Memory Blocks of prior assassinations and the glitches will still count towards the "85%" even if you've gotten them before. So if you don't get this by end game, simply replay some assassinations and it should pop up eventually.

    jrath05 suggests replaying Chapter 1, although there is no assassination, there are many glitches to count towards your 85%

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    jochtaAfter completing Chapter 5 I replayed Chapter 1 and it popped after about the 3rd glitch. So if you get them all during the game it should pop sometime during Chapter 5.
    Posted by jochta on 22 Oct 21 at 18:28
    My RingtonesI have replayed the first chapter multiple times and replayed each chapter up to 6 to confirm I haven't missed a glitch, and this didn't pop. This game crashes about 50% you attempt to replay a memory as well so don't attempt to even replay the same memory over and over again. This only popped at the conclusion of chap 6 even after I double checked so be careful if this hasn't popped before the final chapter.
    Posted by My Ringtones on 05 Feb at 15:15
    StPumpkinI can confirm that this popped by Replaying memory block 1 several times. You don't need to finish the game to get this achievement, I was in memory block 6 right before fighting Robert de sable.
    Posted by StPumpkin on 12 Jul at 22:10
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  • Scab DesignerScab Designer75,976
    14 Oct 2009 14 Oct 2009
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    In addition to the advice given by Crimson Drifter, I had done several assassinations and was going back to to redo the second and third memory block where I had skipped a mission or two, and was redoing my fourth assassination. During the cutscene I was checking the glitches, out of habit, and the achievement came through for me.

    I can't say that it is a definite glitch, but it makes me think that you just have to see a set number of glitches during cutscenes to unlock this achievement. At this point in my playthrough, I'm only at memory block 5, and still have I believe three assassinations left.

    Just food for thought. :D
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    dA m0tAtAy dArkthis is glitched and i will have to revisit this again, when i have time!
    Posted by dA m0tAtAy dArk on 01 Jun 12 at 10:01
  • AzoonuxAzoonux107,004
    08 Oct 2010 27 Apr 2010 25 Dec 2011
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    Hunger of Knowledge
    See 85% of all the memory glitches.

    The Glitches appear only in Cutscenes where you have an Assassination Target before you - right before and after you have stricken, may also occur when you're talking to your master (Need more to verify that). The Glich itself is an distinctive animation that moves across the screen (with a very animous-themed look) when you watch cutscenes. You know if you have activated the glitch if the camera switches angle to a more relevant (or irrelevant?) position.

    If you miss so many of the Glitches through the story that you won't trigger the Achievement - It's said that if you replay the DNA Memories, the Achievement will pop, eventually.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that if you start a new game after having a decent progress on the achievement already, the progress will be reset! If you snatch every glitch through the story, you should be finished when you fight Robert.
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    Tucker42006the glitches also appear when you are talking to your master.
    Posted by Tucker42006 on 04 Jul 11 at 09:01
    mistress3ripleNot true about glitches when you're talking to Master. I never have glitches when I'm talking to him
    Posted by mistress3riple on 13 Aug 11 at 18:00
    SpieludicaIt IS true. When you're talking to your Master in the FIRST memory block, there are glitches. Before Altair is demoted to a novice assassin. Usually he's berating Altair for being the arrogant ass that he is in the beginning of the game.
    When you click a button during the Master glitches scenes, your camera view changes to his face, so you can clearly see his weird, different eyes (I think he is blind of one eye).
    Posted by Spieludica on 12 Dec 11 at 18:06
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